How to start making money from your WordPress blog?

Start earning from your wordpress blog

Blogging is one of the most promising career in the digital field today. In fact, many serious bloggers look at it as a way to earn a stable income while for others it is the only source they rely on for meeting their expenses and saving a decent amount for the future. CMS like WordPress has made it much easier to create a blog. However, if you really want to convert your blogging passion into career or business, you need to be more serious and sincere. In this blog we will share some popular and time tested ideas to start making a reliable income from your WordPress blog:

Affiliate Marketing

In simple words affiliate marketing refers to selling a product or service through your blog for a commission. The income depends upon the collective sales. The more you sell the more you earn.

Example: For instance, when you join a travel company as an affiliate you get a certain commission on each sale you make.

The best way to sell their travel packages via your blog is to write engaging and informative content around those plans.

Along with serving the engaging content to your readers it also earns some commission when your readers buy their package.


If you have joined multiple affiliate programs you can use affiliate management plug-ins that make things easier for you. With these plug-ins you can easily craft awesome links and effortlessly insert your affiliate links into the posts. Besides there are a number of other tasks you can easily do with these plug-ins that will increase your sales potential.

Ad Programs

While it is easy and quick to join affiliate programs, you need to rely on the sales for earning real income. If you are looking for a comparatively easier way to earn sustainable income from your blog, then you can opt for joining ad programs.

Convincing your readers to buy a service or product could be pretty difficult but it is much easier to earn from the ad programs as your income is based on the number/instances of clicks you get on the ad displayed on your blog. In the digital world it is known as CPC or cost per click ads and there are several parameters that decide your total earning. You can also get paid on the total number of audiences who view the ad but it needs a really high and regular traffic as the payout is calculated on per thousand visitors.

However, you need an approval from Google to join Google Ad sense programs and your blog will be reviewed on multiple parameters. Getting approval by Google is not always an easy task and you may never be sure of the same. The good news is that there are some other reliable options by the trusted internet brands like that are said to be comparatively easier to join. While the income might be lower than Google Ad sense, there are comparatively better chances of getting approval even if you are a new blogger with limited content and reach.

Sell Ads without intermediary and keep 100%

As with any other commission based program the Google ad sense pays you the commission. However, if you are looking to earn 100% income from your ad programs, then you can start selling the space on your blog directly to the advertisers and keep 100% of the price.


It is advisable to keep things uncomplicated and hassle free by charging a predefined fee for displaying ads as you can easily monitor your earnings and prepare income reports. It also allows you to easily incorporate the best methods, practices to boost your income potential by identifying the gaps.

·         For earning a stable and decent income via banner ads you need to be really good at negotiating

·         Besides you need to have relevant knowledge on deciding/limiting the deliverables and liabilities

·         Instead of relying on the verbal agreement, you should insist on some legal documentation to safeguard the interests of both the parties

·         It is a good idea to gain good insights on these factors before you decide to sell the ad space

·         As for the administrative ad management work there are various WordPress plug-ins that can make things really easier, streamlined and pain-free for you.

Publish Sponsored Blog Posts

While the above options seem really good, there are some limitations. To earn from Google ad sense or similar programs, you need to gain more traffic or depend upon the actions of the users and in order to sell the banner ads you need to be really good at negotiating and performance tracking. If you are looking for a neater, zero hassles income and zero management then you can go for sponsored blog posts. 

·         For that you need to invest single time effort in preparing media kit inclosing all the vital stats establishing the authority and reputation of your blog like traffic stats, social media traffic and followers, visitor demographics and blog theme and other similar factors that proves your blog to be the best option for a specific business to gain maximum exposure to targeted audience.

·         Sponsored posts allow the business to widen their reach and help you earn a certain pay check for each post you publish

·         With the financial support you can concentrate better on your writing and produce awesome content that will really entertain and inform your audiences

·          Hence it is the best option to keep everyone happy.

Guest Posts

If you are looking for something easier then it would be great for you to offer space for guest posts in return for a set fee. In this model, you would often need to place the back links of the clients’ site in each post. In other words you will help your client to gain a better visibility and reputation by transferring your brand position, traffic and audience. Your regular audience who know you and trust your blog will find it easier to trust your guest bloggers (and their products) too. By clicking on the hyperlink they will directly visit their website’s product page that can eventually result in increased conversion opportunities.


However, this model might have some drawbacks too

·         Google doesn’t appreciate bloggers openly asking for some fee in exchange for inserting back links

·         Besides many businesses might have a mentality that as they have paid for the links/posts, they don’t have to be very specific about the content quality and mediocre content end up disappointing your audience


The best solution to these issues is single and simple to be implemented. Instead of just asking for the fee in exchange for the back links, you can offer editorial services to the clients. It will help you to write the engaging content that aligns with the service or products of the clients and insert natural back links.

It will also help you to earn a good income via genuine method and without compromising with the content quality standards


Blogging has gained a wide popularity as a trusted source of income with a very high potential and low investment. Creating a blog is easier but it is much more difficult to turn it into a single source of meeting expenses and earning income. While there is no shortcut for turning your blogging into business, there are several reliable income options. In this blog, we have presented a list of top options that can make your journey easier by allowing you to earn a good income.

