How to make your new blog super popular?

Blogging Tips

Building traffic for your new blog isn’t an easy task. Even more difficult is to turn traffic into a dedicated community of readers and subscribers. Even bloggers with exceptional writing skills may not get the encouraging outcomes in the beginning. In many cases, one thing that they miss is the connection with audiences. In more precise terms, many bloggers just deliver the content instead of directly communicating and interacting at a more personal level with the readers. There are different ways in which you can communicate efficiently with your audiences. In this post, we will talk about some of the effective communication platforms and techniques that will help you earn the trust of your targeted audiences and turn them into a loyal community of readers and subscribers

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Write blog posts that connect at a personal level

It is a no-brainer that the best way to connect with your audiences is to write informative blogs that bond with them at a personal level, For that you need to write the well-researched content and deliver it in a language that leaves a direct impact on your targeted audiences.

·         Present easy and practical solutions to the primary challenges of your audiences

·         Write in a clear concise language and talk to your audience using conversational language

·         Use real life examples to drive your point and connect better with your clients

·         Avoid using too many jargons as it takes the personal touch away from your content

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Strategically use Social Media to interact with your audiences

With the increasing interaction of social media, it is certainly the best platform to gain some organic popularity and build a loyal community of readers and subscribers. To be honest most of the top bloggers have achieved the winning position not just by writing great content but by combining it with the extensive social media strategy.

Many people think that just creating social media pages or joining a group is enough. Others just share their blog posts on social media, without ever checking their reach or engagement. If you are looking to derive benefits out of your social media engagement then you need to be active. Communicate with your social media audiences one on one. Tell them about your blog’s personality and publish the content that prompts conversations.

Here are a few prime platforms that help you connect better with your audiences:

·         Pinterest

·         YouTube

·         Twitter

·         Facebook

·         Instagram

·         Linkedin

 You can also use social media to run contests and quizzes, or distribute freebies.

 Using engaging, high-resolution image is a sure-shot strategy to instantly attract people. Also consider platforms like Instagram and Pinterest especially if you write on a designing-related niche like web designing, interior designing, or fashion designing. Such image-oriented d social media platforms are equally great for bloggers who write on celebrities or food. In short, if visuals play a central role in your blogging niche then you just cannot afford to ignore Pinterest or Instagram.

Just keep in mind that the competition is high on social media platforms. If you don’t want your message to be lost in the crowd then you would need to post engaging social media post with very high-quality images with a clear distinguishing element.

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Create engaging videos

 Video is certainly the most powerful tool to create instant relations with your client- even better than images. The moving pictures and changing facial expressions, voice, eye contact, and even the body language- video allows you to use every personality trait to leave a multi-level impact on your audiences. Moreover, being essentially interactive, it also prompts your audiences to act.

Being essentially passive the text content allows readers to read the content from their perspective and leave out the message that they don’t wish to acknowledge. They intake only the information that matches their biased opinions and filters out anything that they consider to be odd.

Video allows you to overcome this issue by offering a fully interactive medium where you can use your presenatoin skills, communication skils and body language to drive your point and interact more effectively with your audiences. Best of all it allows you to show your confidence that helps in convincing audiences to change or at least review their thoughts.

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Build one on one connection with emails

While social media and videos allow you to build trust and convince your audiences, they are nowhere near when it comes to the impact of email in driving sales and conversions. Many top bloggers use blog posts social media and youtube channels as a strategy to build the email list. With a massive list of contacts, they start brainstorming on the best email marketing strategy and carefully execute it to increase their sales and revenue.

 Email marketing is a combination of art and science, you need to have exceptional copywriting skills and at the same time a keen knowledge on how to use the email marketing tools and techniques in the right way to derive maximum RoI. Thankfully nowadays many tools automate a larger part of the process making it less tedious. That said, it is you who has to decide the ideal email marketing content strategy as per the demographics of your target audiences.


Direct communication with your targeted audiences is the key to build trust and turn visitors into regular readers. There are different ways, platforms, and formats of communication that will familiarize you with the audiences and help you win their heart. In this post, we mentioned some of the popular options. Based on these options you can prepare a checklist and work on the same to increase the traffic and popularity of your blog.

How to eliminate mediocrity and offer superior capabilities to your blog

Blogging Tips

Have you ever wondered how the top bloggers are able to earn 6-figure income? What are the strategies they follow a how do they get so many engagements on their post? Well, it is all abut the ethical content strategy make the content shine and increase the traffic. In this blog we will talk about some of the major content techniques to adopt for gaining a distinct position on SERPs while also increasing the traffic and interaction:

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Focus on specific niche and identify relevant trends

 While you should have a passion for writing, it is equally important for any blog to have a specific focus and niche. Your blog should instantly connect with the niche audiences by delivering them focused, well-researched and contemporary information that adds value to their knowledge and work. It will keep them engaged for long and prompt them to subscribe your blog. So, once you have chosen a specific niche, invest your efforts in researching the niche-related topics with high potential.

 Writing on already trending topics allows you to ride on the existing wave of popularity. In other words you can attract a good traffic with fewer efforts.

There are some great tools that help you check the trending topics.

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Use right headlines to captivate people’s attention

Headlines can be compared to the outer packaging of your content. Even a great product fails to attract the attention if the packaging is shabby. So, work seriously while creating headlines for your content. The challenge is to pack super power into a compact format. You might have observed that the headlines of blog posts by top bloggers have a unique appeal that prompts you to click the link and read the post, even if you don’t have plenty of time. Well, that is among a few key factors that help them achieve popularity and stardom! The good thing is that you don’t have to rack your brains to come up with a unique headline. There are some great tools to make your work less difficult.  

 You still have to invest your creative efforts but these tools will give you the suggestions that will make the process more defined and enable you to invest calculated efforts.

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Content can visually be scanned for quick first impact

 After headline, the next thing that really matters is the overall visual structure of your article. Did you now tat before reading the article people generally look at a quick overview of the visual structure? The lengthy, overflowing paragraphs give a scary look and put them off. So, break your content into small digestible paragraphs of not more than 4-5 lines (maximum). Also use bullet points and lists to give your content a neat, organized look. Use bold headlines to properly categorize different sections of your content. Using H2 or H3 tags will make it easier for the search engine bots to navigate meaningfully through your content. It will also help mobile users to quickly scan through main sections of your article.  


·         Use sub headlines to further emphasize your points

·         Use digestible small sentences

·         Break up text with bullet points

·         Tastefully insert images at appropriate places in your content

Your post should also be quickly comprehensible for the readers and provide to-the-point solutions to their queries. Respect your readers’ time and use brevity as a tool to keep them engaged.

