Best plugins to multiply your blog traffic the easy way

Best Blogging Plugins

Just like a high-end supermarket loses its value without customers, in the same way even the most awesome blogs with top quality content prove to be a failure if it doesn’t get visitors. Time and again we come across many awesome blogs that don’t get many visitors. It shows that along with content and design quality there is something else that needs attention. Adding some attractive and interactive functionality can help you gain more visitors and also increase their stay duration. They can also turn stray visitors into regular audiences. In this blog we are going to mention some of the best plugins that are purpose-built to revive your passive blog and turn it into a happening digital platform by increasing traffic and interaction:

Yoast SEO

 On-page SEO management can help you a great way of multiplying your traffic and gain deeper traction into your preferred audience group. With the help of On-Page SEO, you can work on diverse major and minor elements titles, keywords, images, snippets, content style, Meta tags, etc. Yoast is a powerful plug-in to streamline your on-page SEO strategy. It automatically analyses the overall SEO quality of your content and displays the results in a retina-friendly manner with three different colors to indicate SEO parameters- red for poor, orange for okay, and green for good quality.

 The best thing is that these lights change in real-time which means that upon making the ideal changes the red light (poor SEO) will automatically turn to orange (Okay) or Green (Good). This plug-in also assesses the readability of your content which not only offers extra marks for SEO but also plays a vital role in keeping the visitors engaged for a long. So, even if you are a new blogger with very limited SEO knowledge, the Yoast will do all the heavy lifting for you thus helping you to optimize your posts for improved ranking.

HubSpot WordPress

 To accelerate your traffic you first need to familiarize yourself with the kind of visitors that you are getting. What is the visiting frequency? What is their average session time? What are the activities they perform while on your website? Answers to all such questions will help you adopt the focused strategy that is specifically designed to build on the strengths and work on the weak points of your blog. It will give a clear direction to your digital marketing strategy thus allowing you to get the best RoI within a reasonable time.

Hubspot WordPress plug-in is one such tool that fetches you all such key stats presented on an eye-friendly dashboard. It provides you all the key stats like top lead generating pages, major traffic sources, best days and hours for post publishing, etc. In short, with just a few glances and a little mathematics, you would be able to understand, analyze, and manage your blog traffic for optimum results.

Bloom Email Optin Plugin For WordPress - YouTube

Bloom Email Optin

 One of the time tested ways to strengthen your bond with readers and retain their interest is to keep them updated about any new developments. Email opt-in forms make it easier for you by facilitating one on one interaction with your audiences. Unlike conventional SEO strategies, you don’t have to wait for the undefined period to see the results. Email opt-in forms allow you to turn random visitors into subscribers. So, you can directly send them the link to your latest post through the mail which increases the probabilities of a positive response. Moreover, you can also send insider offers, latest events, and exclusive product info to your subscribers which enhances revenue potential. Bloom is one of the best email pot-in plug-ins that comes with 6 eye-catchy pop-up styles. You can also set the specific activities that trigger these pop-ups.

It provides you an extensive list of setting options. By wisely using these options you can increase subscribers without diverting or disturbing your visitors.  

MailOptin - Grow, Nurture and Engage Your Email List & Customers


 While email subscription is the best way to create a rapport with your visitors, there are various other options as well like notifications, call to action, pop-ups, etc. If you are looking for an all in one plug-in that comes with all these capabilities then MailOptin can be the best solution for you. In short, it s a single plug-in equipped with all the key features fro lead generation. It allows you to strengthen your lead generation strategy by multiplying the avenues so that you can serve different flavors (email subscription, pop-up, notifications, etc) to different clients suiting their tastes and preferences.

OptinMonster - Most Powerful Lead Generation Software for Marketers


 Many blogs are focused on educating the targeted audiences about specific products and services to help them make informed decisions. One of the major objectives of such blogs is to generate new leads. Optin Monster is such a powerful plug-in that is purpose-designed to capture new leads and stop visitors from straying to another site or closing your blog. It does this by getting the emails of new visitors which allows you to keep in touch even with your random first-time visitors, regardless of whether or not they open your site again. The best thing about this plug-in is that it can efficiently identify user behavior and display the most relevant messages to renew their attention. There are several options and settings to personalize the messages, showing different messages to different visitors based on their activity and timing the pop-up in such a way that it should not disturb the visitors during browsing. 


To increase the blog audiences you need to understand them well and build long-term relations. In this blog, we have mentioned some of the best plugins that not only familiarize you with your visitors but also empower you to start one on one communication with them or capture the attention of visitors who are about to exit your site. By wisely using these plugins you can easily save your blog from failure. 

Best PDF plugins for your WordPress blog

Best PDF Plugins

Many times you may wish to provide specific content to your readers in a downloadable PDF format. It might seem to be a somewhat tricky task. Did you know that there are different purpose-built plugins available that make it easy for you to create, upload, and add PDF files on your blog that can be downloaded by the visitors? In this blog, we are going to present a list of some such PDF plugins

E2PDF - Backup Restore SMS,Call,Contact,TrueCaller - Apps on Google Play


E2PDF is another powerful plugin to add and show PDF files on your blog. It has a neat interface with all the key features to make, modify, and showcase PDF documents to the audiences right from the interface of your WP admin area. You would also appreciate its automated PDF forms generation feature to generate forms based on your posts or pages.

EmbedPress - Embed Anything Within Your WordPress Site


 Embedpress offers you a quick and straightforward way to add your desired PDF files in your WP blog posts and WebPages. It has a simple interface with media libraries through which you can upload the required PDF documents at the desired location of your WP blog or site.

 Along with PDF files you can also upload other media files or even the Google Maps, sheets, forms, and videos from different platforms like Twitch, Vimeo, or YouTube.

