How to make your new blog super popular?

Blogging Tips

Building traffic for your new blog isn’t an easy task. Even more difficult is to turn traffic into a dedicated community of readers and subscribers. Even bloggers with exceptional writing skills may not get the encouraging outcomes in the beginning. In many cases, one thing that they miss is the connection with audiences. In more precise terms, many bloggers just deliver the content instead of directly communicating and interacting at a more personal level with the readers. There are different ways in which you can communicate efficiently with your audiences. In this post, we will talk about some of the effective communication platforms and techniques that will help you earn the trust of your targeted audiences and turn them into a loyal community of readers and subscribers

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Write blog posts that connect at a personal level

It is a no-brainer that the best way to connect with your audiences is to write informative blogs that bond with them at a personal level, For that you need to write the well-researched content and deliver it in a language that leaves a direct impact on your targeted audiences.

·         Present easy and practical solutions to the primary challenges of your audiences

·         Write in a clear concise language and talk to your audience using conversational language

·         Use real life examples to drive your point and connect better with your clients

·         Avoid using too many jargons as it takes the personal touch away from your content

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Strategically use Social Media to interact with your audiences

With the increasing interaction of social media, it is certainly the best platform to gain some organic popularity and build a loyal community of readers and subscribers. To be honest most of the top bloggers have achieved the winning position not just by writing great content but by combining it with the extensive social media strategy.

Many people think that just creating social media pages or joining a group is enough. Others just share their blog posts on social media, without ever checking their reach or engagement. If you are looking to derive benefits out of your social media engagement then you need to be active. Communicate with your social media audiences one on one. Tell them about your blog’s personality and publish the content that prompts conversations.

Here are a few prime platforms that help you connect better with your audiences:

·         Pinterest

·         YouTube

·         Twitter

·         Facebook

·         Instagram

·         Linkedin

 You can also use social media to run contests and quizzes, or distribute freebies.

 Using engaging, high-resolution image is a sure-shot strategy to instantly attract people. Also consider platforms like Instagram and Pinterest especially if you write on a designing-related niche like web designing, interior designing, or fashion designing. Such image-oriented d social media platforms are equally great for bloggers who write on celebrities or food. In short, if visuals play a central role in your blogging niche then you just cannot afford to ignore Pinterest or Instagram.

Just keep in mind that the competition is high on social media platforms. If you don’t want your message to be lost in the crowd then you would need to post engaging social media post with very high-quality images with a clear distinguishing element.

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Create engaging videos

 Video is certainly the most powerful tool to create instant relations with your client- even better than images. The moving pictures and changing facial expressions, voice, eye contact, and even the body language- video allows you to use every personality trait to leave a multi-level impact on your audiences. Moreover, being essentially interactive, it also prompts your audiences to act.

Being essentially passive the text content allows readers to read the content from their perspective and leave out the message that they don’t wish to acknowledge. They intake only the information that matches their biased opinions and filters out anything that they consider to be odd.

Video allows you to overcome this issue by offering a fully interactive medium where you can use your presenatoin skills, communication skils and body language to drive your point and interact more effectively with your audiences. Best of all it allows you to show your confidence that helps in convincing audiences to change or at least review their thoughts.

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Build one on one connection with emails

While social media and videos allow you to build trust and convince your audiences, they are nowhere near when it comes to the impact of email in driving sales and conversions. Many top bloggers use blog posts social media and youtube channels as a strategy to build the email list. With a massive list of contacts, they start brainstorming on the best email marketing strategy and carefully execute it to increase their sales and revenue.

 Email marketing is a combination of art and science, you need to have exceptional copywriting skills and at the same time a keen knowledge on how to use the email marketing tools and techniques in the right way to derive maximum RoI. Thankfully nowadays many tools automate a larger part of the process making it less tedious. That said, it is you who has to decide the ideal email marketing content strategy as per the demographics of your target audiences.


Direct communication with your targeted audiences is the key to build trust and turn visitors into regular readers. There are different ways, platforms, and formats of communication that will familiarize you with the audiences and help you win their heart. In this post, we mentioned some of the popular options. Based on these options you can prepare a checklist and work on the same to increase the traffic and popularity of your blog.

