Best SEO hacks to gain more from your WordPress blog

WordPress SEO

The WordPress offers you an easy and quick way to build and manage your own website. However, you need efforts to make your site successful. The ranking of your website plays a central role in its success. That is why it is vitally important to improve your site ranking if you want to realize tangible benefits from your online business. However, it isn’t easy and involves a lot of hard work. You would need to optimize your entire site to meet the latest search engine algorithms to ensure visibility during relevant searches. In technical terms, it is known as SEO or search engine optimization. In this post, we are going to discuss some vital SEO strategies to improve your ranking and gain better benefits:

Keyword Planning

Keyword planning is the most crucial aspect of SEO strategy. It is the focal point of the foundation on which your SEO strategy is built. The fast-paced, highly competitive nature of the blogging industry requires an agile and strategic approach to keywords with a keen focus on RoI.

Your objective is to get more positive results within a reasonably shorter period. Getting ranked on high competition keywords is tough, tedious and expensive. So, go for low competition keywords with a high monthly search volume which is comparatively easier and cost-effective.

Using Google Adwords Keyword Planner and similar tools can proactively help you to find relevant keywords with all the key information (monthly volume, difficulty, etc.) enabling you to sort down to identify and pick the low competition keywords with high search volume. Creating a strategy around those keywords (and consistently following the same) promises higher RoI in less period.

Here’s another keyword hack namely the top keywords on which your site is already ranking. The obvious benefit of this approach is that you don’t have to struggle to get ranking on specific keywords but just to optimize your web pages to tap the maximum potential of the keywords you are already ranking for. The tools like Low Hanging Fruit from RankWatch can actively assist you in this :

The LHF option involves:

·         Keyword –targeting specific keyword or phrase

·         Rank – to search where your page ranks for that keyword/phrase

·         CPC – Comparative PPC costing for an ad copy containing the keyword

·         Volume – total number of times the keyword has been searched on Google

·         Trend – Monthly performance of the keyword on Google Search

By consistently tracking the keywords you can easily see the specific WebPages that

In simple words, tools like RankWatch allow you to follow a more agile and effective approach with higher levels of certainty thus reducing the guesswork. When used wisely, it significantly compresses the process of keyword strategy.

Advanced Backlinks strategy with higher RoI

Link building is another crucial factor for an effective digital marketing strategy but of late, the new SEO guidelines require you to be very careful while planning Link Building strategy. Getting tons of links from low-grade sites or PBN doesn’t offer any benefit and may even result in penalties. So, you have to target authoritative websites with high traffic volume. It is more difficult but assures better and sustainable rewards.

 You would need to search the authoritative sites for popular content (relevant for your niche) and further improve its value by adding untouched aspects, practical applications or simplified approach. Send processed article to the source. Upon publishing it would be a win-win approach for all- it improves reader experience, allow the source to further enhance its content value and most importantly it offers you a legitimate way to earn a high-potential backlink from an authoritative website which can significantly boost your webpage traffic.

Finding such popular content isn’t easy though and enhancing its content value is even more difficult due to the high editorial policies of authoritative websites. Besides, it also involves lots of guesswork and uncertainty. So it is best to use the premium tools from Buzzsumo, Ahrefs, Moz and other reputed SEO automation tools. 

Improve your site speed

Speed matters a lot as netizens want to browse more sites in a shorter period. If your site takes time to load, the visitors would simply hit the back/close button and visit the alternative site- may be your competitor. So, make its regular practice to measure your site loading speed and do the needful to improve it. Instead of slow-loading designer WordPress themes go for minimalist themes with fast loading speed.

Web hosting plays a crucial role in your site loading speed. So buy web hosting from reputed providers and keep on revising your hosting plan as per the changing requirements. If your website is growing then you may need to upgrade the basic hosting plan to VPS, cloud hosting or other higher plan with better resources and ecosystem.

Images and media slowdown your site by consuming lots of bandwidth. So compressing them can effectively increase your site speed. Thankfully the tools make things easier for you. You can get genuine tools by finding them on the main WordPress site.  

Don’t forget to deactivate or delete the plugins after successfully compressing the images as that plugins itself might delay the loading speed.

Adopt a special minimalist approach for your homepage design and avoid too many widgets. Instead of complete posts, you can display the post summaries. Removing pop-ups is another strong strategy for speeding up your site and improving the user experience.

Effective On-Page SEO

 Adopt a page-specific approach to ensure that all the key pages get good ranking for relevant keywords. Identify the specific keyword phrase for each page and optimize it accordingly. Go for the full-fledged approach involving keyword density, outbound links, URL Slur, and readability of your content.

