7 ways to earn recurring and passive income through WordPress

Earn passive income through WordPress

If you are a WordPress Developer or expert looking for the reliable source of earning a decent passive income then you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we will discuss some genuine, legal and innovative ways to earn a good passive income through WordPress. While it is not a get rich quick scheme, you can certainly reap long term rewards with relatively small efforts and some smart strategies:

Join Affiliate programs

One of the oldest and most trusted methods of earning passive income is to join affiliate programs with decent returns. You can join these programs for free and refer the people to purchase the products or services from specific brands. Upon each successful transaction, you get some amount of commission.

Join the relevant merchants and brands that align well with your blog niche. Also, consider the demographics of your targeted and present audience to improve the sales potential as you can earn only if someone buys a product/service through your affiliate link

Paid subscription

If you are a gifted writer and a pro expert of your field then you can also consider a threshold on the free articles and offer reasonably priced premium membership programs to the interested clients. While the free articles would make the readers acquainted with your writing abilities and content value, the premium membership will allow you to earn a good amount from your articles on a recurring basis.

Give multiple options to your readers like paying each time they need to read a specific article or reading unlimited articles during a specific time period. There should be a good balance of pay per article and monthly/quarterly/half-yearly plans to meet diverse interests and budget.

Editorial services for sponsored content

You can invite the businesses and corporate CEOs to post their guest posts on your blog and offer them a complete suite of editorial services by reviewing their articles, selecting the qualified and high value posts and giving them the final touch (editing and presentation). Additionally, can also offer a complete content marketing service by actively promising the content on your social media sites and various other digital platforms. You can charge for the editorial revising + content marketing. 

Offer blog management packages for corporate houses

Blogging is important for the corporate sector in order to build an authoritative identity and gain SEO benefits. However, writing content, editing it and presenting it in a reader-friendly way can be a demanding task for them- especially if they are low on budget and manpower.

You can offer them complete blogging management service where you can write, edit, proofread and publish the blogs on their website through WordPress (or any other) CMS. You can offer them additional services like sharing on social media, making SEO related changes on a periodical basis and other issues that affect the impact of the blogging. You can sell it as a monthly or quarterly package. While it is not actually a passive income opportunity, it can become a regular source of decent income.

Blogging courses

While starting a blog could be a great option to earn income, it needs some expert skills and real-life experience, so, once you have acquired good experience in the felid of commercial blogging, you can also sell blogging courses to your visitors.

Today there are a number of people who are willing to pay a decent amount to someone who can teach them the secrets of starting and running a successful blog and exploring the best income opportunities. By selling blogging courses in either video or text format you can earn a really good income.

Google Adsense

Last but not the least, Google AdSense is the best way to earn the passive income. Here again, the unique blogs can get better income opportunities.

Once you get into the program, Google will post on your site relevant adverts from its network of publishers. Whenever guests to your site click on these ads, Google pays you.

As soon as your blog is approved the Google will start showing the relevant ads to your visitors

Each time the visitor clicks it on your blog you get a specific amount that is transferred to you on a periodical basis as per the company’s rules.

It might not be easy to get approved to Google ad sense so you can consider other options as well:

  • Infolinks
  • Media.net
  • Bidvertiser

Email marketing

Email marketing is arguably the most effective marketing strategy for corporate brands. However, in order to ensure a good success of email marketing campaigns, you have a thriving community who really trusts you. So you can be the best person to market the rewarding products and service of the relevant and related brands through email marketing.

It pays decently and you can expect to earn a really go regular income through email marketing.


The WordPress development is a complicated and demanding task and due to the increasing level of competition, it isn’t always easy to get the remuneration that you truly deserve. However, you need to think wisely and instead of chasing projects after projects, make a solid strategy of earning passive income through WordPress by exploring various easier and better options. Instead of working for others it could be a better option to create your personal excellent WordPress blog with excellent features, functionalities and professional appeal. There are diverse ways in which you can use this blog to build a reliable source of passive income.

5 things prove that your WordPress site has terrible SEO flaws

WordPress SEO flaws

SEO or Search engine optimization plays a vital role in determining the role and success of your website. To enhance the ranking and visibility of your website, you need to adhere to site-specific SEO parameters. Surprisingly, even the expert businesses end up making massive SEO mistakes that prevents them from gaining a good position in search results. In this blog we have compiled a list of major SEO mistakes and how to repair them.

Slow Loading Sites

Slow loading sites irritate the visitors and compel the potential clients to look for other options. Along with these immediate disadvantages, it also affects your Site SEO in the long run as each time the customer clicks the back button it sends a negative signal to the search engine that your site is not user friendly. Eventually it affects your ranking,

The prime reason of a slow loading site is the heavy images that consume loads of data. If you wish to retain the images but still want to reduce the size of your site to enhance its speed, then here are a few plugins that you could consider:

Plugins for caching the static content including CSS/JavaScript files, images, etc. that can significantly improve the loading speed

  • WP Fastest Cache 
  • WP Super Cache 
  • LiteSpeed Cache 

Plugin for Reducing HTTP requests and merges CSS and Javascript files and organizes them in groups

  • Fast Velocity Minify

No Responsive site

An increasing number of people use phones to access the sites and if you don’t have  mobile friendly responsive WP site, then you would find it difficult or almost impossible to connect with this vast majority that could include a number of targeted audience and potential clients.

