5 actionable ways to improve ranking and traffic of your blog

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Some bloggers start their blog to build their unique brand while others look at blogging as a full-time profession to earn a regular income. No matter what is the purpose behind creating a blog, every blogger loves to increase the visibility, traffic, and ranking of their blog. The question, however, is how to achieve this. In this post, we are going to share some of the practical and actionable tips to increase visibility. Impact, reach, and search engine ranking of your blog.

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Make your site simple, intuitive and straightforward

 Build an easy, straightforward design that allows your readers to quickly understand what you are offering them and get what they want just with a glance and few clicks. Such communicative site design will instantly delight your visitors and make them curious to know more about your blog.

Along with neat navigation architecture, you also need to create a harmonious, logical equation between the content, menus, design elements, and colors. Did you know that our brain automatically takes advantage of color-coding to instantly find what it wants? Likewise, the things like colors, typography, and shapes also play a vital role in branding. By maintaining a relatable consistency among all these things you can connect with your visitors’ mind at a deeper subconscious level which influences the decisive factors like stay duration, interaction level, and click-through rate.

Along with the above, you also need to focus on the utility value of your blog. While you try your best to make things quickly accessible for your clients, you cannot be sure that it always works in the desired way. In that case, you need to have a powerful, more tangible tool to help your visitors find what they want. Use a well-designed search tool positioned at the eye level so that the visitors can find whatever they need. It can work wonders especially for visitors with limited time or those working on a compact device like Smartphone. They won’t have to worry about looking for something as they can quickly type, hit enter, and get what they need.

 Build a blog that works well across different mobile devices while retaining the same level of positive user experience. Not only will it help you to reach a massive population of over 50% of net users who use mobile devices to access sites, but it will also help you in your SEO efforts as mobile responsive design plays as one of the factors to determine your SERPs ranking.

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Speed up your site

 Slow-loading website annoys visitors and is one of the key search ranking factors it also earns you negative SEO marks. Whether you want to build traffic, or improve your SERPs ranking the first thing to do is to speed up your website.

Start by analyzing your loading speed with reliable Google tools like Pagespeed Insights and Pingdom. Not only will they show you the real-time speed stats but will also provide practical insights on the major factors responsible for latency and a checklist of important to-do points for speeding up your site. Overall it makes your work easier and straightforward by eliminating the guesswork.

If you are not yet happy with the speed implement after making the suggested changes then it is time to check with your hosting provider. You may need to buy more resources (RAM, Bandwidth, etc.) to support the growing traffic, or upgrade your plan. Communicate with your web hosting provider. Sometimes the poor quality standards can also be responsible for slow speed in which case you would need to replace your hosting provider with a reputed brand offering reliable services quality and following fair business practices.

 There are many hosting review sites which will not only provide you the verified reviews about different hosting providers but will also help you make an informed decision by expanding your knowledge about a different aspect of web hosting and how they affect your website like bandwidth, disk space, server, different plans, etc.

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Produce high quality information

 The real victory for bloggers is to turn the random visitors into regular audiences and subscribers. Creating high-quality content and presenting it interestingly is the best way to keep your visitors engaged for a long and revisit your blog in the future.

 For producing awesome content you need the right blend of knowledge and creativity. Put yourself in your audiences’ shoes and think about what type of content you would prefer to read? What are the key information gaps? How should the content flow be designed to make the information both digestible and useful in the real world? How to ensure that the shared knowledge should be instantly and confidently applied in the practical situation? Answers to all such questions will help you create high-quality content that will help your readers to grow in their personal and professional lives. It will help in building trust and eventually turns your blog into a reliable brand that readers can bank on for upgrading their knowledge and overcoming challenges.

 No one love to read outdated information or bland content. So, keep aside a specific day in the week to update your blog posts and improves the presentation. There are many tools and methods to achieve this.

 Storify your content to give a human touch and instantly connect with your readers

Maintain tone consistency and use a dialogue style. Use the sentences, words, and presentation style that you use while conversing with your friends and relatives.  A little humor always does wonder and keeps your content fresh.

Don’t beat about the bush. Directly come to the point. It will help you pack plenty of information into relatively shorter pieces of content.

 Don’t use just a single type of content style but offer your audiences a healthy variety. Of course, you don’t have to overwhelm them but a reasonable assortment of videos, tutorials, reviews, case studies, and how-to posts provides you a benefit of attracting audiences across different tastes and preferences..