WPForms Review (December 2020) - Is it worth your time and money?


 WP forms facilitate secured PDF file submission so that your audiences can upload PDF files through a form. Additionally, it also allows you to download contact form submissions in PDF format so that you can store or share them in a convenient manner.

Easy processes, simple interface, and quick workflow are some reasons behind its massive popularity across multiple countries.

Woocommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

 As the name suggests this plug-in empowers site owners to create, save and share PDF invoices to the desired recipients when confirming their orders through email.

 It provides you general templates that you can easily personalize to meet your brand personality and b business requirements. Additionally, you will also get packing slips and invoice management features baked right into the admin area which makes your post-sales workflow even easier.

PDF & Print (BestWebSoft)

 This plugin allows you to insert a brand-friendly button on your site for downloading and printing PDF files.

Being fully brandable, the button can be personalized to match the fonts, colors, and styles of your brand thus offering it a more sophisticated look. The plugins also provide a shortcode execution feature during PDF generation.


Whether you wish to provide a well-researched detailed article to your audience or offer e-books written on contemporary topics, you would certainly prefer to provide such content in a PDF format. In this blog, we mentioned some of the best PDF plugins that will help you add PDF files t your blog without any tedious technical processes.

Amazing animation plugins to make your blog come alive

Best animation apps

Animation makes your blog come alive and transforms it into an interactive platform for the readers that keep them hooked for a long. If you also wish to make your blog lively by adding animation then this carefully compiled list of selected animation plugins will make your task easier. You can compare the different plugins in this list and pick the ones that seem most relevant for your purpose:

Smart Slider 3 and Elementor — Smart Slider 3 — WordPress Plugin

Smart Slider 3

 Along with adding sliders this plug-in also allows you to add multiple layers to them. The structure of these layers can easily be customized as columns or rows to ensure the best visual character.

 To make your sliders more appealing you select any of the 9 different animated backgrounds that come with this plug-in. To further uncomplicated the designing process it also provides an instantly usable starter slider shipped with this plug-in. The plug-in is wisely designed with SEO compatibility features and along with images it also supports video files.

Slider by Soliloquy – Responsive Image Slider for WordPress – WordPress  plugin |


 It is an excellent plug-in that empowers you to insert awesome sliders to your blog through a drag and drop builder which means no coding is required at all. With some easy steps, you can quickly create fantastic video sliders to offer a luxurious experience to your audiences. Additionally, it also supports dynamic sliders from your desired external or internal source like testimonials, featured bog posts, or Instagram pics. You can add navigable thumbnail images to transform your blog into an image gallery. You can also add PDF sliders or other formats to offer a remarkable and engaging experience to the site visitor.

Slider Revolution

 If you want to create interactive animated content for your audience the slider revolution is a plug-in you just can’t ignore. The best thing about this plug-in is that it is strategically designed for beginners and allows them to give a fully professional look to their site with zero technical complications. It provides you over 200 templates so that you can select the one that satisfies your purpose and perfectly blends with your site’s look and appeal. To enjoy an extended control you can use its advanced animation settings and presets which require a modest learning curve. With a little practice, you can transform your blog into an awesome, interactive platform for your visitors.

With this plug-in, you can create a variety of displays like sliders, carousels, content modules, hero headers, etc. To offer your site a distinguished look you can also add diverse media elements like images/videos, icons, and more. The plug-in offers in-depth animation settings and animation presets, so you can have full control over the animations you use.

Smart Product Viewer

 This is a perfect fit for showing a wholesome picture of your products to online visitors in an appealing and detailed format. The 360-degree spin view allows your visitors to look at your product from different angles.

 It also allows you to visually show to readers the functioning of your product. You will get a huge menu of 64 different color dominations and navigation styles. The users can quickly spin your product through their system mouse. Along with adding it to your page, you can also insert animation views as widgets to your sidebars.

Massive Dynamic - Business WP Theme & Visual Website Builder

Master Slider

With the help of a master slider, you can easily insert awesome content sliders and pictures with sophisticated transition effects. You will get more than 80d different sample sliders that can be used right away with a little customization. Besides the plug-in offers you advanced transition effects as well as touch navigation support which takes user experience to the next level.

 The plug-in provides you extended control over the visual ecosystem and you can display the sliders as galleries, parallax, etc. It is designed to satisfy all the SEO guidelines. Whether you look at a 12” desktop screen or navigate through a 5” Smartphone, it provides you an awesome experience as it works on responsive design guidelines.


The animation is among the most preferred ways to make your blog interactive and add an irresistible character to your entire site. In this blog, we mentioned some f t the most ideal animation plugins for your WP blog. You can carefully go through the entire list, compare the features of different plugins that we mentioned and then zero in on the one that seems most suitable.

How to add Live chat feature to your blog?

Add chat feature

Communication plays a vital role in building and strengthening the reader community for any blog. It allows you to convert visitors into regular audiences and committed readers. One of the best ways to facilitate live communication on your site is to add a chat feature to it. It offers one on one communication in real-time that will multiply the interest of your audiences and keep them engaged for a long. It will also spark and sustain conversations that will eventually help your blog to grow.

External chat services like FB, Slack, or Whatsapp do allow your site visitors to chat but that communication happens on the third-party platforms- not on your website. To enable your visitors to chat with one another on your site you would need an on-site chat room. Chatting in the ecosystem of your website will build and strengthen the community feeling among your visitors.

Start by installing and activating the plugins called Simple Ajax.

Now click setting  Simple Ajax Chat page

In a General setting, you can give the desired name to your chat room.

 You will see customization options under general settings that allow you to modify the chat room as per your preferences.

