How to use Twitter to multiply blog traffic?

Twitter Tips

Twitter commands a respectable position as a leading social media platform trusted and used by millions of people across the globe.  That’s why a vast majority of bloggers use Twitter to share their latest posts and acquire new readers. Do you also want to use Twitter for sharing your latest blog post globally? Are you also eager to unlock the vast opportunities to multiply the traffic of your blog and earn loyal readers? We are going to present some of the actionable tips to gain maximum output out of your Twitter strategy without disturbing your schedule or spending lots of effort or time.

Twitter ecosystem focuses on “value over volume”. So, it could be a bit challenging, in the beginning, to share your blog on Twitter. But don’t worry. Just follow the tips that we are going to share in this blog. Within reasonable time you would be able to realize the positive change in your blog stats:

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Tweet your blog post multiple times to multiply views

It is perfectly okay to tweet your blog post multiple times if it is not related to a news-specific topic. Multiple tweets increase your opportunity of attracting more clicks and traffic.

However, you need to adopt a smart strategy and schedule your tweets wisely so as not to sound too pushy. Avoid copy-pasting the same tweet every time as it will irritate your followers. Instead, create at least 5-7 tweets each with different content. Utilize this opportunity to widen your reach by highlighting different aspects of your blog that appeals to different types of audiences.

Start by recognizing the multiple targeted audiences of your post. For instance, an education-related blog post can be equally interesting for students as well as academic professionals. Creating separate posts from the student’s perspective and teachers’ perspective will help you reach a wider set of audiences and also diversify the audience portfolio of your post. 

Don’t forget to use the topic-relevant trending hashtags to make your tweet more accessible to the interested audiences.

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Ideal number of daily tweets

If your blog contains many old posts with evergreen content then you can tweet 2-3 posts daily with a sufficient gap in between. Along with connecting you with new readers, it will also establish your authority as a blogger. But if yours is a new blog with a limited number of posts then it would be advisable to tweet modestly to avoid quickly running out of new posts to tweet about. Also, avoid tweeting the same posts too frequently as it will put off the audiences.

 If like many other bloggers, you find it difficult to follow a specific schedule on regular basis, then you can take the help of automated tweeting tools where you just need to draft tweets with your blog link and specify the time and date when you want it to be posted. These smart tools can automatically post the drafted tweets on a specified date and time.

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Add Click to Tweet button on prominent quotes and statements

If you would go through the blog posts of top blogger many of them a specific statement, quote or other content portion with a click to tweet option.

 With just a single click the readers can share a specific statement or quote linking back to your main article. This super-quick sharing process encourages maximum interested readers to share your link with a prominent quote on their twitter handle. Quotes also leave a deeper impact on the audiences and inspire them to click the link. Eventually, it helps you in gaining organic social media traction.

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Include brands and personalities in your tweets

 A smart technique is to include the mentions of specific brands and people in your post. When tweeting the post link just tag the included people and brands so that they get notified when you post the tweet.

In most of the cases, the mentioned personalities/brands will react by retweeting, commenting, etc. It will thus strengthen twitter engagement and also help you reach a far wider and diverse audience set.

It is also a good strategy to make some valuable connections that can help you in enhancing the revenue and reputation potential of your blog.

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Appreciate the audience that engages with your blog

Keep a track of the audiences who actively share your blog post and don’t forget to acknowledge their engagement. You can like, retweet, comment, or mention them in a post depending upon the level of engagement.

For the best benefits prefer retweeting the comment as it sends a message to other audiences that your blog post is getting good engagement. It will most likely encourage them to click and read your post.  

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Craft power-packed tweet posts

 You probably invested hours or even several days to create a single post. Don’t dismiss its potential by slapping a quick tweet that seems too generic to leave any impact. An ideal tweet should create a strong desire for readers to read your blog.

 Some of the major emotions that an ideal tweet should spark are humor, intrigue, suspense, surprise, an assurance. You only have a limited inventor of 140 characters. Use it wisely and insert only the power words with minimum stop words and using the right hashtags.

One of the best ways to keep your tweets short even if you don’t know how to shorten your tweet further is to use images. You can create an image of your longer content and then support it with a relevant quick tweet with hashtags


Twitter is a widely popular social media platform that allows you to share your updates, latest articles, etc. In this post, we mentioned various actionable tips on how can you use Twitter to popularize your latest blog posts and increase the traffic. By acting on these tips the readers should be able to increase their blog traffic.

How to improve your website ranking on Google with some easy yet effective tips

Improve Website Ranking

Every website wants to reach the first page of Google and it causes a very tough competition making very difficult for you to improve your ranking, talk less of reaching the first page of Google. However, some strategies can help you optimize your blog to align with the best search engine guidelines and thus reasonably improving your ranking over time. The key strategy is to focus on very specific aspects of SEO instead of overwhelming yourself with the big picture. That said you also need to follow a well-planned strategy to steadily improve your ranking vis-à-vis your competitors.

Here are some of the reliable SEO tips to improve site ranking:

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Research long-tail keywords

Long Tail Keywords play a very important role in strengthening the chances to rank in relevant organic queries.   The long-tail keywords also play a major role in strengthening the conversion probabilities by actively supporting the single keywords.

 The Long Tail keywords are more descriptive, like “Smartphones with the pop-up selfie camera”. The people searching for such long-tail keywords concentrating on specific particulars are nearer to making an immediate/instant purchase when compared to the ones who are looking for more general terms like “Smartphones”, “cheap smartphones”, etc.

By wisely finding and incorporating Long Tail Keywords in your content (web pages, blog posts etc.) you can add more strength to your ranking improvement strategy.