Plugins like Yoast SEO offer you an easy, quick yet effective way to improve your ranking by following best on-page optimization. These tools are loaded with advanced data-based technology to take care of different SEO aspects like indexation, web crawling, content quality and keyword density & placement.

 There are several tasks you can do with the SEO tools like Yoast SEO like adding an ideal meta description with the right length, focus keyword identification, XML sitemap optimization, etc. Instead of just basic knowledge, it is imperative to thoroughly understand the interface and practical output of SEO tools to derive maximum benefits from the same.

Frequent posts and updates

 The frequency of posting content also plays a vital role in your SEO strategy. Google loves the sites that post fresh original content and frequently update the existing one to maintain its relevance and enhance the value. Fresh content also makes it easier for you to optimize it for the latest keyword trends. So it is advisable to periodically update our site content to keep on posting new blog posts regularly.

Along with frequency, you should equally be careful about the other aspects like content length, originality, graphics, user-friendly approach and adding trust-building factors like stats, survey results, and research studies. 


Due to heavy competition in the digital landscape, it has become very difficult to improve your ranking in major search engines like Google. However, by wisely following some smart tips and tricks you can ethically optimize your website according to the latest search engine algorithms and improve your site ranking. You would need to follow a strict discipline and an agile approach to get the benefits.

Top 5 WordPress tutorials in 2020

WordPress Tutorials

WordPress is one of the most rewarding professional fields in the IT industry today. The demand for WordPress developers is on a high rise. However, the field is getting more competitive every year with an increasing number of talented WP professionals joining the field. In the year 2020, many more WordPress developers will join the industry making the competition even tougher. So you need to have expert knowledge and practical proficiency to make a solid career in WordPress. Finding good WordPress training institutes or qualified trainers might look demanding but there is an easy and practical solution for the same. Several websites contain excellent WP tutorials with practical tips, deep insights, and impressive presentation. What’s more, you can also get several video lessons by the top WP professionals. In this post, we are going to present you with a useful list of best WordPress tutorials for beginners, intermediates and advanced learners. 

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Envato Tuts Plus 

Envato TutsPlus is run by the leading marketplace offering diverse solutions for creative and website services- right from buying readymade themes to hiring freelancers for building apps, websites or graphics. It comes with a huge database of 28,000+ tutorials with step by step procedure along with screenshots and videos which makes it much easier for you to understand what you read and independently practice the same. The courses are intelligently designed to help you learn the “How-tos” of a profession which help you in turning your passion into an earning avenue. Organized structure, bitesie lessons, and availability of video makes it much easier for you to learn independently without compromising on the quality.

Tuts Plus has a valuable wealth of high-quality WordPress tutorials that are wisely divided into “digestible” sections to help the readers easily understand and be able to practically implement what they learn. It allows the students to gain in-depth knowledge of the subjects without being overwhelmed. Another USP of Tuts Plus is the frequent updating of tutorials that keep the content fresh and relevant as per the latest developments/versions. 

If you wish to gain a prominent career in the WordPress industry then Tuts Plus is the ideal platform for you. 

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WP Beginner 

WP Beginner needs no introduction. It is an authority on WordPress issues, tutorials and news. The engaging and informative WP tutorials are published on WP Beginner every week and offer actionable solutions on several practical issues which makes it an ideal learning platform for new and aspiring WP professionals.

Whether you want to gain a competitive edge in the industry or need quick tips to tackle a tricky WP issue, WP Beginner is most likely to contain the precise and practical solution catering to your needs.

Image result for Pippin Plugins tutorial

Pippin Plugins

Learning directly from active WP professionals with demonstrated caliber has its advantages. It allows you to combine theoretical knowledge and professional proficiency along with acquiring a hands-on approach on how to do things better and faster in the real-life environment. That’s where Pippin Plugins stand out.

Created by a famous plugins developer Pippin Williamson, his series of tutorial posts are written in a friendly and effective language with a focus on precision. For instance, you would get a detailed analysis and breakdown of how exactly the things function and the role played by individual features.

It also offers you practical insights on code integrations and customization. His video interviews are also quick to understand and easy to grasp.

Best WordPress Tutorials

WordPress Lessons

WordPress lessons offer you a well-organized set of lessons on how to work with WordPress and provides detailed information on multiple aspects of this popular CMS. The serialized presentation of topics makes it a great resource for beginners as well as the advanced users who are looking to hone their expertise.

