5 ways to save your blog posts from contact form spamming

Prevent Spamming

Spamming has become one of the major nuisances in the digital world. It not only annoys the site owners but also affects the ranking and drives away the visitors. The spammers have devised new tools, techniques and platforms of spamming. One of the popular ways of spamming is form spamming which hurts your website, especially the blog posts, as your comment section is misused by spammers for their vested interests. Spamming damages your readership and negatively affects your website- whether it is email spamming or contact form spamming, In this blog, we would share different actionable tips to come over this challenge without restricting the experience of genuine blog readers:

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What is Contact form spamming?

Submitting irrelevant and unnecessary information or sending phishing messages through contact forms is termed as form spam. These messages may be displayed on the site front-end or directly sent to you. 

Manual Spamming Vs Bot Spamming

Manual spamming is done by human beings and is used by different businesses and many black hat SEO providers who wish to get quick back link benefits for their clients by posting their URLs in your form. 

The second method is termed as spam bots where the bots are used for spamming your contact form for their vested interests. 

With their advanced automated capabilities, the Bots can submit hundreds of spam messages through your contact forms within very brief period. Human spam actors, on the other hand, have limited capabilities in terms of volume but unlike spam bots, they are smart enough to make their way through traditional spam prevention measures.

Here are a few ways to prevent or at least minimize spamming on your site:

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Use Contact Forms 

If you want to get rid of spam then seriously consider replacing your email address with a contact form. While it is true that email offers a quick, direct and preferable communication method to your visitors, it can also be misused by spam actors for their vested interests. 

The new age spam bots not only attempt form spam but can also capture your email addresses and fetch them to the spamming elements which multiply the probabilities of spamming. 

Pro Tips

·         While creating the contact form, make sure that it should be short and sweet and has minimal fields. Visitors won’t like to reveal unnecessary information like contact number, occupation etc. An ideal form should just need 3 key fields: Name, email address and message. 

·          While the form allows your visitors to instantly communicate with you just like an email, it also saves you from annoying and time wasting spam messages. 

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Google reCAPTCHA

Google reCAPTCHA is another efficient way to save you from spam messages. It presents a smart challenge before the form can be submitted. The challenges are easy and quick for the humans but cannot be cracked by the spam bots as they lack the capabilities needed to “detect” these types of challenges. 

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Hidden Fields

You can also use the methods to trick the spam bots by showing them hidden form fields. Such fields are not visible to human visitors but only to the spam bots as they read “codes” instead of reading your front-end content. And hence if some information is entered into such fields it implies the presence of spam bots. It automatically flags such submissions as spam and they are instantly rejected.

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Answer a question to proceed

To keep the things simple you can even ask a human question to your visitors. It could either be a math problem, or a general knowledge questions- or just anything.

Make sure that the question itself is easy and quick for the humans but you may use the format that is not easily discernible by spam bots. For instance you can questions like “What is the total of Five plus Two?”- Instead of framing your question as 5+2= While human visitors can instantly understand and answer the questions, it is a tricky affair for spam bots to understand the math problem presented in simple words without any digits.

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Disallowing any types of links

 A large number of manual spammers use form spam to gain some SEO juice by creating backlines through your forms. Some making it technically impossible will help you eliminate such spammers and can significantly reduce the spam probabilities. For that you need to disallow links on the blog comments as well as forms. For that you can use the plugins like Perfmatters WordPress plug-in.


Spamming has become the major issue for the websites and blogs across the globe. It is very difficult to stop spamming manually as it requires 24X7 monitoring and manual efforts that can divert attention and hurts productivity. In this blog we have mentioned some of the easy and actionable tips on how to stop spamming on your blog posts and prevent spam actors from misusing your forms for contact form spamming. The readers can assess different methods and then select the one that meets their relevant needs, knowledge level and budget.

6 tips to build and build sustainable WordPress designing & development business

Start WordPress business

The ever increasing popularity of WordPress as a reliable content management system for bloggers and businesses has made it a reliable source of income for both professionals as well as entrepreneurs. A large number of institutes offer WordPress courses at affordable fees and there are several online courses to learn professional WordPress development courses. Besides, there are many books available in the market if you are looking for detailed course that you can learn at your convenience. Having said that, if you have entrepreneurial skills and sufficient resources, then you can also think about starting a WordPress designing business as WordPress has emerged as a reliable platform to design several local as well as international websites.

In this blog, we are going to present the practical tips on how to run your own WordPress designing business and overcoming the initial challenges by taking some wise decisions. By following these actionable tips you should be able to turn your WordPress designing and development business into a decent and sustainable venture within reasonable time:

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Build a strategic business planning

 Plan a well designed strategy before you start the entrepreneurial career. Start with the well-defined business goals and then select your targeted audiences accordingly with a focus on easy conversion. Determine the services you can comfortably provide to your audiences.