Actionable tips to grow your blog in 2021

Improve your blog

Every blogger wants to grow and it makes the competition quite tough. Especially for the new bloggers, it is very difficult to make a distinct position in their niche. While there isn’t any quick sureshot solution to gain traffic and improve the ranking of your new blog, some strategies can help you grow steadily. In this post we are presenting some of the strategies that will help you build a good reputation for your blog:

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Make valuable relations with other bloggers

In the field of blogging, camaraderie matters a lot. It helps you in different ways- right from honing your skills to gaining more visibility and building social media traction. Communicate with other bloggers especially those in your niche and build relations with them. It may not always be easy for a newbie to connect directly with top bloggers. So start by connecting with the more approachable ones- the ones who are making fast progress. Networking helps in increasing site traffic, getting more shares and likes on social media, and views from the high-value audiences in your niche.

 Read the latest blog posts in your niche and share the posts that impress you the most. Also, consider leaving valuable comments and try starting a meaningful social communication around that blog post.

 Keep personal promotion out of your comment or interaction activities as it can irritate instead of impressing the bloggers. They have invested lots of time and resources in writing a good blog post and just can’t tolerate someone using it as a “quick launchpad” for promoting their brand for free. Instead, focus on highlighting the strength of those bloggers and their content which shows that you have invested time and attention thoroughly going through the post and understanding its import.

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Use forums to engage with fellow bloggers for cross promotion

Many forums and groups enable bloggers to connect at a more direct level. If you are looking to collaborate with other bloggers or running a cross-promotional activity then consider joining Facebook groups for bloggers or go to the relevant forums, make valuable connections, and carefully shortlist the bloggers you want to collaborate with or create long-term partnerships. Instead of just managing a crowd of many connections, it is best to pick the ones that are more relevant and approachable and start taking the communication further in the desired direction.

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Write guest posts for high authority blogs in your niche

 Backlinks from high authority blogs in your niche help a long way in enhancing your reputation and making your blog more popular. To be more specific you get exposure to a wider base of audiences who trust the platform where you are presenting your guest posts. Besides, your URL also gets the benefit of the SEO profile of that platform. Many such platforms actively publicize every new post on social media that increases your social media reach to valuable traffic. Some of them may even send the most popular and valuable guest post to their subscribers through email newsletters which allows you to make a more direct relationship with the audiences. That’s plenty of benefits. But to gain that you need to follow a strategic approach for guest posting

Be very selective when picking the right platforms for guest blogging. It is quite easy to get your post approved at low DA blogs with very small traffic but it doesn’t worth your time or efforts. Guest blogging on such a platform doesn’t bring in significant SEO or traffic benefits. So, shortlist the high authority platforms after assessing the social media shares and comments.

 Personal touch can make a huge difference. Instead of sending a mail right away, start by personally connecting with the blog owner or decision-makers (editors, etc.) on professional networks like Linkedin. Making a rapport with them before pitching your post will increase the probability of approval.

 Write an email pitch that concentrates on the blogger, their blog, and the subject of your content. Give them a rich context and tell them precisely why your pitch can be a valuable asset for their content strategy. Tell them all this in a confident but humble language.

 Start by honing your writing skills which improve the chances of getting your post published and appreciated by the readers.

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Essential pre- and post- guest posting factors

One of the best ways to find the right platforms for guest blogging is to track the backlink profile of your closest competitors. It will give you a good insight into the high DA platforms that are more likely to accept the guest posts which will give a better direction to your backlink strategy.

 Getting your guest post published is not the end of the game. You also need to promote it seriously on different channels which will create build awareness around your posts and will eventually encourage people to know more about you and your blog.

 Track any social conversation around your guest post and proactively respond to them, whether it is a comment or FB reaction, you need to track everything and respond appropriately to build relations with the new audiences.

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Join blogger-centric networking platforms

 While Facebook and Twitter help you a great way in gaining social media traction, there are some platforms specifically suitable for the community of bloggers. Like Triberr offers you an optimized ecosystem and tools to connect better with bloggers’ community, widen your presence and grow together.

 You can choose the bloggers on relevant niches and get updates from the specific bloggers which makes it much easier for you to create a valuable network of fellow bloggers.

 Every tribe has a chief and you join as a follower. Depending upon your performance and other factors the chief can decide to promote you as a full-time member which gives allows every tribe member to see your blog posts.

 You can start by creating a themed tribe on Triberr that facilitates discovering other bloggers who blog on the same topic.