·         Today there are diverse tools that can make it easier for you to find the bets Long Tail Keywords related to your focused keywords. One such tool is UnderSuggest

·         Ubersuggest is a fantastic tool to get a wide list of keyword ideas including long tail keywords. All you have to do is to visit the site and search for your focused keyword. You would see an option in the Sidebar- Keyword Ideas.

·         Copy the most relevant ideas from the list and include them in your keyword strategy by wisely writing the content where they can naturally fit the context.

·         A good keyword tool offers supporting information and stats like CPC, volume, paid difficulty and SEO difficulty

·         For the optimum results it is advisable to go for the high volume keywords and the once having above-average CPCs. The latte helps in better conversion rate while the former gives you the power of volume.

Search Engine Crawlers: How They Work - Seobility Wiki

Write effective Meta descriptions

Meta Tags not only offer you the SEO benefits by showing your website’s relevancy to the search terms, but they also communicate the gist of your page to the visitors. So, even before clicking on your page, the visitors can get a quick overview of what your page has to offer.

 An effective Meta description presents quick and clear info about your webpage within 2-3 small sentences. Most of your readers would use this brief info as a basis to decide whether or not they should visit your webpage..

Here is the HTML format of a Meta Tag


meta name=” description” content=” This is the text named as Meta Description that is a key factor for to attract more clicks. Click on it to learn more about meta description tags.”


In absence of a description tag the phrase surrounding the keyword query is displayed. SO another way to getting optimum benefits out of your keyword strategy so that the first sentence containing keywords should be packed with maximum info and be shorter than 155 characters.

To preview what your meta description would look like and to see how well it matches your keyword strategy, you can use the SEO tools like Yoast. It not only allows you to easily create the meta descriptions without any coding but also helps you to check how well the meta description aligns with your keyword specific targets.

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Implement structured data

 The major challenge is to gain distinct appeal on the SERPs and having distinguished looks and formats with more digital real estate can significantly increase the probability of getting more visitors to your site. When done wisely the schema mark-up can help you get this privilege.

The interactive featured snippets can engage the people with your content even before clicking your webpage, thus allowing you to get over one barrier- automatically.  

 Having your site featured in featured snippets significantly improves the visibility on SERPs and offers you a competitive edge over other results.

 Structured data helps your site to be featured in featured snippets thus allowing the visitors to interact with your key content right on the SERP page. It places you in an advantageous position when compared with other websites on the same page.  

Image SEO: How to optimize images for SEO - Seobility Wiki

Create posts with images

Images can instantly leverage the value of your webpage and urge visitors to stay on and explore it further. The best way to keep the visitors engaged is to add awesome images, not only on your website but also across different mediums of communications like social media and emails.

By adding relevant visual content to your WebPages and communication you can not only increase the engagement probabilities but may also assist in getting a position in featured snippets.

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Use descriptive URLs

The key attributes of URL like path, size, and category play a reasonably important role in attracting visitors. Along with other efforts you can use your site URL as an important tool to bolster your visibility and reasonably improve your site ranking.

This is the ideal format of a descriptive URL -primary-keyword.html

If you use WordPress, you can easily go to the permalinks and change the URL to make it look more descriptive.

 Many bloggers create great posts but don’t change their permalink. By default, it can render irrelevant or complicated, no descriptive URLs. So it is a good strategy to change your permalink and give it a more relevant and suitable phrase.


To improve your ranking on Google, it is very important to optimize your blog posts and make them reader-friendly and easily discoverable by search engine bots. In this blog we have discussed some of the best SEO tips to follow is you wish to get better ranking than your competitors. None of the tips guarantee a sure shot or quick success but with committed efforts and some patience you can see reasonable improvement over time and gain a competitive edge over others.

5 best strategies to convert your readers into subscribers

Increasing blog subscribers

Creating blogs that can survive the competition is a tough task for beginners. It is generally acceptable to suffer the failure in the initial period but gradually you can have a better grip over the audiences provided that you evolve with the time. The art of blogging can be improved if you follow some strategies. In this guide, we are going to present some of the best ways to create the blog posts that will not only attract the readers but will keep them engaged till the last word and encourage them to subscribe to your bog. It will allow you to gradually increase your readership and improve the ranking of your blog:

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Deep Research and high quality content

Deeply research on the most challenging problems of your targeted audiences and then brainstorm the most practical and easiest solutions for the same. Present those solutions in a simple, jargon-free language along with stepwise instructions so that your readers can practically implement those solutions in real-time while reading your blog. The objective is to satisfy your readers and build your blog authority to enhance its conversion potential in terms of readership volume and total subscribers.

Along with building your blog authority, the same strategy can also be employed to increase the sales for eCommerce sites. For instance, if you are selling web hosting packages you can create a blog around web hosting issues for the beginners and present a list of actionable solutions and instructive guides around the same. It will build trust among the readers and it can eventually help you to turn your readers into your hosting clients.

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Spamming can reduce your readership and affect ranking

Spamming can put off your readers or even compel your subscribers to unsubscribe from the mail list. The first challenge is how to assure your visitors that you won’t spam them if they provide you their email address?

Start with a question that is related to the most pressing issue of your targeted audiences and then tell them how you can help them solve their issue by providing them the well-researched content directly into their mailbox. For entrepreneurs, it could be about increasing their sales, reducing costs, or outpacing their competitors. If your targeted audiences are university students then the career, overseas studies, or internship/job opportunities are the questions that are most likely to draw the5r attention.

Don’t forget to mention the frequency of email like weekly or fortnightly. You can give them an option to choose their preferred frequency. This strategy will solve 2 purposes. First, your readers will be assured that you would send them the content that can potentially help them to solve the issues and meet their goals. Secondly, telling about the frequency or giving them multiple frequency options to choose from also ensures your readers that you won’t spam them with loads of emails.