 Use Google Analytics to assess your content, identify the top-ranking content and evaluate the reasons. It will help you create more content with the right set of qualities to attract, engage, and positively influences the readers.

 Use images and videos to make your content more interesting and help people better understand the complex portions.

 Avoid duplicating or simply rephrasing the content from other sites. Rather do deeper research on the top-performing content, recognize the aspects that yet need to be talked about, and base your content strategy on the same. It will give you the dual benefit of writing on top ranking topics and also providing some new, fresh knowledge to the readers.

 Use powerful but compact headlines that compel the readers to read your blog. Maintain the quality consistency throughout the article. Strategically structure your article to provide the best reading experience to your audiences.

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Keep your reader engaged for long

 More than half of people will just glance around the content searching for the most relevant keywords that align with their intent. So make sure that your content isn’t congested or difficult to navigate. Use a good amount of white space and neatly trim your paragraphs to too short, digestible portions.

 Use hierarchical structure and typography that intuitively explains the importance and position of different content pieces in your article. Suppose you are talking about writing great content and one of the headings is readability. After mentioning the art of creating readable content if you also want to present some readability checking tools then it is good to use a sub-heading with 2 introductory lines followed by a bulleted list of top 5 tools with a single line description of each. It gives an appealing cogent look to the content, enables readers to quickly scan through the important parts of your content, and also makes it easy for the search engine bots to discover your site during the relevant search queries.

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Ethical but effective ways for search engine optimization

 A major objection of bloggers is to increase their visibility and the best thing to do is to optimize it for search engines. In simple terms, you need to design your site and content in such a way that your blog gets indexed and starts appearing in the relevant search results. Gradually keep on optimizing the website and content to improve your ranking steadily to get visibility on the first page of Google. You cannot expect to rank on the first page for any search inquiry related to your niche. However, the keyword research will help you identify the high potential keywords and carefully work on your content strategy to rank high on those keywords.


Every blogger wishes to improve the visibility and ranking of their blog. While there isn’t any magic wand to achieve this objective there are a few strategies and methodologies that can help you a great way if you follow them constantly and strategically. In this blog post, we presented some actionable tips insights on this topic. By creating a checklist based on these tips the readers can reasonably improve the visibility, traffic, and ranking of their blog.

Actionable tips to grow your blog in 2021

Improve your blog

Every blogger wants to grow and it makes the competition quite tough. Especially for the new bloggers, it is very difficult to make a distinct position in their niche. While there isn’t any quick sureshot solution to gain traffic and improve the ranking of your new blog, some strategies can help you grow steadily. In this post we are presenting some of the strategies that will help you build a good reputation for your blog:

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Make valuable relations with other bloggers

In the field of blogging, camaraderie matters a lot. It helps you in different ways- right from honing your skills to gaining more visibility and building social media traction. Communicate with other bloggers especially those in your niche and build relations with them. It may not always be easy for a newbie to connect directly with top bloggers. So start by connecting with the more approachable ones- the ones who are making fast progress. Networking helps in increasing site traffic, getting more shares and likes on social media, and views from the high-value audiences in your niche.

 Read the latest blog posts in your niche and share the posts that impress you the most. Also, consider leaving valuable comments and try starting a meaningful social communication around that blog post.

 Keep personal promotion out of your comment or interaction activities as it can irritate instead of impressing the bloggers. They have invested lots of time and resources in writing a good blog post and just can’t tolerate someone using it as a “quick launchpad” for promoting their brand for free. Instead, focus on highlighting the strength of those bloggers and their content which shows that you have invested time and attention thoroughly going through the post and understanding its import.

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Use forums to engage with fellow bloggers for cross promotion

Many forums and groups enable bloggers to connect at a more direct level. If you are looking to collaborate with other bloggers or running a cross-promotional activity then consider joining Facebook groups for bloggers or go to the relevant forums, make valuable connections, and carefully shortlist the bloggers you want to collaborate with or create long-term partnerships. Instead of just managing a crowd of many connections, it is best to pick the ones that are more relevant and approachable and start taking the communication further in the desired direction.

