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How to get best output from your ad on Facebook Audience Network?

One of the best ways for effective blog content promotion on facebook is to promote it on Facebook Audience Network- the in app advertising network for the mobile apps. It is a form o off=page advertising. Not only does it claims a tremendous traffic of 1 billion+ every month, but it also helps in more audience targeted advertising for better and more personal impact.

Some strong reasons to choose facebook audience network for advertising are:

Lower CPC (Cost-per-click) prices than many other paid media

Extensive Targeting options to effectively reach relevant people with higher conversion potential

Boosts organic reach if the ad

Seamless set up and management of ads

In this blog post we will discuss how to attract more clicks to your ads at relatively lower prices:

Mobile Phone, Smartphone, Keyboard, App

Share latest posts on facebook

 Start by sharing your blog post link on your official facebook page to gain visibility.

 Sharing your post will notify some of the people who liked that page.

 It will prompt some of them to engage with the post by liking of sharing it. It will most possibly have a sort of ripple effect- encouraging a few others to engage, like and/or share the post. Eventually it helps in increasing popularity and building curiosity around your post and content.

While sending the link, approach the people who are closely familiar with you- friends, families and colleagues. Don’t hesitate in asking them to like the post so that you can improve the CTR of your facebook ad.

 Likes increases credibility which attracts more clicks.

Social Media, Facebook, Smartphone

Strategic Facebook post boosting

 By boosting your post you can easily promote it and build better visibility to your content. For that you need to start by determining a reasonable budget that you are comfortable with. Carefully select your targeted audience to leave maximum impact and finally click the button boos post/??

 It is always better to start tentatively and move ahead only after assessing the results. Use RoI approach to ensure that you are getting best outcome out of your ad boosting investment. Divide your budget into many small portions and go for single day campaign. It will offer you required flexibility to change your strategy or scale your budget to ensure optimum outcome.

 Now one question may come to your mind- how to measure the metrics for ascertaining the impact of your facebook ad campaigns. For that you can use Facebook campaign checkups. Here you will get quick overview of the key elements like :

CPC or Cost per Click to check how much it costs to get a single click on your promoted post

CTR or click through rate: to gauge the interest generated by the boosted post among your niche audiences

CPM or cost per mil- To calculate the cost your spent for getting per 1000 views to your boosted post.

Business, Background, Blog

Use headlines that instantly connects the audiences

 Use headlines that instantly attract the readers and prompt them to click and read the content.  Add a solid punch to emphasize the USP of your content and why one must read it.

 Don’t be in compulsion to use your post headline as the ad headline. Be creative and come up with another, fresh, appealing headline for your ad.

A good headline:

Show specific benefits to the reader

Boosts credibility by including facts and number

Avoids exceeding 40-70 characters when creating an add

Talks a bit casually and use action terms like save, get, do and learn

Visual Art, Digital Art, Composition

Employ unique visual art

 It is a no-brainer that pictures communicate faster than words, and research studies actually prove that. It is especially true when we talk in the context of ads. The main objective of ads is to communicate most in the least time without compromising on the message or impact. Right visuals can help you a great way in achieving this objective.

Just like copied or spun content, the stock and free photos give a bland, unimpressive look to your ad and the audiences generally scroll past it. As these stock photos are available for free, a majority of publishers and advertisers may have already used them for many times and on different platform which make them loose their uniqueness. Moreover, these photos generally lack the fine details and unique colour chemistry. So, consider investing in ad-designing. You can either tell your in-house graphic designer to design the advertisement banners/visuals or alternatively you can hire one thorough the sites like Fiverr or freelancer where you can get good talent at reasonable prices.

 Do some R&D on your competitors and similar ads to get an inspiration on the colours, designs and overall presentation of the graphics to leave a definite impact on the audiences.

Content Marketing, Writers

Write unique copy

 Write a high impact copy that compels people to click on the link. Keep in mind that people won’t read your content during the first interaction. The will read the ad copy which means the better quality of ad copy increases the probabilities of your content being clicked.

Here are a few things to keep in mind

 Facts and testimonials increase credibility.

Engage people’s attention by asking questions

Provide solution to various common problems.

Show the next step by using clear call buttons

Write headlines that directly connect with the user’s intention


While influencer marketing does help in enhancing you its reputations, it might not be affordable for all. By advertising it on Facebook Audience Network, you can reach out the most relevant audiences who are more likely to click the link.

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