WP offers you a number of mobile friendly responsive themes that look equally great across different devices and come with friendly UI. These themes offer uniform visual quality and user experience across all the popular iPhone/Android devices, Smartphones, laptops, iPads and a number of other popular mobile devices. 

URL Structure

Titles and URLs matter a lot not only for the readers but also for the search engine crawlers with smart reading and comprehension capabilities. So make sure that you should use the quickly comprehensive straightforward title for your post. At the same time ensure that your page URL precisely reflect its content and intent.

Some page URLs are either too long to be understood quickly and even more difficult to be deciphered by the search engine crawlers while others look outright intimidating with unintelligent numbers or irrelevant letters. It repels the readers and also discourage the search engine crawlers from fetching your webpages in related search queries. Relevant URLs will not only help the readers to take quick decisions when your webpage appears during search results, but also helps the search engine crawlers to fetch your webpage during the relevant search queries. Eventually it will improve your site’s visibility.

Here is how you can change the permalink of your website:

  • Click on settings in the WordPress admin dashboard and select settings
  • Now click on permalinks that will display the entire list of various URL types
  • You can edit the permalinks of the desired URL(s) to make it sound reader (and SEO) friendly that can improve the visibility during relevant search engine results

Here is how you can fix it:

  • Instead of the default day and name option, select the option Post name that will allow you to edit link name.
  • If required edit the URLs to quickly reflect the objective of the page or the name of the post.

Another easy and better option is to use Yoast SEO plug-in that allows you to change the permalink right in the writing interface of any blog post. You can see it just below your post title. Click on the edit button at the end of the permalinks that will allow you to edit the title.

Keywords Management

Have you ever wondered how did the average post by your competitors ranking high in the relevant search engine results while your well-researched post on the same topic does not even rank in the first 5 pages? The reason might be the keywords. Even a highly valuable blog can lose its impact and fails to achieve good ranking if you forgot to include the right keywords or have not set them properly in the key sections.

Keywords are highly important for any website as it guides the search engine bots and allows them to quickly id your relevant pages during the specific search queries and fetching them in the search engine results.

One of the most popular mistakes made by bloggers or site owners is to write highly engaging posts without using the right keyword strategy. It will effectively prevent your high value posts rank high during relevant search results while allowing your competitors to simply copy your ideas, rephrase them and use the right keywords strategy that allow them to gain a prime ranking over reusable period of time. Using right keywords and positioning them appropriately can hep you a long way in getting better visibility and the appropriate ranking that you truly deserve.

For that you need to use the fine blend of exact keywords and long tail keywords and place them at appropriate positions across your post. You also need to use the keyword in Meta description, SEO title and other important sections while avoiding keyword stuffing.

Meta Descriptions

Internet users are short on time and would love to see the brief summary of every URL to know its relevance. If you have not specified the Meta data then Google will automatically show a permissible preview of the first portion of your webpage. The preview space is determined by pixels and it is very possible that it shows just an abruptly curtailed sentence that fails to give any idea about your webpage- for instance it might just show the curtailed introductory sentences automatically culled from the first paragraph of your webpage. It doesn’t give any idea about your webpage and thus discourages the users from clicking on your URL and continue looking for better options. It adversely affects the CTR that in turn affects your SEO negatively. So it is advisable to create Meta data for every page of your website in such a manner that it should offer the quick summary of your page.

Also you can see a preview of how the Meta data will look in the Google snippet.

  • Ensure that the snippet delivers the quick, straightforward and complete summary and not end abruptly in the middle of a sentence.
  • The maximum limit is 320 characters
  • Make sure to include the major keywords relevant to the post or page title
  • Include call to action to help your readers take quick action.  
  • One of the best tools to confidently take care of you website’s SEO viability is Yoast

Yoast is a user friendly plugins that not only allows you to  preview your snippet but also offers a wide spectrum of SEO parameters, suggestions, alerts and summary about any specific page. While its free version is highly competitive you might like to go for the premium version if you have more specific demands.


Whether you have written an awesome blog post or created a user friendly webpage on WordPress site, you would need to optimize it for the search engines in order to claim a good position. Many people are not really serious about SEO and it denies them a good visibility in the search engines thus making it difficult to attract the interested visitors or targeted audience. You need to have a clear and straightforward SEO strategy to enjoy a better position during relevant searches instances.