Make sure to avoid over commitment and be honest while deciding the scope of services you are capable of providing to the consumers.

Also avoid acquiring more consumers than you can handle. Being a service sector, the after-sales experience is extremely important to win the loyalty of your customers which will help you in business continuity. The rule of thumb is: value over the volume.

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Have a well-defined plan to manage financial aspects

Set up a reliable finance management strategy to avoid mismanagement of your financial transactions which can eventually hurt your business’ profitability. Remember, if you wish to turn your designing business into a profitable venture then you first need to have a complete control over your financial management.

 The challenge is to balance web designing tasks and the accounting management. Along with timely completion of your web designing tasks you also need to maintain accounts regularly and assess the profitability of your business.

 The solution is to automate the accounting management so that it should not cost you significant efforts. It will enable you to focus well on your primary website designing tasks to ensure quality and timely services to your clients. 

One such automation accounting management tool is Freshbooks that can seamlessly be integrated with your site or system and allows you to easily create well-designed invoices and send to your clients. It also enables you to accept online payments quickly and facilitates financial transaction tracking for diverse transactions. However, you are free to choose any other option for automanagement of your accounts and financial transactions.

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Choose the ideal WP theme framework

 Theme framework plays a vital role in accelerating the development process through work load reduction. With WordPress you get several friendly theme frameworks like Genesis so that you can instantly replace the themes while retaining all the present aspects and without disturbing the functionality profile of your website.

Modifying your site settings and options become quick and easy with theme framework which helps you to update your site’s appeal to meet with changing trends and design objectives.

Wise customization of your website can help you a great way in keeping your visitors happy and also making it search engine friendly. Thankfully the WordPress websites help you to quickly modify or upgrade your site functionality sans coding/scripting hassles. All you have to do is to pick the right WP plug-in for your purpose- either paid or free version- and integrate it with site. It allows you to exercise extended customization using intuitive interface and simple processes. With the help of this plug-in you can fine-tune your site’s appeal by modifying colours, sidebar, and background images, header and footer, typography, layout structure etc- quickly ad without any coding.

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Offer domain & web hosting plan as a secondary source of income

 Your clients may also seek your suggestions on buying ideal WordPress hosting packages. You can use this opportunity to help your customers enjoy the best services and also earn some extra revenue in the process.

 One of the best ways to do it is to join the reseller program of your web hosting provider. As you are already using the company’s hosting services you and be sure about their service quality. By becoming their reseller, you can buy their packages at lower rates in bulk and resell them to your end clients at the retail prices.

The best thing about this business model is that you don’t have to engage directly in providing technical service soar support services for your end clients as all such services are managed by the parent host.

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Hire best industry talent with right attitude

 Carefully build a reliable team of workers who possess right blend of knowledge, passion and professional wisdom. It will allows you to comfortably delegate different tasks to the talented workers which will help you noncomplex the projects within stipulated period.

Depending upon your requirements and business model you may recruit permanent workers, hire freelancers or recruit people on per project/contract basis. You should first hire the people on probationary basis and make them permanent only if you are satisfied with their average working style and project delivery/quality. You can offer some commercial/non-commercial perks to the workers once they have become permanent worked. These can include better package, 5-day working, PF etc. You may also offer them performance based bonus every quarter

Create long lasting bond with your clients

It is equally important to establish loyal relationship with clients by analyzing and anticipating the needs of your clients, offering them better value for their prices and keep the commercials reasonably affordable for all.

 Two things that help you earn a distinct reputation and respect in the industry are providing personalized solution to individual clients tailored to meet their specific business requirements and secondly periodical follow up with the clients to know their feedback, suggestions and any further requirements. It may also help you expand your service scope and accelerate your revenue opportunities.


Running WordPress designing and development business needs commitment, dedication, expertise and above all right decisions at right time. In this blog, we have presented some tips on how to start and run your WordPress business to earn sustainable revenue and a decent reputation in the industry. The readers are advised to follow these tips and also use their discretion to discover other ideas/solutions to overcome various challenges they encounter during the entrepreneurial journey.

5 strong reasons why you should never ever build a free website

Free website

Free… this word has a magical impact on the human mind. We all love freebies and there is nothing wrong with it. However, every free thing is not worth accepting… for instance, free websites. While there are lots of digital platforms that allow you to create a free website, you should also remember a famous saying in the marketing world- when something is free, you are the product. It essentially means that the users of free websites aren’t the customers who can demand premium service, but just a “product” that can be used for the vested interests of the smart vendors. It doesn’t sound good but there are many other disadvantages of free websites that we are going to present in this blog:

An unprofessional address (indicating that you are just a tenant- not the owner)

The free website comes with a rented domain which is indicated in the name itself like yourbusines.maindomain.com. It is no brainer that such names look both irrelevant and unprofessional like ABCITsecurity.freepicks.com. How can you expect the business prospects or potential buyers to be impressed by such websites.

