7 Super Tips to Get Your Blog Approved by Google AdSense

One of the richest bloggers in the world, Pete Cashmere, earns in a 7-figures month on month (average) and a major part of it comes from Google Adsense. Such massive figures are rare to achieve but if you plan your blog the right way, you can expect a fairly decent income. However, to earn from Adsense you first need to send your blog for approval from Google and the company performs some strict quality checks before approving it for Adsense. In this guide, we would mention some actionable tips to get your blog approved for Google Adsense.

Your blog must meet the basic guidelines to be approved for Adsense and a few hacks can speed up things. That’s the reason why some bloggers can’t get approval even after 8-9 months while the others get approval just within 3 months of starting their blog. Content quality does matter, for sure but along with that, there are other vital things that – or say the (ethical) tricks of the trade that you just can’t afford to ignore.

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Invest time and attention to create stellar content

Write high quality, well-researched content that delivers tangible value to the readers. Invest your time in every single aspect of the content- topic research, writing and editing, proofreading, formatting, image insertion, and even typography. Make sure that your intention is clear to the readers, right at the beginning which will help in preparing their mindset and make them more receptive.

Don’t copy-paste from other sources- well, that’s obvious. However, you should even refrain from rephrasing the top content as thin quality content will neither make you get AdSense approval nor help you get quality regular readers. Instead, invest your time and energy in researching the top-ranking topics and finding the aspects that are not touched yet. That would lead you in the right direction of meaningful research that will bring originality to your content.

Remember, It’s the originality aided by a unique presentation that draws a clear line between generic blogs and top blogs that are trusted as the preferred go-to guide by quality audiences.

Invest your honest and deep efforts in writing the content that delivers unique information in an interesting way to the readers. Keen research is indispensable and so is converting the thoughts into digestible content that can easily be understood by the readers. You can check the posts by top bloggers but don’t just paraphrase what they have written but try to explore the fresh, deeper aspects of the topics that haven’t been explored yet.

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Have a properly spread out content across all pages and tags

It is also important to have a decent inventory of quality content for each category and page of your blog. This is an indication that the readers will get a fair breadth of information and more importantly it shows that yours is not a shallow blog with incomplete information that disappoints the users. So ensure that your blog should contain at least 20 niche-related blog posts which are divided appropriately across different tags, pages, and categories- a minimum of 4 posts is recommended- the more the better.

Blank pages “cheat” readers, annoy Google and denies your blog the AdSense approval. So make sure that not only every page should have content but that content should also meet the minimum guidelines in terms of quality, length, and recommended keyword use criteria.

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Help crawl bots by providing precise information for specific tags

The editorial board of Ad Sense employs crawler bots for assessing the content quality of sites that have applied for approval. These bots check specific tags of your blog like Meta Title and Description tags that contain quick info about the core takeaway of your blog.

Writing precise, brief and most specific description offers exact info to the bots and fairly increase your chances of getting approved by AdSense provided that other aspects like content quality, etc., also satisfy the Google guidelines.

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Check if you blog has been blocked

Some blogs can be blocked by the internet giant and such blogs aren’t eligible for AdSense approval. So you first need to ensure that Google hasn’t blocked your Blog. Go to the address bar and type “”. If your blog comes on the search page then it isn’t blocked by Google which means you are eligible to apply for Google Adsense.

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Have patience for at least 6 months

The domain age does affect your blog’s candidature for AdSense approval. So, it is recommended to continue blogging for at least six months before applying for AdSense.

Keep in mind that it is not a hard and fast rule and there are many examples where 3-month-old blogs have been approved. However, instead of taking chance, it is better to have the patience for six months before applying for Adsense. Anyways, you would require that much time for building good traffic.

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Be mindful of copyright issues

Using contents of other users- in any format (text, image, media, etc.), without their explicit documented permission can nullify your blog’s candidature for AdSense approval. So, just searching and inserting attractive images from other sites isn’t enough. You must assess the permission guidelines for using those images. A majority of professional images on the internet are copyrighted and cannot be used on any other author/website. Here are a few things to consider:

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Blog structure matters a lot – for Google and for audience

 An appropriate eye-friendly blog structure is another major factor that can increase the chances of your blog being approved by Google Adsense. Instead of just checking or following the technical metrics, look at your blog structure from the readers’ perspective.

Does it look well-organized or chaotic? Does it guide your eyes instinctively to the content you are looking for? Does it offer a coherent visual hierarchy? Answer to such questions will help you create the reader-friendly blog structure that is also liked by Google.

While it is possible to create a customized design for your blog, in the beginning, it is best to use a professional-looking WordPress template that aligns with your specific niche. You can either use free WordPress templates or buy a premium WordPress template if you can afford it. Make sure that different areas of structure like header, sidebar, content area, and footer should share a cogent and appealing equation.


AdSense is one of the major sources of income for bloggers. However, getting your blog approved for adsense can be an uphill task and involves lots of guesswork. Knowing about the basic guidelines and adopting some ethical tricks increases the chances of your blog being approved for this program. In this blog we mentioned the best tips to get google adsense approval quicker.

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