5 best WordPress monetization plugins that really work

Best Monetization Apps

A decent number of WP sites thrive on the income derived from displaying ads or paid content. To build a recurring and reliable income stream from ads, you need to optimize their visibility for maximum views and clicks. How effectively you present the ad to the audience can play a significant role in maximizing the ad income opportunities. There is an umber of WP plugins that can actively help you to strengthen your ad, earning an opportunity with the help of better optimization and management capabilities. Let us mention some of the best ad monetization plugins: 

Insert Post Ads

If you are looking for a better way to add contextual ads at specific positions directly into your blog posts, then Insert Post Ads could be the right choice for you. This plug-in offers you strong capabilities to add an advertisement below the desired paragraph for a better impact. Along with maximizing flexibility, it also saves your time and efforts spent in manual efforts for adding units. The plug-in also supports Google AdSense injections. Use it for experiencing a better way of creating inline ads for your blogs.

Google Adsense Plug-in

Google AdSense Plug-in is a feature-rich plug-in that enhances your capabilities of adding multiple ads and managing them efficiently. After connecting your site to the registered Google AdSense account, you can place the ads on any desired location of your website with the help of its automatic ads insertion feature that offers you a quick way to position the ads in latest posts, widgets, categories or any desired web pages, What’s more, it also helps you to optimize the ad performance/presentation placing an existing ad on a new position. You can also optimize the readers’ experience by showing the ads before/after the blog posts.

The plug-in is available in free as well as the paid version. While the free version also comes with decent capabilities, as a commercial blogger you may want to upgrade to its Pro version to enjoy even more purpose-specific capabilities like automatic ad inclusion on search result pages, seamless switching between fixed/static ad placement in widgets and other advanced capabilities that directly impact your ad income potential with a better visibility.

AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin

Tracking your ad performance and optimizing the same can be time-consuming and complicated exercise but AdPlugg simplifies and compresses the process for you. This feature-rich plug-in offers you powerful ways to schedule, monitor and manage your ads with a greater level of competency. Ad rotation capability helps you to gain optimum CTR while separate scheduling of commercial activities enables you to optimize the performance of different activities for better rewards.

It also offers a wide range of performance monitoring capabilities with more specific formats like stats-based graphs or tracking clicks or impressions. Easy installation, intuitive processes, and extended functionality make this plug-in a real asset for the new and advanced bloggers.  

Meks Easy Ads Widget

For the publishers who want to enhance their ad income potential without disturbing the reader experience, the Meks Easy Ads Widget is certainly the best choice.

Three salient features of this plug-in include predefined commercial units dimensions for optimum visual impact, options to restrict ads units pm each page for improving loading speed and enriching reader experience and autoplay/random ad visibility for better optimization.

Sponsors plugin

Sponsorship allows you to retain better control over your blog’s income potential and extend it over some time. Unlike third-party ads, you are not limited by any standard terms or conditions. The login allows you to insert sponsors’ info at any desired position in your blog post with contextual information in a presentable format and their site URL for backlinking purpose.

With the help of this plugin, you can store these vital sponsoring elements (URL, images, company’s logo, etc.) in a single dashboard that makes it quicker and easier for you to create appealing sponsored content and keeps the things streamlined. It also enables you to extensively change the dimensions and styles to align better with the presentation needs or cater to the special visibility requests by the sponsors. With some easy steps, you can get an automatically created widget that can be positioned in the sidebar.


Ads can help you a great way of enhancing your blogging income and some of the WP blogs solely depend on ads or sponsored content for their income. Due to their revenue model the ads will help you to earn only if the audience views the ad or click on it. It is a no-brainer that the ad position, dimensions, type, and display play a key role in determining the commercial viability of the ads on your blog. WordPress allows you to have better control over different display, mentoring and management aspects of the ads with the help of easy and effective plugins.