5 actionable tips to write irresistible blog posts

Effective writing skills

Would you like to increase the readership of your blog? Do you know how to gain it? Of course, every blogger knows the answer: “writing good content and promoting it”. However, it poses another tricky question: How to write content that impresses the readers? This is the place where your will possibly find the answer to  this question.

In this article, we have curated a list of actionable tips that will help you create the simply irresistible content. You are about to read the proven fundamental techniques of converting your content (including B2B content) into an enjoyable reading journey for your targeted readers.

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Write for individual readers (not for the “mass of readers”)

Using impersonal words automatically creates The Great Wall of Communication between you and your readers. If it is not clear yet then considers these two examples:

Impersonal: “The readers who wish to learn the art of writing may benefit by reading this post.”

Personal: “So, you want to master the art of writing? Let me share some secret awesome tips with you that I have carefully picked for you. But promise me that you won’t just read and forget but try them as well.”

Most of the time the impersonal tone is caused unintentionally when you think of your readers as a mass, a faceless community. Instead, try writing for an individual reader and imagine him/her as a committed fan of your blog who is impressed by your writing skills and values your posts. Think as if you are writing for that individual reader.

It will automatically make your blog post sound like a relaxed and enjoyable conversation. You are no longer burdened with the responsibility of making all your readers happy. There is no need to play grammar police. You are the least worried about inserting the prosaic words and phrases to sound scholarly. 

In short, you can fully concentrate on exploring and expressing your thoughts most naturally. It will allow you to write a conversational style blog post that can easily be understood and digested by your readers and make them happy.

Light, Bulb, Simple

Uncomplicate your ideas and writing

Jargons and heavy words are something that should be avoided at all costs until or unless you are writing Shakespearean literature. As a blogger your primary objective is to widen your reach and how can you expect it if the readers need to consult their dictionary or re-read the convoluted sentence to understand the meaning? Also, avoid presenting a very broad spectrum of a topic. Be as specific as possible.

For that be careful before even starting your article. Ask yourself a few questions like:

·         Who is my targeted audience?

·         What are their problems that I can address?

·         What are the best and most practical solutions to their problems?

·         How to present those solutions in the simplest everyday language that they can understand?

An ideal blog post should be informative and engaging at the same time. It should be written in the style that the reader can easily understand, recall, and act upon the gist of your article.

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One-way traffic rule doesn’t work here

Generally we frame our sentences as a one-way conversation which seems perfect to us but it doesn’t work best for the readers. It is because while writing, many writers use their blog posts as a means to express their thoughts.

The ideal way is to turn your blog post into a 2-way conversational platform where you not only allow but encourage your readers to take a pause, think, and even disagree with you if they like.

These factors enable your readers for some entertaining mental gymnastics while reading your post which prevents them from mental fatigue.

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Showcase the author’s (that’s YOU) personality

While sharing knowledge and expertise are two major objectives of writing content, be careful not to turn your content into a boring lengthy piece that keeps drilling the single subject. Instead, convert your content into something that has a charming, likable personality.

The easiest way to do it is to think about how naturally you can discuss some personal incidents or a quick story related to your content. Right from telling them about how did you turned a boring Sunday grocery shopping into a fun family outing to witty storytelling about how did you adjusted your expenses to become an individual entrepreneur- there are lots of personal stories that tell the readers about your personality while also providing more clarity to your content.

Incorporating these stories will turn your content into an eclectic piece of engaging content blocks.

Some actionable tips

·         Sharing your mistakes and what readers can learn to form them

·         Mention a personal story to clarify your point

·         Take a character out of your real-life and give him/her any suitable adjective with some funny twist (like “The grumpy guy with loudspeaker voice”)

·         Inform your readers about the reason for writing the post

·         Tell your readers about the surrounding or activity while writing the post (preferably something relevant to your content- like mentioning your still unpacked handbag that is still lying on your computer desk while writing a travel story)

Adding such little engaging details creates an affinity between you and your reader. The loyalty and commitment of such readers don’t end with the last word of your present blog post but extend beyond to form a long-lasting relationship. By baking your personality into your blog post you make your readers know you as a person. This personal familiarity act as a powerful adhesive to bond you with your readers and eventually increases the repeated visits and number of subscribers.

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Q for Curious

You write the blog posts to answer the queries of your readers. That’s; fine but it doesn’t mean that all your sentences should stop with a full stop. Be interrogative and use a good amount of question marks too in your blog post and remember you don’t have to provide an answer to all of them but leave some questions unanswered.

Creating curiosity inside your readers is one of the best ways to increase the impact of your post.

