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5 strong ways to build a strong reader community for your blog

What separates a high authority blog from the rest of the crowd is the content quality, traffic, and readership profile. However, achieving this could be an uphill task, even for those who have been blogging for some time now. One of the major mistakes that bloggers make is to keep on finding and learning many new ways to grow traffic, rather than being committed to a few specific tactics that work best for them. In this blog, we have compiled a list of selected methods that will help you create long term value for your blog, attract more readers, and achieve good SEO success. The focus is on achieving sustainable success rather than getting quick and short-lived results.

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Be consistent in content style, presentation and publishing

Regular and committed readership is the key parameter of blogging success. To achieve that you need to maintain consistency in style, regularity, presentation, and publishing frequency.

Benefits of consistency

Consistency creates habit and plays a vital role in converting random visitors into committed regular audiences. Consistency not only sets expectations of the readers but also offers you a concrete framework to monitor and hone your skills to reach a certain level of excellence. Many blogs publish only once a week but still get huge traffic. It happens because after waiting for an entire week, the readers become eager enough to consume the new content as soon as it is published.

Build solid expectations for your audiences by adopting consistency in styling, publishing, and even general structure of sentences. It will offer a signature identity to your blog while also creating a familiarity with the readers. Look at it as a subtle yet strong branding strategy that will distinguish you from other bloggers.

Note: While consistency is the key to success, avoid converting it into monotony. Readers love different varieties provided it doesn’t upset their creative composure. So, you may also dedicate specific days to a specific type of content. For instance, publishing detailed features on every Monday and dedicating Saturdays for several bites size content pieces. Just keep in mind that it shouldn’t have to be chaotic. Variety appeals as far as it is tasteful.

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Work on specific distribution channels with full dedication

 Many bloggers have the notion that presence on different social media channels will amplify their popularity. That’s perfectly true. However, for the long term advantage, you need to interact regularly with your fans and followers and start a social conversation around your latest posts. For that select a few major social media channels where you can remain most active.

Benefits of focusing on fewer channels

·         It allows you to create a focused center of distribution and convert it into a hub of committed readers. This way monitoring your social traffic becomes easier and constant interaction with audiences also promises stronger social traction.

·         Another advantage of focusing on a few specific social media channels is that you can gradually learn the tactics of using that channel for maximum benefits. It allows you to manipulate the channel in the most rewarding way.


·         Carefully select the platform that is more likely to be visited and preferred by your targeted audiences. For instance, fashion bloggers are most likely to find very good success on Instagram while it is almost impossible for them to get any tangible success on Linkedin.

·         Shallow networking doesn’t take you anywhere. Make sure that you create close bonds with the audiences and promptly respond to their comments, queries, and complaints. It will help you build a personal rapport with your readers.

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Understand what your audiences exactly need

Understanding your audiences is extremely important if you wish to build a long-term career in blogging. Many bloggers spend considerable time and effort to craft high-quality articles but don’t pay much attention to the requirements of their audiences. It gradually builds a wall between them and their readers and denies the blog the success it deserves.

To avoid the above-mentioned situations, proactively communicate with your audiences, know about their profile and profession. Understand their biggest challenges and goals. Identify the crucial knowledge gaps and figure out how your blog helps in filling those gaps with valuable content.

It will turn your blog into a go-to help resource for the readers where they can find specific solutions to their problems and information that will help them achieve success in their field.


·         Proactively invite people to comment on your blog by asking them to share their own experiences or present their thoughts on your post.

·         Regularly conduct the audience’s survey and ask them about their preferences in terms of information, style, and frequency. It will allow you to fully personalize your content to align with your readers’ taste

·         Avoid writing just for the sake of publishing a post, Make sure that you provide only high-value content with key insights and actionable advice- something that readers can promptly adapt for overcoming challenges and achieving success

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Post content on niche-specific high-authority blogs

 Networking with relevant people is very important to increase your reach, hone your skills and upgrade the information. It also makes it easier for you to earn organic backlinks from relevant high-authority sites which is a key factor to improve your SERPs ranking.

Posting content on other blogs also allows you to gain valuable backlinks and multiplies your traffic sources. The authentic blogs are frequented by high-authorities and allow you to drive high-value traffic to your blog.


·          Actively look for opportunities to post content on other blogs of your niche. It will help you in further polishing your writing quality to meet the higher expectations of top-ranking blogs. Eventually, it uplifts the quality of your blog.

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Create a design for best user-experience

Readers don’t like to struggle through your blog to find the information they are looking for. So carefully design a user-friendly website.

A smooth, quick, and well-guided navigation help your visitors immediately find what they need. It saves time and effort. As a result, they can explore more in less period which translates into better CTR and repeated visits.  


·          Along with a friendly website design, make sure to fill your site with high-value content that is intelligently categorized across different topics. It will help readers to discover more relevant information in their desired category.

·          Keep your menu structure neat and clutter-free. Avoid traffic by adopting minimalist design principles. It will not only help readers but also makes it easier for search engine bots to navigate through your blog that improves your SEO profile.  

·         Carefully plan your site design to make it minimalist and attractive at the same time. Learn how to subtly manipulate the elements like typography, colors, graphic positioning, etc. to create a unique brand identity.

As your blog grows, consider adding some useful resources to take personalization to a greater level. For instance, finance blogs can add investment calculators that can be used by readers to create an ideal investment portfolio based on their budget, income, expenses, and future goals. Likewise, health sites can offer specific weight loss routines to the readers depending upon their age, health profile, occupation, and current weight. Personalization allows you to quickly connect with your audiences and build long term relations.


Getting good traffic is the major objective of most of the new bloggers. However, it is even more important to achieve sustainable success by building a committed community of readers. By wisely strategizing your blogging and marketing plan you can not only get more visits but also increase the authority of the blog by providing high-quality content and bonding instantly with your audiences.

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