5 best WordPress monetization plugins that really work

Best Monetization Apps

A decent number of WP sites thrive on the income derived from displaying ads or paid content. To build a recurring and reliable income stream from ads, you need to optimize their visibility for maximum views and clicks. How effectively you present the ad to the audience can play a significant role in maximizing the ad income opportunities. There is an umber of WP plugins that can actively help you to strengthen your ad, earning an opportunity with the help of better optimization and management capabilities. Let us mention some of the best ad monetization plugins: 

Insert Post Ads

If you are looking for a better way to add contextual ads at specific positions directly into your blog posts, then Insert Post Ads could be the right choice for you. This plug-in offers you strong capabilities to add an advertisement below the desired paragraph for a better impact. Along with maximizing flexibility, it also saves your time and efforts spent in manual efforts for adding units. The plug-in also supports Google AdSense injections. Use it for experiencing a better way of creating inline ads for your blogs.

Google Adsense Plug-in

Google AdSense Plug-in is a feature-rich plug-in that enhances your capabilities of adding multiple ads and managing them efficiently. After connecting your site to the registered Google AdSense account, you can place the ads on any desired location of your website with the help of its automatic ads insertion feature that offers you a quick way to position the ads in latest posts, widgets, categories or any desired web pages, What’s more, it also helps you to optimize the ad performance/presentation placing an existing ad on a new position. You can also optimize the readers’ experience by showing the ads before/after the blog posts.

The plug-in is available in free as well as the paid version. While the free version also comes with decent capabilities, as a commercial blogger you may want to upgrade to its Pro version to enjoy even more purpose-specific capabilities like automatic ad inclusion on search result pages, seamless switching between fixed/static ad placement in widgets and other advanced capabilities that directly impact your ad income potential with a better visibility.

AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin

Tracking your ad performance and optimizing the same can be time-consuming and complicated exercise but AdPlugg simplifies and compresses the process for you. This feature-rich plug-in offers you powerful ways to schedule, monitor and manage your ads with a greater level of competency. Ad rotation capability helps you to gain optimum CTR while separate scheduling of commercial activities enables you to optimize the performance of different activities for better rewards.

It also offers a wide range of performance monitoring capabilities with more specific formats like stats-based graphs or tracking clicks or impressions. Easy installation, intuitive processes, and extended functionality make this plug-in a real asset for the new and advanced bloggers.  

Meks Easy Ads Widget

For the publishers who want to enhance their ad income potential without disturbing the reader experience, the Meks Easy Ads Widget is certainly the best choice.

Three salient features of this plug-in include predefined commercial units dimensions for optimum visual impact, options to restrict ads units pm each page for improving loading speed and enriching reader experience and autoplay/random ad visibility for better optimization.

Sponsors plugin

Sponsorship allows you to retain better control over your blog’s income potential and extend it over some time. Unlike third-party ads, you are not limited by any standard terms or conditions. The login allows you to insert sponsors’ info at any desired position in your blog post with contextual information in a presentable format and their site URL for backlinking purpose.

With the help of this plugin, you can store these vital sponsoring elements (URL, images, company’s logo, etc.) in a single dashboard that makes it quicker and easier for you to create appealing sponsored content and keeps the things streamlined. It also enables you to extensively change the dimensions and styles to align better with the presentation needs or cater to the special visibility requests by the sponsors. With some easy steps, you can get an automatically created widget that can be positioned in the sidebar.


Ads can help you a great way of enhancing your blogging income and some of the WP blogs solely depend on ads or sponsored content for their income. Due to their revenue model the ads will help you to earn only if the audience views the ad or click on it. It is a no-brainer that the ad position, dimensions, type, and display play a key role in determining the commercial viability of the ads on your blog. WordPress allows you to have better control over different display, mentoring and management aspects of the ads with the help of easy and effective plugins.

6 user-friendly Ajax Plugins for WordPress

6 Best Ajax Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is certainly the friendliest and most powerful option to create your website from scratch. Besides the use of plugins, it also helps you to quickly add other capabilities to your WordPress ecosystem without any intricate technical process or scripting. It also helps you to seamlessly integrate the specific features of third party scripts or programming languages right into your WordPress dashboard with the help of plugins. One such user friendly language sis Ajax. In this blog we are going to present compilation of the best Ajax Plugins for enhancing the impact of your WordPress site by adding purpose specific features with Ajax capabilities:

Light view Plus

 With this plug-in you can enhance the presentation of your media files (like images and videos) by designing attractive overlay effects. It fully supports multiple media formats and you can play blip, TV, YouTube, and Vimeo Videos.

Plug ‘n’ Play Google Map

This plugin play a vital role if your blog is focused on local events or businesses. One of your key responsibilities is to help people with the precise direction. Plug n Play Google Maps is an excellent Ajax WP Plug-in that enables you to insert the posts with longitude/latitude directly in Google Maps that can be opened in a separate tab. Along with helping readers with finding precise locations, it also enables them to quickly navigate through only those posts that are relevant to their desired location.


This plug-in shows archive tree on the specified web page that can boost the page loading speed and offers an enriched reader experience with the help of better filtering capabilities. They can filter the posts by Author name or year of publishing to view a specific entry. It is especially beneficial for the old blogs but is equally good for new blogs with long term goals. Over some time, it also improves your SEO as well.

Ajax Live Search

 Offering searching capabilities to your readers save their time and efforts and allow him to explore more content variety in a less period. With Ajax Live Search plug-in, you can offer your readers an attractive and friendly search ecosystem where they can search different types of posts or categories. You can choose between dark and light Facebook Themes to stay at your needs or blog’s color scheme.

