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6 strong reasons why you should start your second blog this week

A large number of successful bloggers own two or more blogs and it is one of the major reasons behind their multiplying revenues. Multiple blogs open doors to a huge number of opportunities and diversify your portfolio. It not only establishes your reputation as a blogger but also enhances your business potential. Moreover, as opposed to the common notion, multiple blogs don’t require you to invest multiple efforts or time- as we will learn in this blog. So, if you are still thinking about whether or not to start your second blog, then this article will help you take an informed decision. In this blog, we are going to present some of the major benefits of creating multiple blogs:

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Better RoI on your time and efforts

It takes multiple attempts and long time to enhance quality and commercial profile of your first blog. You can use your hard-earned lessons from the trial and error approach of your first blog to create another highly professional blog that enjoys a better authority and superior commercial potential. Managing, maintaining, and marketing such professional blogs are easier and by utilizing your first-hand experience you can turn it into an opportunity magnet with reasonable efforts.

In other words, if it took you 6 months of trial and error to gain first small pay check out of your first blog then, you can get a much larger paycheck within, say, 4 months of starting your next blog- by applying targeted, focused efforts in the right direction.

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Impact diverse demographics

Another major benefit of blogging network is that it allows you to organically widen your impact across diverse demographics without compromising on the niche.

For instance, you love writing on technology and travel and wish to convert it into a career. But you cannot write about travel in your technology blog or post-tech-related articles in your travel blog. The easiest and natural way to do this is to have two separate blogs for travel and technology respectively.

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Boost your SEO efforts

Another advantage of multiple blogs is that it allows you to use your organic traffic juice to add some real strength to your SEO strategy. For instance, if you have to build a good following through technology-related blogs then it would be easier to inform and influence those loyal readers with your travel-related content as well.

Convincing your loyal readers to subscribe to your new (second) blog is much easier. You may send email newsletters to the subscribers, advertise it on your social networks and place catchy banners on your technology blog- there are various ways in which you can get a readymade wealth of loyal readers which saves you from the hassles and challenges of creating a brand new network of loyal readers.

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Establish your personal brand

Creating multiple blogs also allows you to establish and develop your brand. For instance, if Gucci comes up with a concept of a new luxury lifestyle magazine there are high chances that you won’t think twice before buying. Why? Just because Gucci is a reputed brand in the lifestyle industry and it gives you a kind of assurance that their magazine would maintain the high-quality standards that the brand is famous for. The same goes for your blog.

If you have already established yourself as a trustworthy blogger in the travel niche then it would be much easier for you to convey your existing readers as well as targeted audiences to visit your new blog that concentrates on travel gears and accessories. They can rely on you for unbiased, high high-quality on different travel gears because you have already won the trust of your readers as a sincere and knowledgeable travel blogger.

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Ethical cross promotion

Ethical cross-promotion another major advantage of having multiple blogs. It makes it easier for you to increase the authority of multiple blogs with relatively less efforts a reasonably shorter time.

In this strategy, you just have to invest your major efforts towards the link strategy of a single blog. Once you have achieved a good authority on that blog, you can use it for transferring the authority juice to your other blogs as well to enhance their SERPs ranking with fewer efforts. You don’t have to adjust your content to meet the policies of the third-party blog, wait for weeks to get the editors’ nod or go through multiple revisions.

Pro Advice: Avoid misusing the opportunity though. Make sure that you strictly follow the editorial guidelines while creating the content or placing links. Also, refrain from repetitively promoting the same site as it is the sure way to annoy Google and attract penalties.

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More advertising revenue

Advertising is one of the major sources of revenue for bloggers. However, convincing advertisers isn’t an easy task due to the high competition. Moreover, the advertisers prefer to divide their ads/promotional strategy across multiple sites to get the wider visibility and influence different demographics. It means that you will get a very limited number of deals for your single blog.

Multiple blogs multiply your earning potential as you can sell different publicity deals to the same advertiser across different blogs you own.

·         In other words, let’s say that an advertiser wishes to divide its publicity and advertising budget of $1500 across 6 different digital content platforms and the maximum expense on a single platform is $275

·         As single blog owners, you may land only a single deal (or $275) after investing all your marketing efforts

·         However, if you have, say 6 blogs then you have a chance of getting at least 2 or 3 deals, one for each blog

·         Be business wise and give the advertiser a package discount of $300 and you get your lion share of the entire $1200, while helping your advertiser to save $300- that’s what we call win-win situation

 So, having more blogs enhances your revenue potential as well.


Having multiple blogs allow you to enhance your reputation and increase your revenue manifolds. Moreover, the experience gained through your first blog will make it easier for creating and commercializing the subsequent blog(s). In this blog, we mentioned some of the major benefits of starting multiple blogs. The readers are advised to use their discretion and make informed decisions.

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