 For instance the chat feature can be restricted only for the logged-in users, use their sign in name as their default chat name

 Along with modifying your chat room’s appearance you can also create and manage the list of prohibited words/phrases.

How to Display Your Chat Room in WordPress

 Once you are through with chat settings the next thing is to determine the display. For that clock shortcode and template tag on the setting page.

 Find and copy the chat room shortcode

Go to word Admin and click pages  add new

 Give a name to your chat page

For displaying your chat room add the copied shortcode

You will see a circle housing a + sign- in the top left of the WordPress block editor. Click it

and type short to see the shortcode option

 Add it to the age by clicking the button. Now paste shortcode inside the area that displays

 You are almost done. Just review the changes and finally click the publish button.


Adding a chat option to your blog is an excellent way to convert it into a lively hangout for the targeted audience communities. In this blog, we presented detailed instructions on how to add a chat option to your blog. Readers are advised to carefully follow all the steps and don’t forget to review the changes at the end – before publishing it. Don’t hesitate to ask any further questions or troubleshooting issues through our comment section. We would be more than happy to help you overcome challenges.

Step by step guide to submit your blog to major search engines

Search Engine Submission

If you wish to increase your visibility and traffic, it is very important to ensure that your blog is submitted to the major search engines. In this blog, we will explain how to submit your blog to search engines. Along with Google, you would also learn to submit your blog on Bing and DuckDuckGo.

We all know that Google is the first choice for netizens to search for any information. Some people also use a few other search engines also. So, it would be wiser to submit your site to those engines as well

How to submit your blog to Bing?

Open Bing Webmaster Tools and get yourself registered there

Sign in with your ID

Upon being prompted to add the site, go for the manual site adding option that allows you to submit the site directly without the condition of getting it verified with Google search console

Next, type your URL and click the Add button.

You will then be presented with a few verification options. Select HTML Meta tag method to see the details. It will show you the HTML Meta Tag

Copy the HTML Meta tag by clicking the copy button.

Visit your home page in a website editor and paste the copied text line in your head section for creating a new Meta tag. Don’t forget to save the changes before closing the editor.

Manual submission requires a few efforts and some time but it is worthy as it facilitates quick site indexation by immediately attracting the search engine spiders. Bulk submission, on the other hand, is an easier and almost instant process but unlike the manual method, it doesn’t offer quicker or guaranteed indexation.

How to add your blog to Google Search Console?

Open Google Search Console and log in with your Google credentials

Select the site the needs to be submitted

On the dashboard click the Crawl menu >Fetch as Google.

Now enter the page URL that you wish to be crawled. For crawling the homepage leave the box empty

Upon seeing the Success status click the option Submit to Index

Select your preferred option- single URL or URL plus all pages it links to. Click OK


Submitting your blog on major search engines ensures better visibility and helps in bringing more traffic. In this blog, we presented a step by step guide on search engine submission to help readers independently submit their blog on major search engines. The readers are advised to carefully read and follow each step. You may take a print of this article and refer to it while following the instructions or open it in another tab during the search engine submission process to ensure that you don’t make any mistake or skip any step.

5 strong ways to build a strong reader community for your blog

Blogging Tips

What separates a high authority blog from the rest of the crowd is the content quality, traffic, and readership profile. However, achieving this could be an uphill task, even for those who have been blogging for some time now. One of the major mistakes that bloggers make is to keep on finding and learning many new ways to grow traffic, rather than being committed to a few specific tactics that work best for them. In this blog, we have compiled a list of selected methods that will help you create long term value for your blog, attract more readers, and achieve good SEO success. The focus is on achieving sustainable success rather than getting quick and short-lived results.

Metal, Grunge, Cover, Plate, Square

Be consistent in content style, presentation and publishing

Regular and committed readership is the key parameter of blogging success. To achieve that you need to maintain consistency in style, regularity, presentation, and publishing frequency.

Benefits of consistency

Consistency creates habit and plays a vital role in converting random visitors into committed regular audiences. Consistency not only sets expectations of the readers but also offers you a concrete framework to monitor and hone your skills to reach a certain level of excellence. Many blogs publish only once a week but still get huge traffic. It happens because after waiting for an entire week, the readers become eager enough to consume the new content as soon as it is published.

Build solid expectations for your audiences by adopting consistency in styling, publishing, and even general structure of sentences. It will offer a signature identity to your blog while also creating a familiarity with the readers. Look at it as a subtle yet strong branding strategy that will distinguish you from other bloggers.

Note: While consistency is the key to success, avoid converting it into monotony. Readers love different varieties provided it doesn’t upset their creative composure. So, you may also dedicate specific days to a specific type of content. For instance, publishing detailed features on every Monday and dedicating Saturdays for several bites size content pieces. Just keep in mind that it shouldn’t have to be chaotic. Variety appeals as far as it is tasteful.

Lasers, Eye, Iris, Laser, Correction, Vision Correction

Work on specific distribution channels with full dedication

 Many bloggers have the notion that presence on different social media channels will amplify their popularity. That’s perfectly true. However, for the long term advantage, you need to interact regularly with your fans and followers and start a social conversation around your latest posts. For that select a few major social media channels where you can remain most active.

Benefits of focusing on fewer channels

·         It allows you to create a focused center of distribution and convert it into a hub of committed readers. This way monitoring your social traffic becomes easier and constant interaction with audiences also promises stronger social traction.

·         Another advantage of focusing on a few specific social media channels is that you can gradually learn the tactics of using that channel for maximum benefits. It allows you to manipulate the channel in the most rewarding way.


·         Carefully select the platform that is more likely to be visited and preferred by your targeted audiences. For instance, fashion bloggers are most likely to find very good success on Instagram while it is almost impossible for them to get any tangible success on Linkedin.