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Deeply research the content that connect with yoru targeted audiences

 Invest a good amount of time and attention while creating your posts. Make sure that your posts help the targeted audiences in specific ways. For instance, if your targeted audiences are CTOs then write about the practical ways in which CTOs can help a company tackle the growth slump by utilizing technology.

Adding excerpts from subject experts can significantly increase the value and appeal of your posts and also add an authoritative touch to them. Also, try checking the use cases and get in touch with the related individuals or companies to share their stories with you with an emphasis on specific techniques or resources that helped them to overcome the challenges. It will add a realistic touch to your posts and will also encourage organic sharing.


Blogging is one of the most profitable businesses on the internet. However, the competition in the field is increasing at a very high rate. If you want your new blog to register success, you need to follow a set of professional strategies. It includes socializing with your audiences, sharing your content, guest posting on other high authority blogs, and networking with other bloggers. In this post, we explained these strategies in detail. You can make a checklist based on this post and constantly update it to improve the ranking and reach of your blog.

How to streamline your blogging journey (Beginners’ version)

Blogging Tips for Beginners
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The blogging industry is flourishing at a very high speed. It has already demonstrated its potential by producing some of the self-made millionaire bloggers who started their journey with nil or negligible blogging income. While not everyone can earn millions out of blogging, you can at least expect a decent lifestyle and a regular income source if you seriously build and maintain your blog. If you are a total beginner then this guide will help you make the right decisions for creating a professional blog with impressive looks and high-income potential. While this blog mainly focuses on initial issues, you will also find some quick pointers suggesting the actionable strategies to grow your blog towards the end of this guide. SO let’s start:

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Find the right niche for your blog

Start by deciding a niche that you are passionate about and also possess decent expertise in the same. It could be about corporate culture, SEO, politics, gardening, horticulture, – whatever it is ensure that you have a clear “angle for the content”.

What information it would pass? What would be the tone of the content- casual, formal, or a mix of the same? Would it concentrate on evergreen content or focus on the latest happenings? These are a few questions that you need to answer clearly before starting a blog if you wish to offer a distinguished personality to your blog.

One mistake that many bloggers do – “after a lot of research”- is to rule out the topics they specialize in just because they aren’t popular. There are two things to keep in mind- first, a topic that very limited bloggers are writing about has a high-profit potential due to as the supply is less than demand.

Secondly, you would have to face comparatively very little competition so that you fully can concentrate more on strengthening your foundation instead of diverting your efforts and attention to combating competition.

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Purchase Relevant domain name

 Ones you have decided the right domain that matches your passion and expertise, the next thing is to decide the right domain name for your blog. While there are several new-age domain extensions like .media, .blog, or .world, none can match the popularity of the dotCom extension. So, if you wish to succeed in the blogging field, dot com extension is the go-to extension to invest in.

 It may not always be possible to find your desired domain name in dot com extension. In that scenario, try to see if you can tweak the name a bit- for instance replacing “” with “” or “”. In most cases, this should solve the issue. Even if you don’t want to compromise on the desired domain name then go for the “next best line of extension” which includes .net, or .org.

In case your blog concentrates on a specific country audience like India or the US then you can also go for .in, .The US or any other country-specific TLD depending upon your targeted audience.

Domain name tips

The words and characters of your domain name also play a vital role. Avoid using stop words like for, at, on, etc. Use power words that are compact, descriptive but short. Unnecessary adjectives should also be kept at bay. People have a hard time memorizing jargon, synonyms, and very generic words. All these things should be considered while deciding the right name for your domain.

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Buy web hosting plan that supports your blog’s needs

 Once you have decided and purchased the domain the next thing is to buy a hosting service so that your blog can be published worldwide. Unlike domain name, buying a hosting service can be more complex due to higher cost and also because it is s subscription-based service that determines the user experience of your visitors. It is the quality of web hosting that decides the vital issues like speed, performance, and availability of your blog.

While it is good to check the reviews of different hosting providers, keep in mind that the majority of hosting review sites and blogs are affiliates of hosting providers they recommend. So it is not unlikely that their advice is biased. It is best to take an independent and well-informed decision by educating yourself about the technicalities of web hosting like uptime, bandwidth, storage space, RAM, Server type, etc.

Here is quick specific info about the ideal web hosting package for new blogs.