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Attract readers with incentives

If you are selling products or services then you can also offer incentives like discounts or special offers for your clients. Such commercial benefits will create a desire for your visitors and prompt them to become your subscribers.

Here also you can expect the dual benefit of increasing your subscribers as well as enhancing the conversion potential of your website. Even those who don’t avail of the offer immediately may want to utilize it in the future. You may also add a validity period for such discount offers to ensure that the audience won’t forget about such offers after some time. 

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Use visual backgrounds for better impact

 The visual background also plays an important role in attracting visitors to become a subscriber. For instance, if you are selling blogging courses then you may use the images of the top 5 richest bloggers in the world along with their revenue figures. The 6th one could be a faceless character and you can write a promising phrase like “you could be the next”. This is one approach. Another more realistic approach is to include the names and pictures of your former blogging students and their present revenue. It will assure the targeted audiences that hey can also be able to earn sustainable revenue after completing your bogging course.

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Prompt your readers by creating urgency

One f the best ways to build a successful subscription strategy is to prompt your users to sign up then and thereby creating a sense of urgency. You can do this with the help of limited time offers on subscriptions like “Subscribe and get % off on our digital course package. Offer valid till 31st October 2020- you only have 3 days to avail of the offer. “For better impact, you can even add a reverse timer. Those who are looking for digital marketing courses would hopefully sign up install to get the discount.


To acquire and retain the maximum readers you need to follow smart strategies that fully satisfy the expectations or targeted readers. It is equally important to deliver them the high-value content presented in the format that makes it easy for them to read and understand your content. In this blog, we presented some of the practical tips on how to increase the readership potential of your blog and converting readers into subscribers. For the best results, you can increase a checklist based on the same and follow it on a scheduled basis. With time you can also add other points to this checklist depending upon your individual needs.

How to use your blogging skills to sell your products?

Commercial Blogging

While blogging is the best way to express your thoughts it can also employed in various creative ways to achieve diverse objectives. For instance, the eCommerce sites can use blogging to gain more visitors and increase the conversion potential. In Likewise, the travel companies can create blogs around traveling tips and articles to attract the travelers and eventually take them to their travel package sections. If you also wish to use the blog section or create separate blog websites to attract your potential customers and encourage them to buy your products then you need to follow a smart strategy. Here the major challenge is to maintain a fine balance between offering reader-friendly blog content and eventually converting your readers into buyers. In this guide, we are going to present some tips that will help you achieve your sales objectives without disturbing the readers’ experience:

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Offer high quality content to win the trust

The primary task is to expand your readership potential by offering the high-quality content that satisfies your targeted audiences. Suppose if you are running a news based blog then instead of rephrasing the news from other sources you can mention the real-life impact of any specific news on your targeted audiences. For instance, many IT blogs present the news and also mention various ways the news will affect the CTOs, CEOs, and other businesses.

Likewise, if you are running a blog centered on solving specific issues of your targeted audiences then it should promise t to solve their issue with the help of self-help guides, tutorials, and actionable tips and tricks. It will help you connect quickly with the audiences and win their trust.

With each acquired reader you gradually increase the conversion potential of your blog. However, along with the acquisition of new readers, it is equally important to retain them and strategically strengthen the relations. It will streamline the entire readers to the buyer’s strategy without any gaps.

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Keep your content relevant to your products

Along with the quality of information the commercial relevance is equally important. For instance, if you sell the WordPress plugins then creating blogs around digital marketing or keyword strategy may be good for your targeted audiences (who are bloggers) but you also have to strategize the content in such an away that you can naturally include and highlight the WordPress plugins that you offer.

The objective is to highlight your product wherever you unnaturally can. Your prime goal is to sell your WordPress plugins to your targeted audiences without converting your blog post into a pushy sales pitch.

The best strategy is to identify the specific USP of your products and recognizing the major issues of the customers that they can solve. Creating a thorough content on those issues will enable you to seamlessly bake in your sales pitch into your blog without making it sound like a marketing content.

For instance, if you are selling keyword management tools then you can write a comprehensive blog post around how neglecting keywords can reduce the RoI of your targeted audience and prevent them to get any advantage from their content strategy. You can then include the practical solutions to the same and contextually mention your keyword research tool and how effectively it can help automate the RoI based keyword strategy for your customers.

The targeted audiences who are looking for streamlining their keyword strategy are more likely to buy your keyword research tool or at least use the free or trial version to test its competency.

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Don’t turn your content into a pushy sales pitch

While it is a good thing to try your best content marketing skills for selling your products through the blog, always be careful not to cross the line that divides ethical content marketing and pushing your products. You don’t have to center your blog entirely on your products but also concentrate on the major requirements and issues of your potential buyers.

For instance, if you are selling keyword research tools, then your potential customers are the individuals and companies who wish to enhance their digital business. You can attract such audiences by providing them basic digital marketing courses, actionable tips and tricks on digital marketing, content marketing strategy, latest algorithms, keyword strategy, and more.

It will help you to widen the targeted audience group for your content and optimize your website for more keywords for multiplying the visibility and opportunities.

Covering a wider spectrum of your niche will also help you establish your authority as an expert which helps in building trust.

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Avoid exaggeration and overpromise

Avoid exaggeration at all costs. The consumers today are too smart to be fooled by over-promising. You lose the badge of SEO expert the time you guarantee your potential customers to make their blog rank on No, 1 position on Google within 3 months. Never use the statements that show that your product is a single cure-all solution with some magical effect. Rather be realistic and mention the specific areas where your product can help customers to realize improvements.

Be very careful while supporting your claims with stats or numbers. For the best impact, you can mention the real-life use cases with the original names of individuals and brands to demonstrate the real-life value and potential of your product.

You can start with the challenges faced by your customers and how it affected their business. Then you can mention why they preferred your company over the others. Here you can use the original excerpts by the decisionmakers of your client brands like CEO or CTO.