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You still need to pay for unlocking features (plus there’s catch)

Most of the free websites have a freemium model where they would offer you only the limited features with the free account and for unlocking more professional features you would need to buy their premium packages. In many cases these sites don’t support easy transfers to other paid website services. It can be a tricky affair as you have already built a website on a free platform and it is practically better to switch to their premium plan as switching to other services is quite difficult.

Your content is owned by the provider (not you)

The awesome content that you have produced after investing lots of time and attention is owned by the free website. In many cases, if you would read the fine print you would know that the free website is the actual owner of your content. What is even more disturbing that they can pull off your content whenever they like. When you click the”I agree” button or checkbox, you are accepting these conditions and there is nothing you can do afterward.

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No control over user experience

The backend services like hosting and underlying platform plays a vital role in defining the user’s experience. However with free sites you don’t have any control over these factors.  Moreover you cannot claim support services or demand the owners to repair your site. It means that your site may slow down often, experienced downtimes and straggles with connectivity interruptions- and you just cannot help the situations while your visitors will get annoyed and many of them might even abandon your site.

Seo, Optimization

Not a practical option to initiate SEO strategies

You build websites to earn revenue or reputation. So, at some point in time you may need to invest efforts in SEO strategies. It could be a risky affair on free websites as these sites can take your domain off the air anytime. In such cases you lose all the SEO juice that you acquired after investing so many resources, efforts, and attention. So you have to make a hard choice between remaining obscure by not following any SEO strategy or risking your SEO strategies by initiating them on a free website.


Several digital platforms across the globe claim to offer you a completely free website. While it is true that they offer you a free website, it has many limitations and instead of helping your business to grow,  a free website hurts your brand and makes your site look unprofessional. Moreover, due to the high competition, it is now possible to buy a domain and hosting at very affordable prices.

Import or export your WordPress navigation menu

export and import navigation menu

While working with WordPress sites you may sometimes need to export the entire site or transfer just specific portions. While WordPress offers a provision to export the entire site, you may have a hard time exporting specific sections like WordPress menus. Doing it manually isn’t practically recommendable due to the complexity and possibilities of human error. So, in this blog we are going to show you the best way to export WordPress menus automatically which will save your time and efforts, and also streamline the entire process:

It is possible to make complete file transfer through the default WordPress including menus but there is no default provision to transfer only the menus without transferring the entire file.

The WordPress offers you a provision to import or export menus while transferring the sites.

·         Go to Tools menu and click import if you wish to import the menus or export if you wish to export the menus.

·         Click the export option and you would be shown the options to export the desired content.

·         Here you can select the specific content or multiple contents that you wish to export like pages, posts, custom fields comments, terms, and custom post types

In some case you may wish to export the entire content but sometimes you just wish to export a specific content only. For instance in this post we will show you how to export the navigation menu.

How to Export/Import Navigation Menus in WordPress

Export Your Menus Out Using WPS Menu Exporter Plugin | WordPress ...

·         Install the WPSmenu exporter plug-in and activate it.

·         Now visit Tools > Export page in the dashboard

·         Once done, it will add a new option for exporting the navigation menu items including the menu as well as different pages linked from it.

·         Select the radio button called navigation menu items and click upload export file.

·         It will download the navigation menu along with the associated pages to the system which are stored as a .xml file with the default name yourwebsite.wordpress.date

Steps for importing WordPress menus to the new site

For importing the .xml file you just need to open WP admin bar and upload the navigation menu file to the new site through WP import feature

Note: Before importing the files make sure to change the name of any existing files with the same name as the menu pages that you are going to import.

·         Now click Tools  > import. At the bottom of the list you would see the Install Now option WordPress and under it there would be a link. Just click there.

·         It will install the WordPress importer. Confirm it by rechecking the same menu the install now would be replaced with the run importer. Click the link

·         It will show you import WordPress screen. Click choose file button

·         From the list select the .xml file that you downloaded?

·         Click upload file and import button

·         You will now be directed to the page where you can assign the authors. By default the list would have the name o the original menu author

·         Most people keep the name of the existing user as the imported content author. That said you can check any desired name from the dropdown menu

·         For reusing the page content you can check the box that says download and import file attachments.

·         When complete successfully you will get the following message.

·         You can reconfirm same by going to appearance and clicking menus.

So, you see that how easy it is to export or import the navigation menu with the help of this plugin.