 The unanswered questions encourage your readers to think more deeply about your content and process it to conclude an answer. In the procedure, they intensely dive into your content which helps them to properly digest its import thus giving them a wholesome reading experience- something they would love. It can help you build a steady base of repeated visitors.


Creating awesome blog posts can be a tough thing but you can eventually learn this art. In this blog, we mentioned various actionable tips to attract and engage your readers. By creating a checklist based on the same, and following it regularly you can increase the readership of your blog and also build a steady stream of regular subscribers. The readers are advised to promote their blogs using the best content marketing strategies to make sure that their awesome content gets the popularity it deserves.

5 best Movie Database plugins to boost the appeal of your entertainment blog

Best Movie Database Plugins

If you are running an entertainment blog related to celebrities, fashion or cinema then you can add a distinct appeal to its look with the help of Movie Database plugins. These plugins can help you show the latest movie information in an appealing format on your site by using their API, creating shortcodes, and determining the visual layout of the information. It also allows you to easily import key stats and elements like posters, graphics, mobile trailers, etc. By showing all these interesting details you can instantly attract the people’s attention and instantly engage your visitors by showing them key details of the latest movies in an eye-friendly format:

CodeCanyon - WP Watch Movies & TV Shows Online v1.0 » GFxtra

WP Watch Movies & TV Shows Online

This plug-in help you create well-formatted Movie posts by automatically pulling out all the vital details such as cast, genre, director, actor, trailers and in an appropriate format.

Salient Features

·         AJAX and jQuery integrated

·         Nice homepage tabs

·         Multiple tab creation for TV shows or latets movie releases

·         Widget to display all the genres in site’s sidebar

5 WordPress Plugins Movie Database (Free & Paid) | FormGet

The Movie Database

 This premium quality tools can be deployed sans hassles and offers you extended control over the formatting/visibility of titles, reviews, image, sound quality, and other details.

Salient fetaures

·         Easy to crete movie gallery website with appealing design

·         Easy to search desired movies by entering movie name or related keywords

·         Automatic data importing for your blog post

Movieomatic Automatic Post Generator Plugin for WordPress ...

Movieomatic Automatic Post Generator

 To ensure authenticity the plug-in fetches the details only form the most reliable sources and high authority sites. Though automated the posts don’t lack the appeal and offer well-formatted details of movies including trailers, cast and crew, and even posters.

This is an advanced post generator that automates the process of adding movie updates on your website. In our words, you can showcase the latest movie updates without incurring any manual efforts. Isn’t it great?


·          Auto post creation to display key stats like screenshots, railers, posters, etc.

·         Built in translator to efficiently pull out conen in diverse languages

·         Unique content creation with random sentence generator tool

·         Extedned control optons

·         Auto generation of featured image

My Movie Database – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

With this plug-in you can gear up the appeal of your website easily by adding the interesting and latest information about showbiz industry on your website Easy interface, intuitive processes and quick steps make this tool equally useful for beginners as well as seasoned bloggers.

 You also have the option to use shortcodes for deploying this plug-in on your website. The plug-in collects information from the genuine and authentic sources to ensure that only the real, verifiable information is available on your bogs.

Salient Features

·         Eas provisions to produce separate posts for celebrities, movies and TV shows

·         Vital information about movies can be added with least efforts

·         Can be inseted through shortcodes or directy into posts

·         Easy to add or modify the movie posts

·         Mulitpel shortodes to make yoru work easier

The Final Countdown - wpMovieLibrary Blog


This plug-in offers you a wide array of options to build a huge movie collection and manage it without hassles. For reducing manual efforts and streamlining the workflow the tool also provides you several control options like metadata importing, move sorting, importing images ad other elements, etc.

Salient Features

·         It allows bulk import of hundreds of movies with just a few clicks.

·         Create a custom dashboard for your website’s effective usage of the plug-in.

·         Easily extract movie details like release date, writer, cast, title, and more.

·         Download movie posters and images with a single click.

·         Auto fills details that are not present in the movie.

·         Click Here For WordPress Plugin Movie Database

·         Provision for bul movie import with a few clicks


One of the best ways to enhance the impact of your entertainment niche blog is to display key information about the latest movies. It not only helps in attracting more visitors to your entertainment blog but also keeps them engaged. In this blog, we mentioned 5 ideal plugins to display the info about the latest movie releases. To make a wise decision, you need to assess each plugin based on the price, user reviews, size, and specific technical requirements, if any. 