Next, you can provide the details on how you employed your product to solve your client’s issue. This is the key part and you need to make it as effective as possible. Using a detailed but realistic description you can provide details on how you implemented the solution and how did it help the clients to overcome the issue.

Here again, you can use comparative figures and stats to highlight the business benefits brought by your solution.

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How to sell third party products through your blog?

If you are selling the products of a third party then you need to be very careful while selecting the right brands. After all, you won’t like to lose your readership by selling the products that fail to meet the customer’s expectations. So, it is always best to go for the brands that command respect in their niche and have a good reputation in the market.

Variety Is equally important. Selecting specific products will narrow down the convertible audience of your blog. By choosing a brand selling a wider catalog of products you can easily increase the convertible audience and it will also help you in your content marketing strategy.


Many people use blogging to attract their potential customers. By converting them into readers it becomes easier for them to win their trust and influence third purchase decisions. Thus selling your products to such people becomes easier. In this blog post, we presented some of the practical strategies to gain the best results out of this strategy. The readers are advised to properly follow the checklist regularly for the best results.

6 ways to write awesome blog posts that attract more readers

Blog Writing Tips 2020

A common ambition for every blogger is to emerge as a high authority blogger that helps him to enhance his reputation and revenue potential. Turning this dream into reality needs hard work, smart strategies, and patience. The most important thing is to regularly write the blog posts that offer you a distinguished appeal regardless of the age or DA of your blog. Blogging is an art that can be improved with some efforts and regular practice. In this guide, we are going to mention some of the ideal ways to write blog posts that help you connect quickly with your targeted readers at a deeper level. By continuously following these guidelines you can gradually improve your ranking and reputation in your niche:

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Avoid hollow words

Hollow words don’t attract the readers. Make sure to use the solid, well-thought content that packs intense value for the readers. Think deeply about the kind of content that your targeted readers expect. Be clear about the problem that your content is going to solve.

What would be the central theme of your blog post? Would it be an opinion piece, actionable tips, and tricks, a self-help guide, or a product review? What are the deliverables for both the parties, i.e., the writer (that’s you) and the readers? How do you wish your readers to react after reading the content (buying a product, subscribe to your blog, share the content, or comment on it)? Thinking upon all these things will help you create a well-shaped blog post that not only seems beautiful but also unlocks more value for your readers with each of its paragraphs.

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Structure your blog post appropriately

In the above paragraph we talked about a well-shaped content. Now, we would concentrate on how to appropriately structure you’re content to help your readers extract the maximum m value out of it. While we may not realize it the reality is that the streamlined structure of your content can go a long way in delivering the maximum value to your readers by giving them an option to choose and pick only the portions that align with their specific requirements.

Introduction: Start with an Introduction to give a clear idea of what the readers are going to learn or derive from your content. It is a very important part and you need to be concise and clear. Use power words and avoid redundancy. Asking a few pressing questions will set them in the right mindset to read your article. If it is a self-help guide then you need to be more specific in defining the final takeaway for your clients

Body: Body is the soul of your content. It is your canvas to present your skills, establish your authority, and fulfill the expectations of your readers. Make sure that you structure it well.

Digital readers generally have very short attention spans and long, overflowing paragraphs can put them off. Using smaller paragraphs will give a simple, reader-friendly appeal to your articles. Also, divide your content into bulleted or numbered lists to offer a neat look to your content. It is especially an asset for the skim readers who wish to quickly go through the major points of your article before deciding if they wish to read the complete post.

Using charts, graphs, images, and other media for supporting your statements is an effective way to keep the readers engaged. Such a structure also offers a promising look that there is a lot to expect from the article. Ensure that each paragraph should conclude appropriately.

Conclusion: In the end provide the well-written conclusion ensuring that it presents the complete list of your entire article, a quick summary list and if possible bridge different parts of your content body to provide what can be called the essence or moral of the story.

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Logical statements

Logic plays a vital role in any content. If you are not able to present the tangible logic behind your content then you would fail to leave a long-lasting impact on your audiences. You would certainly not like to convert your content into a read and forget type of content that is available as hundreds of such content types are available on the net.

People are not looking for the flowery style content with full of hollow promises or unnecessary adjectives. Rather, you need to create content that presents the practical logic backed by real-life data and facts that cannot be dismissed. It will make sure that your readers will take your content seriously. It will help you strategically but gently pushing your readers to take the actions that you expect from them like buying your products, sharing your content on social media, or become a regular audience of your blog. 

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The right way of using headings

 Headings not only make your content reader-friendly but also helps the search engine bots to easily navigate and understand your content. It thus increases your blog’s probabilities to be included in the relevant SERPs.  Headings and subheadings play a vital role in uncomplicating your content structure even if it a long-form article.

Along with using the right heading formatting (H1, H2, etc.), you should also include contextual keywords in your heading without stuffing them forcibly. The mobile audience can easily scan through your content if you properly divide into multiple headings and subheadings which will thus increase your reach and impact.

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Indicator phrases works as milestones for the readers

 There are specific words that give a clear indication of what to be expected n a specific paragraph. Using such words helps your readers scan through the most specific portions of your content. We can compare these words as the milestone indicating the distance to specific destinations.

For instance the words like “Start with”, “The second step is to” and “The last step” are a few examples of such phrases. Likewise, other phrases are indicating the content that follows like “As a result”, “The key takeaway is”, “It is advisable”, “Recommended list of actions”, “Most practical solution is”, etc. All these words make the skim reading even easier and enjoyable for the readers.

Headings also allow the readers to navigate through the specific sections but the indicator words help them to further pick and read the specific paras or even single sentences that are most relevant for them. For the best impact, the indicator words should generally be used at the beginning of a paragraph or a sentence.