A detailed guide on adding links to WordPress website- 2

Creating Hyperlinks


In our last tutorial on creating links in WordPress, we mentioned some of the easy and practical ways of creating desired links at different location. In this concluding part, we will mention how to add links to some other key locations of your WordPress site:


Inserting Title/Nofollow in WordPress Links

 You may also wish to give a title which automatically appears when the cursor runs over the linked text> 

Title tells your readers about the specific webpage to which they will be redirected. It is technically possible to add a title to your URL but the default editor doesn’t offer this option.

When redirecting the readers to the third party website it doesn’t make sense to pass the SEO score of your site to that link. For that you can add nofollow to such external URL links.


After you have added the link into your paragraph, open the additional dropdown options by clicking three vertical dots. Choose Edit as HTML option which will display the HTML code

Just modify the link as below to add the nofollow attribute and a title

<p>you can find out more about our company on our <a href=”https://www.yourwebsite.com/about-company/” title=”The desired title” rel=”nofollow”>About Us</a> page. </p>

How to add nofollow/title in Classic Editor

·          In the Classic Editor you would need to install the plug-in named Title, and nofollow plug-in for links. After installation, activate it.


·         Now select the anchor text and it will activate the link button

·         View different options by clicking the settings (cog icon)

·          Here you will see the checkboxes to add nofollow, or sponsored attributes to your rel link

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-24.png

·         You can check/uncheck these options to add or remove the nofollow/sponsored attributes to your link.

·         It also provides you a title text field where you can type the desired title that should appear when the mouse runs over the anchor text.

How to Add Link Buttons in WordPress

·         Adding button to your WordPress posts or pages can be done by using the button block

·         While creating/editing a new post or page you can see a (+) button. Click it and you will see a list of different blocks

·         In the layout elements option select “button”. Alternatively you can just type button in the search box.

·          Just click on the button to enter the button name. Here you can also specify the URL address of the webpage that should open when the button is clicked.>

·         At the top you will see different options to format and position the button like changing text, alignment, etc.

Note: For more advanced controls like changing colours or order you can use the block options that open in the right pane of the screen. Here you will also find different options related to your link like adding nofollow attributes or opening the URL in a new/same tab etc.

Plug-in for classic editor

The people using old classic WordPress editor can employ the Forget about Shortcode Buttons plugins which will add insert button functionality to their toolbar.

One installed and activated just head to the post editor and create/ edit a new post/ 

·         In the toolbar you would see insert button icon

·         Clicking it will open a popup that allows you to personalize the button and change its formatting like border, colors. Icons, text, etc.>

How to Embed Linked Content in WordPress

 It is also possible to embed the specific content types of WordPress by adding their URL to the post. All you have to do is to enter or copy-paste the entire URL address to the dedicated block and the original content type will be added to your post just as it appears in the front-end format. 

Along with Youtube videos and Twitter posts this method also works with other specific content types.

5 ideal plugins to get the maximum RoI from your affiliate program

Facebook Posting Strategy

One of the best ways to multiply sales of your eCommerce store is to start affiliate programs that help you to create a strong widely distributed team of marketers across the globe. It offers distinct brand recognition and also increases profitability. However, to ensure the maximum output from your affiliate program you need to manage it well. It could be exhausting to manage it manually- especially if you are an as single entrepreneur or short on manpower. So, in this blog we are going to present some of the best affiliate plugins that will help you create, manage, and optimize your affiliate program like a pro without hiring expensive managers:


Quick setup, easy interface, and efficient functionalities make AffiliateWP a preferable option. The process is smooth and straightforward and offers you advanced options like real-time graphs, quick view reports, and sophisticated admin areas. If you wish to organize your affiliate programs like a pro then Affiliate WP is the best option for you.

The plug-in enables you to manually add the affiliates, add tiered affiliate referrals, and set the desired commission percentages. It also supports translations to offer a truly global appeal to your affiliate program. It supports seamless integration with several other eCommerce friendly plugins like Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress, Paypal buttons, and WooCommercea among others.

Easy sign up forms configuration and customized welcome email message further adds to the overall appeal of the plug-in. To prevent your site from spamming it also provides you an option to add reCAPTCHA.

Introducing AffiliateWP - Affiliate Marketing for WordPress

Post Affiliate Pro

Almost instant implementations, intuitive interface, and enhanced features have earned Post Affiliate Pro a position on this its. The plug-in comes equipped with multiple user-friendly features including but limited to campaign management banner uploading and strong commission monitoring capabilities that allow you to assess the overall RoI of your affiliate program and have extended control over the net returns. The plug-in generates comprehensive reports with key stats on different aspects so that you can wisely optimize the program for better returns.

Just like the earlier plug-in it also supports seamless integration with various other plug-ins like WP Simple Pro, MemberPress, S3Member, and Woocommerce which allows you to use it for creating affiliate programs for diverse businesses and models.