Monitor your competitor WP sites 24X7 with these powerful tracking tools

Competition Tracking

The constantly increasing number of new players in the digital world has resulted in very tough competitions across different niches and it has become all the more difficult to survive in this difficult market. Right from the start-ups to established players and new bloggers to millionaire blogging entrepreneurs, everyone is struggling to cut through this competition. While there is no sure shot way to succeed in the digital world, there are some tools that can help you gain a competitive edge and enhance the business potential of your website. In this blog we are going to mention some such easy to use and effective tools to track your competitors and also monitor your site performance so that you can focus better on specific aspects to improve your ranking and conversion probabilities:

How to Monitor the web for interesting new content with Google ...

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is an effective tool to track all the mentions of the desired keyword across multiple digital platforms of your choice. Google Alerts notifies you about the mentions of your specific keywords that you wish to remain updated about. Once you have entered your desired keyword, which could be as specific or as detailed as you wish the Google alerts will start tracking and searching that keyword and instantly furnish you the key information whenever that keyword is quoted. Whether the keywords are mentioned as a plain text or a link the tool instantly informs you about the same via email.

 All you have to do is to specify the keyword and sauces where it is mentioned like web, books, discussions, news, and even videos. You also have the option to select a specific location or opt for global tracking. You can either select a specific period to receive emails or opt for a single digest set through email message.

 By wisely using this tool and acting on its information you can not only get the updated information about your and competitor’s brand mentions on different digital channels but can also fine-tune your digital strategy to gain a competitive edge.

BuiltWith Technology Lookup


Builtwith fetches you the details about the diverse technologies that are employed to create a specific webpage. This powerful tool assures accurate results and can detect 25000+ internet technologies. This wide and varied list includes advertising, analytics, CMS, hosting, and the name of other technologies.

By checking the technologies used your competitors and other top brands of the industry to can also use these technologies to great up the personality and UI/UX of your website.

 Bys wisely working on the collected information you can work on your site to enhance its conversion potential, add innovative digital capabilities and leverage the overall consumer experience which will help you to accelerate your sales.

SimilarWeb.com - Competitive Intelligence Tool


If you wish to get a complete overview with comprehensive stats in a visually friendly manner and key insights, the SimilarWeb is the best option for you. Along with the plethora of information the tool also allows you t conduct a shoulder to shoulder comparison between two sites like your site and your competitor’s site. You may opt for a complete site comparison or compare the stats of specific web pages. This easy and logical comparison format will allow you to pinpoint the gaps and identify your strengths vis-à-vis your competitors’ website. Moreover SimilarWeb also gives relevant traffic-based ranking to your site based on different criteria like global traffic, or traffic from a specific location or category.

The tool allows you to conduct a 360-degree analysis of website traffic by breaking down the information into many sub-sections like device-based traffic, stay duration. Bounce rate, pages browsed during each visit, etc. The tool offers you a comprehensive list of competitors and similar websites. It also fetches the key stats on the traffic generated through specific social media channels and the other sites visited by the same users.

What is Alexa Rank? How to improve it? | DigitalGoal


A brand of Amazon, the Alexa is a high stamina competition tracing tool used by the entrepreneurs, chordates brands and SOE agencies across the globe.

The tool offers you details about the keywords and links on which your competitors are working on. It has a selected array of strong tools to analyze your competition like fining similar sites, backlink tracking, top sites, common audiences, and unique visitors among others. By comparing the essential traffic metrics of various sites, you would be able to devise a more robust and purpose rented digital strategy for optimum results.

 You may also add Alex as a browser extension to use it quickly and more easily.


To enjoy a competitive edge in the digital world it is very important to follow a well-defined strategy. By logically tracking your competitors you can easily identify the gaps and strength of your website and channel your efforts in the right direction for better results. In this blog we presented a list of such high-stamina tools that can help you to track the performance elf your site and compare it with your closest competitors and other top players in the industry. The readers are advised to read the reviews and compare features/prices of different tools before using any of them.

Why FeedBurner is no longer a great option (and the best alternatives)


For a long time, there has been an argument over the SEO benefits of FeedBurner for bloggers. Some strongly believe it to be a powerful SEO factor while others dismiss it as an average service that doesn’t play any role in improving the SERP ranking. In this blog we would present an unbiased report on the matter and see if and how does Feedburner help you in your SEO:

FeedBurner: Still Alive And Somewhat Well | Lexnet

What is Feedburner?

 As a free Google service the Feedburner offers hassle-free management of your feeds and provides custom RSS feeds for the blog posts which increase visibility when compared to typical RSS feed generation.

Rss, News, Feed, Blog, Web, Icon, Symbol

What is RSS?

RSS Feeds is an abbreviation for Really Simple Syndication that displays the entire set of latest blog updates in an XML format. To facilitate that you must create a permalink structure following the search engine guidelines. The RSS feeds can be viewed by visiting http://yoursite.com/feed

What made FeedBurner a better option than RSS?

