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Blog your way to success by adopting these actionable tips (Part 1 of 2)

Blogging is a career that promises you a life that allows you to follow the passion of your heart. It also helps you earn a decent income with high growth potential. However, it is not a get rich quick scheme. You should be ready to invest your efforts and time into it. You need to follow specific strategies and stick to a routine- at least for the initial 6 months or until your blog is properly established. In this article, we are going to share some practical tips to turn blogging into a successful business enterprise.

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Hone your writing skills

It is a no-brainer that you need to deliver high-quality content to create a successful blog. While it is true that writing is a natural skill, you still need to hone it to write the content that precisely satisfies the readers’ queries, aligns with the guidelines of major search engines, and has decent commercial potential. 

As a blogger you need to have the following skills

·         Excellent Knowledge of Language

·          (almost) Perfect Proofreading Skills

·         Awesome Presentation 

·         Competent Research Abilities

·         SEO Hacks

·         Excellent knowledge about the niche/topic

·         Create highly readable content

·         Adapting to the latest trends

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Don’t sacrifice honesty for immediate commercial interests

One of the major mistakes made by many newbie bloggers is to allow the immediate commercial interests to influence their original thoughts. Gradually they start losing their original tone. You cannot survive as a blogger if your readers don’t support you with their trust and time. So, respect your readers and offer them honest, unbiased, and genuine information.

No amount of marketing can help you in the long run if your blog publishes false reviews, sponsored positive posts about the brands you aren’t sure about, or pushing specific products through your content. Sooner or later the things will be revealed costing your blog the authenticity and readers’ trust. You will start getting negative feedback on social media channels, mass unsubscribing may happen, and your blog will lose the traffic and ranking it has acquired after so many efforts.  

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Blogging needs dedication, no matter what

Even the topmost bloggers of today started from a dorm or a small room of their home. They had many other responsibilities, but they still managed to reserve a specific portion of time and attention for their blog- posting new content, replying to comments, and researching new topics. It is this dedication that helped them to grow into top bloggers. Your takeaway: Your blog cannot succeed if you are not dedicated, period.

If you want to be a blogger, make sure that you dedicate at least 6 months of your life to blogging. During this period acquire as much knowledge as you can.

Learn about different aspects of blogging. Practice what you learn and see how it works for you. Most likely you would need to go through multiple attempts. This hit and try approach will help you precisely tailor the acquired knowledge to meet your specific needs.

Keep on reviewing the outcomes and retain only those strategies that offer positive results while leaving the unproductive ones.


Dedication should not be limited to a “feel-good” factor but it should be interpreted into practical reality. Create a daily/weekly blogging schedule and strictly follow this schedule at least for 6 months. Punctuality promotes dedication. 

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Constant evolution is the key to success

Evolution is not an overnight incident. It is a process that comprises several of stages. In the same way, if you wish to evolve as a blogger you need to follow a process patiently and persistently. Here are the most basic requirements that you should include in your daily schedule if you wish to grow as a blogger:

·         Learn: Enhance your knowledge by learning new relevant things- latest knowledge about your niche, SEO strategies, social media tractions and other factors related to your blog

·         Try: Try what you learn and see how it works in the real world. Are you satisfied with the results that you are getting?- this should be the prime question to base your final decision.

·         Review: Review the tangible outcome of the applied knowledge to determine what works best for you to meet your expectations. Retain the best, refuse the rest.

·         Fine-tune: Different bloggers have different requirements depending upon factors like demographics, topic, competition, etc. There is no one size fits all strategy for every blogger. Don’t hesitate to fine-tune the standard strategies to make them work best for your blog

·         Create your own strategy: Many strategies might not fit into a standard definition but they still work best for some people. Think about a casual FB conversation graduating into a huge business deal or a mundane get together at home or office helping you to make high-profile contacts. Consider investing some time and brainstorming on such innovative, out-of-the-box strategies.

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Daily practice is the key to success

Just like any other art, your writing gets better if you practice it daily. Of course, there are immediate professional benefits as well. Google also loves the reader-friendly blogs that are regularly updated with the latest information.

By incorporating some keyword strategies it can also help you gradually improve your visibility. Readers also prefer the blogs that offer them the wealth of the latest information as it allows them to remain on edge.

Make it a habit to write well-researched articles on the latest topics- posting at least one article every day.

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Don’t struggle with many niches

Make sure that your blog focuses on a specific niche. You may love traveling, technology, and literature but forcing all these disparate topics in the single blog can rob it of its unique confident personality. So, before starting a blog you should find your niche. It could be travel, technology, or even history- but make sure to focus on a single niche.

Having a specific niche not only saves you from unnecessary stress but will also allow you to concentrate all your energy, time, and efforts in a single direction that will significantly enhance the overall potential of your blog.


To grow as a blogger, you need to be very specific about how you spend your time, efforts, and energy. Just daydreaming won't help you. You need to adopt the actions, thinking, and schedules that align with your growth plans. Clear direction, focused efforts, well-planned strategies, and constant optimization are some major basic requirements for those who wish to join the list of successful bloggers.  

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