 There are many tools in the market that can offer you the complete information about readability of you content. Working on those insights you can optimize your content to make it comprehensible for readers and easier for search engine bots to discover.

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Invite subject experts as contributors

 Having experts on your website can significantly increase its value and builds a distinct brand authority among the audiences. For that you have to research well and build a strong strategy to invite experts in your niche to contribute insightful content on your blog.

 Register on Start by entering your brand name and upon being promoted you may enter other brands that you want to monitor in order to conduct a shoulder on shoulder comparison.

 It will show you the different social platforms where your/your competitors’ brands have been mentioned and the people talking about it. Now sort the list to search for niche influencers. Having niche influencer talking about brand means they are already familiar with it and are more likely to accept your invitation for contributing on your site- provided you approach them in the right way and do your homework well.

 Buzsumo is another important tool that can help you in finding the influencers who engage with or endorse specific brands.

It will offer you the complete overview like the content type, traffic, and use of keywords etc. so that you can identify the right influencers whose content, traffic and engagement style aligns with your specific objectives.

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Create unique featured images for quick impression

 Feature images when used wisely, is a powerful way to offer a distinct appeal to your site.

 In fact the featured image is the first image seen by your audience on your page.

 Featured image also happens to be most shared image on the social media channels. So treat it with utmost respect and ensure that it should have a grand impressive look.

You just don’t need a good featured image but have to use the image that simply claims the limelight among many other images.

 There are many easy graphic designing tools like Canva that allow you to create a unique catchy design with quick tools and automated steps.

Besides there are a number of readymade customized templates that make things even easier for you.

Rectangular featured images look great on thumbnails and Facebook.

Before you start creating, properly researched social media image size


Right, logically defined content strategy can play a vital role in increasing traffic and engagement rate. Along with the quality of your content other features like right headlines, proper content structure and easy readability are also important to engage more people with your content.

8 Best Tips to Build a Loyal Reader Community for Your Blog

Blogging Tips

There is a wide range of blogs on diverse topics and everyone is vying for the prime position. While digital marketing and social media traction help you a great way in attracting visitors, it is the overall impression of your blog that allows you to turn them into loyal audiences. We have already written a lot about the quality of content and images for ensuring your blog’s success. So, in this post we will focus on the backend features and foundational aspects of your blog and how can they impact its potential.

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Carefully select the backend resources

Backend resources play the foundational role in your website. So make sure that you get the right resources that offer adequate support to your site and allow it to perform efficiently and smoothly without any hiccups.

For instance, WordPress is the preferred choice for bloggers but if you also wish to have the ability to sell through your blog then you can go for Woocommerce- which is built on top of WordPress. It allows you to sell different digital and physical products through your blog thus allowing you to offer an excellent buying experience to your shoppers too. With a wide range of eCommerce options available the Woocommerce is the best choice for turning any blog into a thriving digital store.

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Buy Domain name that represents your brand

Choose the right domain name that is easily memorable, and perfectly resonates with your niche and brand. It will help a great way in establishing a first-sight bond with your targeted audiences. Use straightforward words that aren’t prone to misspellings. Also, spell the words in a standard way. Keep in mind the core search intent of your targeted audiences and how precisely your domain name connects with that intent.

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Invest in the right hosting plan

Buying the right hosting is very important and it depends upon several factors. Everyone wants to buy the best hosting packages but the reality is that there’s no one size fits all. You need to ask yourself several questions before purchasing hosting services for your blog, like:

Are you intending to host a simple text-rich blog with just a few images or a heavy media blog with plenty of videos, images, presentations, sliders, etc?

Are you well versed with technicalities or can hire an in-house technical professional or would like to entirely rely on the support provided by your hosting provider?

How much traffic do you estimate for your website in the foreseeable future?

What are your specific requirements regarding backup, security, site building resources, and e-commerce tools?

Answer to all these questions will help you find best hosting providers for your specific needs.

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Impact readers’ minds with strategic use of colors

Colors work at a subconscious level of mind and stimulate specific emotions that can play a major role in how they respond to your content. A deep study of top-performing sites will reveal that they wisely use a color scheme to stimulate positive emotions and making their mind receptive to the content they are about to read.

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Use the professional, appealing and coherent design

Build a neat design with a coherent equation of different elements (menus, buttons, etc.), retina-friendly typography, and easy navigation. Consistency matters a lot and when used wisely it also helps in naturally baking your brand into your entire blog thus making it easier for you to etch your blog into your visitors’ mind.

Avoid distracting them with “indigestible or unorganized elements” like overflowing paragraphs, shoddy formatting, or plenty of images scattered here and there. A simple question to ask yourself for ascertaining your web designing quality is “how does my blog look at a glance?” Until or unless you get a quick positive answer, keep on identifying the issues and working on them.

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Carefully decide the color palette for your blog

A good color scheme is not only pleasing to the eyes but also reaffirms the core voice of your blog. If you are running a blog on corporate matters or professional skills then blue color can be wisely used to connect better with your targeted audiences and for lifestyle or fashion blogs, a palette of bright colors like yellow, red, and bright green can leave a deep positive impression on your targeted audiences.

That said; make sure that your color scheme should not overwhelm the audience. It is also important to avoid a color scheme that strains the eyes, as it will discourage them from spending a long time on your blog.

It is a matter of research and several things go into consideration like branding, core objectives, key message, niche, major audiences, and the type of content you are delivering to them. How effectively you satisfy different factors of this equation plays a vital role in impressing your core audiences at a deeper level.

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Spark a communication with your readers

A good blogging is not only about broadcasting your message but also prompting your readers to take action for increasing the engagement rate. A wise choice of appropriate call-to-action buttons on relevant pages strengthens your chances of attracting positive interaction from the readers.

For instance, for the new visitors, your priority is to help them understand your brand and connect with you. So, you can place a “know more about us” or “contact us” button for such users.

For repeated visitors, you would like to build deeper engagement levels. So, you can use CTAs that takes their loyalty to the next level. Some examples include Loyalty Rewards, Insider Deals, and Exclusive Content. It not only shows that you value their loyalty but also promises that you are willing to take the relationship to the next level.

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Usability matters a lot

 Check how easy it is for the visitors to use your site. Incorporate key usability features to the site in a logical format including product/service information, email subscription option, contact info, social sharing buttons, etc.

Does a visitor need to scroll up and down for locating an opt-in form for an email newsletter or can find it intuitively? Are your social sharing buttons positioned correctly to prompt readers to instantly sharing the posts they like? Does the contact page contain complete contact information in the right format? Can your visitors instantly send you a Skype message by simply clicking on the Skype Button? Have you wisely structured the site to encourage interaction?

All such factors go a long way in determining the long term potential and success of your blog.


