Best WordPress Control Panels in 2021

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WordPress control panels offer you the sophisticated capabilities for WordPress hosting on your server by quick server set-up and efficient server management. After setup, the WordPress Control Panels empower you to host websites on your server with very low efforts through a streamlined process. When compared to the typical web hosting charges the WordPress VPS is much more economical. In this post we will review some of the most popular WordPress hosting panels:

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Running WordPress on a Cloud server offers you some amazing capabilities but it has certain specific requirements as well. SpinupWP is equipped with certain features required to extract the best performance out of your WP site running on the cloud server.

SpinupWP hosting panel, when used wisely, can incredibly accelerate the overall performance of your WP site in the cloud environment.

 You would certainly like their interface and processes even if you are just a beginner or lack technical expertise. It visually guides you and offers valuable suggestions/tips throughout the process of adding a news website or connecting your servers. Moreover, the developers would also love the features like git, wp-client support, and other features that enhance the development process while speeding up things.

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 One of the major concerns of WordPress site owners is to enjoy high-end WP-friendly features without abandoning the familiar landscape of popular control panels. CyberPanel offers a fitting solution with its comfortable interface that closely resembles the typical environment of popular hosting panels which means you can work almost intuitively even if this is your first time switching from general hosting panel to CyberPanel. One thing that separates Cyberpanel from its peers is that it employs a LiteSpeed server instead of Nginx- the popular choice for other hosting panels.

The panel is powered by several performance-boosting features along with an agile interface that makes workflow swift and speedy allowing you to gain maximum output with fewer efforts and in a reasonably short time.

You would certainly love its sophisticated customization features especially if you are in the process of starting your web hosting company. It offers you extensive capabilities to create and customize the plans by defining specific limits on various resources like bandwidth, space, and CPU volume. You also get the ability to set client logins. It also provides seamless GIT integration as well as email account support and a staging environment. In short, you get all that you need to create different hosting plans for multiple users.

Excellent LiteSpeedCache integration further enhances the experience.

A thriving and supportive community also helps you to quickly resolve any issues that you encounter while using this panel.

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Runcloud has fair capabilities especially when it comes to VPS.

 Connecting the panel to your desired service is pretty simple and uncomplicated and so is adding a WP website. The top-notch support assures a positive after-sales experience and smooth running due to quick solutions to occasional issues that may arise. Besides, it offers you a whole range of powerful features like off-site backup, WP-CLI, staging functionalities, robust server monitoring, and quick GIT deployments.

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Being among the longest-running CPaaS (Control Panels as a Service) that has been constantly improving its infrastructure and adopting the interface to compete competently with new competitors in the field- and its efforts have paid off decently.

It has wisely combined efficiency with ease of use to allow even beginners to enjoy the best maximum controls without struggling with technical complexities. The robust architecture and dynamic functionalities offer it a unique place and justify its reputation.

The uncluttered interface along with straightforward processes offers a native experience to the new users thus enabling them to work smoothly. You would also like the sophisticated developer features. The support team is pretty quick and offers quality support to resolve clients’ issues. With excellent application monitoring and agreeable performance, the server pilot makes a good choice for WordPress users and developers.

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Vepp Panel

This WordPress-specific panel comes with some nice features.

The uncomplicated interface along with straightforward features helps in streamlining the overall workflow and you will get the key hosting features along with domain names and email solutions.

Installation is quite easy and all you need to do is to enter the Server IP and password. The free platform also comes with extensive management features with a simplified process. Especially if you are just starting and looking for a zero hassles hosting panel with WP-specific features then this is the best panel for you.


WordPress hosting panels makes it very easy for you to host WordPress on your server. They also allow you to enjoy extensive capabilities to customize the hosting environment and accomplishing admin tasks with higher efficiency. In this article, we presented some of the best WP hosting panels. You can compare the list of different panels and select the one that is most relevant to your needs and affordable for you.

8 Best Tips to Build a Loyal Reader Community for Your Blog

Blogging Tips

There is a wide range of blogs on diverse topics and everyone is vying for the prime position. While digital marketing and social media traction help you a great way in attracting visitors, it is the overall impression of your blog that allows you to turn them into loyal audiences. We have already written a lot about the quality of content and images for ensuring your blog’s success. So, in this post we will focus on the backend features and foundational aspects of your blog and how can they impact its potential.

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Carefully select the backend resources

Backend resources play the foundational role in your website. So make sure that you get the right resources that offer adequate support to your site and allow it to perform efficiently and smoothly without any hiccups.

For instance, WordPress is the preferred choice for bloggers but if you also wish to have the ability to sell through your blog then you can go for Woocommerce- which is built on top of WordPress. It allows you to sell different digital and physical products through your blog thus allowing you to offer an excellent buying experience to your shoppers too. With a wide range of eCommerce options available the Woocommerce is the best choice for turning any blog into a thriving digital store.

