60,000+ Active WordPress Users for wpCentral

We take great pride in announcing that wpCentral has reached 60,000+ Active WordPress installs on 20th February, 2020. We are working hard to make wpCentral the best and simple WordPress Website Management tool.

It is a great achievement which we would like to share with our users. We would like to thank our users for all their help and support.

We have faced recent security issues and we patched them immediately. The security issues have been fixed as soon as we were notified.

About wpCentral

wpCentral is a single-dashboard panel where users can manage all their WordPress Websites. By managing we mean:

  • Users can login to their website’s admin dashboard on just one click without the need to remember the admin credentials of each website.
  • Users can manage the plugins and themes (activate, deactivate, delete, install, update, etc) on just single click.
  • Users can manage their posts easily. Users can even Publish a post present on one website to another website on just single click.
  • Users can secure their websites by creating Backups.
  • Users can create remote backups on servers using FTP/FTPS, SFTP, on dropbox, google drive, etc
  • Users can also automate their backups by setting a particular schedule.
  • Users can also make a new WordPress install on their existing/new website using wpCentral on a single click.
  • Users can also create sets of their favourite plugins and themes which they can install on any website on just one click.

We are working hard in making wpCentral a single stop solution to all the management issues faced by users while managing their WordPress websites.

We welcome our user’s suggestions at support@wpcentral.co. Also, our support team is highly active in resolving any issues faced, again at support@wpcentral.co.

wpCentral – The ultimate multiple site management plugin for businesses, bloggers and developers

wpCentral detailed review

Starting a new WordPress site seems quite easy for beginners with some basic IT knowledge. Managing it isn’t a problem either. However, when you add more sites and start concentrating on the economical aspect of your blog or site you can easily be confounded by the sheer amount of work it requires. You have to juggle between the various routine management tasks and business development. The priorities get overrun and before you know it starts taking a toll on your business interests. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for such an extreme case as there is a precise solution available. We are talking about wpCentral.

wpCentral- A reliable partner for managing all your sites

wpCentral is a powerful multi-purpose plug-in for managing all your sites in one place. It merges all your WP dashboards into a single dashboard thus enabling you to manage multiple sites within one screen. It solves your no.1 problem- switching among different WP dashboards. Secondly, it not only allows you to perform all your management tasks but even simplifies and shortens the processes as well. That’s a double gain- saving time on multiple site login/logouts and managing tedious tasks like backups, security management, updates, and present stats with just a few clicks. Let’s explore its features and benefits:

Stress-free updates

The exhausting task of logging to each of your WP admin panels and updating it separately is replaced with a 2-step process of selecting the desired sites from wpCentral panel and click on update. 

Simply put, you don’t have to log in separately to different wp-admin panels for updating a theme or plug-in. Simply open wpCentral panel, select the websites that to be updated and update them all with a single click! You are all done!

Taking complication out of backups process

Taking a backup of different sites is a cumbersome task. Even the conventional backup plugins solve just a tip of the problem as you still need to go through multiple logins and repetitive processes. Did we mention that such plugins consume far more space and resources than the benefits they provide? Relieve your sites by deleting all these bulky plugins as wpCentral not only backs up all your sites (more efficiently) but also offers you an intuitive single-click process to backup multiple sites from a single dashboard!

But its benefits even go beyond just providing you an easy way to automatically backup multiple sites. You can even schedule your backups on a daily or monthly basis that rids you from remembering periodical backups. Moreover, you also have the option to select the storage location- server, Dropbox or Google Documents! Just instruct wpCentral regarding the specific sites, backup frequency, and storage location.

This is a one time process and there’s no need to do anything else. wpCentral will loyally keep on taking the periodical backups and saving copies to the selected location. You just need this single time process to save the latest content for each site and bounce back fairly quickly even if multiple sites get hacked or crashed!

How can wpCentral help WordPress professionals?

As a WordPress developer you possibly have at least a few clients who want you to maintain their sites regularly. However, the increasing competition has reduced the prices and the new challenge is to reduce the price while maintaining the same level of services. Can it ever be possible? wpCentral can help you a great deal here. 

With wpCentral you can merge all your clients’ admin panels into a single dashboard which saves time and efforts on repetitive login/logout.