Along with the quality of content and marketing techniques, the backend aspects of your blog also play a vital role in determining its success. In this blog, we have mentioned different backend factors that can help you build a committed high quality reader targeted audiences for your blog thus enhancing its reputation and revenue model.

5 strong ways to build a strong reader community for your blog

Blogging Tips

What separates a high authority blog from the rest of the crowd is the content quality, traffic, and readership profile. However, achieving this could be an uphill task, even for those who have been blogging for some time now. One of the major mistakes that bloggers make is to keep on finding and learning many new ways to grow traffic, rather than being committed to a few specific tactics that work best for them. In this blog, we have compiled a list of selected methods that will help you create long term value for your blog, attract more readers, and achieve good SEO success. The focus is on achieving sustainable success rather than getting quick and short-lived results.

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Be consistent in content style, presentation and publishing

Regular and committed readership is the key parameter of blogging success. To achieve that you need to maintain consistency in style, regularity, presentation, and publishing frequency.

Benefits of consistency

Consistency creates habit and plays a vital role in converting random visitors into committed regular audiences. Consistency not only sets expectations of the readers but also offers you a concrete framework to monitor and hone your skills to reach a certain level of excellence. Many blogs publish only once a week but still get huge traffic. It happens because after waiting for an entire week, the readers become eager enough to consume the new content as soon as it is published.

Build solid expectations for your audiences by adopting consistency in styling, publishing, and even general structure of sentences. It will offer a signature identity to your blog while also creating a familiarity with the readers. Look at it as a subtle yet strong branding strategy that will distinguish you from other bloggers.

Note: While consistency is the key to success, avoid converting it into monotony. Readers love different varieties provided it doesn’t upset their creative composure. So, you may also dedicate specific days to a specific type of content. For instance, publishing detailed features on every Monday and dedicating Saturdays for several bites size content pieces. Just keep in mind that it shouldn’t have to be chaotic. Variety appeals as far as it is tasteful.

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Work on specific distribution channels with full dedication

 Many bloggers have the notion that presence on different social media channels will amplify their popularity. That’s perfectly true. However, for the long term advantage, you need to interact regularly with your fans and followers and start a social conversation around your latest posts. For that select a few major social media channels where you can remain most active.

Benefits of focusing on fewer channels

·         It allows you to create a focused center of distribution and convert it into a hub of committed readers. This way monitoring your social traffic becomes easier and constant interaction with audiences also promises stronger social traction.

·         Another advantage of focusing on a few specific social media channels is that you can gradually learn the tactics of using that channel for maximum benefits. It allows you to manipulate the channel in the most rewarding way.


·         Carefully select the platform that is more likely to be visited and preferred by your targeted audiences. For instance, fashion bloggers are most likely to find very good success on Instagram while it is almost impossible for them to get any tangible success on Linkedin.

·         Shallow networking doesn’t take you anywhere. Make sure that you create close bonds with the audiences and promptly respond to their comments, queries, and complaints. It will help you build a personal rapport with your readers.

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Understand what your audiences exactly need

Understanding your audiences is extremely important if you wish to build a long-term career in blogging. Many bloggers spend considerable time and effort to craft high-quality articles but don’t pay much attention to the requirements of their audiences. It gradually builds a wall between them and their readers and denies the blog the success it deserves.

To avoid the above-mentioned situations, proactively communicate with your audiences, know about their profile and profession. Understand their biggest challenges and goals. Identify the crucial knowledge gaps and figure out how your blog helps in filling those gaps with valuable content.

It will turn your blog into a go-to help resource for the readers where they can find specific solutions to their problems and information that will help them achieve success in their field.


·         Proactively invite people to comment on your blog by asking them to share their own experiences or present their thoughts on your post.

·         Regularly conduct the audience’s survey and ask them about their preferences in terms of information, style, and frequency. It will allow you to fully personalize your content to align with your readers’ taste

·         Avoid writing just for the sake of publishing a post, Make sure that you provide only high-value content with key insights and actionable advice- something that readers can promptly adapt for overcoming challenges and achieving success

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Post content on niche-specific high-authority blogs

 Networking with relevant people is very important to increase your reach, hone your skills and upgrade the information. It also makes it easier for you to earn organic backlinks from relevant high-authority sites which is a key factor to improve your SERPs ranking.

Posting content on other blogs also allows you to gain valuable backlinks and multiplies your traffic sources. The authentic blogs are frequented by high-authorities and allow you to drive high-value traffic to your blog.


·          Actively look for opportunities to post content on other blogs of your niche. It will help you in further polishing your writing quality to meet the higher expectations of top-ranking blogs. Eventually, it uplifts the quality of your blog.

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Create a design for best user-experience

Readers don’t like to struggle through your blog to find the information they are looking for. So carefully design a user-friendly website.

A smooth, quick, and well-guided navigation help your visitors immediately find what they need. It saves time and effort. As a result, they can explore more in less period which translates into better CTR and repeated visits.  


·          Along with a friendly website design, make sure to fill your site with high-value content that is intelligently categorized across different topics. It will help readers to discover more relevant information in their desired category.

·          Keep your menu structure neat and clutter-free. Avoid traffic by adopting minimalist design principles. It will not only help readers but also makes it easier for search engine bots to navigate through your blog that improves your SEO profile.  

·         Carefully plan your site design to make it minimalist and attractive at the same time. Learn how to subtly manipulate the elements like typography, colors, graphic positioning, etc. to create a unique brand identity.

As your blog grows, consider adding some useful resources to take personalization to a greater level. For instance, finance blogs can add investment calculators that can be used by readers to create an ideal investment portfolio based on their budget, income, expenses, and future goals. Likewise, health sites can offer specific weight loss routines to the readers depending upon their age, health profile, occupation, and current weight. Personalization allows you to quickly connect with your audiences and build long term relations.


Getting good traffic is the major objective of most of the new bloggers. However, it is even more important to achieve sustainable success by building a committed community of readers. By wisely strategizing your blogging and marketing plan you can not only get more visits but also increase the authority of the blog by providing high-quality content and bonding instantly with your audiences.

5 ideal ways to earn a dependable income from your blog

Blogging Tips

Every blogger wants to achieve a covetous position on SERPs. However, only a few people can achieve that. The reason? A majority of bloggers start their blogging journey with passion but soon start losing the interest and drive due to lukewarm response from visitors. Many of them have to abandon the blog after just 3-4 months. Others do invest hard efforts but lack the direction. In this blog, we will explain some of the ideal ways that can help your blog get success in a reasonable time.

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Wisely diversify your income portfolio

You just cannot shy away from the fact that income is one of the major factors to be considered while starting or running your blog. So, treat blogging as an investment portfolio. Instead of depending only on a single medium or earning, including multiple income streams.