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Buy Domain name that represents your brand

Choose the right domain name that is easily memorable, and perfectly resonates with your niche and brand. It will help a great way in establishing a first-sight bond with your targeted audiences. Use straightforward words that aren’t prone to misspellings. Also, spell the words in a standard way. Keep in mind the core search intent of your targeted audiences and how precisely your domain name connects with that intent.

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Invest in the right hosting plan

Buying the right hosting is very important and it depends upon several factors. Everyone wants to buy the best hosting packages but the reality is that there’s no one size fits all. You need to ask yourself several questions before purchasing hosting services for your blog, like:

Are you intending to host a simple text-rich blog with just a few images or a heavy media blog with plenty of videos, images, presentations, sliders, etc?

Are you well versed with technicalities or can hire an in-house technical professional or would like to entirely rely on the support provided by your hosting provider?

How much traffic do you estimate for your website in the foreseeable future?

What are your specific requirements regarding backup, security, site building resources, and e-commerce tools?

Answer to all these questions will help you find best hosting providers for your specific needs.

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Impact readers’ minds with strategic use of colors

Colors work at a subconscious level of mind and stimulate specific emotions that can play a major role in how they respond to your content. A deep study of top-performing sites will reveal that they wisely use a color scheme to stimulate positive emotions and making their mind receptive to the content they are about to read.

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Use the professional, appealing and coherent design

Build a neat design with a coherent equation of different elements (menus, buttons, etc.), retina-friendly typography, and easy navigation. Consistency matters a lot and when used wisely it also helps in naturally baking your brand into your entire blog thus making it easier for you to etch your blog into your visitors’ mind.

Avoid distracting them with “indigestible or unorganized elements” like overflowing paragraphs, shoddy formatting, or plenty of images scattered here and there. A simple question to ask yourself for ascertaining your web designing quality is “how does my blog look at a glance?” Until or unless you get a quick positive answer, keep on identifying the issues and working on them.

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Carefully decide the color palette for your blog

A good color scheme is not only pleasing to the eyes but also reaffirms the core voice of your blog. If you are running a blog on corporate matters or professional skills then blue color can be wisely used to connect better with your targeted audiences and for lifestyle or fashion blogs, a palette of bright colors like yellow, red, and bright green can leave a deep positive impression on your targeted audiences.

That said; make sure that your color scheme should not overwhelm the audience. It is also important to avoid a color scheme that strains the eyes, as it will discourage them from spending a long time on your blog.

It is a matter of research and several things go into consideration like branding, core objectives, key message, niche, major audiences, and the type of content you are delivering to them. How effectively you satisfy different factors of this equation plays a vital role in impressing your core audiences at a deeper level.

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Spark a communication with your readers

A good blogging is not only about broadcasting your message but also prompting your readers to take action for increasing the engagement rate. A wise choice of appropriate call-to-action buttons on relevant pages strengthens your chances of attracting positive interaction from the readers.

For instance, for the new visitors, your priority is to help them understand your brand and connect with you. So, you can place a “know more about us” or “contact us” button for such users.

For repeated visitors, you would like to build deeper engagement levels. So, you can use CTAs that takes their loyalty to the next level. Some examples include Loyalty Rewards, Insider Deals, and Exclusive Content. It not only shows that you value their loyalty but also promises that you are willing to take the relationship to the next level.

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Usability matters a lot

 Check how easy it is for the visitors to use your site. Incorporate key usability features to the site in a logical format including product/service information, email subscription option, contact info, social sharing buttons, etc.

Does a visitor need to scroll up and down for locating an opt-in form for an email newsletter or can find it intuitively? Are your social sharing buttons positioned correctly to prompt readers to instantly sharing the posts they like? Does the contact page contain complete contact information in the right format? Can your visitors instantly send you a Skype message by simply clicking on the Skype Button? Have you wisely structured the site to encourage interaction?

All such factors go a long way in determining the long term potential and success of your blog.


Along with the quality of content and marketing techniques, the backend aspects of your blog also play a vital role in determining its success. In this blog, we have mentioned different backend factors that can help you build a committed high quality reader targeted audiences for your blog thus enhancing its reputation and revenue model.

7 Super Tips to Get Your Blog Approved by Google AdSense

Google Adsense

One of the richest bloggers in the world, Pete Cashmere, earns in a 7-figures month on month (average) and a major part of it comes from Google Adsense. Such massive figures are rare to achieve but if you plan your blog the right way, you can expect a fairly decent income. However, to earn from Adsense you first need to send your blog for approval from Google and the company performs some strict quality checks before approving it for Adsense. In this guide, we would mention some actionable tips to get your blog approved for Google Adsense.

