How to add awesome Background images with these plugins

Best WordPress plugins to add background images

The background of your website or posts plays a vital role in enhancing its impact. A beautiful background can significantly elevate the visual appeal of your site. Adding an awesome background might seem to be a difficult task but the reality is that it is quick, easy and uncomplicated. Different plugins can be used to add background to your WordPress site without special efforts. These plugins not only make it quick and easy to add your desired background but also allow you to add special effects for a more awesome effect. In this post, we are going to mention some of the friendly plugins that will enable you to add brilliant backgrounds to your pages and posts.

WP Background Lite

If you need outstanding backgrounds that instantly impress the eyes then WP Background Lite is the best option to consider. 

· It is easy to use and offers a wide array of excellent backgrounds with a splendid look and awesome features that would perfectly compliment your post/page

· There are theme-based backgrounds and you can surely get a precise theme for your post or page no matter what the topic or requirement is

· It is compatible with the entire popular browser and also offers you a freedom to use the background only for specific pages

· Your visitors can even click these backgrounds to change them. 

Custom Backgrounds Premium WordPress Plug-in

Custom Background plug-in, as the name suggests, allows you to enjoy an extended designing flexibility without going through any complicated or lengthy process. 

· The carefully curated collection of backgrounds seem awesome. It is worth mentioning that you can use backgrounds not only for the entire page or post but also for different templates, taxonomies, custom content types, etc.

· Just like WP background Lite, it also offers the click and change background capability to your visitors

· To further enrich the experience, it also offers multiple enhancing options like jQuery, timers, parallax effects and more.

Video & Parallax Backgrounds for WPBakery Page Builder

Video & Parallax Backgrounds for WPBakery Page Builder

The spectacular effect of Parallax scrolling instantly leaves a mesmerizing impact on your audience. It offers a different scrolling speed to the background images. When the audience visits and scrolls through your website with 2 different speeds for background and foreground, it creates a spellbinding effect. Video and Parallax Background for WPBakery enables you to create this effect.

· It offers the backgrounds with parallax effects that can uniformly work in different directions (up, down. Left and right). Both full width and normal width backgrounds are supported by this plugin

· You can add the desired image to act as a static background. You also have the option to use colored block background

· You have the option to switch on the smooth scrolling and can also disable the parallax for your mobile audience

· The plugin offers you multiple ways to personalize your background the way you want by reducing or increasing the speed of parallax scrolling and determine the direction

· The best thing is that you get the maximum control without any complication, thanks to its intuitive interface.

· For a more sophisticated effect, it allows you to embed the Vimeo or YouTube videos that can be employed as an awesome video background. 

Ultimate Add-ons for Visual Composer (WordPress)

Ultimate Add-ons for Visual Composer (WordPress)

Ultimate Add-ons for Visual Composer (WordPress) enables you to insert multiple elements to the VC. 

· Along with the static images it also allows you to add parallax scrolling backgrounds to your post

· It also allows you to add the videos for a more engaging background

· You can use either the Youtube video or your customized video to be used as the background

· The interface is easy and intuitive and you will get a wide array of tools/options for the extended flexibility and control. 


The visual appeal plays a key role in determining the impact of your WordPress site or blog. That is why the top bloggers sites are very particular about the theme-based backgrounds that look apt and are also able to attract the eyes. Adding background with the conventional coding or technical process could be lengthy and difficult. So a better approach would be to use the reputed plugins that will allow you to insert the desired background image using drag and drop features and a simple interface.