Manage all your WordPress websites from one dashboard

WPCentral is a centralized dashboard to manage multiple WordPress websites. You can manage your WordPress plugins, themes, backups, updates, etc. by the click of a button !
Add. Manage. Change

A centralized single panel to manage all of your WordPress websites from. Save the hassle to login all your website's dashboard separately and manage infinite number of WordPress websites for free.

Intuitive dashboard for infinite WordPress Websites

Set up your wpCentral Panel in an instant, add your websites and you are ready to start automatizing your tasks.

Operate the software in real time from any device

Whenever, wherever you feel the need to check your Websites, you can login to one single panel and monitor all your websites at once.

All that you can do with wpcentral


Magnificently manage your workflow by time and effort-saving mass operations

1-click admin access

Get rid of all your frets by forgetting your website admin passwords and using the single click access to the admin panel of your websites.


Reliably backup your websites with just one click in order to secure your data.


Get a superficial as well as detailed report of the websites on a single page.

Plugins/Themes Management

Bulk update, activate, deactivate, install plugins and themes on single or multiple websites at once.

1-click updates

All the outdated websites can be viewed at once. A single click is required to update them all.