What are the key security issues in WP sites and how to resolve them?

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System across the globe and powers more than 30% of the global websites. As a responsible organization, WordPress does have very strong security guidelines and offers additional provisions to the users to upgrade their security. However, due to lack of proper knowledge or sincerity, many users don’t take the security measures seriously and it makes their site prone to security attacks like hacking. In this blog, we are going to present the major security issues in WP sites and the best ways to keep your site protected.

Brute Force Attacks

One of the most preferred methods for the hackers is to keep on trying different ID and password combo until they crack the right pair. WordPress allows for multiple consecutive login attempts without any restrictions and it enables these hackers to continue their task without any interruptions or raising alerts.

Besides, advanced technology like smart bots relieve the hackers from manual efforts by automating the process while ensuring a higher success rate. Upon success, the hackers gain the admin control and misuse it to meet their vested interests. Also, numerous login attempts inflate system load and affect your site performance. Some hosting providers may also suspend your account to discipline the system load 

File Inclusion

 The WordPress site runs on PHP code and smart hackers employ latest techniques to discover vulnerabilities in PHP code to break into your account. Upon finding the vulnerable code the hackers use it to include the specific files that eventually facilitate them to access the key WordPress installation file- wp-config.php. This file works as the master key to help the hackers gain extended admin control over your site

SQL Injections

By gaining access to your MySQL database the hacker can easily break into the WordPress database of a website and access the entire website database. Talking in terms of power it allows the hackers to make an admin-level user account for themselves that enables them to log in, access and control your website.

Understandably, this admin privilege can be misused in so many ways to facilitate the malicious intentions of hackers. Many hackers also employ it to add harmful data to your database like links to spam or malicious websites.


 XSS is also known as Cross-site scripting vulnerability and is responsible for more than 80% of security loopholes across the internet.  Many WordPress plugins are affected by this vulnerability. Hackers employ those weak plugins to load specific JavaScript on your visitors’ browser to technically facilitate their malicious purposes like stealing and misusing the submitted data.

For instance, an infected Form plugins of your WordPress site can be used to load the malicious JavaScript on your visitors’ browser to steal their submitted information.


Malware is a specifically programmed code that is injected into your site files for facilitating the unauthorized website access and steal the crucial data.

There are diverse ways in which hackers can load malware on to your WordPress site and keep on stealing your sensitive information without alarming you.

How to get rid of WordPress security issues?

While WordPress is not free from security issues, it does have strong provisions to help you take better care of your security ecosystem and safeguard your site against latest attacks. Here are some of the best ways to fortify your WordPress site security:

Password Management

·          Weak easily crackable passwords like your pet’s name, mobile number, or business name increases the success potential of brute force attacks

·         Use strong admin passwords consisting of capital and small letters, numbers and special symbols

·         Don’t use the same password for multiple digital platforms

·         Choose random words that are not related to your public profile in any way (like your business name or pet’s name)

·         Keep on changing your password periodically, at least once in every 3 months

·          Two-factor authentications further fortify your security by sending time-sensitive code to your registered device and you would need a combo of password + time-sensitive code to access the account.


·          WordPress keeps on updating its version periodically to patch the latest security issues. An outdated version with weaker security provision can attract hackers to attack your site. 

·         Make sure that you are using the latest updated version of WordPress as well as the other software running on your site 

·         All the latest updates can easily be viewed on your WordPress dashboard and you can instantly update them 

·         It is highly advisable to ensure smooth mail communication from WordPress as WordPress instantly sends the latest updates to its users through emails

·         If you own more than one website then you can also use the powerful tools like wpCentral that facilitates multiple update management in a single dashboard


·          Avoid using the plugins from just any random site as they might be written poorly or lack sufficient security. It is highly advisable to download plugins directly from While you might be tempted to use the free substitutes of the most popular premium plugins, it can pose a huge risk to your site and in many cases, it can be the trick by hackers to modify the files and inject malicious code. So avoid downloading such free versions of premium plugins. 

Web hosting

·          Be very careful about the security ecosystem of your hosting provider especially if you are using a shared hosting plan. Many hosting providers don’t adopt the latest security guidelines or update their security software. It can allow the hackers to easily hack your website.

·           You can also use the password manager to create a strong password

·           Make sure that your password should not be less than 8 characters

Tip: To make password management easier, use a password manager such as Last Pass.

Automated security schedules

·         You can use some good security plugins that can automatically run security checks, customize the security settings to meet best security guidelines and may also activate the latest updates


·         Make sure that every server directory has the appropriate and well-defined access permissions

·          There are some reputed tools to schedule the malware scanning. By using these tools you can create a scheduled malware reporting that enable you to take quick action


·         Last but not the least you need a strong and reliable backup plan to make sure that even in the case of attacks you would have the access to the latest version of your website that helps you to bounce back without much delay. You can make use of plugins like wpCentral to backup your website.


WordPress is the most popular and efficient content management system for beginners as well as advanced users. However, just like any other CMS, it can also have security issues. By wisely deeply reviewing your site, and constantly updating it to meet the best safety guidelines you can get rid of many security issues and continue enjoying the best WordPress experience.