·         Buy shared hosting plans from a reputed hosting provider that guarantees a good uptime (above 99%) backed by SLA. It ensures that your blog is available online whenever visitors wish to visit it. 

·         Besides, it should also have a decent one-click WordPress installer like Softaculous as it will allow you to quickly install the WordPress and right away create a blog without any technical complexities

·         If your budget allows buying a managed WordPress hosting service that will take care of issues like WordPress maintenance updating and security management. Besides this type of hosting is equipped with the right resources and ideal volume to fully support your blog’s needs.

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WordPress installation and selecting right theme

 WordPress installation becomes quick and smooth with single click installer like Softaculous. Post-installation fills your details as a WordPress user and then selects the right theme. It is a vital step as your theme will determine the visual impact of your blog. So, choose the one that has a professional look and precisely aligns with the topic and tone of your subject.

There are many free themes available o WordPress but it is wise to buy a premium theme due to better looks and more extended controls. You can buy premium themes for as low as $10 or $15 which can easily be afforded by anyone.

·         WordPress themes have an easy, user-friendly interface. So, you won’t find any difficulty using the theme independently

·         If you need more creative freedom then consider buying a webpage builder that will enable you to create different WebPages of your site through graphic tools and drag and drop process

Another option is to hire a good WordPress developer for developing your blog exactly the way you want to look at it. Let’s simplify the decision-making process for you:

·         The most common approach is to use a free theme or buy a premium one if the budget allows, page builder tool is suitable if you have good creative skills and wish to build the blog from scratch without coding

·         Last but not the least you can also hire WordPress developer if you are very specific about your blog’s design and it needs comprehensive designing tasks.

Still, confused? Just install a free WordPress theme and start publishing the content. You can change anytime in the future.

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AMP (Accelerated Mobile Project)

Speed is extremely important and a majority of your visitors’ swill abandon the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. You would not like to lose so many potential audiences especially if they are browsing your site through mobile devices. So ensure that each webpage of your blog loads at super fast speed. Don’t settle for anything lesser. There are many techniques and tools to speed up your site.  One of the easiest and most standard options is to go for AMP pages.

 AMP is easy to be implemented and independently optimizes multiple aspects like eliminating irrelevant resource-consuming elements, making the page leaner, and other required alterations. Eventually, it helps in multiplying your site’s loading speeds.

Benefits of AMP

·         Replaces every image to seamlessly suit the viewer’s viewport

·         Makes sure that inline images appear above the fold of the webpage

·         Changes CSS variables into inline code to eliminate the need for parsing as a separate document

·         Identifies and preloads extended components into memory.

·         Thoroughly Minifies all CSS and HTML code to achieve ultra-high-speed

 Thanks to the AMP plug-in it is now even easier to make your site super fast. These plugins automatically evaluate the AMP readiness of your site and also delivers vital insights and suggestions/changes to make your site AMP-friendly.

It helps you in two ways. First, it enriches the user experience and keeps the visitors quickly get what they want. secondly, it also keeps you in good books of Google as Google likes the sites that are AMP ready as they provide a better user experience to the audiences.

While these are some of the major initial processes while setting up your blog, you still need to learn how to make it earn a good profit. Here are a few quick pointers on the same:

·         Google Analytics: It helps you check the detailed analysis of your blog to give a precise idea of its overall potential. It provides vital details and stats like traffic, CTR, engagement, geographical reach, etc.

·         Keyword-Research: Google bots find and rank the search-relevant sites by checking the keywords. They are built to quickly recognize the keyword and determine if your site matches the search intent of the user. So place keywords at all the prime places of your blog like heading, pointers, image tags, and URL, etc.

·         Steady income stream: Contrary to the common notion there is nothing like an ideal income stream for everyone Depending upon yr bog’s personality, reach, and expectations you can either earn through Google Ad-sense, sponsored content, banner advertising, affiliate marketing, or other option.

The golden rule is to select the option you are most comfortable with and give it some time to check the result. You may decide to continue it or replace it with other options depending upon the outcome.


Starting your blog can be a brilliant idea to earn a good income without working under stress or pressure. However, his major concern for any new blogger is how to start and grow your blog. You just read some best tips on creating and setting up your blog and giving it a fully professional look and feel. Readers may also have benefited from some of the quick pointers on increasing the income potential of your bog. For the best results, it is important to practically implement these strategies and wait for a positive outcome.