·         The plug-in also allows you to automate and schedule the backups while also instructing the storage location- you again save a huge chunk of efforts and time by delegating this task to wpCentral.

·         Number three, You can also update the plugins and themes of multiple sites with a single click

·         Add to this the other titbits of managerial tasks that you can delegate to wpCentral and you would be amazed that you just need a fraction of time and effort (and nil stress) to maintain dozens of the sites. 

In simple words, you charge for time and efforts and your overall income depend upon the number of projects and clients. With a unified dashboard, single-click process and scheduled automated procedures wpCentral helps you to reduce your time/efforts. 

Reduced Time/efforts = reduced price- The equation seems fair, isn’t it? 

Pro Tip: Why not utilize your free time to search for new projects and further multiply your income?

Detailed documentation and complete support

One of the major complaints of many WordPress site owners is the lack of active support from themes or plugins. Many plugins seem to have some powerful features but sheer complication or lack of support discourages the site owners from the advantage. wpCentral a robust support ecosystem consisting of an active team as well as a well-documented help section where you can find a precise solution to each of your “How to” question or troubleshooting issue. All you have to do is to go through this section and most possibly you will find an exact answer to every query. In rare cases, you need more clarification then you can directly mail them on this address and in 24-48 hours you will get a detailed answer. 

Here are some other benefits of wpCentral:

·         Single management screen for all your sites

·         1-click admin access

·         Backup multiple sites with single click process

·         Autoschedule your backup process

·         Manage, modify or delete multiples themes/plugins

·         1-click process update themes, plugins or core of every WP site

How to install wpCentral?

·         In the left pane of your WP dashboard click Plugins Add New

·         On the Plugins page search for wpCentral and install and activate the plugins??

·         Click on Plugins > Installed Plugins that will redirect you to the page displaying the list of installed plugins

·         Under wpCentral click on View Connection keys

·         It will open a link showing you the connection keys. Copy them

·         Open a new tab and visit panel.wpcentral.com Sign up for a new account or click here

·         Note: Softaculous clients can directly login with their Softaculous login credentials

·         Click on “Add New Website”

·         In Connection type, you would see 2 ways for connecting a site- connection keys and your WP admin credentials. You can use either option as per your convenience

·         Enter your required information as per the option you selected (Connection keys/wp-admin details) and click save website

·         Repeat the same steps for adding more sites

How to use wpCentral for monitoring and managing multiple sites?

·         The welcome screen will show you a quick overview of vital site status like:

·         The welcome screen will show you a quick overview of vital site status like:

Websites: See the key stats of all your sites in a quick format

·         Updates: Check if any of your site(s) needs updates and initiate the update process right from there

·         Backups: To monitor and create a backup for all your websites

How to manage themes and plugins with wpCentral?

Click on the Website List in the left pane and select specific website URL

It will open a page where you can manage update and backup. You would also see two more options:

You would also see two more options:

·         Plugins: List of installed and active plugins with version details

·         Themes: List of installed and active plugins with version details

·         Clicking on any specific theme/plugins will take you to the detailed page

·         This is the master control page for monitoring and managing all your themes or plugins across multiple sites

·         Here you can view vital stats and perform various theme/plug-in related actions across all the selected websites like adding new plugins/themes, Activating or deleting themes, and all other major controls related to themes or plugins


wpCentral is a powerful plug-in with multipurpose capabilities to manage multiple WordPress admin panels from a single, unified dashboard. It is a great asset for the owners of multiple sites/blogs, freelance WordPress developers and even the agencies. It actively helps in streamlining the process, update plugins/themes. By unifying dashboards and automating multiple tasks, wpCentral actively reduces the management tasks and allows site owners to focus better on business growth and increase their income potential.

WordPress 5.4 to be released on 31st March: Here is the list of new features

Gutenberg vs Page building plugins

WordPress is all set to roll out its newest version – WrdPress 5.4- on 31st March 2020.

The new version would come to some key improvements n terms of both performance and security. The beta version is already out.