Google Adsense is the best way to monetize blogs that get good traffic and thousands of views. Achieving such popularity is not possible if you have just started. So, along with Adsense you also need other avenues. Here are different mediums of earning income through your blog:

Adsense (if it doesn’t get approved, then try for other similar option)

Affiliate marketing

Sponsored posts

Banner advertising

Once you diversify your portfolio thus, there would be multiple opportunities to earn income through your blog. Now the question is how to make sure that you can get the best returns/conversions from different options. Here is a list of different actionable and simple methods to increase the conversions:

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Affiliate marketing: Use social proof to convince readers to buy

Gone are the days when netizens could easily be impressed with generic reviews about your product and services. They have become much wiser and demand tangible proofs to support your claims. So, if you wish to leave a long-lasting positive impact on your visitors then make sure that each of your claims is supported by social proof that makes it trustable.

Did you know that every 9 out of 10 online shoppers carefully read the review before trusting a product or business? The overall star rating is checked by 6 out of every 10 online shoppers. It means that having a review with social proof and star rating criteria multiplies your sales opportunities and enhances the brand’s impact on targeted audiences.

How to install social proof in your blog?

Plugins like WP Review Pro offer you an easy and straightforward way to insert ratings and comments on your site without affecting the speed. You can choose from different rating presentation formats like percentage, stares, etc.

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Take surveys to know the information people really need

To avoid this scenario, do your homework well. Understand your niche audiences and their specific needs. One of the reliable ways to do that is to take surveys to understand their demographics, requirements, reading preferences, and the relevant personal details that shape their needs. For instance, a startup entrepreneur’s interest in technology is most possibly centered on how it will help him in reducing cost and increasing productivity/profits within a short period. However, a tech enthusiast’s interest in technology is focused on gaining vital and detailed information about how a specific technology works.

Taking a survey doesn’t need to be complex. Just ask your visitors about their preferred topics in the comment section, social media pages of your blog or, if you have an email database just send them a personalized mail. However, if you are looking for more precise insights without technical hassles or investment then consider using survey services.

An easy way to take surveys

One of the free yet reliable survey services is SurveyMonkey. It allows you to gather detailed information about profiles, targets, and information needs of the readers. Using this vital information you can create awesome posts that precisely appeal to them.

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Insert CTA (Call to Action) elements at strategic places

One of the major concerns of new bloggers is how to convince people to take some action after reading the content. For instance, if you are an affiliate then you would want them to click on your affiliate link and purchase a product. Likewise, if you want to acquire a dedicated reader community then you may wish them to join the subscriber list. CTA or call-to-action elements help you in achieving that objective by providing an immediate way to prompt people to take desired actions.

Some CTA elements include:

·         Add to cart

·         Social sharing

·         Online chat

·         Links for Read more

·         Subscription signups

·         Purpose-specific Pop-ups


Carefully select the right CTAs for your blog and place them on a strategic position to attract attention. Having multiple buttons on different web pages increase your chances of getting positive results.

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Write concise and digestible contant for quick scanning

Getting visitors to your blog isn’t easy and the fact is that several visitors don’t convert into readers. Even those who don’t read the entire blog post and leave it midway because they don’t have the time to read through the entire post until they find the specific information piece they need. What does it mean?

Provide quick and digestible information to your readers that they can easily understand. To be more precise, help your readers to quickly scan through you’re your post.

Here are a few major elements of a scalable blog post :

·         Use a conversational tone and active voice as it helps in quickly bonding with the readers and building trust.

·         Highlight and accentuate the most vital points of your content by presenting them as bulleted/numbered lists. It makes it easy to quickly scan through the content without losing the vital points.>

·         the claims and statements that are supported by solid proofs.

·         Use stats and facts to support your statements as people are more influenced by

·         Create retina-friendly visual ambiance to help people read longer content without straining their eyes.

·         Include visuals to attract people and keep them engaged throughout your article.>

Smileys, Customer Satisfaction, Review

Use case studies to connect your content with the real life

Using case studies convince your readers that the methods or information provided in the blog post solves real-life problems. Use it as proof to win the confidence of your readers and build the trust. Moreover, it is also the best way to storify your content- a major factor that elongates the dwelling time of the customer and a solid way to prompt your readers to take the desired action.

Don’t forget to strategically insert CTA buttons at the right places of your case studies for achieving better results.


To survive and succeed in the highly competing world of blogging you need to invest serious efforts. However, it is even more important to channel your efforts in the right direction. In this blog, we suggested some of the actionable tips and reliable sources that will help you enjoy a strong reputation in the blogging world and earn a regular income.

Want to be a rich blogger? These practical tips can help you

Blogging Success

Starting a blog isn’t difficult but turning it into an income opportunity certainly requires serious efforts. Many people start blogging just because they have a passion for writing. However, they overlook other factors like technical aspects, business potential, SEO, etc. and that’s a big reason why most of the people now start their bog enthusiastically have to wrap it up within a year. In this blog, we are going to share some of the best tips to ensure that your blog won’t meet a similar destiny but would join the rank of successful blogs. 

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Put in hard work

There are millions of blogs worldwide and billions of blog posts are being written regularly. So the competition is very high. 

You need to be unique to enjoy distinguished positions. So you need to constantly learn the new things and upgrade the knowledge about your specific niche. Don’t try to dip your fingers into too many thing at the beginning.

Smart Tip: Remember, you don’t have to compete on global or national level if your main audiences are local. Likewise, if you are concentrating on your specific area (say the beauty salons in your block or the department shops in your avenue) the competition will dramatically become smaller and much easier to manage.

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Be ready to invest in the professional platform

While you may be tempted to opt for the free blog building platforms they lack the quality and professional appeal. So avoid them and go for the paid site builders with premium features and a good brand reputation. You may also hire a designer if you need a customized blog design with a specific personality.

Keep in mind that free blog platforms cost you reputation, respect, and revenue opportunities. If you weigh the things like a sharp businessman you would realize that it is much better to invest some amount rather than risking you blogging business by using free resources that, at best, can provide you a substandard blog with a DIY look- something that would neither attract readers nor convince potential advertisers.

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Invest wisely by adopting RoI based approach

You cannot escape the investment part if you are starting a blog as a business. However, you have to be careful while investing to avoid spending a pound to earn a penny. Weigh the things and think in terms of RoI. Most of the top bloggers with lavish websites started with a humble layout sans frill and fancy.

It is only after earning some income these bloggers started upgrading the design. As a beginner, the only major concern is having a professional and reader friendly design.

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Gain some level of relevant technical proficiency

You don’t have to master different technical aspects of web design and development but you need to have an average knowledge of these things to maintain the technical health of your blog. It will not only save you from recurring costs for modifying the design but will also allow you to take better control of the overall visitor experience.