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Write guest posts for high authority blogs in your niche

 Backlinks from high authority blogs in your niche help a long way in enhancing your reputation and making your blog more popular. To be more specific you get exposure to a wider base of audiences who trust the platform where you are presenting your guest posts. Besides, your URL also gets the benefit of the SEO profile of that platform. Many such platforms actively publicize every new post on social media that increases your social media reach to valuable traffic. Some of them may even send the most popular and valuable guest post to their subscribers through email newsletters which allows you to make a more direct relationship with the audiences. That’s plenty of benefits. But to gain that you need to follow a strategic approach for guest posting

Be very selective when picking the right platforms for guest blogging. It is quite easy to get your post approved at low DA blogs with very small traffic but it doesn’t worth your time or efforts. Guest blogging on such a platform doesn’t bring in significant SEO or traffic benefits. So, shortlist the high authority platforms after assessing the social media shares and comments.

 Personal touch can make a huge difference. Instead of sending a mail right away, start by personally connecting with the blog owner or decision-makers (editors, etc.) on professional networks like Linkedin. Making a rapport with them before pitching your post will increase the probability of approval.

 Write an email pitch that concentrates on the blogger, their blog, and the subject of your content. Give them a rich context and tell them precisely why your pitch can be a valuable asset for their content strategy. Tell them all this in a confident but humble language.

 Start by honing your writing skills which improve the chances of getting your post published and appreciated by the readers.

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Essential pre- and post- guest posting factors

One of the best ways to find the right platforms for guest blogging is to track the backlink profile of your closest competitors. It will give you a good insight into the high DA platforms that are more likely to accept the guest posts which will give a better direction to your backlink strategy.

 Getting your guest post published is not the end of the game. You also need to promote it seriously on different channels which will create build awareness around your posts and will eventually encourage people to know more about you and your blog.

 Track any social conversation around your guest post and proactively respond to them, whether it is a comment or FB reaction, you need to track everything and respond appropriately to build relations with the new audiences.

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Join blogger-centric networking platforms

 While Facebook and Twitter help you a great way in gaining social media traction, there are some platforms specifically suitable for the community of bloggers. Like Triberr offers you an optimized ecosystem and tools to connect better with bloggers’ community, widen your presence and grow together.

 You can choose the bloggers on relevant niches and get updates from the specific bloggers which makes it much easier for you to create a valuable network of fellow bloggers.

 Every tribe has a chief and you join as a follower. Depending upon your performance and other factors the chief can decide to promote you as a full-time member which gives allows every tribe member to see your blog posts.

 You can start by creating a themed tribe on Triberr that facilitates discovering other bloggers who blog on the same topic.

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Deeply research the content that connect with yoru targeted audiences

 Invest a good amount of time and attention while creating your posts. Make sure that your posts help the targeted audiences in specific ways. For instance, if your targeted audiences are CTOs then write about the practical ways in which CTOs can help a company tackle the growth slump by utilizing technology.

Adding excerpts from subject experts can significantly increase the value and appeal of your posts and also add an authoritative touch to them. Also, try checking the use cases and get in touch with the related individuals or companies to share their stories with you with an emphasis on specific techniques or resources that helped them to overcome the challenges. It will add a realistic touch to your posts and will also encourage organic sharing.


Blogging is one of the most profitable businesses on the internet. However, the competition in the field is increasing at a very high rate. If you want your new blog to register success, you need to follow a set of professional strategies. It includes socializing with your audiences, sharing your content, guest posting on other high authority blogs, and networking with other bloggers. In this post, we explained these strategies in detail. You can make a checklist based on this post and constantly update it to improve the ranking and reach of your blog.

Are these 6 blogging mistakes keeping you from your first paycheck? Take action now


Every day a large number of blogs are started worldwide by passionate bloggers and a majority of them fail within a year. On one hand, we have blogs like Huffington Post that earns $14 million every month and on the other, we have tens of thousands of blogs struggling to get a $100 paycheck- without a success. Is your blog also desperate to get its first paycheck? Then probably, you have come to the right place.

No, we won’t give you a paycheck but share some secrets and tips to help you earn a steady stream of paychecks. We have strategically created this blog to mention the challenges, tips, and a concrete corrective action plan & tools. So, be ready with your diary and pen and jot down the important points. You may not be able to follow all the tips but try to pick at least one that seems most convenient to you, and stick to it till you start observing the positive results.

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Not identifying your target readers

Not identifying your target readers

Deep knowledge of your audience will help you find the most engaging topics and focus your research in the right direction. You would be able to highlight the aspects most relevant to them and use the conversational tone to match the readers’ profile. All these factors form the basis of a great content.