Read More Right There

If you wish your readers to read the entire blog post from the carousel without having to leave the page then you can use this plug-in. As the name suggests, plugin will display the entire blog post without taking the user to the new page or tab. The benefit is that along with the specific blog post content, other content variety would also be visible on the page that can encourage them to explore more content even after completing their desired blog post. It can help in increasing the stay period and better CTR potential.

Image Wall

If you wish to present the content index in a presentable format, then image wall can be the right plug-in for your needs. This aptly named plug-in displays an image wall where you can add your blog posts and pages in the form of relevant images that visually attract the visitors and creates a sense of curiosity. The infinity scrolling further enhances the overall impact. With the help of the images, the visitors would be able to navigate through your pages or picking and reading their favorite blog posts.


One of the major benefits of WordPress is that it not only allows you to enjoy a premium website publishing experience but also helps you to add the key features of other scripts or programming languages with the help of plugins and add-ons. By wisely using this capability users can quickly integrate the third party capabilities like Ajax right into their WordPress ecosystem.

Boost your WordPress site speed with these 6 CDN service providers

CDN providers to boost WP site speed

Content Delivery Network or CDN helps in accelerating the website speed and performance by caching your site content across globally distributed servers and offering the content to your visitors from the server that is nearest to them. It reduces latency and also stabilizes the performance delivery. One of the major concerns of the developers is how to choose the right CDN to meet their specific demands and requirements. In this blog we are going to mention different CDN that can help a long way in optimizing your site speed and performance:


 KeyCDN is a powerful CDN service that comes equipped with purpose-specific features to help your site load at the lightening speed. Its multi-continent network of servers includes as many as 34 strategically located data centers across different geographies. Moreover, the CDN Enabler plug-in uncomplicated the process of integrating your WordPress site with KeyCDN.

You would be able to clean your CDN Zone’s cache right inside your WP admin dashboard. It saves you from separately opening and signing into Key CDN dashboard. If you are looking for a single point of contact for your site protection, performance and speed related issues, then Sucuri could be the best option for you. Although, reputed as a reliable security provider, the Sucuri also provides the best CDN option for optimum speed and site performance. It offers you purpose-specific custom caching options that work equally well with different websites regardless of platform or type.


Earlier called MaxCDN, the Slackpath comes loaded with the feature like instant purge mechanism and smart caching process for quick page loading. Additionally, it also enables you to customize the caching rules for optimized performance. With a globally distributed interconnected server network, the Slack helps you to offer better user experience to your site visitors across different continents.  

It further leverages the site performance with segmented download option and serverless scripting. You would gain better control over your site performance with the help of its real-time analytics that can help to decide the best course of action for further boosting the site speed (if needed).


Sucuri gives you access to multiple speed optimization options and boasts of global server distribution. It is powered by AnyCast Network. If you are extremely particular about the site speed and performance, the Cloudflare is the ultimate solution for you. With as many as 180 globally distributed data centers, the Cloudflare truly holds a commanding position in the market. Besides, it also has the premium capabilities for optimum performance delivery.

Its user-friendly configuration process is quick and intuitive while the additional security services like strong protection against DDOS attacks and other notorious malware further enriches its appeal. Using sophisticated technologies and smart techniques, CloudFlare can add tons of speed to the web pages or mobile apps. It also works effectively to improve the performance of APIs.

You can try with a free account that offers you basic but reasonably decent capabilities. It will offer you a fair idea about its capabilities. Later on, you can upgrade to the paid version if needed/?


AnyCast powered by CacheFly allows you to boost the site performance and speed and is especially designed to maximize the loading speed of websites with heavy content like media files, plugins or complicated functionalities.

It comes with excellent services and employs the fine combination of innovative technologies as time tested procedures for adding significant speed to your website. One thing worth mention here is the excellent after-sales experience offered by CacheFly that makes it a preferred choice for growing businesses a well as global brands. The support team is not only adept at its job but is also equipped with excellent soft skills that enrich the customer experience and offer the quick and quality support to resolve any queries or issues. You can purchase the plan for $245 per month, however, prepaid customers are offered 2 months of free services.

Rack space

Rackspace is another cloud computing brand that also offers unmatched CDN services with 200+ locations across the globe.

While it offers premium rewards in terms of site speed and performance, you would need to gain some technical knowledge before using it. Consider Rackspace as a perfect option if you are running an eCommerce speed with huge site inventory, heavy web applications, heavy mobile apps or other lay resource-hungry websites that need a significant external push for improving performance and speed.

Amazon Cloud Front

AWS is synonymous switch the high-quality cloud services with a proven track record. The brand also offers efficient CDN services with advanced options.  

AWS offers a wide range of customization options to optimize your site loading speed and deliver a user-friendly experience. If you are ready to go through a reasonable learning curve for a better speed/performance optimization capabilities then AWS is the right option for you.