More features of Feedburner made it a preferred choice over the typical RSS feed (and it still is- but has lost much of its charm). For instance, you can conduct a deep feed analysis, optimize them for better visibility, and even conduct effective publicity to gain more popularity among online commonality.

It also allows the users to become your feed subscribers so that they can get the latest updates delivered sent to their mailbox. Eventually it helps you in creating dedicated audiences for your blog. 

Benefits of Feedburner

· With a single account, you can burn multiple blog feeds

· In-depth stats about the subscribers of your feeds

· Extensive feed optimization features

· Your subscribers will get more options like email subscription and reading services like Pageflakes, Bloglines, Netvibes, etc

· Automated ping service for latest blog feeds

· Easy Google AdSense integration?

So, what happened to the feed burner?

Google had brought the Feedburner for a massive amount and after developing it as a reliable source for bloggers, it stopped paying attention to it. Many experts even believe that this service may soon be discontinued. Moreover, as it has not been updated for the last many years, there are many instances/possibilities of bugs or other issues. Moreover, it isn’t wise to use a service that can be discontinued anytime soon. So, what’s the next best thing to do? Look for alternatives. Here is a curated list of some of the best Feedburner alternatives that you can rely on:

Email Marketing to Win the Inbox | FeedBlitz


FeedBlitz helps you in maximizing the reach of your blog by monitoring your blog posts, URLs, and RSS feeds. It brings you the vital stats that can help you a great way of preparing ideal blogging strategies to achieve your short/long term readership goals. The tool comes loaded with sophisticated features as well as the feed to email digest conversion, tracking circulation, and subscription management. The tool seamlessly works on nearly every major platform for bloggers like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Typepad, and Drupal.

Welcome to Feedly


This free service helps you in extensive feed content promotion and offers you a wide array of tools to measure the impact. You will get quick and friendly bookmarking options. The services for sharing and proxying are equally good and user-friendly. By wisely using FeedCat for your blog, you can multiply its reach and enhance its impact.

RSS to Email - Blog Powered Newsletters by Nourish


Nourish automatically changes your RSS feeds into email newsletters and helps you in converting readers into subscribers which eventually helps you in achieving loyal readership. It also helps you in increasing the committed traffic to your blog which can directly impact the reputation and revenue potential of your blog.

RSS Feed works better with IFTTT


The full form of IFTTT is If this then that. The tool allows you to create an optimized custom delivery system that automatically gets working the moment you add any new item to your RSS Feed. IFTTT automatically delivers your freshest RSS feeds to diverse relevant platforms including but not limited to Evernote, Twitter, Facebook, emails…..the list is long. It helps you to get maximum visibility across a wider section of audiences which eventually multiplies the impact of your blog.

Best Feedity Alternatives (2020) - SaaSHub


Feedity helps you to create RSS feeds and offers you sophisticated options for podcast feed generation right from your webpage. Just like IFTTT the process is automated and triggers as soon as fresh content is added to the linked webpage.


At one point in time Feebburner was considered as the best option to popularize your latest blog posts across a wide spectrum of digital citizens. However, of late its parent company stopped paying much attention to Feedburner and it has not been updated for a long time. It is even believed that this service may soon be discontinued. In this blog, we explained the things in detail and also presented multiple Feedburner alternatives that you can rely on for gaining the best popularity for your latest posts.

Yoast SEO- Is it the right choice to improve ranking of your WP site?

Yoast Review

Yoast SEO tops the list of best free SEO plugins for the WordPress sites due to the ease of use, scalability, efficiency, and actionable insights it provides to the users. The tool offers you a collection of all the ideal options and features to optimize your content as per the best Search Engine guidelines. It also empowers you to write reader-friendly content by showing you vital stats that analyze the readability of your content. While the free plug-in cones with all the major features the premium plug-in also offers you a few extra options along with the premium Yoast support. In this post, we are going to review the Yoast plug-in and see if it is the right choice for making your webpage search engine friendly 

Yoast SEO: the #1 WordPress SEO Plugin • Yoast

Introduction to Yoast

Yoast started as a tutorial on SEO by Joost de Valk but it later gained more functional capabilities and emerged as a robust SEO plug-in that is being used by different businesses across the globe today.

Quick overview and main functionalities

Click SEO > General to check the different SEO settings in Yoast. Here you will get a wide number of setting to fine time all the key aspects of your webpage that affect your SEO potential. The settings section offers you to choose from five different tabs to match your immediate SEO goals. While each tab helps you accomplish an important goal one tab is of vital importance- Webmasters Tools tab. It offers you an easy and quick integration option to connect your site with 4 major programs namely Alexa, Yandex, Google, and Bing.