·         Shallow networking doesn’t take you anywhere. Make sure that you create close bonds with the audiences and promptly respond to their comments, queries, and complaints. It will help you build a personal rapport with your readers.

Background, Bokeh, Light, Circle, Points

Understand what your audiences exactly need

Understanding your audiences is extremely important if you wish to build a long-term career in blogging. Many bloggers spend considerable time and effort to craft high-quality articles but don’t pay much attention to the requirements of their audiences. It gradually builds a wall between them and their readers and denies the blog the success it deserves.

To avoid the above-mentioned situations, proactively communicate with your audiences, know about their profile and profession. Understand their biggest challenges and goals. Identify the crucial knowledge gaps and figure out how your blog helps in filling those gaps with valuable content.

It will turn your blog into a go-to help resource for the readers where they can find specific solutions to their problems and information that will help them achieve success in their field.


·         Proactively invite people to comment on your blog by asking them to share their own experiences or present their thoughts on your post.

·         Regularly conduct the audience’s survey and ask them about their preferences in terms of information, style, and frequency. It will allow you to fully personalize your content to align with your readers’ taste

·         Avoid writing just for the sake of publishing a post, Make sure that you provide only high-value content with key insights and actionable advice- something that readers can promptly adapt for overcoming challenges and achieving success

Wordpress, Blogging, Writing, Typing

Post content on niche-specific high-authority blogs

 Networking with relevant people is very important to increase your reach, hone your skills and upgrade the information. It also makes it easier for you to earn organic backlinks from relevant high-authority sites which is a key factor to improve your SERPs ranking.

Posting content on other blogs also allows you to gain valuable backlinks and multiplies your traffic sources. The authentic blogs are frequented by high-authorities and allow you to drive high-value traffic to your blog.


·          Actively look for opportunities to post content on other blogs of your niche. It will help you in further polishing your writing quality to meet the higher expectations of top-ranking blogs. Eventually, it uplifts the quality of your blog.

Office, Flowers, Apple, Computer

Create a design for best user-experience

Readers don’t like to struggle through your blog to find the information they are looking for. So carefully design a user-friendly website.

A smooth, quick, and well-guided navigation help your visitors immediately find what they need. It saves time and effort. As a result, they can explore more in less period which translates into better CTR and repeated visits.  


·          Along with a friendly website design, make sure to fill your site with high-value content that is intelligently categorized across different topics. It will help readers to discover more relevant information in their desired category.

·          Keep your menu structure neat and clutter-free. Avoid traffic by adopting minimalist design principles. It will not only help readers but also makes it easier for search engine bots to navigate through your blog that improves your SEO profile.  

·         Carefully plan your site design to make it minimalist and attractive at the same time. Learn how to subtly manipulate the elements like typography, colors, graphic positioning, etc. to create a unique brand identity.

As your blog grows, consider adding some useful resources to take personalization to a greater level. For instance, finance blogs can add investment calculators that can be used by readers to create an ideal investment portfolio based on their budget, income, expenses, and future goals. Likewise, health sites can offer specific weight loss routines to the readers depending upon their age, health profile, occupation, and current weight. Personalization allows you to quickly connect with your audiences and build long term relations.


Getting good traffic is the major objective of most of the new bloggers. However, it is even more important to achieve sustainable success by building a committed community of readers. By wisely strategizing your blogging and marketing plan you can not only get more visits but also increase the authority of the blog by providing high-quality content and bonding instantly with your audiences.

5 ideal ways to earn a dependable income from your blog

Blogging Tips

Every blogger wants to achieve a covetous position on SERPs. However, only a few people can achieve that. The reason? A majority of bloggers start their blogging journey with passion but soon start losing the interest and drive due to lukewarm response from visitors. Many of them have to abandon the blog after just 3-4 months. Others do invest hard efforts but lack the direction. In this blog, we will explain some of the ideal ways that can help your blog get success in a reasonable time.

Money, Currency, Monopoly, Game, Bank

Wisely diversify your income portfolio

You just cannot shy away from the fact that income is one of the major factors to be considered while starting or running your blog. So, treat blogging as an investment portfolio. Instead of depending only on a single medium or earning, including multiple income streams.

Google Adsense is the best way to monetize blogs that get good traffic and thousands of views. Achieving such popularity is not possible if you have just started. So, along with Adsense you also need other avenues. Here are different mediums of earning income through your blog:

Adsense (if it doesn’t get approved, then try for other similar option)

Affiliate marketing

Sponsored posts

Banner advertising

Once you diversify your portfolio thus, there would be multiple opportunities to earn income through your blog. Now the question is how to make sure that you can get the best returns/conversions from different options. Here is a list of different actionable and simple methods to increase the conversions:

Shelf, Shop Fittings, Stock

Affiliate marketing: Use social proof to convince readers to buy

Gone are the days when netizens could easily be impressed with generic reviews about your product and services. They have become much wiser and demand tangible proofs to support your claims. So, if you wish to leave a long-lasting positive impact on your visitors then make sure that each of your claims is supported by social proof that makes it trustable.

Did you know that every 9 out of 10 online shoppers carefully read the review before trusting a product or business? The overall star rating is checked by 6 out of every 10 online shoppers. It means that having a review with social proof and star rating criteria multiplies your sales opportunities and enhances the brand’s impact on targeted audiences.

How to install social proof in your blog?

Plugins like WP Review Pro offer you an easy and straightforward way to insert ratings and comments on your site without affecting the speed. You can choose from different rating presentation formats like percentage, stares, etc.