Along with the general users the service is also being used by the high-end professionals like programmers and developers which shows the trust it enjoys in the market. AWS also helps you to keep your budget under control with its friendly pay as you go, model, where you only need to pay for the services you use. However, due to some learning curve involved it would be better to start with its free trial first and decide if it aligns with your technical proficiency or time availability before buying the premium version.


CDN or content delivery network allows you to enjoy a better site loading speed and uninterrupted performance to deliver a better user experience. While there are several CDN service providers across the globe you need to be careful while hosting the most ideal service provider that meet your business needs and fits your budget.

Hacked WordPress Site: 7 best services for quick first-aid help

Repair your hacked WP site

The hackers become smarter day by day and many of them are actively using next age technologies like AI and MI to enhance the frequency and impact of the attacks. One of the major concerns of the WordPress websites is what to do when their website is being hacked? In this blog, we are presenting the seven best options that can help you repair your compromised WP site quickly and confidently. 


Sucuri provides rapid and reliable repairing assistance for fixing your hacked site using their professional expertise.

Sucuri provides quick and reliable repairing assistance to recover your hacked website.

If you are wary that the hackers might hack your site again then you can opt for continuous security services of Sucuri that will prevent future attacks by constant monitoring and proactive actions. Expert staff, agile actions, and brilliant support team makes it the preferred service for repairing your hacked site.


·         Identifying and removing suspicious elements and malware

·         Trusted DDoS protection (Layer 3, 4 & 7)

·         1-month money-back guarantee

·         Agile team with sharp and updated skills

·         Along with WordPress, Sucuri also offers support for other platforms like Magento, Drupal, and Joomla among others.


If your hacked site contains a large number of web pages (like an aged blogging site or eCommerce site with thousands of products) then Wordfence is the best and economical option for you as it charges a fixed fee for detoxifying unlimited pages of a single website. It also offers you comprehensive report of the attacks including the modus operand detailed investigation and preventive measures to save your site from being hacked again.

By hiring their repairing service, you would also get a complimentary annual package for monitoring and safeguarding your site at absolutely no extra cost.

One Hour Hour Site Fix

If you are looking for the express service delivery then 1-hour site fix is the best solution for you. The USP of the service is its extremely fast service that take just 1 hour to fully clean the affected sites.

Their charges might seem a bit high but the lightning-fast action and incisive expertise to identify and remove even the smartly hidden malware fully justify the cost. For $250 the company will repair the infected site and if you need regular protection, then you can buy their monthly security protection ($24, 99 m).

Hack Repair

The businesses looking for the dedicated personal assistance from a specific security professional can hire Hack Repair run by Jim Walker. One of its distinct feature is that instead of opening tickets, contacting via mail or sending a chat message, you can personally speak over the telephone with the single dedicated security expert. Jim Walker packs deep and diverse expertise in the industry.

Another service offered by Jim is professional SSL certificate implementation to protect your site and clients immune to data in transit attacks. It also helps you achieve HTTPS status that can encourage more shoppers to pay you online or share their crucial information (payment cards and social security details) on your site without safety concerns as the entire data is encrypted.


If you are interested in a DIY action plan the Malcare is the right option for you. It is a dynamic security plug-in with multiple security enforcement features like monitoring, scanning and protection.

It enables you to detoxify your website right form your WP dashboard with some quick steps with an option for urgent service with its emergency cleanup service that is built for faster action with an intuitive approach.


SiteGuarding is another security service provider that offers both regular as well as urgent services depending upon the requirements of the clients. Keep in mind that its regular services generally take an entire day. Along with WordPress it also helps in repairing Joomla CMS.

It offers comprehensive site security and backup suite at the fair price tag.

Fix My Site

Fix my site is the suitable option for budget-conscious clients and its service start from as low a $99 (though higher packages are also available) 

After a thorough scanning and deep cleaning, the service also updates your site with hardened security to make it immune to the potential attacks. Along with the hacked files, it also clears backdoors as well as database entries.


When your WP site is hacked, you risk losing a reliable source of income. It is highly advisable to eat wisely and quickly get your hacked site repaired. Here are several reliable and reputed services that can be hardwired for purposes. By choosing the right and reputed service provider/option you can get the issues fixed without much delay and expect a bounce back to the business.

Gain more visitors in different countries with multilingual WordPress site

Translate your WP site

If you want to connect with the global audience, it can be the best strategy to use multilingual content on your website to speak with people of different nations in their language. Thankfully when you create a website using WordPress, there are several provisions to easily turn to translate your site into several languages. Here are a few ways to translate your WordPress website in multiple languages:

There is a specific translation plug-in that enables you to start automated/ manual translation in the WP ecosystem. Here are a few of them.


With the help of this free plug-in, you can insert Google Language translator tool through the widget. It is an easy option to enable automated machine translations for your website.


·         It saves you from hiring a translator or buying premium translation plugins.


·         Machine translations have their own limitations and many times the phrases sound dumb irrelevant simply incomprehensible. The audience often has to go through some guesswork to understand the language. Due to the high volume of gibberish or strange-sounding sentences with many grammatical mistakes, the search engines might look at it as a spam content and it can affect the rankings.