It is worth mentioning that the tutorial offers an easily comprehensible format for beginners that cover a wide range of the CMS’s features without confusing or overwhelming the learners. Neat categorization, deep knowledge, and lucid explanation make it a great resource for beginners. Its contents are useful for a beginner as well as intermediates and advanced users but its style makes it a definite asset for the beginners.

Image result for WP Hub logo

WP Hub 

WP Hub is another major platform that publishes excellent tutorial posts for beginners and intermediaries. If you are an absolute beginner then WP Hub is the best platform for you to learn WordPress from scratch. It is equally useful for you if you are an intermediate user wishing to enhance your knowledge.

The advanced users might want to look for another platform as the WP Hub hasn’t a good wealth of tutorials dealing with complex technical subjects or advanced professional knowledge on WordPress.


To gain professional excellence in the field of WordPress you need to acquire deep knowledge and practical insights. Thankfully, there are several WordPress tutorials on the internet. The readers are advised to exercise due diligence and discretion for finding the most suitable WordPress tutorial matching their level of understanding and exact needs.

wpCentral 1.5.3 Launched

wpCentral Team has launched a new version 1.5.3

Following is the list of changes:

1) [Task]: Added options to allow you as the admin to choose which IP address(s) are allowed to access the wpCentral functionality of the plugin.

2) [Task]: You can now reset the wpCentral connection key from the WordPress Admin Panel.

3) [Bug Fix]: The login feature of wpCentral was not working due to the IP restriction added earlier. This is fixed.

Many features are yet to come.

The wpCentral Team

wpCentral 1.5.2 Security Fix Released

The wpCentral Team has launched a new version 1.5.1, 1.5.2 to address security issues in wpCentral.

The vulnerability exists in version 1.5.0 and less of the wpCentral Plugin.

Following is the list of changes:

1) [Security Fix] : In 1.5.2 we have added IP address restriction so that calls are allowed only from wpCentral Servers. Even if a key is leaked by any chance this will have no impact as the keys will work only if they are from the wpCentral Servers. We are adding options to allow you as the admin to choose which IP addresses are allowed in the next version. Also manually resetting keys will be coming up. Please upgrade to this version ASAP. Note : Suggestion of IP restrictions is from the Softaculous Team as they are reviewing each and every aspect of wpCentral.

2) [Security Fix] : Version 1.5.1 includes a security fix to prevent disclosure of the connection key to logged in users. We have re-checked the whole code and also re-written many other parts to make sure this issue does not occur again. Please update immediately. We would like to thank the WordFence team for reporting this issue. Full disclosure will be reported in a few days after we have launched this version.

3) [Security Fix] : We are resetting the wpCentral Auth Keys for the users as a security precaution.

4) [Task] : Added index.php to prevent directory listing. Suggestion by Softaculous Team.

5) [Task] : Cleaned unnecessary filters and hooks of wpCentral.

We request everyone to upgrade the plugin immediately if not upgraded.

We are sorry for causing any inconvenience due to our plugin. The Softaculous team has also launched a version to patch all WordPress blogs which have wpCentral plugin installed. Most users should have their blogs patched by the time this newsletter is received. But please do check and upgrade your wpCentral plugin to version 1.5.2 if its not already updated.

The wpCentral Team

wpCentral 1.4.8 and 1.5.0 Security fixes released

The wpCentral Team has launched a new version 1.4.8, 1.50 to address security issues in wpCentral.

Following is the list of changes:

1) [Security Fix] : In version 1.5.0 we are resetting the wpCentral Auth Keys for the users as a security precaution.

2) [Security Fix] : In version 1.4.8 we have fixed an important security issue. Please update immediately. The security fix is that there was no check for the logged in user is an Administrator or not. We have patched this within 6 hours of this being reported to us.

We request everyone to upgrade the plugin immediately if not upgraded.

We are sorry for causing any inconvenience due to our plugin. At the same time we are getting our plugin audited by security experts to avoid such issues in the future.

The wpCentral Team

Best WordPress Tips and Tricks for 2020

Recurring WordPress Income tips

One of the major digital resolutions that you must have made in the year 2020 (and if not then you can make it now- it’s never too late) is making site better and more impressive. It sounds good but you should be ready to put in the efforts required for the same. In this blog we are going to present some of the best tips and tricks that will help in improving the ranking f your WordPress site in 2020:

Mobile Devices, Website, Mockup, Web, Web Design

Responsive Design

As more and more communication devices of different shapes, sizes and make are now net-enabled, it has become very important for you to make sure that your site should look uniformly good regardless of the device on which it is being loaded. In technical terms it is called responsive design, i.e., the design that can automatically optimize its dimensions, color resolution, and other key elements to suit the visual ecosystem of a specific device thus delivering the same user experience on a 12” desktop monitor and 3” Smartphone screen.

