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Create robust sales funnel with these awesome tools

If you have created a blog for your business enterprise then one of your main concerns possibly is how to increase your sales through the content. One way to do that is to build sales funnels that encourage and enable visitors to directly make an online purchase.

A simple definition of sales funnel is that it is a series of different marketing-focused actions to sell your products and services. A sales funnel contains a range of actions like videos, automated mails, articles, landing pages, etc. Collectively these actions create a step by step process for bringing targeted audiences nearer to the purchasing decision.

In this blog we are going to present some of the highly competent plugins that will help you create a result-oriented sales funnel with minimum efforts and zero technical complexities. There is no coding required and you can use them in diverse ways to optimize your sales funnel for better results:

Organize Your Marketing In 1 Place - CoSchedule Marketing Suite


Publishing and promotion of your posts can be a complex task especially for the individual bloggers with limited time. If you are also struggling between creating regular content and publishing/promotional tasks then Co-Schedule is the right tool for you. It is equipped with the strong features and tools to schedule publishing as well as sharing the posts across multiple social media platforms. You can even set the preferred time of post sharing when your targeted audiences are most likely to be present online.

Salient Features:

 Seamless content importing from Google Docs

Multiple rescheduling options available for publishing and social sharing (day, week, or even an entire month)

Robust yet intuitive features to build editorial calendar and strategies

Reliable features to facilitate seamless team collaboration on different content projects in the real time

Automated scheduling features for social media sharing/posting

Inbuilt analytical capabilities and tools for monitoring the present status of content strategy

Easy syncing provisions to integrate different social media platforms to co schedule dashboard to streamline the processes

Why Thrive Leads?

Thrive Leads

 Thrive Leads is a highly competent tool for self-hosted blogs that empowers you to create a high-potential email list using its powerful widgets. Also, there is a provision for adding 2-step options for lead magnets as well as content upgrading.

Salient Features:

Trigger opt-in forms based on a user’s site behaviour or how long they’ve used the site.

·          Behaviour and time-based opt-in forms to maintain relevancy

·         Condition-based SmartExit+ that only act when prospects is about to exit your site. You can set the trigger conditions

·         2-steo opt in process increases conversion probabilities

·         Different ways to capture contact inform of a prospects like pop-ups/exit pop-ups, landing pages, etc.

Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin – Easy Pricing Tables – WordPress plugin |

Easy Pricing Tables

 One of the lesser known fact about sales flow is that digital presentation of pricing also plays a significant role in influencing the sales opportunities. A clutter-free and straightforward pricing table with mobile responsive design allows prospects to check prices of different products at a glance and take an informed decision. Easy pricing tables offers you a code-free way of building such neatly presented pricing tables quickly and easily.

Salient Features:

·          10 pre-built templates of pricing tables with powerful customization features

·         Easy way to insert tool tips and icons on the table by just hover over it

·         Mobile responsive design to deliver best visual experience to the mobile users

·         Provision to use Google Analytics Add-On for success measuring of every pricing table

·         Pricing is the most important part of your selling strategy. With neatly arranged, cogent pricing table you can help customers know the rates quickly-regardless of the device

Wufoo (@Wufoo) | Twitter


 Wufoo is a reliable tool for building dynamic forms and allows for seamless integration with different blog posts and WebPages.

 Wufoo allows you to efficiently survey the site visitors and learn about their content preferences. Accordingly you can optimize your content strategy to deliver best value to the frequent visitors by publishing the posts that perfectly align with their interests. It also allows you to optimize other key aspects of your business like product pricing by collecting the related details and acting on them.

Salient Features:

Collection of email addresses for lead generation.

Integrates with ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, and other email marketing tools.

Can be used as a checkout form and to collect payment information.

 Email address collection to generate leads

Seamless integration with different email marketing tools like Mailchim, ActiveCampaign etc.

You can collect payment information by using it as a checkout form??


In order to increase your online sales, you need to seriously concentrate on building a connected series of action prompting sequences to attract people, educate them about product and finally enable them to purchase directly online. In digital world it is called creating a sales funnel. In this blog we mentioned some of the best tools and plugins that will help you create a robust sales funnel.

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