It allows you to determine and categorize your functional ecosystem for streamlined project management. For that you need to access Titles and Metas screen. Here you can give a relevant title to different website aspects like pages, posts, custom post types, homepage, tags, archives pages, and categories.

You will also get various other options like determining if a specific post type should be indexed (by default), activate Yoast SEO meta box, or display date in the Google (or other search engines) snippets.

Once you install the plug-in you would be taken to the features tour. In the Title and Metas screen you can create title templates for diverse website aspects like posts, pages, homepage, custom post types, archives pages, categories, and tags. You also have options to show date in SERP results, set a specific post type as no index by default, enable Yoast SEO Meta box.

Business, Search, Seo, Engine, Internet

Analyzing content with Yoast

You would get extensive features and tools to analyze your content and optimize it to meet the ideal search engine guidelines. For instance you can preview and control your content appearance in SERPs customizes SEO title of your post and edit the Meta description. All these factors can have a deep impact on your CTR rate and eventually helps you in improving your rank on selected keywords.

Just below your WP editor you would see Yoast content analyzer inside a Meta box. Here you can control your content management and optimize it for better ranking. For instance the snippet editor allows you to preview the content’s appearance in SERPs and also edit it for optimum benefits. You can define your Meta description to make it search engine and reader-friendly. Likewise you would get the SEO title customization option.

Functionalities of Yoast Snippet Editor

As the name suggests the content analysis tool helps you to analyze the different aspects of your content so that you can fine-tune it to meet your SEO objectives. The first thing is to enter your focus keyword. Keep in mind that free users can enter only single keywords and for entering multiple keywords you need to buy a premium plan.

Yoast SEO automatically analyzes different aspects of your content by matching them against the latest SEO guidelines and practices. It includes but is not limited to readability, keyword density, outbound links, keyword position, strategic use of keywords at important places, – and various other related factors that affect your SEO.

Along with content score it also offers you light-based indicators that allow you to quickly analyze your content at a glance.

The best thing is that by wisely using the Yoast content analysis you can also make your content reader-friendly as the tool offers you to test and optimize the major aspects of your content that shape and affect the readers experience like readability, use of power words at important places t help them quickly distend the gist of your content, preventing the use of long paragraphs, etc.

Social, Media, Manager, Online

Social Media Optimization

The tools offer an easy integration option to link your site with the top 4 social media tools including Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Cards, and others.

Click SEO>Social to explore more options for social media optimization of your URL.

Yoast also empowers you to optimize the social media image and post for promoting your content so that you can fine-tune them to meet the interests of target audiences. It enables you to easily capture the attention of diverse audiences across different social media platforms. For instance o can specify custom Meta descriptions, change the title, and insert the social media-friendly image to instantly attract the visitors.

XML Sitemap

Content indexation is quintessential if you wish to be ranked on SERPs. If the content is not being indexed, you cannot expect to be ranked on SERPs even during most relevant searches with less competition.

For that Yoast SEO ships with an inbuilt functionality for XML Sitemap. To activate it you need to click SEO > XML Sitemap. Now check the checkbox option.

Once you activate the XML the tool automatically informs Google as soon as you post any fresh content which adds momentum to your overall SEO efforts. Along with the content it also indexes the images in the Google images. It thus streamlines speeds up the indexing process.

You can further customize the indexing process by instructing Yoast not to index specific posts by specifying individual post URLs, post types or typographies that need to be excluded.

Yoast Premium

The Yoast premium comes with a dedicated support service provided by the expert support team and it can resolve most of your queries within half an hour (many of them within a fraction of this time).

Along with the premium support the premium version of Yoast also comes with 404 errors fixing through redirects and targeting multiple focus keywords that can widen the SEO potential of your webpage. You would also get as many as 13 video tutorials that will enlighten you on how to extract the maximum benefit out of Yoast SEO plug-in.

You can start with the free Yoast plug-in, understand its functionalities, and use it for a few months or any reasonable period. Then you would be in a better position to decide if you need to invest in the premium plug or you are happy with the free version.>


Moreover you will also get the extra extensions if you wish to have full control over specific aspects of your websites. These extension include

·         Video SEO

·         Local SEO

·         News SEO

·         Woocommerce SEO

General Features

  • Comprehensive content and SEO analysis including readability based on Flesch reading score
  • Canonical URLs Setup for avoiding duplicate content
  • Enhancing site indexing with advanced XML Sitemaps functionality
  • Automated provisions to optimize the technical aspects like sitemaps, robots.txt, permalinks, and .htaccess files.
  • Extended control over the breadcrumbs
  • Title and meta description templates for snippet branding on the Google
  • Cornerstone content to analyze your content quality based on powerful parameters