Question, Question Mark, Survey, Problem

Take surveys to know the information people really need

To avoid this scenario, do your homework well. Understand your niche audiences and their specific needs. One of the reliable ways to do that is to take surveys to understand their demographics, requirements, reading preferences, and the relevant personal details that shape their needs. For instance, a startup entrepreneur’s interest in technology is most possibly centered on how it will help him in reducing cost and increasing productivity/profits within a short period. However, a tech enthusiast’s interest in technology is focused on gaining vital and detailed information about how a specific technology works.

Taking a survey doesn’t need to be complex. Just ask your visitors about their preferred topics in the comment section, social media pages of your blog or, if you have an email database just send them a personalized mail. However, if you are looking for more precise insights without technical hassles or investment then consider using survey services.

An easy way to take surveys

One of the free yet reliable survey services is SurveyMonkey. It allows you to gather detailed information about profiles, targets, and information needs of the readers. Using this vital information you can create awesome posts that precisely appeal to them.

Feedback, Opinion, Customer

Insert CTA (Call to Action) elements at strategic places

One of the major concerns of new bloggers is how to convince people to take some action after reading the content. For instance, if you are an affiliate then you would want them to click on your affiliate link and purchase a product. Likewise, if you want to acquire a dedicated reader community then you may wish them to join the subscriber list. CTA or call-to-action elements help you in achieving that objective by providing an immediate way to prompt people to take desired actions.

Some CTA elements include:

·         Add to cart

·         Social sharing

·         Online chat

·         Links for Read more

·         Subscription signups

·         Purpose-specific Pop-ups


Carefully select the right CTAs for your blog and place them on a strategic position to attract attention. Having multiple buttons on different web pages increase your chances of getting positive results.

Survey, Opinion Research, Voting, Fill

Write concise and digestible contant for quick scanning

Getting visitors to your blog isn’t easy and the fact is that several visitors don’t convert into readers. Even those who don’t read the entire blog post and leave it midway because they don’t have the time to read through the entire post until they find the specific information piece they need. What does it mean?

Provide quick and digestible information to your readers that they can easily understand. To be more precise, help your readers to quickly scan through you’re your post.

Here are a few major elements of a scalable blog post :

·         Use a conversational tone and active voice as it helps in quickly bonding with the readers and building trust.

·         Highlight and accentuate the most vital points of your content by presenting them as bulleted/numbered lists. It makes it easy to quickly scan through the content without losing the vital points.>

·         the claims and statements that are supported by solid proofs.

·         Use stats and facts to support your statements as people are more influenced by

·         Create retina-friendly visual ambiance to help people read longer content without straining their eyes.

·         Include visuals to attract people and keep them engaged throughout your article.>

Smileys, Customer Satisfaction, Review

Use case studies to connect your content with the real life

Using case studies convince your readers that the methods or information provided in the blog post solves real-life problems. Use it as proof to win the confidence of your readers and build the trust. Moreover, it is also the best way to storify your content- a major factor that elongates the dwelling time of the customer and a solid way to prompt your readers to take the desired action.

Don’t forget to strategically insert CTA buttons at the right places of your case studies for achieving better results.


To survive and succeed in the highly competing world of blogging you need to invest serious efforts. However, it is even more important to channel your efforts in the right direction. In this blog, we suggested some of the actionable tips and reliable sources that will help you enjoy a strong reputation in the blogging world and earn a regular income.

Penalized by Google? Here’s the recovery guide

Google Penalties

One of the most negative things that can happen to a website is to get penalized by Google. It results in tanking your site ranking on the search result page, an instant drop in site traffic, and complete de-indexation which prevents your site to appear even in the most relevant search results. Penalties affect your reputation as well as revenue potential. In this guide we would try to understand what s penalty, how does it work, what are the causes behind the Google penalty, and how to recover from the penalty. So, lets’ star the guide:

Clause, Law, Flood, Stress, Burnout

Manual Penalties: A quick introduction

Google has hired a dedicated spam team that monitors different websites and flags the ones that breach the Webmaster guidelines. The internet giant may decide to penalize them for the offense. When your site gets penalized in this way it is called the manual penalty.

 You can easily check when your site gets a manual penalty. Just sign in to the Google search console and check inbox for messages. If you don’t see any messages or warnings it generally indicates that your site isn’t being penalized.

 The major reason behind manual penalty is spammy or suspicious backlink profile

You can find a message like this:

“Unnatural links to your site – impacts links”

 It tells that your site has some unnatural links but you aren’t responsible for those links- in other words, Google recognizes you as “innocent” in this case.

 As Google doesn’t blame you for this offense, it means that you won’t have to incur any active effort on your part for recovering from this penalty. The effect of this penalty is just that the mentioned links will stop passing any link benefits to your site.

 It may be an unintentional activity on part of third party sources who simply mention your site contextually in their content and make a backlink to it without consulting you. It is equally possible that it is an activity by your competitors who creates spammy links to your site to hurt your SEO position. However, their malicious efforts don’t fructify as Google won’t downgrade your site ranking in such instances.  

Another message that you would get is like

“Unnatural links to your site”

 This penalty identifies you as an active offender who knowingly created unnatural links with a deliberate objective to manipulate SERPs ranking. The impact of this penalty depends upon the extent of unnatural links which could either affect a few WebPages or the whole website.

 It generally happens when you purchase or exchange the links, use reciprocal links, or found to be engaged in various unfair link building practices that Google condemns.

This is third type of messages that you can find in notofation area: “Unnatural links from your site”

 This is quite self-explanatory. The sites that frequently link to other sites or often hyperlink a specific URL using precisely the same anchor text are awarded this penalty.

Any type of manipulative and biased linking can attract this penalty. Just like the above-mentioned penalty the effect of this penalty is also determined by the size of the offense.

