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5 ideal ways to earn a dependable income from your blog

Every blogger wants to achieve a covetous position on SERPs. However, only a few people can achieve that. The reason? A majority of bloggers start their blogging journey with passion but soon start losing the interest and drive due to lukewarm response from visitors. Many of them have to abandon the blog after just 3-4 months. Others do invest hard efforts but lack the direction. In this blog, we will explain some of the ideal ways that can help your blog get success in a reasonable time.

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Wisely diversify your income portfolio

You just cannot shy away from the fact that income is one of the major factors to be considered while starting or running your blog. So, treat blogging as an investment portfolio. Instead of depending only on a single medium or earning, including multiple income streams.

Google Adsense is the best way to monetize blogs that get good traffic and thousands of views. Achieving such popularity is not possible if you have just started. So, along with Adsense you also need other avenues. Here are different mediums of earning income through your blog:

Adsense (if it doesn’t get approved, then try for other similar option)

Affiliate marketing

Sponsored posts

Banner advertising

Once you diversify your portfolio thus, there would be multiple opportunities to earn income through your blog. Now the question is how to make sure that you can get the best returns/conversions from different options. Here is a list of different actionable and simple methods to increase the conversions:

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Affiliate marketing: Use social proof to convince readers to buy

Gone are the days when netizens could easily be impressed with generic reviews about your product and services. They have become much wiser and demand tangible proofs to support your claims. So, if you wish to leave a long-lasting positive impact on your visitors then make sure that each of your claims is supported by social proof that makes it trustable.

Did you know that every 9 out of 10 online shoppers carefully read the review before trusting a product or business? The overall star rating is checked by 6 out of every 10 online shoppers. It means that having a review with social proof and star rating criteria multiplies your sales opportunities and enhances the brand's impact on targeted audiences.

How to install social proof in your blog?

Plugins like WP Review Pro offer you an easy and straightforward way to insert ratings and comments on your site without affecting the speed. You can choose from different rating presentation formats like percentage, stares, etc.

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Take surveys to know the information people really need

To avoid this scenario, do your homework well. Understand your niche audiences and their specific needs. One of the reliable ways to do that is to take surveys to understand their demographics, requirements, reading preferences, and the relevant personal details that shape their needs. For instance, a startup entrepreneur’s interest in technology is most possibly centered on how it will help him in reducing cost and increasing productivity/profits within a short period. However, a tech enthusiast’s interest in technology is focused on gaining vital and detailed information about how a specific technology works.

Taking a survey doesn’t need to be complex. Just ask your visitors about their preferred topics in the comment section, social media pages of your blog or, if you have an email database just send them a personalized mail. However, if you are looking for more precise insights without technical hassles or investment then consider using survey services.

An easy way to take surveys

One of the free yet reliable survey services is SurveyMonkey. It allows you to gather detailed information about profiles, targets, and information needs of the readers. Using this vital information you can create awesome posts that precisely appeal to them.

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Insert CTA (Call to Action) elements at strategic places

One of the major concerns of new bloggers is how to convince people to take some action after reading the content. For instance, if you are an affiliate then you would want them to click on your affiliate link and purchase a product. Likewise, if you want to acquire a dedicated reader community then you may wish them to join the subscriber list. CTA or call-to-action elements help you in achieving that objective by providing an immediate way to prompt people to take desired actions.

Some CTA elements include:

·         Add to cart

·         Social sharing

·         Online chat

·         Links for Read more

·         Subscription signups

·         Purpose-specific Pop-ups


Carefully select the right CTAs for your blog and place them on a strategic position to attract attention. Having multiple buttons on different web pages increase your chances of getting positive results.

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Write concise and digestible contant for quick scanning

Getting visitors to your blog isn’t easy and the fact is that several visitors don’t convert into readers. Even those who don’t read the entire blog post and leave it midway because they don’t have the time to read through the entire post until they find the specific information piece they need. What does it mean?

Provide quick and digestible information to your readers that they can easily understand. To be more precise, help your readers to quickly scan through you’re your post.

Here are a few major elements of a scalable blog post :

·         Use a conversational tone and active voice as it helps in quickly bonding with the readers and building trust.

·         Highlight and accentuate the most vital points of your content by presenting them as bulleted/numbered lists. It makes it easy to quickly scan through the content without losing the vital points.>

·         the claims and statements that are supported by solid proofs.

·         Use stats and facts to support your statements as people are more influenced by

·         Create retina-friendly visual ambiance to help people read longer content without straining their eyes.

·         Include visuals to attract people and keep them engaged throughout your article.>

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Use case studies to connect your content with the real life

Using case studies convince your readers that the methods or information provided in the blog post solves real-life problems. Use it as proof to win the confidence of your readers and build the trust. Moreover, it is also the best way to storify your content- a major factor that elongates the dwelling time of the customer and a solid way to prompt your readers to take the desired action.

Don’t forget to strategically insert CTA buttons at the right places of your case studies for achieving better results.


To survive and succeed in the highly competing world of blogging you need to invest serious efforts. However, it is even more important to channel your efforts in the right direction. In this blog, we suggested some of the actionable tips and reliable sources that will help you enjoy a strong reputation in the blogging world and earn a regular income.

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