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Best tips to market your content wisely for optimum benefits

Producing high-quality posts packed with rich value is the first step to make your blog appealing. However, to make it more popular among the clients and enjoy better rankings, you also need to enhance the appeal of your blog and increase its visibility. There are different ways to achieve this objective and often you need to blend multiple options to get the desired results. In this blog we will mention some of the best ways to market your content, gain more views and transform your blog into a reliable source for making revenue and building reputation:

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Strategic Keyword Positioning

Along with keyword research, it is equally important to position them strategically across your articles and blogs. It is not news anymore that keyword stuffing is rightly considered as a black hat SEO and can severely hurt your website. So, you have limited instances of using keywords, and one way to ensure their impact is to use keywords just at the right places to gain maximum SEO benefits.

Divide your article carefully in a specific structure and then select powerful parts to insert the keywords like initial paragraphs, headings, bullet points, conclusion, etc. The search engine bots have a special focus on such important parts of the content structure. Thus using keywords in these parts extensively help search engine bots to discover your site quickly and easily. In that capacity keyword, positioning is among the important SEO factors to be considered.

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Strategic content calendar designing

Carefully design your content calendar in advance to streamline the post publishing and save yourself from Nth hour hassles/bottlenecks. It will also allow you a sufficient margin to research and write the relevant content while contextually adding the keywords.

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Effective content format with attractive headlines

Make sure that the readers don’t struggle with your content but enjoy it. Make your content comprehensible and add clear takeaways. Neatly format your content and structure it well-using headers, subheaders, bulleted/numbered lists, and other formatting features.

Create attractive titles that compel the audiences to read the entire post. Use powerful and descriptive words. An ideal title packs the entire idea into a short but powerful punchline.

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Natural sounding content

Many people have the misconception that stuffing a variety of keywords into posts can increase visibility and ranking. That’s not true. What matters is to carefully research a few high-potential keywords and produce high-value content related to them. Carefully use those keywords at key places like headings, bullet points, and lists. After completing the post, proofread it to ensure that keywords should sound natural and relevant, instead of being unnaturally forced without any context.

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Social Media calendar

Carefully create a social media calendar for popularizing your posts over different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Just a single post at the time of publishing isn’t enough. The top bloggers share each of their posts repeatedly over several months which is why their posts get so many views. But just random sharing won’t work. Plan a solid strategy for sharing the post on the right channels on the right days with the right group of audiences. Thankfully there are many advanced and AI-enabled tools to get such details more accurately.

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Refreshing past content

One of the easiest and quickest SEO content strategies is to refresh the old content by adding more valuable and updated information. It will also help in replacing outdated information and data with the current one. Utilize this opportunity to further enrich your content by adding new aspects of the original topic. Don’t forget to do quick keyword research and include the latest keywords.

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Infographics have gained huge popularity during the span of the past half a decade. It has created an additional opportunity for content marketers but has also resulted in competition as many players are vying to get the biggest portion of the pie. So, make sure that both the graphics and content should have a rich value.

Make the infographics visually attractive, add data and quick facts, and use the right dimensions to make the visuals clear. The image quality matters a lot. So, invest proper time and attention in creating/inserting graphics. Don’t forget to give credit to the sources from where you got the information, facts, and statistics.

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SlideShare is another fast-growing platform where you can upload your presentations. Alternatively, you can also use it to upload documents or infographics. Make sure to use attractive graphics and animation effects without overdoing them. Keep a fine balance between simplicity and charisma.  


To make your blog achieve a distinct place among the audiences you need to invest your efforts in content marketing and SEO. Contrary to the common notion, content marketing/SEO isn’t a complicated task that needs professional experts. With the right knowledge, you can also do it on your own. In this blog, we mentioned some of the popular as well as new ways to market your blog/posts through different ways and platforms.

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