Hammer, Court, Law, Judgment, Penalty

How to recover post manual penalty?

 There are a few methods that can help you recover from the penalty.

 Start by identifying the purchased links, PBN links, reciprocal links, and other links acquired, or purchased through unethical practices. The thing can be difficult if you are being engaged in this practice for a long time.

Thankfully certain tools can fetch you the complete list of links that point to your site.

Take your time, extract this list, and identify the links coming from PBNs or other spammy/ “for sale” platforms.

 Some of the tools that allow you to track the anchor text of inbound links are SEMrush, AHREFs and others. Also, identify and separate the anchor text that is an exact match.

 Once you have created separate links of all spammy and inferior links, contact the related webmaster requesting them to remove your link.

·          If you wish to have complete control over this process then go to Search Console and use Google’s disavow tool for disavowing all those spammy/unnatural links.

·          All the disavowed links are ignored by Google’s crawler and would stop impacting your site.  

·          Once you fix the issue go to Manual Actions in the GWT account and submit a request of reconsideration.

 Just keep in mind that you may need to go for repeated reconsideration requests before it is finally approved by Google. So, don’t stop the efforts if Google responds negatively for the first time. Keep on sending the requests until you get a positive response.

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Algorithm-based Penalties

 Apart from manual penalties Google also has algorithmic penalties that flags defaulters based on search algorithms of Google.

As opposed to manual penalties the algorithmic penalties are not communicated through search console message which makes it a tricky affair to identify or rectify them.

 It is generally indicated by a huge dip in your site traffic in a single day.

 One of the major reasons behind algorithm-based penalties is the latest updates in Google algorithm updates which may prompt Google to disapprove practices that were once considered ethical. It can instantly transform your site into a defaulter. In this regard, prevention is better than cure. Thankfully Google alerts about all such updates well in advance that offer you sufficient margin to optimize your site as per the upcoming algorithm changes.

 Along with periodical updates, some major algorithms have a higher impact on your site. Some such algorithms include

Panda, Panda Bear, Sleep, Rest, Relax


 Panda update focuses on recognizing websites with low-quality content that lacks value and authority. It categorically scans various sites to single out such flimsy or low-quality sites and penalizes them by lowering their ranks.

 What makes is so serious is that Panda affects the entire traffic and all rankings of your site by implementing a site wide penalty. The best thing is to confirm that your site’s content meets the quality standards of Google guidelines. You can read this knowledge resource by Google to set the quality parameters.

Penguin, Funny, Blue, Water, Animal


 Penguin automates  the low quality like detection process by evaluation link acquisition retention pattern, its overall quality and diversifies of backlink portfolio like do follow, no follow, high-quality lo quality, etc..

 One thing that makes penguin less formidable than Panda is that it doesn’t have a site-wide impact but penalizes only the specific web pages. Nevertheless, it still makes you lose a large volume of your traffic.

Manipulation Smartphone, Gleise, Run


 As most people now use mobile devices for browsing the internet the Google not only encourages the sites that are mobile-friendly but is also discouraging the ones that aren’t. This algorithm for mobile-friendliness enhances the ranking of mobile responsive sites during mobile search (provided that they meet other ideal standards of SEO). There are some sophisticated tools to check your site’s mobile-friendly quotients. It is best to use the tool designed by Google itself that will show you the real-time actual view of your website on different mobile devices.

 Some of the factors to be considered are UI elements with appropriate size as per mobile device interface. Responsive design, faster page loading speed, etc.

 For algorithmic penalty you would have to identify the issues that may have probably triggered the penalties and repair them. Be patient. Google repeatedly runs the algorithms frequently to check if you have repaired the issues. It may take some time before Google can give a clean chit to your site and removes the penalty. So be patient and make sure that you have fully understood the issues behind algorithmic penalties. If needed you may take the help of professionals as well.

 However, it is not predictable when the next data refresh would be initiated and sometimes it take two calendar years to recover from a penalty.

 certain tools can automatically conduct the auditing of the entire site allowing you to precisely identify the issues and repairing same which relieves you from guesswork.

 The best thing is to start with the easiest recovery procedures like mobile-friendliness.


One of the major concerns of the blogger is a show to bounce back if their site has been penalized by Google. So in this blog, we presented detailed content on the causes of penalties and how to avoid it. We also mentioned some ways to recover from penalties. The readers are advised to start easy and gradually adopt advanced strategies to make their blog successful. The major objective is to strengthen the foundation and provide a great user experience.

How to streamline your blogging journey (Beginners’ version)

Blogging Tips for Beginners
Workplace, Office, Desk, Blogging

The blogging industry is flourishing at a very high speed. It has already demonstrated its potential by producing some of the self-made millionaire bloggers who started their journey with nil or negligible blogging income. While not everyone can earn millions out of blogging, you can at least expect a decent lifestyle and a regular income source if you seriously build and maintain your blog. If you are a total beginner then this guide will help you make the right decisions for creating a professional blog with impressive looks and high-income potential. While this blog mainly focuses on initial issues, you will also find some quick pointers suggesting the actionable strategies to grow your blog towards the end of this guide. SO let’s start:

Blogging, Blogger, Office, Business, Notebook

Find the right niche for your blog

Start by deciding a niche that you are passionate about and also possess decent expertise in the same. It could be about corporate culture, SEO, politics, gardening, horticulture, – whatever it is ensure that you have a clear “angle for the content”.

What information it would pass? What would be the tone of the content- casual, formal, or a mix of the same? Would it concentrate on evergreen content or focus on the latest happenings? These are a few questions that you need to answer clearly before starting a blog if you wish to offer a distinguished personality to your blog.

