The best plugins that every single blogger must use (Part 1)

A large number of people earn their daily bread solely from blogging which makes blogging a practical business/profession instead of just a hobby. While starting your blog is technically easy, managing it regularly is quite a tiresome task- especially if you are an individual blogger. Thankfully, several tools empower you to take full control over your blogging business without having to hire even a single staff. Right from backups to editorial support these tools can offer you A to Z high-quality assistance you need to manage your blog like a pro. We have compiled a go-to list of some of the most ideal tools that will help you enhance your blog’s potential without any hassles:


As a blogger, you need to treat your content as a valuable asset. Adopt the surest ways to safeguard it. Despite all the efforts, the cent percent security remains a myth in the IT industry. Having a backup of your blog makes sure that even in the extreme scenario of getting your site hacked you won’t have to start all over from a scratch. However, it is vitally important to find the backup option that assures maximum backup of the latest content without going through technical complications.

VaultPress is a trusted tool that makes it easier for you to retrieve your entire content (as per the backup frequency you selected) with just a single click. The tool automatically creates real-time backups and stores it in the cloud which assures complete safety. One-click restoration option ensures that you won’t have to struggle with delays or dependencies for restoring your site.

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As an individual blogger you have to struggle with multi-tasking that affects your attention and increases probabilities of human error. Threat actors are always on a lookout for such errors or security gaps to hack your site and misuse it for their vested interests. For 24X7 security of your site, you can rely on Sucuri a highly trusted security service provider for websites. It closely monitors your site for suspicious activities and upon detecting one it releases prompt alerts. Along with prevention, detection, and alerts, it can also remove the malware automatically.

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Google Analytics

Audience analysis is a crucial requirement for building a solid growth strategy for your blog. You need to have accurate stats to take measured steps to build on strengths and work on weaknesses.

Google Analytics is a trustworthy tool designed by the internet giant Google that offers you comprehensive updated statistics to understand your targeted audiences and their behavior. Installation is quick easy and straightforward. The simple interface also makes it a time-saver tool that is equally beneficial for new as well as seasoned bloggers.

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Yoast SEO

Yoast is a powerful SEO plugin that allows you to optimize your entire WP site to increase the probabilities of ranking higher on specific keywords. Easy to install and equipped with loads of purpose-specific features this tool can singularly manage multiple aspects of your SEO strategy. Thus, it relieves you from the need of investing in and struggling with multiple plugins.

Also, you don’t have to waste time understanding complex reports as the tool offers quick and clear insights along with intuitive light-based quality indicators – green, red, and orange- that automatically adjust in real-time as you make changes.

Edit Flow

Edit Flow

If you are running a multi-author websites then you should have come across the challenges of managing the editorial workflow. Knowing what different authors re writing about, assessing content quality, providing feedback, and managing editorial calendar- all these tasks drag you into the jumble of mundane tasks and distracts your attention from the bigger picture.

With the help of Edit Flow, you can smoothly execute all these editorial tasks through a single interface and quick steps. Right from content allocation to executions, feedback, and editorial scheduling, you can do everything through the straightforward interface of Edit Flow.


Managing a blog is not easy and especially for a single blogger with limited resources, it is an uphill task. However, in recent years many tools have been developed that enable you to efficiently manage your blog single-handed and with professional accuracy. Each blogger has unique needs. So it is best to create a checklist of your major requirements and the maximum budget you can spend (for paid versions) before you decide to buy or try such tools.