Your blog must meet the basic guidelines to be approved for Adsense and a few hacks can speed up things. That’s the reason why some bloggers can’t get approval even after 8-9 months while the others get approval just within 3 months of starting their blog. Content quality does matter, for sure but along with that, there are other vital things that – or say the (ethical) tricks of the trade that you just can’t afford to ignore.

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Invest time and attention to create stellar content

Write high quality, well-researched content that delivers tangible value to the readers. Invest your time in every single aspect of the content- topic research, writing and editing, proofreading, formatting, image insertion, and even typography. Make sure that your intention is clear to the readers, right at the beginning which will help in preparing their mindset and make them more receptive.

Don’t copy-paste from other sources- well, that’s obvious. However, you should even refrain from rephrasing the top content as thin quality content will neither make you get AdSense approval nor help you get quality regular readers. Instead, invest your time and energy in researching the top-ranking topics and finding the aspects that are not touched yet. That would lead you in the right direction of meaningful research that will bring originality to your content.

Remember, It’s the originality aided by a unique presentation that draws a clear line between generic blogs and top blogs that are trusted as the preferred go-to guide by quality audiences.

Invest your honest and deep efforts in writing the content that delivers unique information in an interesting way to the readers. Keen research is indispensable and so is converting the thoughts into digestible content that can easily be understood by the readers. You can check the posts by top bloggers but don’t just paraphrase what they have written but try to explore the fresh, deeper aspects of the topics that haven’t been explored yet.

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Have a properly spread out content across all pages and tags

It is also important to have a decent inventory of quality content for each category and page of your blog. This is an indication that the readers will get a fair breadth of information and more importantly it shows that yours is not a shallow blog with incomplete information that disappoints the users. So ensure that your blog should contain at least 20 niche-related blog posts which are divided appropriately across different tags, pages, and categories- a minimum of 4 posts is recommended- the more the better.

Blank pages “cheat” readers, annoy Google and denies your blog the AdSense approval. So make sure that not only every page should have content but that content should also meet the minimum guidelines in terms of quality, length, and recommended keyword use criteria.

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Help crawl bots by providing precise information for specific tags

The editorial board of Ad Sense employs crawler bots for assessing the content quality of sites that have applied for approval. These bots check specific tags of your blog like Meta Title and Description tags that contain quick info about the core takeaway of your blog.

Writing precise, brief and most specific description offers exact info to the bots and fairly increase your chances of getting approved by AdSense provided that other aspects like content quality, etc., also satisfy the Google guidelines.

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Check if you blog has been blocked

Some blogs can be blocked by the internet giant and such blogs aren’t eligible for AdSense approval. So you first need to ensure that Google hasn’t blocked your Blog. Go to the address bar and type “”. If your blog comes on the search page then it isn’t blocked by Google which means you are eligible to apply for Google Adsense.

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Have patience for at least 6 months

The domain age does affect your blog’s candidature for AdSense approval. So, it is recommended to continue blogging for at least six months before applying for AdSense.

Keep in mind that it is not a hard and fast rule and there are many examples where 3-month-old blogs have been approved. However, instead of taking chance, it is better to have the patience for six months before applying for Adsense. Anyways, you would require that much time for building good traffic.

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Be mindful of copyright issues

Using contents of other users- in any format (text, image, media, etc.), without their explicit documented permission can nullify your blog’s candidature for AdSense approval. So, just searching and inserting attractive images from other sites isn’t enough. You must assess the permission guidelines for using those images. A majority of professional images on the internet are copyrighted and cannot be used on any other author/website. Here are a few things to consider:

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Blog structure matters a lot – for Google and for audience

 An appropriate eye-friendly blog structure is another major factor that can increase the chances of your blog being approved by Google Adsense. Instead of just checking or following the technical metrics, look at your blog structure from the readers’ perspective.

Does it look well-organized or chaotic? Does it guide your eyes instinctively to the content you are looking for? Does it offer a coherent visual hierarchy? Answer to such questions will help you create the reader-friendly blog structure that is also liked by Google.

While it is possible to create a customized design for your blog, in the beginning, it is best to use a professional-looking WordPress template that aligns with your specific niche. You can either use free WordPress templates or buy a premium WordPress template if you can afford it. Make sure that different areas of structure like header, sidebar, content area, and footer should share a cogent and appealing equation.


AdSense is one of the major sources of income for bloggers. However, getting your blog approved for adsense can be an uphill task and involves lots of guesswork. Knowing about the basic guidelines and adopting some ethical tricks increases the chances of your blog being approved for this program. In this blog we mentioned the best tips to get google adsense approval quicker.

Is your blog ready for Google Page Experience- the upcoming Google algorithm update?