When used in the middle of a paragraph, try highlighting these words by adding commas or suitable separators. The main aim of indicators words is to instantly attract the readers’ attention direct them to the most relevant content that aligns with their specific purpose.

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Get your content proofread by others

It is a good practice to get your post read by random readers and get their feedback. Request them to give you honest and constructive feedback including both plus and minus points of your content. Also, check with them if they were able to get the clear gist of the content as it is the key prerequisite for increasing your readership potential and add more subscribers to your blog. Acting on the feedback, try to enhance the strong points of your blog while working on the weak areas to make it more reader-friendly.


Getting a good reputation and revenue is the main target for any blogger but it is easier said than done. However, by following some specific strategies you can gradually but steadily build readership of your blog and gain a high reputation in the blogging industry. The strategies that we presented in this guide can help you enhance your reputation over a reasonable item. However, you should be committed to regularly follow these tips and employ an RoI based approach to make sure that you are getting the expected returns out of your efforts.

5 best tools to choose trending topics that audiences love

Content Tips

If you wish to earn a good commercial return from your blog then you should be ready to invest serious efforts and time for boosting its impact. Several factors influence the success potential of your blog but content plays the prime role. While creating impressive content isn’t an easy task, several tools and methodologies allow you to create great content. These tools help you to produce content with the RoI approach by selecting the most rewarding topics and understanding the information that most people are seeking on the internet. So it will be easier for you to market your content to a wider group of global audiences. In this blog we are going to present some tools and platforms that provide you the reliable updated list of trending topics:

Successful Content's Secret Sauce, Explained by Science (and ...


Buzzfeed fetches you good volume of information about the latest trends in the popular culture, entertainment and the contemporary issue across different sectors. Moreover, it also allows you to determine the viewing preferences by browsing only specific sections. If you haven’t yet decided the sector then you can simply select the trending sections that sort the different types of content by their popularity.

Top 5 BuzzSumo Alternatives For Better Content Marketing Insights


Buzz Sumo empowers you to easily search the hottest topics and browse through a variety of related content types. All you have to do is to mention the keyword, domain or topic, and press enter. It will bring you a complete list of relevant trending topics along with social media engagement stats on major platforms. The quick view fetches your maximum key details at a glance. Moreover, it also offers comprehensive filtering options.

You can not only sort the list based on the content engagement but can also choose the specific type of content you are looking for like infographics.

How To Use Google Trends: 10 Unique Ways To Boost Your SEO

Google Trends

To turn your content into an organic traffic magnet you need to select the topics that most people are searching on the net. Google trends are the best tool for this purpose. It offers you direct information and relevant stats about the most trending searches across the diverse niche. By wisely manipulating this information you can craft the content with good SEO potential. You can also optimize the view to meet your preferences or purpose like specific region, topic, or the most trending searches.

Jobs at Quora


 On Quora you can see a huge question database as well as the answers. Its popularity and the genuine questioners and news makest the most reliable source to find the questions that people are looking for.

 For viewing only the most popular content you can visit your home page and browse op stories feed. There are other ways to see popular content based o upvotes, comments, and shares.

Eight tips for advertising successfully on Reddit – Econsultancy


 Reddit is not a ready-to-use tool for information on trending topics. But once you get used to it can make things easier for you. With some manual efforts of skimming away the silly things, you can get the pulse of trending topics in popular culture.


In this blog, we presented a list of 5 different tools that offer reliable insights on the trending topics thus enabling you to produce impressive content with high readership potential. The readers are also advised to carefully compare these tools, read the latest user reviews, and check prices and relevance before using or buying any tool. Most of the tools are freemium, i.e., you can use a free version with some usage restrictions to test its efficiency level before buying a paid version. So it is a good idea to start with a free version before taking the final purchase decision.

6 organic and actionable SEO tips to gain better visibility on Google

Best SEO Tips

WordPress has made it much easier and affordable for businesses to establish a digital presence. After creating and publishing your site, the next concern is to gain a good ranking on Google. It is not an easy task and you need to struggle with tough competition. Numerous websites are being developed daily which is further multiplying the challenges to get a prominent position on Google. However, by employing the appropriate search engine optimization strategies you can steadily increase your chances of getting better visibility on SERPs display. In this blog, we are going to discuss some actionable tips and insights on White Hat SEO strategies or ethical ways to strengthen your position on Google

Write, Plan, Desk, Notes, Pen, Writing, Taking Notes

Create compelling content

Content is the major ranking parameter for any website. So if you wish to get a good ranking then be ready to concentrate your efforts on creating excellent content that is informative, engaging and well-presented.

Your content should not only be reader-friendly but also complies with the latest search engine guidelines. Some of the parameters for writing SEO-friendly content are topic, length, keywords, Links and anchors, etc.

 Humanely it is a tough task to evaluate your content from the view of search engine guidelines, especially if you don’t know much about SEO. Thankfully some tools can automatically evaluate your content based o different parameters and tell you whether or not (and how far) it is in line with search engine guidelines. One such tool is surfer.

 Many people are quite hasty in creating the content. You need to do proper homework before you even start writing the content. Gather sufficient information from different credible sources to make it authoritative and engaging.

 You cannot expect to churn good content within 15-30 minutes. It takes hours, even days or weeks to create the content with a competitive edge. The prime quality of good content is that it precisely answers the readers’ needs and satisfies their queries. By constantly writing such content you can increase the subscribers for your blog.

Personal, Network, Smartphone, Hand, Photomontage

Adopt Mobile First Approach

 The Majority of the users use their mobile devices to browse the net. To assure them a user-friendly experience the Google seriously considers mobile-friendly design as a major criterion while displaying and ranking the sites during a search query.