The plug-in offers you a wide choice of features to create bespoke affiliate programs meeting your specific needs like building customized link styles, force matrix activation, commission structure defining, private campaign creation, banner adding, determining currency and language and enabling lifetime/recurring commission. In short, you will get a wide array of options to customize nearly every aspect of your affiliate program.

Affiliates Manager – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

Affiliate Manager

This free plug-in offers you a complete array of all the key features and capabilities that will help you create, run and manage your affiliate programs like a pro. The best thing is that using the plug-in isn’t difficult even for the nontechnical users while at the same time its extensible features allow the experts to further fine-tune the program to meet their specific needs or tweak it to align with the changing sales targets.

 It offers easy referral and affiliate management by handing you the wider control over different aspects like affiliate signup, commission management, mass payment management, and deep click tracking capabilities.

 Extensive customizations and easy scalability along with seamless integration make this plug-in an asset for the affiliate program manager while its translation ready structure allows your affiliate program accessible to global affiliates thus widening your reach.


 A joint venture of Kento and think the Affiliates is a multi-faceted plug-in to efficiently manage nearly all the aspects of an affiliate program. The plug-in is wisely designed to include different features to help you get the most out of your affiliate program and make it a super-efficient tool to multiply sales.

You can quickly add the new affiliates, monitor their performance through different phases, and also tweak the key settings to match their earnings with their performance.

Along with an intuitive setup process the plug-in also enables you to conduct a 360-degree analysis of affiliate program by fetching latest traffic stats and providing a complete suite of affiliate tracking features.

There is good news for you if you are a developer. The program is available with an API which means that you can even create your bespoke management programs for affiliates and sell it to your end clients- without going through lengthy coding or scripting process.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro

This affordable plug-in has successfully combined ease and efficiency along with seamless scalability to help you manage different aspects and stages of your affiliate program.

The plug-in is specifically designed to bring you a healthy blend of all the major features that an ideal affiliate plug-in should have like the provision to add unlimited affiliates, ranking affiliates based on different criteria. Performance-based bonus, lifetime commissions, and customized commission for specific affiliates.

The plug-in also allows you to add shortcodes, social sharing, set up tiered commissions. Add banners, coupons, and notifications include QR codes options, adding wallets, and loads of other features.

The plug-in also includes a wallet. Its comprehensive yet comprehensible reports help you remain at the helm of the latest updates. It comes with multilingual support.


To get the most out of your affiliate program you need to manage it strategically. It could be a challenging task for small entrepreneurs with limited resources and manpower. In this blog we presented you a list of the best affiliate management plugins that will automate your affiliate management process and also fetch you the timely reports. By using these plugins you can easily manage your affiliate program and customize it for the maximum output. In the best interest of readers, it is advisable to compare the prices and features of different plugins to decide the one that perfectly meets your specific needs and budget.

A detailed guide on creating menus in your WordPress website

Create Menus in WordPress

While creating a website it is very important to structure it well so that your visitors can easily browse through it regardless of the device or browser they are using. One of the best ways to ensure it is to use the friendly navigation menu that allows your visitors to visit the exact location that contains the information they are looking for. WordPress allows you to create your desired navigation menu and populate it with multiple user-friendly options. It also offers you extended control over your navigation menu structure and behavior. In this tutorial we are going to learn how to create a navigation menu in WordPress:

How to create navigation menu in WordPress?

For creating navigation menu just click Appearance > Menu page in the WP admin dashboard.

·         Start by entering the menu name and next click on the button create menu. It will open up various options in the menu area.

·         The next thing is adding the desired pages to the menu. Go to the column and from the pages list select the ones that you wish to add to the menu. Alternatively, you can also automatically add every top-level page.>

·         Open the pages list by clicking view all. Every page would have a checkbox next to it. Checking this box will add the page to your menu> 

·         After adding the pages you can reshuffle them by drag and drop process/?

·          The orientation of the pages would depend upon the selected location of the menu.>

·         Once you have added desired pages to your menu just choose its display location. Now click save


How to create drop down menus in WordPress website?

You may also like to add the submenu to the menu items. It is technically known as nested menus or drop-down menus.

·         Drag the desired item below the parent item and then to its right

·         Technically it is possible to add nested menus to your sub-menu as well as menus with multiple layers but many themes don’t support this functionality. Besides, your site would look a bit cluttered when you increase the level of submenus, and instead of helping your visitors it may confuse them. Adding Categories to WordPress Menus

·         On the left of the menus screen click categories tab.

·         At the button of the menu you would see the categories that can be dragged and drop them at the desired position

How to add custom links to WordPress navigation menus?