One mistake that many bloggers do – “after a lot of research”- is to rule out the topics they specialize in just because they aren’t popular. There are two things to keep in mind- first, a topic that very limited bloggers are writing about has a high-profit potential due to as the supply is less than demand.

Secondly, you would have to face comparatively very little competition so that you fully can concentrate more on strengthening your foundation instead of diverting your efforts and attention to combating competition.

Domain, Search, Register, Startup

Purchase Relevant domain name

 Ones you have decided the right domain that matches your passion and expertise, the next thing is to decide the right domain name for your blog. While there are several new-age domain extensions like .media, .blog, or .world, none can match the popularity of the dotCom extension. So, if you wish to succeed in the blogging field, dot com extension is the go-to extension to invest in.

 It may not always be possible to find your desired domain name in dot com extension. In that scenario, try to see if you can tweak the name a bit- for instance replacing “” with “” or “”. In most cases, this should solve the issue. Even if you don’t want to compromise on the desired domain name then go for the “next best line of extension” which includes .net, or .org.

In case your blog concentrates on a specific country audience like India or the US then you can also go for .in, .The US or any other country-specific TLD depending upon your targeted audience.

Domain name tips

The words and characters of your domain name also play a vital role. Avoid using stop words like for, at, on, etc. Use power words that are compact, descriptive but short. Unnecessary adjectives should also be kept at bay. People have a hard time memorizing jargon, synonyms, and very generic words. All these things should be considered while deciding the right name for your domain.

Computer, Technology, Pc, Electronics

Buy web hosting plan that supports your blog’s needs

 Once you have decided and purchased the domain the next thing is to buy a hosting service so that your blog can be published worldwide. Unlike domain name, buying a hosting service can be more complex due to higher cost and also because it is s subscription-based service that determines the user experience of your visitors. It is the quality of web hosting that decides the vital issues like speed, performance, and availability of your blog.

While it is good to check the reviews of different hosting providers, keep in mind that the majority of hosting review sites and blogs are affiliates of hosting providers they recommend. So it is not unlikely that their advice is biased. It is best to take an independent and well-informed decision by educating yourself about the technicalities of web hosting like uptime, bandwidth, storage space, RAM, Server type, etc.

Here is quick specific info about the ideal web hosting package for new blogs.

·         Buy shared hosting plans from a reputed hosting provider that guarantees a good uptime (above 99%) backed by SLA. It ensures that your blog is available online whenever visitors wish to visit it. 

·         Besides, it should also have a decent one-click WordPress installer like Softaculous as it will allow you to quickly install the WordPress and right away create a blog without any technical complexities

·         If your budget allows buying a managed WordPress hosting service that will take care of issues like WordPress maintenance updating and security management. Besides this type of hosting is equipped with the right resources and ideal volume to fully support your blog’s needs.

Wordpress, Blog, Social Media, Internet

WordPress installation and selecting right theme

 WordPress installation becomes quick and smooth with single click installer like Softaculous. Post-installation fills your details as a WordPress user and then selects the right theme. It is a vital step as your theme will determine the visual impact of your blog. So, choose the one that has a professional look and precisely aligns with the topic and tone of your subject.

There are many free themes available o WordPress but it is wise to buy a premium theme due to better looks and more extended controls. You can buy premium themes for as low as $10 or $15 which can easily be afforded by anyone.

·         WordPress themes have an easy, user-friendly interface. So, you won’t find any difficulty using the theme independently

·         If you need more creative freedom then consider buying a webpage builder that will enable you to create different WebPages of your site through graphic tools and drag and drop process

Another option is to hire a good WordPress developer for developing your blog exactly the way you want to look at it. Let’s simplify the decision-making process for you:

·         The most common approach is to use a free theme or buy a premium one if the budget allows, page builder tool is suitable if you have good creative skills and wish to build the blog from scratch without coding

·         Last but not the least you can also hire WordPress developer if you are very specific about your blog’s design and it needs comprehensive designing tasks.

Still, confused? Just install a free WordPress theme and start publishing the content. You can change anytime in the future.

Ipad, Tablet, Technology, Touch

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Project)

Speed is extremely important and a majority of your visitors’ swill abandon the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. You would not like to lose so many potential audiences especially if they are browsing your site through mobile devices. So ensure that each webpage of your blog loads at super fast speed. Don’t settle for anything lesser. There are many techniques and tools to speed up your site.  One of the easiest and most standard options is to go for AMP pages.

 AMP is easy to be implemented and independently optimizes multiple aspects like eliminating irrelevant resource-consuming elements, making the page leaner, and other required alterations. Eventually, it helps in multiplying your site’s loading speeds.

Benefits of AMP

·         Replaces every image to seamlessly suit the viewer’s viewport

·         Makes sure that inline images appear above the fold of the webpage

·         Changes CSS variables into inline code to eliminate the need for parsing as a separate document

·         Identifies and preloads extended components into memory.

·         Thoroughly Minifies all CSS and HTML code to achieve ultra-high-speed

 Thanks to the AMP plug-in it is now even easier to make your site super fast. These plugins automatically evaluate the AMP readiness of your site and also delivers vital insights and suggestions/changes to make your site AMP-friendly.

It helps you in two ways. First, it enriches the user experience and keeps the visitors quickly get what they want. secondly, it also keeps you in good books of Google as Google likes the sites that are AMP ready as they provide a better user experience to the audiences.

While these are some of the major initial processes while setting up your blog, you still need to learn how to make it earn a good profit. Here are a few quick pointers on the same:

·         Google Analytics: It helps you check the detailed analysis of your blog to give a precise idea of its overall potential. It provides vital details and stats like traffic, CTR, engagement, geographical reach, etc.