On the web you can find a good amount of learning material on designing and development but you don’t necessarily need expertise. Just go through the basic knowledge and keep on sharpening it through hit and try the practice. A majority of bloggers learned that way and you can too. While ding all these things always maintain in your mind that the content is the hero of your blog while the rest factors like design and functionalities are the side characters. So, while the main objective should be to create a fine synergy among all, the major focus should be on the content and its quality. Serious readers may forgive a generic design if the content is great but they won’t tolerate a fancy, designer blog with low quality, copied, and generic content.

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Publishing consistency matters

Make a regular schedule of publishing. It is highly recommendable to write daily even if you wish to publish 2-3 posts a week. It will help you in sharpening your writing skill and build a signature style of your own that will give a distinct personality to your blog. Consistency plays a vital role in building a regular stream of readers.

If you publish 5 blogs today and then took a break of 15 days, you won’t be able to attract genuine readers. Your main objective is to build a reading habit among your blog visitors so that they can be converted to regular readers. It is also advisable not to dip your fingers into too many things at the same time. Wisely schedule things like content writing, content marketing, contacting advertisers, etc. so that one activity should not interfere with another. 

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Social media marketing

One of the easiest ways to promote your blog on your own with zero amounts is to create a good social media reputation. Just creating a Facebook page or twitter handle isn’t enough. You need to ignite the conversation and take it forward. If you would look at the social media handles of top bloggers you would observe that they are constantly engaging with their audiences. Right from creating engaging niche related social media posts to telling passionately about their latest posts and initiating discussions- these bloggers are expert at converting social media into a powerful promotional tool. To get the success you have to take inspiration from what successful people are doing. By and by you can strengthen your social media presence and constantly engage with your audience. 


To earn a decent regular income out of your blog it is very important to create a checklist of the major things to concentrate on. In this blog, we provided a list of the most important things that can determine the destiny of your blog. The readers are advised to carefully note these things down and follow the tips regularly. It will help them in enjoying decent success in their blogging career.

Blog your way to success by adopting these actionable tips (Part 2)

Blogging Tips

In our last blog, we shared some practical advice that you need to follow to grow as a blogger. In this concluding part, we are going to mention some more tips along with a quick list of the tools that can help you in practically following those tips without complicating your daily schedule. By following these strategies and using the mentioned tools, you would be able to constantly grow as a blogger and reach the coveted position of top 100 bloggers:

Poor grammar ruins blog’s reputation

Many writers hate grammar policing but it doesn’t mean that you can conveniently dispose of the basic grammar rules. Dedicated readers respect language and grammar is the foundation of any language.

Rampant grammar and spelling mistakes can easily annoy the readers and may also make your content meaningless. Moreover, the content with heavy spelling and grammar mistakes gives a spurious feel and compels audiences to hit back or close button- earning you a negative SEO point. Make sure that your content is free from spelling and grammar mistakes and achieves high readability scores.

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Respect those who inspire you

No blogger can honestly claim to offer 100% original content gained from the first-hand experience without any inspiration. Believe me, it is not a bold allegation but a practical reality.

It is not a bad idea to take inspiration from existing blogs but presenting that idea without acknowledging the source is simply unacceptable. You should start by openly asserting that the information you are going to share has been derived from another source and after presenting the information in the relevant format openly mention the name of the source and thank its author.

It is even a better idea to go a mile further and link to that specific blog post. It will not only establish your identity as an honest blogger but can also help you form some good relations with fellow bloggers. This strategy offers good SEO benefits as well.

No one likes copycat blogger

While we have told in the above paragraph that we need some inspirations to create high-quality blog posts, it is equally important to maintain the line of difference between inspiration and copying. Copy-pasting small portions from different blogs help you publish hundreds of high-quality posts without breaking a sweat. However, it not only brings you in the bad books of Google but also exposes you to legal actions. In the writing world it is known as plagiarism and today there are powerful tools like Copyscape to detect plagiarism.

Most of the serious professional bloggers keep a keen eye on “content stealers” and don’t hesitate to take legal action against them. Google can detect such copied content and take prompt severe action against them including permanent blacklisting of the site.

Also remember…

Many people think that they can easily fool Google or plagiarism checking tools by juxtaposing a few words/phrases here and there. This is again a wrong assumption. This, known as rephrasing, is equally considered as plagiarism and both Google and plagiarism tools can efficiently detect rephrased content and its source.

Create an appealing and reader-friendly design

Create a user-friendly, appealing design for your blog and make sure that the website design is responsive, i.e., it offers uniform visual experience across different devices and browsers.

Use minimalist design with an easy navigation structure and intuitive positioning of buttons, menus, and other elements. Make it eye-friendly by adding adequate white space, pastel colors, and retina-friendly resolution. It will encourage readers to keep exploring different topics at a stretch without feeling stress on their eyes regardless of the device they use. .

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Create a fine balance between passion and professionalism

 While blogging, in most cases, starts with a passion, you should know how to keep this passion from getting unruly. As a professional blogger, you have some responsibilities towards your readers. Your growth closely depends on your capability of aligning passion with professionalism.

Successful bloggers know how to channel their passion in a positive direction to create powerful blogs that readers trust, Google loves and advertisers prefer for promoting their brands. It won’t happen overnight but by devising and following a proper strategy along with marketing tactics you can steadily grow your blog into a dependable commercial venture.

Tools, Tool Box, Toolbox, Box, Equipment

Best tools for bloggers

While following specific strategies allows you to develop as a blogger, you also need to have a practical, easy way to follow a systematic schedule on a daily basis. Thankfully, there are various tools that can help you streamlined your daily schedule, make it more productive and align it with your success goals. Here is a quick overview of some of the best tools that every blogger should use:

Content creation ideas

·         BuzzSumo

·         Quora

·         Quick Sprout

Idea organizing tools

·         Evernote

·         Trello

·         Google Calendar

Optimization tools


·         Google Trends

·         Keyword Planner

Writing assistant tools

·         Google Docs

·         Toggl

Visual creation tools

·         Canva

·         Meme Generator

·         Share as Image

Content distribution/sharing tools

·         Buffer

·         Filament

·         Click to Tweet


Constant growth as a blogger needs hard work, dedication, and patience. You need to learn at every point of your blogging journey and implement your knowledge in the practical scenario. Many tools can help you as a blogger and manage different activities- right from auto-scheduling to SEO optimization. Smart bloggers combine the right tools with the right strategies to gain the best benefits with the least efforts. Following the same strategy may not turn you into the richest blogger of the world, but it can certainly help you earn a steady decent income along with a solid reputation as a blogger.