Exclusive features for premium version only

  • LSI optimization
  • Local/News SEO/WooCommerce SEO 
  • Annual support by the expert team
  • Local/News SEO/WooCommerce SEO 
  • Extended insight tool features 
  • Detailed social previews
  • Redirect manager
  • Actionable suggestions on Internal linking 
  • Google, Facebook, Twitter Previews 
  • No ads in the background 
  • Keyword export in CSV format


· Purpose-built content analyses tool to make your content friendly for readers and search engines

· Real-time SEO capabilities while working in WordPress editor interface

· Actionable insights

· Quick overview with the help of light indicators to understand SEO compatibility of your content

· Improved keyword optimization


  • Lack of keyword variation analysis
  • Based on Search engine algorithms which keep on changing
  • On the instances of keywords are measured, not the value of keyword itself (So users have to invest manual efforts on keywords research)
  • Much of your productive time can be spent on fine-tuning the nitty-gritty of the content like passive. Active voice transient verbs, stop words, etc.
  • The plug-in uses only the uniform system to check different types of content but individual posts may have individual requirements that don’t need to align with all these guidelines or may need additional guidelines (like research articles)


Many people have the notion that all greens and high scores on Yoast SEO mean that your content is SEO friendly and eligible for a good ranking on Google. It isn’t so. The plug-in only offers you the easy way to analyze the SEO compatibility of your content and making it reader-friendly. Having said that, the tool offers a wide variety of options to control all the key aspects of your webpage SEO. The interface is easy and intuitive. You would also love the extended options in a premium version like the detailed social preview, specific SEO like news SEO or local SEO, more detailed insights, and keyword file export. It doesn’t overwhelm you with a truckload of options and also allows you to take care of all the prime aspects of your content affecting its SOE compatibility.

Complete guide on migrating your site from WordPress.com to WordPress.org

Transfer WordPress.com to WordPress.org

Many of the top bloggers of today started their blog with a free blogging platform but later switched to the paid options after acquiring a good number of readers and subscribers across different countries. They did it to offer a fully professional appeal to their blogs and enjoy extended control over the design, functionalities branding and monetization features. WordPress is the most popular CMS for bloggers and businesses. So, in this blog we are going to present a tutorial on how to transfer your blog from WordPress.com to WordPRess.org. Let us start with the basics:

Social, Network, Share, Contact, Blog

What is WordPress.com?

WordPress.com helps you create a free website instantly by selecting from available collection of themes that can be customized to some extent. There is no coding or scripting required and you don’t have to go through custom web development either. So, if you wish to get a quick and free website from the most trusted CMS in the world then WordPRess.com is the best option for you. Being a fully hosted version, you don’t need to buy web hosting plans.

Wordpress, Web, Design, Website, Cms

What is WordPress.org?

WordPRess.org, on the other hand isn’t a self hosted version. So, while working with WordPRess.org you need to invest in web hosting to publish your website globally. You may also need to pay for web development and designing depending upon your preferences. It is the best option for the people who are looking for maximum control over their website on both the backend and front end ecosystem.

WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org- A quick overview

So, in short, with WordPRess.com you can create your free website but with limited customization features while the WordPREss.org offers you maximum customization features and extended control over your website but you have to buy your web hosting plans t publish your site.

Benefits of WordPress.org over WordPress.com

There are many benefits of WordPREss.org over WordPRess.com. Here are a few major benefits:

It offers complete theme customization capabilities

·         You can run advertising or affiliate programs without restrictions

·         Complete ownership of your database files

·         Complete control over theme files

·         No unwanted ads running on your site

·         Complete support when you buy managed WordPress hosting

As you now have a clear idea on WordPRess.com andWorPRess.org and the factors that make it important to switch to the latter, it is the time to learn how to safely migrate your blog from WordPREss.com to WordPress.org, without any issues

Note: Before starting this process buy a domain and hosting plan and also install the WordPress.org to your new host.

How to export content from the WordPress.com?

·         Log in to WordPress.com with your registered credentials

·         Visit the tab My Site and click WP Admin

·         Click Export

·         The next page will prompt you to select the content that needs to be transferred. Here you can choose any specific content like only posts or media, or you can select the entire content including post, media etc.