Make sure that your site matches the mobile-friendly guidelines as defined by Google. By not doing so you may find it almost impossible to gain or retain a prominent position on Google.

To make things easier the Google provides a mobile-friendly test app that helps you to identify the required specific changes in site layout for making it mobile friendly and also notifies you if your site has been penalized.

Bar, Ipad, Mockup, Business, Computer, Tablet

Don’t ignore the user intent

 Every internet user has some intent while browsing through different online information sources. Being a user first search engine the Google makes sure to fetch the results that perfectly match the intent of the users

For tat Google has been constantly developing several powerful technical provisions to match different websites with the user intent and allocate them an appropriate ranking based on their relevance.

Ensure that the diverse factors of your site like content, graphics, design, etc. should match with the users’ intent.

 Here also you can take the help of tools to determine the specific topics that users are looking for in different niches. For instance, the TD*IDF tools can offer reliable suggestions on the preferred topics and priority-based subjects depending upon the preference of the users. It is intuitive, easy to use, and offers a high rate of precision.

 First understand the intent of your users or the targeted audiences. What are their needs? Do they want deep insights and information on a specific topic? Are they looking to buy a product? Do they need to be convinced to purchase services that they already know about? Such questions allow you to frame your site’s content is the most persuasive and authoritative tone.

 Along with the content the other elements like design, layout, and graphics should also match the needs of the users. For instance, if your targeted audiences are shoppers looking for fashion clothing, then give a prime position to the apparel’s images on your home page and other pages with a catchy quick description of each apparel and a choice menu. The interested shoppers can land on your website, read about the clothing they are interested in, select their preference, and shop online.

Social Media, Digitization, Faces, Board, Circuits

Offer excellent User Experience (UX)

UX or user experience is another major factor to consider while designing a ranking strategy for your website. Google has lots of parameters and corresponding provisions for checking the user experience delivered by your website and accordingly rewarding or penalizing it.

 User experience is a vast term and you need to deeply evaluate your site to ensure better UX. The task is not an easy one but thanks to Google, you now have a Google UX guide where you can learn about diverse UX standards from Google’s point f view. It will help you to accurately modify and fine-tune your site to meet Google’s UX standards.

Keywords Letters, Scrabble, Word

Deep keyword researching

The unethical use of keywords for many years has led to massive reforms in the keywords policy of Google. Now it is not just about stuffing your site with numerous keywords and expects a good position in search queries. Such risky attempts can get your site penalized or blacklisted. However, you still need to use keywords strategically. Without a proper keyword strategy, you cannot expect to get a good ranking.

 Unlike the past strategy of using a few specific phrases, you now need to do deeper research on keywords. Google now emphasizes on ensuring that the keywords are employed authentically and genuinely to meet the user requirements.

 So instead of individual terms or short phrases, the keywords now refer to intent-based longer phrases matching the specific context in which they are used.

For gaining a deep and actionable insight on the keyword effectiveness you can use tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, and TF*IDF. Along with a list of preferred keywords of top sites, it will also help you monitor the recent changes in keyword trends.

Basket, Presentation Of Goods, Business, Market, Trade

Google My Business compatibility

 Geographical relevance is another parameter that Google considers to satisfy user intent. For instance, people looking for dining out or salons are looking for the nearest options in their city. So it doesn’t make sense to show them the results from other regions.

So one of the best strategies to gain a quick highlight is to ethically manipulate the local searches as you have much less competition in this segment. You can rank higher in local searches with reasonably modest efforts. Start by claiming your Google My Business (GMB) page

 After being claimed, the GMBs are displayed on a specific page just above the general search results thus giving a prominent position to GMB results. Besides, each result is displayed with a physical location, profile, contact details (email, phone websites) price, reviews and other quick info that influence the shoppers’ decisions.

This prominent display position will help you gain better visibility, more clicks, and possibly more customers.


To gain a good ranking on Google, you need to optimize your site as per the search engine guidelines. In technical terms, it is known as search engine optimization or SOE. There are several factors to consider while creating your SEO strategy. In this blog, we presented the major factors and actionable tips to build a powerful SEO strategy. The users are also advised to monitor the latest changes in algorithms and optimize their site accordingly to ensure that it aligns with the latest guidelines.

5 actionable tips to write irresistible blog posts

Effective writing skills

Would you like to increase the readership of your blog? Do you know how to gain it? Of course, every blogger knows the answer: “writing good content and promoting it”. However, it poses another tricky question: How to write content that impresses the readers? This is the place where your will possibly find the answer to  this question.

In this article, we have curated a list of actionable tips that will help you create the simply irresistible content. You are about to read the proven fundamental techniques of converting your content (including B2B content) into an enjoyable reading journey for your targeted readers.

Knowledge, Book, Library, Glasses, Textbook

Write for individual readers (not for the “mass of readers”)

Using impersonal words automatically creates The Great Wall of Communication between you and your readers. If it is not clear yet then considers these two examples:

Impersonal: “The readers who wish to learn the art of writing may benefit by reading this post.”

Personal: “So, you want to master the art of writing? Let me share some secret awesome tips with you that I have carefully picked for you. But promise me that you won’t just read and forget but try them as well.”

Most of the time the impersonal tone is caused unintentionally when you think of your readers as a mass, a faceless community. Instead, try writing for an individual reader and imagine him/her as a committed fan of your blog who is impressed by your writing skills and values your posts. Think as if you are writing for that individual reader.

It will automatically make your blog post sound like a relaxed and enjoyable conversation. You are no longer burdened with the responsibility of making all your readers happy. There is no need to play grammar police. You are the least worried about inserting the prosaic words and phrases to sound scholarly. 

In short, you can fully concentrate on exploring and expressing your thoughts most naturally. It will allow you to write a conversational style blog post that can easily be understood and digested by your readers and make them happy.