Blog your way to success by adopting these actionable tips (Part 1 of 2)

Blogging Tips

Blogging is a career that promises you a life that allows you to follow the passion of your heart. It also helps you earn a decent income with high growth potential. However, it is not a get rich quick scheme. You should be ready to invest your efforts and time into it. You need to follow specific strategies and stick to a routine- at least for the initial 6 months or until your blog is properly established. In this article, we are going to share some practical tips to turn blogging into a successful business enterprise.

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Hone your writing skills

It is a no-brainer that you need to deliver high-quality content to create a successful blog. While it is true that writing is a natural skill, you still need to hone it to write the content that precisely satisfies the readers’ queries, aligns with the guidelines of major search engines, and has decent commercial potential. 

As a blogger you need to have the following skills

·         Excellent Knowledge of Language

·          (almost) Perfect Proofreading Skills

·         Awesome Presentation 

·         Competent Research Abilities

·         SEO Hacks

·         Excellent knowledge about the niche/topic

·         Create highly readable content

·         Adapting to the latest trends

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Don’t sacrifice honesty for immediate commercial interests

One of the major mistakes made by many newbie bloggers is to allow the immediate commercial interests to influence their original thoughts. Gradually they start losing their original tone. You cannot survive as a blogger if your readers don’t support you with their trust and time. So, respect your readers and offer them honest, unbiased, and genuine information.

No amount of marketing can help you in the long run if your blog publishes false reviews, sponsored positive posts about the brands you aren’t sure about, or pushing specific products through your content. Sooner or later the things will be revealed costing your blog the authenticity and readers’ trust. You will start getting negative feedback on social media channels, mass unsubscribing may happen, and your blog will lose the traffic and ranking it has acquired after so many efforts.  

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Blogging needs dedication, no matter what

Even the topmost bloggers of today started from a dorm or a small room of their home. They had many other responsibilities, but they still managed to reserve a specific portion of time and attention for their blog- posting new content, replying to comments, and researching new topics. It is this dedication that helped them to grow into top bloggers. Your takeaway: Your blog cannot succeed if you are not dedicated, period.

If you want to be a blogger, make sure that you dedicate at least 6 months of your life to blogging. During this period acquire as much knowledge as you can.

Learn about different aspects of blogging. Practice what you learn and see how it works for you. Most likely you would need to go through multiple attempts. This hit and try approach will help you precisely tailor the acquired knowledge to meet your specific needs.

Keep on reviewing the outcomes and retain only those strategies that offer positive results while leaving the unproductive ones.


Dedication should not be limited to a “feel-good” factor but it should be interpreted into practical reality. Create a daily/weekly blogging schedule and strictly follow this schedule at least for 6 months. Punctuality promotes dedication. 

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Constant evolution is the key to success

Evolution is not an overnight incident. It is a process that comprises several of stages. In the same way, if you wish to evolve as a blogger you need to follow a process patiently and persistently. Here are the most basic requirements that you should include in your daily schedule if you wish to grow as a blogger:

·         Learn: Enhance your knowledge by learning new relevant things- latest knowledge about your niche, SEO strategies, social media tractions and other factors related to your blog

·         Try: Try what you learn and see how it works in the real world. Are you satisfied with the results that you are getting?- this should be the prime question to base your final decision.

·         Review: Review the tangible outcome of the applied knowledge to determine what works best for you to meet your expectations. Retain the best, refuse the rest.

·         Fine-tune: Different bloggers have different requirements depending upon factors like demographics, topic, competition, etc. There is no one size fits all strategy for every blogger. Don’t hesitate to fine-tune the standard strategies to make them work best for your blog

·         Create your own strategy: Many strategies might not fit into a standard definition but they still work best for some people. Think about a casual FB conversation graduating into a huge business deal or a mundane get together at home or office helping you to make high-profile contacts. Consider investing some time and brainstorming on such innovative, out-of-the-box strategies.

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Daily practice is the key to success

Just like any other art, your writing gets better if you practice it daily. Of course, there are immediate professional benefits as well. Google also loves the reader-friendly blogs that are regularly updated with the latest information.

By incorporating some keyword strategies it can also help you gradually improve your visibility. Readers also prefer the blogs that offer them the wealth of the latest information as it allows them to remain on edge.

Make it a habit to write well-researched articles on the latest topics- posting at least one article every day.

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Don’t struggle with many niches

Make sure that your blog focuses on a specific niche. You may love traveling, technology, and literature but forcing all these disparate topics in the single blog can rob it of its unique confident personality. So, before starting a blog you should find your niche. It could be travel, technology, or even history- but make sure to focus on a single niche.

Having a specific niche not only saves you from unnecessary stress but will also allow you to concentrate all your energy, time, and efforts in a single direction that will significantly enhance the overall potential of your blog.


To grow as a blogger, you need to be very specific about how you spend your time, efforts, and energy. Just daydreaming won’t help you. You need to adopt the actions, thinking, and schedules that align with your growth plans. Clear direction, focused efforts, well-planned strategies, and constant optimization are some major basic requirements for those who wish to join the list of successful bloggers.  

Struggling with your blogging career? Don’t give up before trying these 5 tips

Blogging Tips

Blogging can be a very promising enterprise if you follow the right strategy. However, many bloggers fail to do that and left their efforts in a middle way seeing that no progress has been made. Instead of putting in the initial efforts and then leaving a pursuit, it is better to identify the specific reasons for failure and working on them to improve your potential. An even better option is to regard your blog as a serious commercial venture right from the beginning and keep on identifying different income-generating opportunities. In this blog, we are going to reveal some of the best ways to earn from your blog even if you are a beginner.

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Offer real value to the audiences

The easiest way to start generating income from your blog is to offer expert services to your audiences. Now the term expert service is a wide term and under the umbrella you have varied fields like offering actionable advice on relevant issues, how-to guides, helping your audiences identify latent opportunities, and even offering your direct services in the fields you expertise in- digital marketing, website development, etc.

 In simplest terms, you can start by helping your readers identify the exact reason behind the tricky issues or hurdles they are facing, and even more importantly, help them overcome those challenges by providing immediately actionable practical advice.

 A majority of digital users browse content that can help them overcome their present challenges in the most practical way. By serving them such content you can build an instant rapport with this vast majority of audiences.

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Offer distinguished writing service to top brands

The reputed brands have a constant requirement for the skilled writers with demonstrated distinct capabilities. While there are numerous writers available in the world, very few can be put into the category if accomplished writers. So, developing such distinguished writing skills and marketing them in the best way allows you to join the relatively smaller community of high-caliber writers that minimize the competition. Moreover, the reputed brands are ready to pay a decently high price for each piece of writing. It not only hikes your income potential but also relieves you from the worry of living from paycheck to paycheck.