Start by studying the demographics, and needs of your targeted audiences. Understand their problems and major challenges. Identify the gaps in demand and supply where you can chip in and offer a precise solution. It is an even better idea to present multiple options to help your readers pick the one that they are most comfortable with.

Tools like Google Analytics make things easier for you but there is nothing like direct interaction with the audience. Think engaging ways to directly ask them about their needs and challenges, likes and dislike weakness and strengths, etc. This detailed information helps you in two ways- strengthening relations with the audience and concentrating on purpose-fulfilling content. A wide variety of free and premium tools will iron out the creative creases and help you build engaging polls, email newsletters, etc.

·         https://www.poll-maker.com/: A powerful and free tool to create polls, surveys and quizzes to help you understand your readers better and offer most relevant content

·         https://rating-widget.com/: A free yet powerful tool to rate your article to help you understand your writing quality and constantly improve the same.

·         http://hashtagify.me/: Find deeper insights about different hashtags to discover latest trending topics, research relevant keywords and keep you updated about social media. It allows you to create posts on topics with maximum potential and makes it easier for you to attract and engage the readers for long.

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Lacking a mission

 Without a clear mission, you won’t be able to concentrate intently. Gradually the passion dissipates, you start losing your focus and eventually the quality suffers. It becomes increasingly tough to attract new visitors and even retaining a few that you might have acquired.

·        Starting your blogging journey with clear and realistic objectives

·        Lack of sustainable mutual connection between creative and commercial goals

·        Lack of a well-thought plan to align your daily tasks (posting, content marketing, SEO, etc.) with the big picture/prime objective(s)


·         Objective: To earn income (Too vague)

·         To earn $3000 within a month (better defined but too big to be achieved within a month)

·         To earn at least $50 in 30 days mainly through affiliate income and sponsored posts (well-defined and possibly achievable target with specific figures, time-frame, and income avenues)


·        Don’t ignore what-ifs of a venture. Be flexible enough to review and reasonably fine-tune your efforts to maximize gains and minimize obstacles

·        Dedicate a decent chunk of time, space, and infrastructure to your venture. It will eliminate distractions and help you remain focused and agile throughout the blogging process

·        Don’t shy to ask, learn, and enhance your expertise. There are lots of bloggers around the globe who are ready to help you with their expertise. Reach out to them through digital groups, forums, and online communities

·        Read as much as you can. A good reader subconsciously learn to write well

ProBlogger and Bloggersconnected.com/ are two ideal online sources to check for the niche-specific brands that are looking to connect with the bloggers. Here you just need to create your account, set your profile and specify communication preferences. You would get instant information about any new opportunities for bloggers.

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Diverse topics

 Widening your portfolio of topics seems a good idea on the surface as it would possibly attract a wider spectrum of readers across different demographics. However, you would need to write more in the same period of time. It compresses the time for research and writing. Switching your attention to different topics in a smaller time frame also creates stress. Before you know, you start losing the grip over the quality thus annoying and alienating your readers. Ironically, you would be putting more effort without knowing that each effort is actually annoying- instead of attracting your readers.

Concentrate on a single niche to keep the things manageable and gain better expertise. It will enable you to concentrate on value rather than struggling with the volume. You would be able to fine-tune every aspect of your content delivery- right from research to marketing. Result? Your readers would enjoy your blogs, get the value benefit, and would love to return. You may not get any immediate ranking benefits but eventually, it helps in building an authority that will help you gain more visibility in due course of time. It is just like a long term investment of efforts to gain higher returns. Each high quality, SEO, and Reader-friendly post write today increases the RoI of your future SEO strategy.

There are immediate or short term benefits as well. On the commercial front, it will help you acquire the targeted and sustainable readers with a steady growth rate which makes it easier to enhance the revenue potential of your blog. Sponsors have grown too wise to be lured with plain stats. They want to know every detail of your traffic- age, gender, income, etc. and see how these details match with their commercial targets. They are ready to invest a decent amount on niche blogs with the most relevant traffic. The same thing applies to affiliate marketing programs and ad sense or another ad-related avenue. Just like conventional marketing, showing your products (i.e., affiliate links/ads) to the relevant buyers multiply the sales/clicks probabilities and helps you earn commissions.