Light, Bulb, Simple

Uncomplicate your ideas and writing

Jargons and heavy words are something that should be avoided at all costs until or unless you are writing Shakespearean literature. As a blogger your primary objective is to widen your reach and how can you expect it if the readers need to consult their dictionary or re-read the convoluted sentence to understand the meaning? Also, avoid presenting a very broad spectrum of a topic. Be as specific as possible.

For that be careful before even starting your article. Ask yourself a few questions like:

·         Who is my targeted audience?

·         What are their problems that I can address?

·         What are the best and most practical solutions to their problems?

·         How to present those solutions in the simplest everyday language that they can understand?

An ideal blog post should be informative and engaging at the same time. It should be written in the style that the reader can easily understand, recall, and act upon the gist of your article.

Road, Away, Dirt Track, Lane, Alpine Way

One-way traffic rule doesn’t work here

Generally we frame our sentences as a one-way conversation which seems perfect to us but it doesn’t work best for the readers. It is because while writing, many writers use their blog posts as a means to express their thoughts.

The ideal way is to turn your blog post into a 2-way conversational platform where you not only allow but encourage your readers to take a pause, think, and even disagree with you if they like.

These factors enable your readers for some entertaining mental gymnastics while reading your post which prevents them from mental fatigue.

Entrepreneur, Startup, Start-Up, Man

Showcase the author’s (that’s YOU) personality

While sharing knowledge and expertise are two major objectives of writing content, be careful not to turn your content into a boring lengthy piece that keeps drilling the single subject. Instead, convert your content into something that has a charming, likable personality.

The easiest way to do it is to think about how naturally you can discuss some personal incidents or a quick story related to your content. Right from telling them about how did you turned a boring Sunday grocery shopping into a fun family outing to witty storytelling about how did you adjusted your expenses to become an individual entrepreneur- there are lots of personal stories that tell the readers about your personality while also providing more clarity to your content.

Incorporating these stories will turn your content into an eclectic piece of engaging content blocks.

Some actionable tips

·         Sharing your mistakes and what readers can learn to form them

·         Mention a personal story to clarify your point

·         Take a character out of your real-life and give him/her any suitable adjective with some funny twist (like “The grumpy guy with loudspeaker voice”)

·         Inform your readers about the reason for writing the post

·         Tell your readers about the surrounding or activity while writing the post (preferably something relevant to your content- like mentioning your still unpacked handbag that is still lying on your computer desk while writing a travel story)

Adding such little engaging details creates an affinity between you and your reader. The loyalty and commitment of such readers don’t end with the last word of your present blog post but extend beyond to form a long-lasting relationship. By baking your personality into your blog post you make your readers know you as a person. This personal familiarity act as a powerful adhesive to bond you with your readers and eventually increases the repeated visits and number of subscribers.

Question Mark, Question, Mark, Symbol

Q for Curious

You write the blog posts to answer the queries of your readers. That’s; fine but it doesn’t mean that all your sentences should stop with a full stop. Be interrogative and use a good amount of question marks too in your blog post and remember you don’t have to provide an answer to all of them but leave some questions unanswered.

Creating curiosity inside your readers is one of the best ways to increase the impact of your post.

 The unanswered questions encourage your readers to think more deeply about your content and process it to conclude an answer. In the procedure, they intensely dive into your content which helps them to properly digest its import thus giving them a wholesome reading experience- something they would love. It can help you build a steady base of repeated visitors.


Creating awesome blog posts can be a tough thing but you can eventually learn this art. In this blog, we mentioned various actionable tips to attract and engage your readers. By creating a checklist based on the same, and following it regularly you can increase the readership of your blog and also build a steady stream of regular subscribers. The readers are advised to promote their blogs using the best content marketing strategies to make sure that their awesome content gets the popularity it deserves.

5 best Movie Database plugins to boost the appeal of your entertainment blog

Best Movie Database Plugins

If you are running an entertainment blog related to celebrities, fashion or cinema then you can add a distinct appeal to its look with the help of Movie Database plugins. These plugins can help you show the latest movie information in an appealing format on your site by using their API, creating shortcodes, and determining the visual layout of the information. It also allows you to easily import key stats and elements like posters, graphics, mobile trailers, etc. By showing all these interesting details you can instantly attract the people’s attention and instantly engage your visitors by showing them key details of the latest movies in an eye-friendly format:

CodeCanyon - WP Watch Movies & TV Shows Online v1.0 » GFxtra

WP Watch Movies & TV Shows Online

This plug-in help you create well-formatted Movie posts by automatically pulling out all the vital details such as cast, genre, director, actor, trailers and in an appropriate format.

Salient Features

·         AJAX and jQuery integrated

·         Nice homepage tabs

·         Multiple tab creation for TV shows or latets movie releases

·         Widget to display all the genres in site’s sidebar

5 WordPress Plugins Movie Database (Free & Paid) | FormGet

The Movie Database

 This premium quality tools can be deployed sans hassles and offers you extended control over the formatting/visibility of titles, reviews, image, sound quality, and other details.

Salient fetaures

·         Easy to crete movie gallery website with appealing design

·         Easy to search desired movies by entering movie name or related keywords

·         Automatic data importing for your blog post

Movieomatic Automatic Post Generator Plugin for WordPress ...

Movieomatic Automatic Post Generator

 To ensure authenticity the plug-in fetches the details only form the most reliable sources and high authority sites. Though automated the posts don’t lack the appeal and offer well-formatted details of movies including trailers, cast and crew, and even posters.

This is an advanced post generator that automates the process of adding movie updates on your website. In our words, you can showcase the latest movie updates without incurring any manual efforts. Isn’t it great?


·          Auto post creation to display key stats like screenshots, railers, posters, etc.