Sometimes you may need to insert custom links to the navigation menus to redirect your visitors to external platforms like your social media pages, other digital properties, or your affiliate URLs. .Here is how to do that

·         On the menu screen open custom links tab

·         Now add the URL as well as the Link Text in the relevant field boxes

By carefully and diligently following this guide and with constant practice you will be able to master different aspects of navigation menu in WordPress.

A detailed guide on adding links to WordPress website- 1


Links play a vital role in any website. By adding relevant links at the strategic locations of your site you can make your site more engaging and user-friendly. It also helps you in accelerating the SEO potential of your site. The best thing is that WordPress offers you multiple ways to easily place the links at different parts of your site. Along with creating hyperlinks into your post you can add links to your navigation menu and sidebars. In this guide we will tell you how to easily add links to different parts of your site:

How to add links to posts or WebPages?

·         Adding links in posts or pages are quite easy and you can do it through block editor. Go to your article and select the text that will act as a hyperlink

·         Next, click the Link button

·         It will open a small rectangular box where you get an option to enter the address to which the link should redirect the visitor upon clicking.

·         Entering the title and then press enter for applying the hyperlink.

·         You may also link to the specific webpage on the same website. In this case you just need to start typing the title of the post or the page in the given box and a drop-down will automatically show you the suggestions

·         You can select your desired post/page by click and then pressing enter. On the right side, you will see an arrow that will allow you to determine whether the page should be opened in the same tab or a new tab

Note: Keep in mind that the opening page in the same tab will automatically redirect the visitors to another webpage. So it is not recommendable to open links in the same tab while hyperlinking text into your blog posts as it will divert the visitors to another page, before they complete reading your blog.

How to insert link in classic WordPress editor?

In the old editor the link button is present in the first row of WP toolbar buttons and will be highlighted when you select any text.

·         Upon clicking it you will be shown a box where you can type the or paste the URL where you wish to redirect the visitors

An easier way to instantly add hyperlink

After copying the desired URL you just need to select the anchor text and paste it. WordPress can understand that you wish to link the selected text to the pasted URL. So instead of pasting URL directly into your post, it will simply link it to the selected anchor text.


Inserting links in WordPress text widgets

Many times it makes sense to display relevant text in the sidebar linking to specific WebPages. The users can do this with the help of a text widget.

·         Click Appearance > widgets drag text widget into the desired widget area or sidebar

·          After entering a text, select the anchor text and then click the hyperlink button

·         Following the steps mentioned above you can easily link the anchor text to the desired URL address.

Inserting links in WordPress navigation menus

 For adding links to your menu you can use Word Press’s inbuilt menu editor with a drag and drop features. 

·         Click Appearance > Menu>

·          Create a menu by entering the desired menu name 

·         In the left pane you will see the different pages. Select the pages that need to be added to your navigation menu. Click the button “Add to Menu”

·          This process will link the menu options with selected WebPages. Upon clicking those options the visitors will automatically be redirected to the linked pages. >

·         On the left side you would see an arrow near the Custom links section

·         Click it and then enter the desired URL address and the anchor text

·         You can use any URL address that you wish to like your affiliate URL, social media handles or link to your website.

Want to buy premium domain names? Read this guide to buy like a pro

Buy premium domain names

The very first thing that you would need to create your website is buying a domain name and hosting package. While getting your desired hosting package isn’t an issue, sometimes you may find it difficult to buy your desired domain name. For instance, how can you buy a domain name that is already been purchased by another person or business? It may be challenging to buy such domain names and many times the buyer may not be willing to sell it. It presents a challenging situation and there are multiple aspects to consider before making any final decision. In this guide we are going to list some of the main factors to consider while buying such domains:

Shopping Cart, Internet, Were Venturing, Purchasing

Decide if you need domain name or complete website

Some people love to buy a domain name and hosting package, create their website, upload the relevant content, and updating I on a timely basis when needed. However, not everyone has the patience to wait until the result pour in. Such clients can purchase the entire running website of the desired niches including domain name and hosting. It is a quicker approach but needs you to invest more care as such websites are transferred to you and if there is any legal liability involved you would be the one to face it. Moreover, the functionality and design attributes of the site likes themes and extensions may or may not be included in the deal. So it is best to confirm these things with the seller before you proceed with the deal.

Shopping Cart, Shopping, Cart, Ecommerce, E-Commerce

The best ways to buy premium domain name

You can either find the taken domain name in the domain marketplaces or you may approach the domain one privately and request them to sell the domain name.

 For contacting the owner you can either check the email address on the website and send them the mail or you can also contact them via the contact form. Another way to get their email address is to check it in domain whoistool

Besides there are different domain marketplaces where you can buy your desired domain name that has been taken. One of the most trusted sites is domain.com

All you have to do is to visits the site and search for the name that you wish to buy. If it has already been taken then it will inform you about the same through a message. In many cases such domain name is available at premium prices.