·         It will convert your XML file format into a compact WXR (WordPress extended RSS format)

·          The export files exceeding 32mb need to be divided with WXR file splitter plug-in

Installing WordPress Importer on the new website

Head to your dashboard in you new hosting account

Click Tools > Import

Click Install WordPress importer

You would see the WordPress Importer plug-in that you need to install before proceeding ahead

Steps to import Your Content

The next thing is to click upload file for uploading and importing your WordPress export file

Now you would be prompted to decide if you wish to reassign blog posts to new writers. You may continue with the same user name or create new one(s) depending upon your preference

The blog posts can also be assigned to any present author on the new site. It can be done by selecting relevant options from drop down list

After that put a check on the option Download and Import File Attachment to switch your attachments from wordpress.com to wordpress.org. Next, click Submit.>

Image importing tips

It might be possible that some of your images misbehave during switching process. So you can reconfirm the things. While not mandatory, it is advisable to use Import External Images plug-in that can automatically analyze your post’s code and niftily takes out all the images including the ones linking to external sources. It makes sure that every image is transferred properly without any issue.  

Taking your site visitors to the current self-hosted website

 Now you have successfully migrated your site from wordpress.com to wordpress.org

It is advisable to mention this on your wordpress.com site that you have migrated to a new site and give the new URL address so that anyone visiting your old wordpress.com site can instantly click and switch to your new site.  WordPress.com also offers instant reliable redirect services priced


In this blog, we presented step by step tutorials on transferring your blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org as the latter provides you better customization features and offers a perfect professional appeal to your blog. We hope that our readers should now be able to independently complete the process of switching from WordPRess.com to WordPRess.org. We would also invite you to share your thoughts or mention any practical difficulty in the process, in our comments section below.

Multiply your e-sales with buy one get one free deals (How-to Tutorial + publicity tips)

Create Buy One Get One deals

With the help of various purpose-built plugins it has now become super easy to create an eCommerce store. However, you also need to invest efforts in increasing sales through your digital store. The best way to do that is to introduce promo offers and deals. It helps in attracting new customers and winning the loyalty of the old ones. One such offer is Buy One Get One offer. There is some distinct attraction in this offer as it implies that you can get 100% free product on each purchase. The merchants across the globe use this method to build a strong customer base and widen their audiences.

Once you have decided on the products/gifts that you wish to include in the Buy One Get One offer, the next thing is to technically create the coupons and configure their settings to decide how they behave on the front-end. In this tutorial, we are going to explain how to do this by step by step instructions.

Free Coupon Plugin] Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce Free Version

Install Advanced coupons plug-in and activate it

Open advanced coupons tab and provide your license key 

Note: License key can be checked by visiting advanced coupons account and logging in to your account

Click the Woocommerce > coupons page. Next click Add coupon button 

Create Coupon Title on the next page that opens

Just below the title, a coupons code will be auto-generated which would be a random combination of letters and strings 

You can change it to create a relevant coupon code that can easily be recalled.

 Open Coupon Data section and select coupon deal type. Click BOGO deals tab

 Here you can set the desired conditions to activate multiple BOGO deals. It decides the product to be added to the deals. Here are a few options:

 Specific products: For standard single product deals 

Combination of products: For deals on multiple products or the varying products 

Product categories: For activating Buy One Get One deals on specific products range belonging to a particular category

 After setting the trigger type, choose the product on which the deal applies by clicking Add Products.>

Here you can select more than one product as the minimum purchase to get the deal.

 The best thing is that the plug-in allows you to create different deals like instead of giving away one product as free you may also give it on half the price. It allows you to have better control over the deal presentation

The next thing is to choose the product that would be given to the customers as a gift

 When a single product is chosen it automatically gets added to the shopping cart

You can also choose the option Any Combination of Products/Product Categories in the Apply Type. In this case the shoppers will get the discount when they select the product

 Under Price/Discount heading you would see a dropdown list from where you can choose other options like offering fixed/percentage-based discount instead of free giveaways

 You also have the option to decide if it is only a one time deal or repeated deal under Additional Setting

 Here you may allow clients to get free products in proportionate to the quantity purchased. For instance, the deal l of buy 2 get 1 free can automatically become buy 4 get two free when one buys two units… and so on.

Here you can also specify a notice to be displayed to the customers when the deal is triggered. All they have to do is to add the product and specify the BOGO coupon code

 You also have the option to present the deal the way you like. For instance, you can advertise it as a 100% discount, instead of buy one get one free deal

 Here the discounts would be calculated based on the deal triggers and required product quantity. For instance, buy two get two free offer will not be triggered or calculated as buy one get one- provided that you have selected the ideal settings while creating the deal>

How to publicize your Buy One Get One deals?

To gain more positive response out of your BOGO deals you need to publicize them the right way. Here are a few ways to make your deal popular among online shoppers:

·         Digital campaigns for Flash Sale: Limited time sales prompts people to buy your products fast before the deal is over. So, it is a good practice to divide you deals in multiple short-duration offers instead of a long term deal.

·         Interactive Presentation: Presenting your deal in an interactive format instantly captures the attention and urge visitors to act.