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Lack of consistency

 Consistency and patience are two other major elements of a successful blogging voyage. One of the secret traits of top bloggers is that gradually build habits into their readers’ routine by feeding them high-value content on a regular basis. Compare your blog posts to the regular mental meal for your readers. You don’t eat 20 pizzas a day and remain hungry for the next 10 days. Rather you eat a balanced quantity when you feel hungry- on a daily basis and most probably during (almost) the same times. In the same way, you need to offer a digestible quantity of high-quality content to your readers on a daily basis and at the same time. It will gradually form a reading habit into them and your blog will start experiencing a steady flow of daily traffic. Many bloggers post blogs as and when convenient while some may post 5-7 blogs daily and then become silent for the next 7 days. The readers who read several good posts today will get disappointed on visiting your blog the next day. You certainly can’t expect readers’ loyalty by switching their experience between instant gratification and total disappointment.

Create a well-defined publishing schedule and keep your focus on value rather than volume

Plan your routine strategically to dedicate a specific time window exclusively for blogging

Avoid rushing the things in a quest to catch up with the volume. For instance, don’t try to force a longer post or a complicated topic into the regular blogging hours. Rather enlarge the time window for such demanding posts.

Best tools for scheduling

Two of the reliable scheduling tools are HootSuite and Buffer. Hootsuites is suitable for those who are looking for comprehensive features while buffer is best for bloggers with relatively modest requirements. But if you need a unified ecosystem for post planning as well as scheduling then there is a better tool for you. Though available at price, the features it offers are truly awesome. We are talking about promorepublic:

https://promorepublic.com: If you are looking to blend scheduling with content research and presentation then you would like to go for Promo Republic. Along with general scheduling features it also offers you as many as one hundred thousand of blogging ideas and purpose-built tools for graphic editing. Additionally you would also get Analytics, reporting an Ai-powered smart posting.

Challenge #5: Lack of reasonable flexibility

 Have flexibility and keep working on plan B’s to avoid stagnation. At the height of your success, you may even say No to high-value commercial options if it doesn’t align with your preferences. But as a beginner, you don’t have this privilege. So, if you started a blog to earn through Adsense but the things seem too difficult then don’t risk waiting too long without plan B. Immediately start looking for another income option- sponsored posts, affiliate programs, etc. Having a steady income stream, even with a small amount, will make you feel good and nourishes positivity. Collectively it will help you in enhancing the quality of your blog.

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Lack of Business Approach

If you really wish to convert your blog into a sustainable commercial venture then incorporate business thinking into creativity. For instance, make sure that you invest only in high-potential goods (in blogging terms- topics that attract maximum readers). Keep on examining the market fluctuations, i.e., the fluctuations in search trends relevant to your niche. Understand your readers deeply and know about the most recent potentials. One of the easiest ways to do this is to check your competing blog and social listening on the related platforms where you can find the targeted readers and potential sponsors. For instance, if you run a technology blog then visiting tech forums, checking related tech pages on Facebook, and exploring twitter posts with relevant hashtags can be a great strategy. At the same time don’t forget to check the online gathering places of tech CEOs and decision-makers like Linkedin. It will help you align your blogging goals with readers’ preferences as well as the corporate strategy of related businesses.

Best tool for giving a business approach to your blog

Starting a business approach becomes easier if you have a friendly tool that is automatically updated with the time without requiring any intervention. One such tool is LivePlan where you can get all the basic and advanced features to plan your blogging business the best way. Of course, you don’t have to use the entire collection of those elements or criteria but you can easily scale up the plan when you need.

Here are a few features of LivePlan that offer it a distinguished position:

·         Detailed instructions in quick-follow format

·         Over 500 samples/examples for each step

·         Key terms definitions

·         High flexibility in outline

·         Inbuilt financial formulas to carry out calculation

·         Easy Export options (Word Processor, .PDF)

·         Data Import options (QuickBooks and Xero)

·         Industry based Comparison data

·         Long-term prediction options

·         Automated charts and graphs

·         Secure online sharing

·         Pitch infographic

·         … and much more


In order to earn a decent income from your blog, you need to have clear goals and follow a specific strategy. Just like any other business, invest your ideas, efforts and time in blogging exercises if you really wish to turn it into a solid business venture. In this blog we have explained various possible reasons for the failure of blogs and how to revive them and turn them into a profitable enterprise. We also mentioned some of the reliable tools that can help you in the blog revival process.