If you think that the domain price is too high for you to buy it then you can check the same domain on other marketplaces and see if you can get the same domain name at a lower price. This method doesn’t always work and you may not find that name on other sites which shows that the some is not available for sale.

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Don’t buy same domain name with different extension

One of the natural methods employed by people to overcome these challenges to buy the same domain with a different extension. It seems to be a great option. However, it can hurt your branding.

The first thing is that the domain name has already been purchased and the owner may have done some branding around it. So, it will dilute your brand identity. If the owner has already done good branding then people may think that you are duplicating their brand. It affects the brand credibility.

Registered Trademark, Trademark, Service Mark, Property

Check trademark status of the domain name

It is also possible that the domain name is a registered trademark of a business that is already running in which case it can bring legal hassles that can affect your business continuity. To confirm that you can check the US trademark database.

 One more thing to keep in mind is that along with registering the same site with the trademark domain name, you cannot use the part of the domain name that is registered trademark.

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Always be open to other options

One thing to keep in mind is that buying premium domain name could be an expensive affair and many times it is not rationally justified to invest a significant amount to buy them, especially for the start-ups or small business owners. Did you know that some premium names can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars?

Moreover, you don’t only have to buy a domain name but may also need to invest extra in branding activities if that name belongs to another business. Building rapport with the targeted audience and consumers becomes all the more challenging. In most of the cases, there is no point in making your entrepreneurial journey complicated by going through all these unnecessary hassles and stress.

An easy way is to buy another domain name that is relevant for your industry, represents your branding objectives, and is available at realistic rates. So, it is always advisable to keep your options open and be prepared to go for another name. However, in some cases, it does make a sense to pay a reasonable premium price to get the domain name. For instance, if you are in a domain business and wish to resell a domain with high potential and ready clients then you can carefully weigh the important business aspects like cost, potential profits, resale possibilities, etc. and then buy premium domain names.

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Check domain name’s history

The domain name may have been associated with the same website (s) in the past you can check this by visiting Wayback machine, here you can also find the contact info of past owners to reach them of r further details. Avoid buying the domain names that had been associated with spammy malicious or gambling websites as they can acutely harm your digital reputation. Such domain names also expose you to the risk of Google Penalties and may even land you into the legal soup.

Visit WaybackMachine to check if the domain name had earlier been associated with websites having malicious or spammy content. If the history is not clear or you wish to get additional details then you can also contact the domain owners whose information is also available on Wayback Machine. 

The domain names with a troubled history can acutely hurt your digital reputation. They can also expose your site to Google penalties and may even land you into legal troubles. Avoid buying such domain names at any cost.

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Be careful while assessing the domain name’s worth

Just like the real estate it is very difficult if not downright impossible for the beginners to determine the real worth of the domain name. You may end up paying an unreasonable amount for an average domain name and if you are lucky then you may buy a high potential domain name at throwaway prices. The sellers are free to set any price and change it anytime. As a buyer you have to use your discretion while determining the worth and relevance of the domain name.

A few tools may help you in determining the worth of premium domain names. While they cannot be called the ultimate tools to base your buying decision, these tools give you clear insights making it easier for you to take the final decision. 

·         DOMAININDEX.com

·         Estibot.com

·         Valuate.com


Buying domain names may get challenging if the desired domain name has already been purchased. In that case you should be ready to invest significantly higher amounts to buy domain name. Besides, there are various other aspects to be considered. In this guide we presented some of the best tips on how to buy premium domain names like a pro.

Beginners’ self-help guide on how to learn WordPress in reasonable time

Learn WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world and around 36% of websites run on WordPress. So, learning WordPress allows you to independently build websites for you and your clients. WordPress knowledge also gears up the professional skills that can offer you a prosperous career with a good reputation and revenue. Did you know that several full time and freelance WordPress developers are earning a huge income every month and a good number of entrepreneurial individuals are also able to start their agency within a few years? You may be eager to know how to learn WordPress Development but WordPress is a vast area and starting your learning journey could be bit difficult. So, we have carefully compiled this guide that mentions the key features/functionalities of WordPress that a beginner should learn while starting the course. We have also mentioned the best sources and actionable self-learning tips that will make your learning journey easier and more streamlined. So, are you ready to start learning WordPress? Here we go:

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Introduction: The first phase of learning

If you wish to explore all the features of WordPress then it is best to start with WordPress.org instead of WordPress.com. It makes sense to create your own WordPress website as it will allow you to experiment freely and practically apply the acquired theoretical knowledge and see the live results.