The plug-in also offers a paid version with more advanced features: edit translations, URL translation, metadata translation, etc.

Use robots.txt file to stop search engines from indexing the translations. Permit your users to relate the content rough widgets.

If you area looking for the advanced features like metadata translation, URL translations or editing translated text then you can opt for the paid version. If you are okay with using the automated machine translating then it could be the best option for you.  


Transposh supports as many as 82 language translations and also offers you the simple correction options. It is a user-friendly plug-in that also enables you to combine the machine translation with manual translation to retain the original intent and impact of the content.


·         It is available for free

·         Supports a large number of languages

·         Enables you to combine machine translation with manual translation


·         Depending upon the depth and presentation for your content there could be significant inaccuracy in the automated translation

·         You would need to invest good attention for manual correction

If you need to wisely combine the manual and machine translation then it could be the reliable option for you

Ajax Translator Revolution

True to its name the Ajax translation revolution is an innovative instant translation plug-in that supports 63 languages and employs the Google Translate machine translation services. It is a zero delay plug-in that translates your content seamlessly as soon as you install it.


·         Highly customizable 

·         Allow you to exclude specific sections from different sections, pages or posts

·         You can choose either flags or names of the languages as per your convenience and preferences

·         Its custom positioning settings allow you to place it at your convenient position even if your theme doesn’t have the widget area

·         Allows for the annual translations

·         Highly competitive and works well with other plugins like BuddyPress, Gravity forms bbPress and WooThemes


·         Low quality of automated translations with less accuracy


Polylang is a high-quality plugin that offers reliable support and multiple user-friendly features.


·         It consumes very fewer resources 

·         Free availability

·         Quick and high-quality support

·         Versatility

·         It allows you to translate different sections, segments and elements of your WP customs, tags, menus, taxonomies, sticky posts, media and several other elements to help you enjoy an extended control over the translation requirements/capabilities.


·         Being developed by individuals entity, strong reasons to believe that there could be some issues with the updating or retaining its appeals. It can invariably affect the plugins compatibility and may hurt your site’s future interests

·         Inadequate documentation

·         Isn’t compatible with several themes


If budget is not a problem then you can also use the WPML the premium WP plug-in that permits manual translation. Being a premium plug-in it offers a fully professional appeal, highly reliable functionality, timely updates and good technical support by an expert team.


·         It is managed by an entire team of multiple WP developers and dedicated support ecosystem that makes it a great option for the business sites, eCommerce sites and professional blogs with commercial goals

·         You can be fully reliable about the updates

·         Complete and accurate documentation with detailed manual in PDF format

·         Allows you to translate multiple elements of your wise and offers additional capabilities to configure domains/subdomains/subdirectories in different languages

·         Helps you to execute SEO for different languages through Yoast plug-in

·         All the major WP themes including ThemeForest themes are supported

·         You can also build and run multilingual eCommerce sites

·         Allows XLIFF translation through translation management plug-in

·         Permits you to hire professional translators right from the admin dashboard at competitive prices for smooth execution. It reduces time to market.

·         Licenses for unlimited sites

·         100% money-back guarantee with zero question asked.


·         It is a premium plug-in and is heavy on the budget depending upon your specific requirements and goals

·         Additional tables are created in the database that can affect the admin panel speed however it will not affect the site


WordPress websites offer you strong provisions to translate your site content in multiple languages. Along with the machine translation you can use human translation as well as the hybrid translation (machine + human). Some various user-friendly tools and plugins make things even easier for you.

5 vulnerable plugins used by hackers to break into your WordPress site

Vulnerable WordPress Plugins

WordPress offers several tools and plugins to the users for quick and easy management/development process. However, one should be cautious while using these plugins as vulnerable plugins can do more harm than good. If you are running a highly popular blog or an e-commerce site then you need to be extremely careful before downloading any plugins. Depending upon the security flaw or vulnerability, such plugins can acutely harm your business and income potential. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the most notorious WP plugin vulnerabilities that exposed a huge number of WP users to several cyber threats. It will give you a real-life picture of how far the vulnerable plugins harm your business:

The Gallery Plugin

Used by numerous WP users the Gallery plug-in was found to be infected with a SQL injection bug that facilitated various malicious activities like malware injection into ready SQL queries and stealing sensitive passwords/secret keys that were stored in the database.

This plug-in enabled the publishers to ease the process of image gallery navigation for their visitors by allowing them to use different tags for navigation purpose. While navigating through different images the URL address kept on altering. Inadequate URL input sanitization facilitated the modification of link parameters and it enabled smart hackers to inject executable SQL queries. The execution began on the loading of the infected URL.

This vulnerability also afforded them account creation (on the affected side) and blog submission capabilities which were misused for malware injections to break into an internal database and stealing personal/sensitive data.

 Exploiting this loophole the attackers could also gain account creation and blog submission abilities which they misused to inject malware to break into the internal database and stealing highly sensitive personal data.

Later on the security loophole was fixed.

Revolution Slider Plug-in

Revolution Slider first came into news towards the end of 2016 as the main technical cause behind the infamous Panama Papers Leak.