Plugin to check your site’s responsive-ness: Responsiveness Check 

Plugins to make your site responsive:

·         WPtouch Mobile Plugin

·         Touchy

·         Superfly

·         AMP

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Neat, short and attractive Permalinks

Permalink refers to the permanent links that would form the detailed URL of your webpage. A quick way to search permalinks is to open editing page of your post (in WordPress dashboard), and search the term “permalink” with the find command (ctrl + F)

By default the permalinks are lengthy and look like an untidy hodgepodge of numbers and letters. You have the option to edit it though. So make it short and relevant to your post giving a definite hint to the audience about what can they expect in your post.

Remember that your permalinks are visible on the search engine result page to the visitors. The long permalinks look unattractive and spammy and can repel the visitors. By using smaller, familiar and impressive permalinks you can instantly invite the visitor’s attention and encourage them to open your webpage.

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Get a SSL Certificate for protection and building trust

SSL certificate is no longer technical jargon anymore, thanks to Google’s efforts. In short, the SSL is a special coding to encrypt the data that is being transmitted thus defending your users against data-in-transit attacks. Your site users and shoppers share sensitive information with you like login credentials, bank information, social security number, profile ID, etc. and encryption ensures the maximum safety of such vital information.

The visitors can easily identify the safe sites with the green padlock icon in the address bar and an https in the URL name of the site. The site without an SSL certificate starts with HTTP and doesn’t carry a padlock icon (but a rather alarming red sign of warning).

So, if you wish to build trust among users then it is very important to get an SSL certificate for your site. The buyers also want to confirm the safety of their vital banking/payment information before proceeding ahead to their online order. So SSL certificate can also have a positive impact on the overall conversion rate..

Tip: Did you know that you can get an SL certificate free and without any lengthy process? Here’s how to get a free SSL certificate:

Backlink, Blog, Gold

Backlinks are extremely important

Backlinks facilitates building the authority of your site and can incredibly help you to improve your ranking in search engine results.

The reputed and trusted sites linking to your webpages indicates the authenticity of and high value of your site thus suggesting the major search engines like Google show your website during relevant searches. Depending upon several factors it can also help your site gain abetter position.

However, building quality backlinks demands commitment and a well planned strategic approach. Relevance, quality, authority, and other such important points should be seriously considered and you should be prepared to employ multiple strategies in tandem to boost the potential and benefits of your backlinking efforts.  Along with strong backlinking you should also concentrate on an internal linking strategy where you create internal contextual backlinks to different pages of your site with a definite objective like explaining a quick contextual point in detail or defining a specific methodology, a process in detail. Along with SEO benefits, it also keeps your readers engaged for log and invite them o explore more pages.

Best approaches to build backlinks

·         Email outreach

·         Guest posts

·         Commenting on top ranking relevant blogs

·         Creating infographics

Best WordPress Plugins for the purpose

· – For checking your competitors’s strategies for a quick inspiration

· Anchor text suggestions for the right link building exercises

· Monitoring tool to check the performance and status of your backlink strategy

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Speed optimization

Speed matters a lot and with the growing number of mobile users who browse the net on the go the slow loading sites are at a major loss. /While we have already discussed a bit in terms of responsive design, the page loading time depends upon various major and minor factors and by optimizing those vital factors you can easily boost your site loading speed.

·         Light theme

·         Responsive design

·         Images optimization/compression

·         Reduce redirects

·         Caching

·         Server response time

You can check your site speed on

·         Google Page Speed Insights

·         Pingdom Speed Test

Loudspeaker, Man, Boy, Holding, Speaking, Speaker

Voice Search Optimization

The use of Alexa, Siri, and other virtual assistants is on the rise ad with fast-developing capabilities the Voice search is likely to experience wide popularity in 2020. By optimizing r site for voice search you can get maximum benefits out of this popular trend but if you fail to optimize your site accordingly, your site won’t probably load in SERPs during voice search thus costing you huge opportunities.


Following healthy WordPress practices not only makes your site look better and impressive but also accelerates its potential and enhances the user experience. In this blog, we have discussed some of the best WordPress tips and tricks to improve your site potential. The readers are advised to start with the easiest options and keep on quantifying the RoI of their strategies to ensure the maximum tangible benefits.