·         The first thing is to buy web hosting and domain name. Some of the best WordPress hosting providers are Kinsta, BlueHost and Hostgator. Due to the affordable pricing it is recommendable to buy domain and hosting from BlueHost.

·         The next thing is to install WordPress which is not a difficult task. Several web hosting providers offer you single-click installation right from your dashboard or you may choose the 1-click application installers like Softaculous to install the WordPress easily

·         You can create a site on your computer (while learning WordPress development) and when you would transfer it to the live site it would be accessed by the global internet users

·         After installation you would see the WordPress dashboard which is also known as the admin area. It is neat uncluttered and straightforward

·         The top pane contains the toolbar and left pane had the admin sidebar menu containing all the key features and commands

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Learning functionalities

The WordPress offers easy to use functionality options that are displayed intuitively in the left bar. Creating a basic website or blog with WordPress isn’t a difficult task but you need a professional website with appealing looks and awesome features if you wish to extract the best benefits out of your online presence and build a distinct digital identity. For that you need good knowledge on how to use each functionality option like a pro.

Here is your go-to source for gaining practical knowledge on how to use key WordPress features while creating a website:

Floppy Disc, Floppy, Storage, Disc, Computer, Memory

Learn block editor features to polish the content presentation

Writing good content is quintessential to gain a good ranking and build a loyal community of readers. However, presentation is equally important.

·         A well-formatted content with appealing visual overviews instantly attracts the visitors and urge them to read it.

·         An ideal formatting and content structure also helps the search engine bots easily navigate yours through your posts which eventually helps you in improving the ranking.

·         For that you need to learn the advanced features of the WordPress block editor.

You can create professional content presentation by learning this course: https://yoast.com/academy/free-block-editor-training/

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Learn to enhance WordPress capabilities with plugins

 Plugins can be defined as detachable external apps that can be integrated with your WordPress website to add some purpose-specific functionalities or features on your website. For instance you may like to add coupons on your site add interactive games or puzzles or make your content shareable by adding advanced social media options. Plugins add the required capabilities to meet your specific purpose.

Some plugins like plugins for adding interactive games or coupons are meant for specific types of websites like digital stores or gaming websites but many other plugins are ideally suitable for all types of websites regardless of niche or industry.

Here are some important online sources to consider:

·         Essential plugins: https://themeisle.com/blog/must-have-plugins-for-wordpress/

·         Create your WP plugins: https://www.dreamhost.com/wordpress/guide-to-wp-plugins/

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Create unique website designs with templates

Templates or themes refer to the pre-built customizable website designs that determine the visual appeal of your website. You can either choose from lots of free WordPress themes or buy a premium theme for a more sophisticated and professional look.

The free themes can be found in the default themes directory while the premium themes can be purchased from online theme marketplaces.  

Here are some important digital sources:

·         Themes marketplaces: https://themeforest.net/

·         Creating your own theme: https://www.dreamhost.com/wordpress/guide-to-developing-a-wp-theme/

Statistic, Survey, Website, Template, Pc, Business

Customizing the WordPress

Once your website seems professional, it is the time to make it more relevant to your varying business purposes to meet short and long term goals.

You may wish to offer a festive theme to your digital store during Christmas and offer special Christmas discounts. Again, during New Year you may need to tweak the design and add special effects to align with the New Year theme. You may also add more relevant products to the list of discounted items.

Similarly, relevant website changes are required while launching new products, introducing new promos, and running last minute sales.

So you need to have good knowledge about customizing the WordPress sites and if, and how the backend features like hosting/software/specs should also be changed to align with the latest customization.

You can consider checking this link to learn proper customization: https://websitesetup.org/customize-wordpress-101/

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Master WordPress by learning the languages it is written in 

The coding part of WordPress is more difficult and for that, you would first need to learn the language in which the WordPress is written. Here are the languages used for writing WordPress and we are presenting them in the ascending order starting with the easiest one and going ahead to the more difficult language. The readers are advised to learn these languages thoroughly if they wish to code their WordPress site like a pro:

·         HTML

·         CSS

·         PHP

·         JavaScript

All these languages can be learnt at https://www.w3schools.com/. The best thing is that with TryIt editor you can see the live outcome of your code in the real time.


Learning WordPress opens a number of business and professional opportunities for you. You can either create your own digital store or build/maintain websites for your clients. However, learning WordPress may seem a bit challenging for the beginners especially the one with non-programming background. In this article we presented a carefully compiled guide on how to start your WordPress learning journey for ensuring streamlined learning. It also contains links to the important learning sources as well as practical actionable tips. The readers are advised to constantly assess their skills during learning process and schedule the process wisely to make sure that there are no learning gaps. If required, you may also take help of an instructor or join a WordPress course to acquire advance knowledge.