 A security loophole in this plug-in resulted in a leakage of huge volumes of personal and sensitive data exposing over 11 million documents to security threats and data theft.

Known as Local File Inclusion or LFI, this security loophole facilitated downloading any server file, stealing sensitive data/login credentials and eventually breaking into any website with almost all the key admin rights.

TimThumb Plugin

TimThumb is a WP image resizing library that was found to be affected with a security flaw that could be misused to gain remote PHP Code execution ability for compromising the victim’s site in multiple ways.

This vulnerability facilitated the remote PHP code execution on the victim site that attackers used for compromising the victim’s site in various ways.

WP Mobile Detector

A security flaw in WP mobile detector allowed remote file uploading on the server that eventually offered them server access and malicious code infections into various pages of the affected site.

Neosense version 1.7

Neosense business templates used unsecured uploader that facilitated malware injection on any site built on this theme. The attacker just needed to use Curl for uploading specific files and running the same on affected URL to gain almost all the key admin rights to that site.

The attackers could inject malicious PHP script in the download directory of the affected site which eventually breaks into upload directory.


WP plugins allow you to enjoy better capabilities without any intricate process or going through an additional learning curve. However, you need to be very careful while using any WP plug-in as many plugins might be vulnerable to security threats and they can invite the cyber attackers to attack your site and damage your digital business or blog.

How to successfully convert your WP blog into a thriving community

Tips to turn your WP blog into a community

The blogging has emerged as a healthy income option and many talented writers now treat it as a full-time career or business. A good blog can open an number of income opportunities for you to earn a regular active and passive income- right from affiliate income to securing new projects and clients. However, to tap the maximum potential of your blog you need to turn your readers into a thriving community. Most of the top blogs that are ranking on the top page of Google are the ones with a close-knitted healthy community of readers that frequently engage with their blog posts. We are going to present some tips on how to successfully convert your WordPress blog into a community:

Avoid clutter of ideas and be specific

You need a sustainable group of readers who share the same interests and purposes that will encourage them to regularly follow your blog, interact with other readers and eventually form a healthy community. So be focused on 3-4 relevant aspects of single niche and concentrate on value rather than the volume of the topics.

You should possess the knowledge and passion

Many bloggers choose the niche based on the commercial viability of the same, i.e., how many people are searching for that niche and how easy it is to get the sponsors or clients and what is the income potential. While it is not wrong to concentrate on the commercial feasibility, you also need to have the knowledge, passion and expertise.

The in-depth knowledge will help you to convince the readers with your thoughts while the passion will help you to create thought-provoking posts that quickly connect with the readers and touch their core. The readers are more likely share such blogs on facebook, twitter and other social media platform that can help in building social media community around your blog.

Create short and easily comprehensible posts

Long essays sound monotonous and can repel the readers. They will also cost you a vast majority of the mobile audience who prefer small and mini-blogs with a light tone that can be enjoyed even on the go.

So, it is wise to concentrate on value rather than volume and write short, crispy and well-focused posts that your readers can quickly finish and easily understand. Even the subject experts need to come down to the readers’ level of comprehension/interests while writing the posts so that they can instantly create a rapport with them and make readers the active participant of your blog.

Carefully choose the words and language you use

Even the small things like the use of personal pronouns (I, You and We), talking in the first person rather than a third person and using the active voice (instead of passive voice) can go a long way in personally connecting with your readers. Instead of focusing only on the technical details and strategies, storifying your articles at appropriate places will help you retain the readers’ engagement and also allow to quickly grasp the import of the posts.

Actively invite your readers to participate

Just having comment boxes or social sharing buttons isn’t enough you should also actively encourage the users to interact with you. Ask their views and feedback on your posts, encourage them to share there own stories and even include their real-life anecdotes in your blog posts. It proves that you value your readers and are even ready to go that extra mile to make them an active part of your blog. It helps in creating a close friendly link between you and the readers. It will also result in starting a healthy conversation that will eventually form a close-knitted community.

Add fun to your blog

Interesting quizzes, polls and lightweight GK questions not only retain the interest of the readers but also induce a community feeling in them. Such fun engagement methods can also work as stress busters to lighten the mood of readers. The smart top bloggers wisely use this strategy to prevent their readers from getting bored. It can also be a great way to collect the relevant data that you could use in your next blog post.


To gain the maximum benefit out of your blog, you need to build a wide and evolving community of readers with active participation. It takes a lot more than just creating blog posts. You need to offer them the value, encourage them to share their views and opinions and adopt various other strategies to create and retain your community but with the right strategy, patience and wise planning you can succeed in this endeavor and start reaping the rewards.

5 things indicate that your WordPress is healthy

WordPress Health

Launching your WordPress website is a thrilling experience. It is a strong way to start building your distinct online reputation. However, to keep enjoying the maximum benefits out of your WordPress site, it is highly recommendable to ensure that every feature and functionality is working well and your overall WP site doesn’t lose its appeal. In short, you need to confirm that your site is in perfect health. We are going to present some tips and tools to constantly conduct through health check-ups of your WordPress site- right from security to SEO performance, speed and other vital aspects:

Make sure that it loads quickly 

As your WP site grows you may want to add new features and media to enhance its appeal. However, it invariably affects the loading speed. So it is highly recommendable to check your WP loading speed on a periodical basis and quickly take the necessary action if required.

