Step by step guide to submit your blog to major search engines

If you wish to increase your visibility and traffic, it is very important to ensure that your blog is submitted to the major search engines. In this blog, we will explain how to submit your blog to search engines. Along with Google, you would also learn to submit your blog on Bing and DuckDuckGo.

We all know that Google is the first choice for netizens to search for any information. Some people also use a few other search engines also. So, it would be wiser to submit your site to those engines as well

How to submit your blog to Bing?

Open Bing Webmaster Tools and get yourself registered there

Sign in with your ID

Upon being prompted to add the site, go for the manual site adding option that allows you to submit the site directly without the condition of getting it verified with Google search console

Next, type your URL and click the Add button.

You will then be presented with a few verification options. Select HTML Meta tag method to see the details. It will show you the HTML Meta Tag

Copy the HTML Meta tag by clicking the copy button.

Visit your home page in a website editor and paste the copied text line in your head section for creating a new Meta tag. Don’t forget to save the changes before closing the editor.

Manual submission requires a few efforts and some time but it is worthy as it facilitates quick site indexation by immediately attracting the search engine spiders. Bulk submission, on the other hand, is an easier and almost instant process but unlike the manual method, it doesn’t offer quicker or guaranteed indexation.

How to add your blog to Google Search Console?

Open Google Search Console and log in with your Google credentials

Select the site the needs to be submitted

On the dashboard click the Crawl menu >Fetch as Google.

Now enter the page URL that you wish to be crawled. For crawling the homepage leave the box empty

Upon seeing the Success status click the option Submit to Index

Select your preferred option- single URL or URL plus all pages it links to. Click OK


Submitting your blog on major search engines ensures better visibility and helps in bringing more traffic. In this blog, we presented a step by step guide on search engine submission to help readers independently submit their blog on major search engines. The readers are advised to carefully read and follow each step. You may take a print of this article and refer to it while following the instructions or open it in another tab during the search engine submission process to ensure that you don’t make any mistake or skip any step.

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