Google Page Experience

Bloggers are passionate about growing their reader base and achieve a good ranking on search pages. Multiple factors determine the visibility, traffic, and ranking of your blog. Following the latest Google guidelines and algorithms can increase your chances of ranking higher on intended keywords. In this blog, we are going to discuss the upcoming Google Metric called Google Page Experience. It will help you to match your site against this metric and work on the areas that need improvement.

Google’s Chrome team launched some Core Web Vitals in 2020 and the Google Page Experience is the latest metric based on these vitals.

The main aim of rolling out this new metric is to provide a secured and to-the-point experience especially for mobile internet users.

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User experience as mentioned in Core Web Vitals

 Along with developing Core Web Vitals the last year Google also created Chrome User Experience Report. The former has already been explained while the latter will help the publishers and interested parties to precisely check how their site matches against these new metrics and the areas of improvement.

Core Web Vitals contain 3 key signals depicting the overall user experience

  • Largest Contentful Paint for measuring the loading agility of the largest piece of content. It should ideally be below 2.5 seconds
  • First Input Delay to check How quickly your site responds to scrolling, clicking, and typing. The ideal level for this metric is less than 100ms
  • Cumulative Layout Shift for measuring the visual steadiness of your site its ideal score should be below 0.1

Experience of mobile users

 Keeping the interests of the ever-growing population of mobile internet users, Google takes the best measures to promote a mobile-friendly browsing experience by preparing relevant guidelines for websites and taking corrective actions against the defaulters.

 Mobile experience like speed, responsiveness, etc. plays a vital role in Google’s perception while ranking the sites. It is but natural that it has now rolled out this new metric that further refines the overall user experience by adding advanced points like the display of the largest content and site responsiveness to user interaction.

Secured Browsing Experience

 As the most trusted search engine, Google understands its responsibility and does everything to protect users from landing on insecure sites that may contain viruses or have malicious intentions behind them.

 The newest page experience metric contain strong signals to suggest the presence of potentially harmful elements on a site like spyware, malware, or even the content of deceptive character or false information.

It can also detect social engineering scams.

Note for bloggers and review sites: One thing to keep in mind is that while creating sponsored posts on your blog or writing sponsored reviews many bloggers may veer to exaggerate and it may sometimes amount to misinformation. To stay on the safe side it is very important to review such blogs and revise them if necessary. AN easy way to do it is to go to Google’s Security Issues report and evaluate your website/post content to ensure that you are precisely following the ideal guidelines.

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SSL Certificate to avoid misuse of users’ data by cyber attackers

Another step taken by Google to ensure secure browsing is to promote the healthy practice of converting HTTP sites to HTTPS sites which are more secured for sharing information. The basic difference between the two is that unlike HTTP sites, the HTTPS websites encrypt any information shared by the users which means that such data is masked with coded language that can only be deciphered by the intended receiver of the message, i.e., the server. So in case of a cyber attack, the data thieves won’t be able to understand the masked information or misuse it.

When a visitor opens any website the chrome browser also shows the quick signal near the address bar indicating whether or not the site is safe for sharing information. A green signal or padlock near HTTPS sites tells that it is a safe connection while there are a clear signal near HTTP (non SSL) sites indicating that the connection isn’t secured by SSL.

  • Important tip

You can easily get an SSL certificate and the basic version is available free of costs. The majority of reputed hosting providers can offer you SSL certificates as a part of the hosting package. In case you are still using an HTTP blog then you can easily get an SSL certificate without any external help. Just follow this link : and you can check the instruction on how to get SSL certificate

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Uninterrupted reading and browsing experience

 The new metric also contains a signal to expose the publishers whose sites are architected to prevent users from quickly viewing the information they searched for.

 Many websites come with pop-ups for showing third-party ads, the latest discount offers, etc. If such popup misses easy dismissing options, constantly interrupts between browsing session and cover a large part of your page content, then new metric will treat you as a defaulter.

 Even if we don’t consider the latest metric, pop-ups are the least welcome elements for visitors. They interrupt their reading experience and may even defeat the very objective of your blog and its content. So, it is advisable to avoid pop-ups as much as you can or at least use them sparingly and time it wisely for instance using intent-based pop-ups like collecting email addresses or showing a special offer just about the time the user is intending to leave your site.

Remove any heavy pop-ups, images, or other elements from your blog that slow down the speed. Make it a habit to constantly review the current usability of your plugins and remove the ones that you don’t use anymore.


This year Google is coming with a new metric called Google Page Experience that will focus on the web page experience of any site. In this blog, we presented the details about this new metric and also suggested the right actions to take for assuring that your blog shouldn’t be considered as a defaulter under the new metric. Readers are advised to continuously update themselves with any new change that might be added to this metric until the time it is officially implemented.