· One of the best tools to quickly check your site’s loading speed is Pingdom. Its process is quite straightforward and intuitive

· Go to Pingdom and enter your WP site URL to check the accurate loading speed of your site and note it down.

· Compare it with the loading speed when you checked it the previous time.

· If the present loading speed is slower then quickly take the action for boosting the speed

Some of the general reasons (and fixes) are:

·        Heavy images: Use Smush plugins to cut down their size

·        Too many plugins: Check the unused or seldom-used plugins and remove them

·        Huge CSS and JS files: Use Autoptimize to minify them

Check the overall functioning of your site

WP sites allow you to scale up the capabilities and control with the help of various plugins. However, while installing/uninstalling plugins you might unintentionally hurt some key functionalities of your site. Apart from that, there might be other miscellaneous technical issues that can harm your site’s functionalities and limit their impact or even defeat the very objective. 

Here’s a real-life example- an international client wants to contact you via Skype for placing an immediate order for express delivery but your Skype functionality isn’t working and it annoys the client. He quickly hit the back button and looks for another vendor. You don’t only lose a client but may also have added a negative SEO mark (as the client hit the back button). 

Likewise, other crucial functionalities (like shopping cart, checkout, etc.) might also stop working ideally due to various reasons. It can harm the business objectives of your site. So, it is a good practice to keep on checking all such functionalities 

· Go to Google Chrome menu by clicking on the three vertical dots at the end of the search bar

· Click Settings and choose New Incognito Window

· Ctrl+Shift+N is the shortcut to quickly open an incognito window in chrome

· Now start performing various crucial actions that directly impact the revenue potential or objectives of your website like restoration, purchase order, subscribing to the email newsletter, commenting, opening tickets, shopping cart actions and using various contact buttons like Skype, Whatsapp, Social buttons, etc.

When you open the incognito tab, the browser treats you as a random site visitor and offers you the same experience. So it is the recommendable way to know the accurate UX of our website.  

Confirm that it is free from security threats

Security is vitally important for your WP site. The impact of security breaches can be significantly more hazardous than you think. Dozens of online businesses are ruined just due to the security hazards and in many cases, such breaches could have been prevented by taking timely actions. So make it a habit to periodically check the security health of your website. 

One of the best ways to check that your WP site is precisely following the highest security standards is to use the automated security checking tools. One of the trusted options includes Sucuri checker tool. 

· Just type your URL and click on Scan Website

· It will offer you a comprehensive report of your site’s security with accurate stats that allow you to take the right decision before its too late.

· You would see the repairing buttons with names like “Patch and Protect” (or similar names) near the security errors/malware

· Clicking the buttons would start an intuitive process of removing malware or other threats with minimal efforts. 

Monitor your site ranking

A good ranking is highly important for the success of your WP site as it allows you to quickly connect with your targeted audience and enhance your visibility or long-term SEO benefits. SEO guidelines keep on changing constantly and it is advisable to check your site’s SEO performance regularly. 

· One of the best tools to check the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages ) health of your WP site is SERPBook.com that offers you accurate stats on the current rank and positive/negative changes.

· The eye-friendly format, crucial details, and clean interface make it the ideal tool for beginners as well as an advanced user.

· You can set the frequency of keyword tracking to meet your goals/objectives.

· Along with daily tracking, you also have the option to check it on a bi-hourly basis.

· Remember, the frequent tracking will help you take proactive actions and quickly repair any issues that can hurt your site ranking…

Are backups working fine?

The sophisticated hackers are getting too smart to be tackled and even the websites of Fortune 500 companies are getting hacked. So, the key takeaway here is to ensure the maximum security of your WP site’s data and content even during the instances of hacking and cyberattacks. Backup is the ultimate option for you. It saves the most updated data of your website thus allowing you to quickly return to the business even after most damaging cyberattack incidents. Thankfully there are some quick options to automate the backup schedule. 

Here are a few backup plugins that can make things easier and faster for you

· BackWPUp

· VaultPress

· BackupBuddy

· WP-DB-Backup

· BackUpWordPress

· WP Time Capsule

· Duplicator

Other useful tips for backup management

· If your budget allows, it is best to buy a managed WordPress hosting plan that offers you the professional services for WordPress maintenance, management security, and backup

· If you are running multiple WordPress sites then the multi-site management tools like wpCentral could be a great choice for you to automate the backup of different WP sites with just a few clicks or a single command. 


To enjoy the maximum benefits out of your WordPress site, it is crucially important that it works in the desired manner and offers optimal performance during varying conditions. By losing its performance potential your WP site may annoy the visitors, experience security issues, and lose the ranking. Hence, it is extremely important to keep on checking the key aspects and functionalities of your WP site on a periodical basis.