 The demand curve of skilled bloggers is going up which means that once you acquire the skills the income potential will constantly keep on rising- provided that you effectively market your skills to the right brands using right strategies.

 There are a number of writing courses available online. Carefully select the best courses. Such certification equips you with in-demand skill sets that the reputed brands are looking for. Make sure to go for certificate courses from reputed sources as the latter provides you a tangible proof to show the potential clients.

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Provide reasonably priced onine courses on related topics

 One of the best ways to get the best out of small community of potential buyers is to sell them something that assures a good revenue per sales and allows you to keep the maximum profit. One option is to sell online courses through your blog.

 Now the question comes that why people would invest in online courses when the internet is rife with free lessons on the same topics. The simple answer is comfort and trust. While people love free information, they are also aware that the quality and practical effectiveness of such information may not always be reliable. Paid courses, on the other hand, are looked as more trustable sources as the course creator is selling it for a price and is thus answerable to the learners. Also, the online courses bring multiple aspects of the same topic on the same ground and structure them in a linear, easy to understand format.

In order to attract people to your courses, you can keep the prices reasonably owner in the starting and also collect the feedback from the learners. It will offer you a wholesome review of your course identify the weaknesses strengths and work on them to further improve the quality. It will also help you improve your relations with the readers.

 It also allows you to work exclusively for your passion instead of blogging for various brands. That’s why it is the best option for passionate bloggers who wish to earn a good income without compromising on their passion or allowing commercial factors to alter their writing style/skills.

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Create e-books

 Now this advice is not directly related to the field of blogging but it is helpful nevertheless. You can create an e-book comprising your best articles that tend to the same issue. Sure, you may have to put in more effort- do some fill in the blanks, modify your strategy, and restructure the format to suit the style of an e-book. One of the best ways to sell your e-book content is through Kindle books but you shouldn’t neglect the other options either.

 One of the best factors about Kindle is that it is a part of the reputed brand Amazon- an eCommerce platform that enjoys unrivaled reputation across the globe.  

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Create a list of email subscribers

Another creative way to use your blog as an income generator is to create a list of email subscribers. In this way, you would have a list of email addresses of the people who are very likely to be interested in your topics and products.

Converting such subscribers into clients is comparatively easy and you can also employ this list to gain committed audiences, sell affiliate products, and use for other commercial endeavors. However, you need to maintain a fine balance between giving and take. You can start by offering exclusive content and more in-depth insights to your email subscribers only. It will help you bond better with such audiences. You can even ask their feedback and suggestion on the same and encourage them to interact with you through email.

Seamless communication and active interaction further strengthen the relations and make readers appreciate your proactive efforts in resolving their issues. Once you have thus fortified the relations, you can then send those emails about the tricky issues and naturally mention your affiliate products, paid courses, or kindle books as one of the best options to solve those issues.

In this strategy you follow a natural curve, starting from delivering high-value exclusive information right into the mailboxes of your email subscribers, then encouraging them to frankly discuss their issues with your through direct email communication, and then- after winning their trust- you suggest them about the best products or services that can solve their issues. It is much easier to convince people after building trust and familiarity rather than directly marketing their products.


Starting a blog is super easy but attracting audiences is difficult. Even more difficult is to generate income from your blog. However, instead of getting discouraged, the new bloggers can use some smart, easy, and sure-shot ways to gradually turn their blog into a profitable venture. In this article, we shared some actionable tips to help you get your initial paychecks even if your blog doesn’t attract lots of traffic.

Are these 6 blogging mistakes keeping you from your first paycheck? Take action now

Blogging Tips

Every day a large number of blogs are started worldwide by passionate bloggers and a majority of them fail within a year. On one hand, we have blogs like Huffington Post that earns $14 million every month and on the other, we have tens of thousands of blogs struggling to get a $100 paycheck- without a success. Is your blog also desperate to get its first paycheck? Then probably, you have come to the right place.

No, we won’t give you a paycheck but share some secrets and tips to help you earn a steady stream of paychecks. We have strategically created this blog to mention the challenges, tips, and a concrete corrective action plan & tools. So, be ready with your diary and pen and jot down the important points. You may not be able to follow all the tips but try to pick at least one that seems most convenient to you, and stick to it till you start observing the positive results.

No, we won’t give you a paycheck but share some secrets and tips to help you earn a steady stream of paychecks. We have strategically created this blog to mention the challenges, tips, and a concrete corrective action plan & tools. So, be ready with your diary and pen and jot down the important points. You may not be able to follow all the tips but try to pick at least one that seems most convenient to you, and stick to it till you start observing the positive results.

beautiful green and brown eye in close up photography

Not identifying your target readers

Deep knowledge of your audience will help you find the most engaging topics and focus your research in the right direction. You would be able to highlight the aspects most relevant to them and use the conversational tone to match the readers’ profile. All these factors form the basis of a great content.

Start by studying the demographics, and needs of your targeted audiences. Understand their problems and major challenges. Identify the gaps in demand and supply where you can chip in and offer a precise solution. It is an even better idea to present multiple options to help your readers pick the one that they are most comfortable with.

Tools like Google Analytics make things easier for you but there is nothing like direct interaction with the audience. Think engaging ways to directly ask them about their needs and challenges, likes and dislike weakness and strengths, etc. This detailed information helps you in two ways- strengthening relations with the audience and concentrating on purpose-fulfilling content. A wide variety of free and premium tools will iron out the creative creases and help you build engaging polls, email newsletters, etc.

· A powerful and free tool to create polls, surveys and quizzes to help you understand your readers better and offer most relevant content

· A free yet powerful tool to rate your article to help you understand your writing quality and constantly improve the same.

· Find deeper insights about different hashtags to discover latest trending topics, research relevant keywords and keep you updated about social media. It allows you to create posts on topics with maximum potential and makes it easier for you to attract and engage the readers for long.

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Lacking a mission

 Without a clear mission, you won’t be able to concentrate intently. Gradually the passion dissipates, you start losing your focus and eventually the quality suffers. It becomes increasingly tough to attract new visitors and even retaining a few that you might have acquired.