·         Collaboration with relevant Influencers: The easiest way to quickly multiply the reach of your deal offer to the maximum targeted audiences is through influencers. Hire the right influencers who are active in your niche, have a decent following, and charge reasonable fees for their services. Brainstorm with them on the right content, ideas, and platforms to publicize your deals.

·         Personalized Targeting: A brief demographic research will help you create personalized targeting that will turn your BOGO deal into a strong tool to widen your audience base.


Buy one get one deals help you increase your sales fast by attract more visitors and turning them into buyers. The global digital stores have been using this option to multiply their sales and meet their targets fast. You can also use it for clearing the old stock. In this blog we presented a step by step article on how to activate and publicize the Buy one Get one deal.

5 best caching plugins for your WordPress site

Best Cache Plugins

The user experience plays a vital role in determining the popularity of your blog. The main factor is speed. People are attracted to the websites that load fast and don’t test their patience. Caching can help you a great way in the same. In this blog we are going to mention some of the best caching plugins that you can use to boost your page loading speed.

What is caching?

In technical terms the term caching refers to storing file copies in a temporary location with an objective to access them quickly whenever needed. So, during the subsequent visits to your website the visitor can quickly access your site due to faster page loading speed. In short it reduces the time needed for fetching HTML, JavaScript, CSS and image resources which in turn slashes the latency and boosts your webpage loading speed.

Some of the ideal caching plugins

Now let us see this curated list of some of the ideal caching plugins that can help in increasing your site loading speed to attract more visitors:

Features of the Cache Plugin WP Rocket.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is robust caching plug-in with instant setup and easy configuration along with highly optimized caching environment. The plug-in uses multiple sophisticated technologies like JavaScript, CSS minifying and HTML. Moreover the Lazy loading further speeds up your site by scheduling the image loading only when it is visible on visitor’s browser.>

WP Optimizer

WP optimize comes with strong database cleaning capabilities and image compressing features along with other higher end caching capabilities. It offers multiple options to add speed to your site:

·         Clean the database:  The clan the database plug-in deletes the unnecessary data in the database and tidies up your tables that can accelerate the website loading speed. Moreover the image compression tool converts huge images into compressed fields that further boost page loading speed.

·         Caching: The Caching is another essential aspect that is equipped with most powerful caching features.

SG Optimizer

 Developed by SItegruond the SG Optimizer is a plug-in specifically for site ground hosting services. It allows you to accelerate your website performance with the help of different features like:

Salient features

·         Dynamic cache and Memcahche configuration

·         Automated cache purging that can be enabled or disabled as per requirements

·         An easy provision to confirm if cache is working fine on your pages.>

·         An extensive control over enabling or disabling minification of different files/scripts like HTML, CSS and JS resources

·         You can also remove the support for query strings/Emojis from the static resources.>

·          Individual or bulk image optimization option.>

Got WordPress? You'll want WP Super Cache, too. ⋆ Chris Mospaw

WP Super Cache

 The best thing about WP supercahce is that it is developed by the Automattic the company behind the WordPress and so it is specifically designed to meet the caching requirements for WordPress sites.

 With this plug-in you can easily generate the static html files from the WordPress blog. The plug-in automatically processes the bulky WordPress PHP scripts on your site and then fetches static HTML files to the site visitors which helps in accelerating the page loading speed.

It offers you three options:

·          Simple: Best caching method which doesn’t require the PHP file editing or .htaccess file configuration. >

·          Expert: By modifying the ,htaccess files you can offer extensively cached HTML files for a superfast speed. As the name suggest it requires you to have certain expertise and involves some manual efforts.>

·          WP Super caching: It offers personalized caching experience for your known audiences like the ones having account on your site or those who have commented on your posts in eh past. It offers more flexible caching method.

W3 Total Cache – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

W3 Total Cache

 Along with caching various aspects of the site the W3 total cache provides seamless CDN integrations (content delivery network) as well.

 The high-end capabilities and super easy user interface makes it one of the most reliable plugins in the market. High authority digital brands like Mashable.com, AT&T and MattCutts.com recommend this plug-in. It works wonders on your web server performance and considerably slashes the latency.

 It also works well with SSL and Google AMP and supports almost all the hosting environments.>

 The plug-in, when used ideally can cut down the bandwidth consumption by up to 80%. It does so with its strong mnification features to finely compress your CSS, HTML, feeds and JavaScript.


In order to enjoy better loading speed you need to minify the files and work on various other aspects of your website. For that you may need to rely on different plugins for the purpose. In this blog we presented a list of various such plugins tat can help you to cut down the latency and enjoy excellent loading speed. The readers are advised to carefully compare the product features, prices and reviews before taking any decision.