·         Built in translator to efficiently pull out conen in diverse languages

·         Unique content creation with random sentence generator tool

·         Extedned control optons

·         Auto generation of featured image

My Movie Database – WordPress plugin |

With this plug-in you can gear up the appeal of your website easily by adding the interesting and latest information about showbiz industry on your website Easy interface, intuitive processes and quick steps make this tool equally useful for beginners as well as seasoned bloggers.

 You also have the option to use shortcodes for deploying this plug-in on your website. The plug-in collects information from the genuine and authentic sources to ensure that only the real, verifiable information is available on your bogs.

Salient Features

·         Eas provisions to produce separate posts for celebrities, movies and TV shows

·         Vital information about movies can be added with least efforts

·         Can be inseted through shortcodes or directy into posts

·         Easy to add or modify the movie posts

·         Mulitpel shortodes to make yoru work easier

The Final Countdown - wpMovieLibrary Blog


This plug-in offers you a wide array of options to build a huge movie collection and manage it without hassles. For reducing manual efforts and streamlining the workflow the tool also provides you several control options like metadata importing, move sorting, importing images ad other elements, etc.

Salient Features

·         It allows bulk import of hundreds of movies with just a few clicks.

·         Create a custom dashboard for your website’s effective usage of the plug-in.

·         Easily extract movie details like release date, writer, cast, title, and more.

·         Download movie posters and images with a single click.

·         Auto fills details that are not present in the movie.

·         Click Here For WordPress Plugin Movie Database

·         Provision for bul movie import with a few clicks


One of the best ways to enhance the impact of your entertainment niche blog is to display key information about the latest movies. It not only helps in attracting more visitors to your entertainment blog but also keeps them engaged. In this blog, we mentioned 5 ideal plugins to display the info about the latest movie releases. To make a wise decision, you need to assess each plugin based on the price, user reviews, size, and specific technical requirements, if any. 

Monitor your competitor WP sites 24X7 with these powerful tracking tools

Competition Tracking

The constantly increasing number of new players in the digital world has resulted in very tough competitions across different niches and it has become all the more difficult to survive in this difficult market. Right from the start-ups to established players and new bloggers to millionaire blogging entrepreneurs, everyone is struggling to cut through this competition. While there is no sure shot way to succeed in the digital world, there are some tools that can help you gain a competitive edge and enhance the business potential of your website. In this blog we are going to mention some such easy to use and effective tools to track your competitors and also monitor your site performance so that you can focus better on specific aspects to improve your ranking and conversion probabilities:

How to Monitor the web for interesting new content with Google ...

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is an effective tool to track all the mentions of the desired keyword across multiple digital platforms of your choice. Google Alerts notifies you about the mentions of your specific keywords that you wish to remain updated about. Once you have entered your desired keyword, which could be as specific or as detailed as you wish the Google alerts will start tracking and searching that keyword and instantly furnish you the key information whenever that keyword is quoted. Whether the keywords are mentioned as a plain text or a link the tool instantly informs you about the same via email.

 All you have to do is to specify the keyword and sauces where it is mentioned like web, books, discussions, news, and even videos. You also have the option to select a specific location or opt for global tracking. You can either select a specific period to receive emails or opt for a single digest set through email message.

 By wisely using this tool and acting on its information you can not only get the updated information about your and competitor’s brand mentions on different digital channels but can also fine-tune your digital strategy to gain a competitive edge.

BuiltWith Technology Lookup


Builtwith fetches you the details about the diverse technologies that are employed to create a specific webpage. This powerful tool assures accurate results and can detect 25000+ internet technologies. This wide and varied list includes advertising, analytics, CMS, hosting, and the name of other technologies.

By checking the technologies used your competitors and other top brands of the industry to can also use these technologies to great up the personality and UI/UX of your website.

 Bys wisely working on the collected information you can work on your site to enhance its conversion potential, add innovative digital capabilities and leverage the overall consumer experience which will help you to accelerate your sales. - Competitive Intelligence Tool


If you wish to get a complete overview with comprehensive stats in a visually friendly manner and key insights, the SimilarWeb is the best option for you. Along with the plethora of information the tool also allows you t conduct a shoulder to shoulder comparison between two sites like your site and your competitor’s site. You may opt for a complete site comparison or compare the stats of specific web pages. This easy and logical comparison format will allow you to pinpoint the gaps and identify your strengths vis-à-vis your competitors’ website. Moreover SimilarWeb also gives relevant traffic-based ranking to your site based on different criteria like global traffic, or traffic from a specific location or category.

The tool allows you to conduct a 360-degree analysis of website traffic by breaking down the information into many sub-sections like device-based traffic, stay duration. Bounce rate, pages browsed during each visit, etc. The tool offers you a comprehensive list of competitors and similar websites. It also fetches the key stats on the traffic generated through specific social media channels and the other sites visited by the same users.

What is Alexa Rank? How to improve it? | DigitalGoal


A brand of Amazon, the Alexa is a high stamina competition tracing tool used by the entrepreneurs, chordates brands and SOE agencies across the globe.

The tool offers you details about the keywords and links on which your competitors are working on. It has a selected array of strong tools to analyze your competition like fining similar sites, backlink tracking, top sites, common audiences, and unique visitors among others. By comparing the essential traffic metrics of various sites, you would be able to devise a more robust and purpose rented digital strategy for optimum results.

 You may also add Alex as a browser extension to use it quickly and more easily.


To enjoy a competitive edge in the digital world it is very important to follow a well-defined strategy. By logically tracking your competitors you can easily identify the gaps and strength of your website and channel your efforts in the right direction for better results. In this blog we presented a list of such high-stamina tools that can help you to track the performance elf your site and compare it with your closest competitors and other top players in the industry. The readers are advised to read the reviews and compare features/prices of different tools before using any of them.