·         Keyword-Research: Google bots find and rank the search-relevant sites by checking the keywords. They are built to quickly recognize the keyword and determine if your site matches the search intent of the user. So place keywords at all the prime places of your blog like heading, pointers, image tags, and URL, etc.

·         Steady income stream: Contrary to the common notion there is nothing like an ideal income stream for everyone Depending upon yr bog’s personality, reach, and expectations you can either earn through Google Ad-sense, sponsored content, banner advertising, affiliate marketing, or other option.

The golden rule is to select the option you are most comfortable with and give it some time to check the result. You may decide to continue it or replace it with other options depending upon the outcome.


Starting your blog can be a brilliant idea to earn a good income without working under stress or pressure. However, his major concern for any new blogger is how to start and grow your blog. You just read some best tips on creating and setting up your blog and giving it a fully professional look and feel. Readers may also have benefited from some of the quick pointers on increasing the income potential of your bog. For the best results, it is important to practically implement these strategies and wait for a positive outcome.

Blog your way to success by adopting these actionable tips (Part 2)

Blogging Tips

In our last blog, we shared some practical advice that you need to follow to grow as a blogger. In this concluding part, we are going to mention some more tips along with a quick list of the tools that can help you in practically following those tips without complicating your daily schedule. By following these strategies and using the mentioned tools, you would be able to constantly grow as a blogger and reach the coveted position of top 100 bloggers:

Poor grammar ruins blog’s reputation

Many writers hate grammar policing but it doesn’t mean that you can conveniently dispose of the basic grammar rules. Dedicated readers respect language and grammar is the foundation of any language.

Rampant grammar and spelling mistakes can easily annoy the readers and may also make your content meaningless. Moreover, the content with heavy spelling and grammar mistakes gives a spurious feel and compels audiences to hit back or close button- earning you a negative SEO point. Make sure that your content is free from spelling and grammar mistakes and achieves high readability scores.

Light Bulb, Lightbulb, Light, Bulb

Respect those who inspire you

No blogger can honestly claim to offer 100% original content gained from the first-hand experience without any inspiration. Believe me, it is not a bold allegation but a practical reality.

It is not a bad idea to take inspiration from existing blogs but presenting that idea without acknowledging the source is simply unacceptable. You should start by openly asserting that the information you are going to share has been derived from another source and after presenting the information in the relevant format openly mention the name of the source and thank its author.

It is even a better idea to go a mile further and link to that specific blog post. It will not only establish your identity as an honest blogger but can also help you form some good relations with fellow bloggers. This strategy offers good SEO benefits as well.

No one likes copycat blogger

While we have told in the above paragraph that we need some inspirations to create high-quality blog posts, it is equally important to maintain the line of difference between inspiration and copying. Copy-pasting small portions from different blogs help you publish hundreds of high-quality posts without breaking a sweat. However, it not only brings you in the bad books of Google but also exposes you to legal actions. In the writing world it is known as plagiarism and today there are powerful tools like Copyscape to detect plagiarism.

Most of the serious professional bloggers keep a keen eye on “content stealers” and don’t hesitate to take legal action against them. Google can detect such copied content and take prompt severe action against them including permanent blacklisting of the site.

Also remember…

Many people think that they can easily fool Google or plagiarism checking tools by juxtaposing a few words/phrases here and there. This is again a wrong assumption. This, known as rephrasing, is equally considered as plagiarism and both Google and plagiarism tools can efficiently detect rephrased content and its source.

Create an appealing and reader-friendly design

Create a user-friendly, appealing design for your blog and make sure that the website design is responsive, i.e., it offers uniform visual experience across different devices and browsers.

Use minimalist design with an easy navigation structure and intuitive positioning of buttons, menus, and other elements. Make it eye-friendly by adding adequate white space, pastel colors, and retina-friendly resolution. It will encourage readers to keep exploring different topics at a stretch without feeling stress on their eyes regardless of the device they use. .

Motorbike, Racing, Motorcycle, Race

Create a fine balance between passion and professionalism

 While blogging, in most cases, starts with a passion, you should know how to keep this passion from getting unruly. As a professional blogger, you have some responsibilities towards your readers. Your growth closely depends on your capability of aligning passion with professionalism.

Successful bloggers know how to channel their passion in a positive direction to create powerful blogs that readers trust, Google loves and advertisers prefer for promoting their brands. It won’t happen overnight but by devising and following a proper strategy along with marketing tactics you can steadily grow your blog into a dependable commercial venture.

Tools, Tool Box, Toolbox, Box, Equipment

Best tools for bloggers

While following specific strategies allows you to develop as a blogger, you also need to have a practical, easy way to follow a systematic schedule on a daily basis. Thankfully, there are various tools that can help you streamlined your daily schedule, make it more productive and align it with your success goals. Here is a quick overview of some of the best tools that every blogger should use:

Content creation ideas

·         BuzzSumo

·         Quora

·         Quick Sprout

Idea organizing tools

·         Evernote

·         Trello

·         Google Calendar

Optimization tools


·         Google Trends

·         Keyword Planner

Writing assistant tools

·         Google Docs

·         Toggl

Visual creation tools

·         Canva

·         Meme Generator

·         Share as Image

Content distribution/sharing tools

·         Buffer

·         Filament

·         Click to Tweet


Constant growth as a blogger needs hard work, dedication, and patience. You need to learn at every point of your blogging journey and implement your knowledge in the practical scenario. Many tools can help you as a blogger and manage different activities- right from auto-scheduling to SEO optimization. Smart bloggers combine the right tools with the right strategies to gain the best benefits with the least efforts. Following the same strategy may not turn you into the richest blogger of the world, but it can certainly help you earn a steady decent income along with a solid reputation as a blogger.