·        Starting your blogging journey with clear and realistic objectives

·        Lack of sustainable mutual connection between creative and commercial goals

·        Lack of a well-thought plan to align your daily tasks (posting, content marketing, SEO, etc.) with the big picture/prime objective(s)


·         Objective: To earn income (Too vague)

·         To earn $3000 within a month (better defined but too big to be achieved within a month)

·         To earn at least $50 in 30 days mainly through affiliate income and sponsored posts (well-defined and possibly achievable target with specific figures, time-frame, and income avenues)


·        Don’t ignore what-ifs of a venture. Be flexible enough to review and reasonably fine-tune your efforts to maximize gains and minimize obstacles

·        Dedicate a decent chunk of time, space, and infrastructure to your venture. It will eliminate distractions and help you remain focused and agile throughout the blogging process

·        Don’t shy to ask, learn, and enhance your expertise. There are lots of bloggers around the globe who are ready to help you with their expertise. Reach out to them through digital groups, forums, and online communities

·        Read as much as you can. A good reader subconsciously learn to write well

ProBlogger and are two ideal online sources to check for the niche-specific brands that are looking to connect with the bloggers. Here you just need to create your account, set your profile and specify communication preferences. You would get instant information about any new opportunities for bloggers.

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Chaos of topics

 Widening your portfolio of topics seems a good idea on the surface as it would possibly attract a wider spectrum of readers across different demographics. However, you would need to write more in the same period of time. It compresses the time for research and writing. Switching your attention to different topics in a smaller time frame also creates stress. Before you know, you start losing the grip over the quality thus annoying and alienating your readers. Ironically, you would be putting more effort without knowing that each effort is actually annoying- instead of attracting your readers.

Concentrate on a single niche to keep the things manageable and gain better expertise. It will enable you to concentrate on value rather than struggling with the volume. You would be able to fine-tune every aspect of your content delivery- right from research to marketing. Result? Your readers would enjoy your blogs, get the value benefit, and would love to return. You may not get any immediate ranking benefits but eventually, it helps in building an authority that will help you gain more visibility in due course of time. It is just like a long term investment of efforts to gain higher returns. Each high quality, SEO, and Reader-friendly post write today increases the RoI of your future SEO strategy.

There are immediate or short term benefits as well. On the commercial front, it will help you acquire the targeted and sustainable readers with a steady growth rate which makes it easier to enhance the revenue potential of your blog. Sponsors have grown too wise to be lured with plain stats. They want to know every detail of your traffic- age, gender, income, etc. and see how these details match with their commercial targets. They are ready to invest a decent amount on niche blogs with the most relevant traffic. The same thing applies to affiliate marketing programs and ad sense or another ad-related avenue. Just like conventional marketing, showing your products (i.e., affiliate links/ads) to the relevant buyers multiply the sales/clicks probabilities and helps you earn commissions.

Time, Timer, Clock, Watch, Hour

Lack of consistency

 Consistency and patience are two other major elements of a successful blogging voyage. One of the secret traits of top bloggers is that gradually build habits into their readers’ routine by feeding them high-value content on a regular basis. Compare your blog posts to the regular mental meal for your readers. You don’t eat 20 pizzas a day and remain hungry for the next 10 days. Rather you eat a balanced quantity when you feel hungry- on a daily basis and most probably during (almost) the same times. In the same way, you need to offer a digestible quantity of high-quality content to your readers on a daily basis and at the same time. It will gradually form a reading habit into them and your blog will start experiencing a steady flow of daily traffic. Many bloggers post blogs as and when convenient while some may post 5-7 blogs daily and then become silent for the next 7 days. The readers who read several good posts today will get disappointed on visiting your blog the next day. You certainly can’t expect readers’ loyalty by switching their experience between instant gratification and total disappointment.

Create a well-defined publishing schedule and keep your focus on value rather than volume

Plan your routine strategically to dedicate a specific time window exclusively for blogging

Avoid rushing the things in a quest to catch up with the volume. For instance, don’t try to force a longer post or a complicated topic into the regular blogging hours. Rather enlarge the time window for such demanding posts.

Best tools for scheduling

Two of the reliable scheduling tools are HootSuite and Buffer. Hootsuites is suitable for those who are looking for comprehensive features while buffer is best for bloggers with relatively modest requirements. But if you need a unified ecosystem for post planning as well as scheduling then there is a better tool for you. Though available at price, the features it offers are truly awesome. We are talking about promorepublic: If you are looking to blend scheduling with content research and presentation then you would like to go for Promo Republic. Along with general scheduling features it also offers you as many as one hundred thousand of blogging ideas and purpose-built tools for graphic editing. Additionally you would also get Analytics, reporting an Ai-powered smart posting.

Rubber Bands, Elastic Bands

Lack of reasonable flexibility

 Have flexibility and keep working on plan B’s to avoid stagnation. At the height of your success, you may even say No to high-value commercial options if it doesn’t align with your preferences. But as a beginner, you don’t have this privilege. So, if you started a blog to earn through Adsense but the things seem too difficult then don’t risk waiting too long without plan B. Immediately start looking for another income option- sponsored posts, affiliate programs, etc. Having a steady income stream, even with a small amount, will make you feel good and nourishes positivity. Collectively it will help you in enhancing the quality of your blog.

Writing, Pen, Man, Ink, Paper, Pencils

Lack of Business Approach

If you really wish to convert your blog into a sustainable commercial venture then incorporate business thinking into creativity. For instance, make sure that you invest only in high-potential goods (in blogging terms- topics that attract maximum readers). Keep on examining the market fluctuations, i.e., the fluctuations in search trends relevant to your niche. Understand your readers deeply and know about the most recent potentials. One of the easiest ways to do this is to check your competing blog and social listening on the related platforms where you can find the targeted readers and potential sponsors. For instance, if you run a technology blog then visiting tech forums, checking related tech pages on Facebook, and exploring twitter posts with relevant hashtags can be a great strategy. At the same time don’t forget to check the online gathering places of tech CEOs and decision-makers like Linkedin. It will help you align your blogging goals with readers’ preferences as well as the corporate strategy of related businesses.

Best tool for giving a business approach to your blog

Starting a business approach becomes easier if you have a friendly tool that is automatically updated with the time without requiring any intervention. One such tool is LivePlan where you can get all the basic and advanced features to plan your blogging business the best way. Of course, you don’t have to use the entire collection of those elements or criteria but you can easily scale up the plan when you need.

Here are a few features of LivePlan that offer it a distinguished position:

·         Detailed instructions in quick-follow format

·         Over 500 samples/examples for each step

·         Key terms definitions

·         High flexibility in outline

·         Inbuilt financial formulas to carry out calculation

·         Easy Export options (Word Processor, .PDF)

·         Data Import options (QuickBooks and Xero)

·         Industry based Comparison data

·         Long-term prediction options

·         Automated charts and graphs

·         Secure online sharing

·         Pitch infographic

·         … and much more


In order to earn a decent income from your blog, you need to have clear goals and follow a specific strategy. Just like any other business, invest your ideas, efforts and time in blogging exercises if you really wish to turn it into a solid business venture. In this blog we have explained various possible reasons for the failure of blogs and how to revive them and turn them into a profitable enterprise. We also mentioned some of the reliable tools that can help you in the blog revival process.