WordPress 5.4 Features List A Quick Overvew

Here’s the quick list of new features in WordPress 5.4

  1. Welcome popup guide 
  2. Social Icons Block
  3. Buttons Block
  4. Advanced Block Editor
  5. Adding Caption Below a Table Block
  6. Featured Images in recent posts Block
  7. Wider Colour array and options for Blocks
  8. Easy way to upload featured image with drag and drop
  9. Editing text color inside paragraph block
  10. Floating Block Toolbar in Mobile Version
  11. Quick Setting of Image size in a Gallery
  12. Intuitive select tool for quick block selection
  13. Embed Block for TikTok Video Embedding
  14. New Calendar widget’s HTML output
  15. do_shortcode () function replaced with appl_shortcodes() function
  16. Unused customizer classes will be formally deprecated
  17. Enhanced Button component

Major improvements in WordPress 5.4

 Block editing and development are two key areas that have been significantly improved for better user experience in terms of functionality and interface. There are some key improvements on development front as well.

One thing worth mentioning is that the WordPress may still edit, change or remove the new features (discussed here) in the final version. However, no extra or additional feature will be added now as the version is in a feature freeze state.

The Block editor of the new version would be equipped with more advanced features enabling the users to exercise better control over presentation style.

Welcome popup guide 

A user-friendly easy popup slide show will quickly take the new users through a simple welcome tutorial explaining new block features. For further assistance, it will also lead them to the comprehensive tutorial link.

If you want to return to the welcome guide then just click the three-dot menu in the top pane of the editing screen.

New Blocks

WordPress 5.4 will ship with 2 new blocks dedicated to social media and better button formatting

Social Icons Block

Social Icons block offers you an easy functionality to quickly insert your social media profile links directly into the WP posts/ pages and offer them a more personalized touch.

Next, you can click the add button to insert the desired social media icon. By clicking on the inserted icon, you can also link it to your desired social media page.

Buttons Block

The button block has also got some extended features making it possible for you to add multiple buttons side by side.

You can either choose the gradient background colo

rs for your button or add your colors and text to give it a fully personalized appeal. 

Advanced Block Editor

 There would be a noticeable array of improvements to the WordPress block editor in the new version. The individual blocks will also be enhanced with similar feature improvements providing an overall better and more friendly ecosystem for the content creators.

Adding Caption Below a Table Block

WordPress 5.4 will allow you to add a caption below a table block

Featured Images in latest posts block

The latest posts block of WordPress 5.4 will allow you to display related featured images for every post

Wider Colour array and options for Blocks

 The new version will offer a wider palette of colors for specific blocks like group, cover and column block.

 It also allows you to select uniform font/background colors for all the blocks of a specific group block.

It will streamline the content presentation process and save lots of time and effort.

You can also pick the desired font/background colors for the specific column block.

Easy way to upload featured image with drag and drop

The new version will also make it easier to set the featured image. All you have to do is to easily drag the desired image to the featured image section and drop it there. This drag and drop feature will save you from the long process of manually uploading an image conventionally.

Editing text color inside paragraph block

One of the limitations with the paragraph blocks in the current version is that the selected text color gets applied to the entire paragraph block by default. There is no option to change the text color of individual words or lines in the same paragraph block.

The upcoming version will allow you to change the text color of individual words/lines in the same paragraph block. For instance, you can highlight the specific words/lines in the same paragraph block by individually changing their text color. You just need to select the desired text and change its text color.

Floating Block Toolbar in Mobile Version

The new versions will also make it easier to compose/edit your blogs in a mobile device. In the current version, the block toolbar keeps on moving across the blocks when you type. It creates a kind of visual disturbance and interferes with the smooth typing process.

In the upcoming version there would be a floating toolbar fixed at the top of the screen instead of moving across the blocks. The toolbar will automatically change based on the type of block you work on.

Quick Setting of Image size in a Gallery

The new versions will enable the users to pick and apply the uniform size to all the images of the gallery.

Intuitive select tool for quick block selection

WordPress 5.4 will provide you an easy to use select tool for quickly select the desired block that needs to be modified. It will make it easier to modify the columns, group blocks or other types of nested blocks.

Embed Block for TikTok Video Embedding

The new version will offer you an embed block for the purpose of adding TikTok videos in the desired blog posts or pages.

Developer oriented changes

There would be multiple changes on development part as well:

·         The Calendar widget’s HTML output will be changed for creating a valid HTML. To be precise the navigation links will be moved to a <nav> HTMLelement just after the <table> element.

·         The do_shortcode () function wile b replaced with apply_shortcodes () function>>