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How to track the SEO strategy of your competitor (and outpace them)

While digital technology creates immense opportunities to start your website and technologies/CMS like WordPress make it easier and almost free to create your website independently, the increasing competition in every field- right from eCommerce to blogging, may prevent you from growing your brand or revenue. However, with a keen competitor SEO analysis and improving your SEO strategy accordingly, you can outpace your competitors in a reasonable time. In this blog we will mention some of the powerful and effective tactics to track your competitors' SEO:

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Track the SEO profile of your closest competitor

If you want to enjoy a competitive edge on the SERPs then start by identifying your nearest competitors to gain more clarity.

 Start by finding some direct keywords for your business. For instance, if you are running a fashion store in Georgia, try searching for eh term fashion store Georgia and focus on the top results, especially the top 5. Pick the most relevant competitors and closely study their site and content. What text format they are using? Are they posting videos or infographics? Is it a whitepaper that frequently ranks in top searches or is it a general blog? Al such questions will act as a precise reference to help you plan things.

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Track backlink profile of your competitor

 The importance of backlinks can never be ignored. However, as opposed to the older days, you can’t just buy backlinks in bulk from many low-quality sites and expect an improvement in the ranking. Instead, you should exclusively concentrate on the quality (not quantity) of the backlink.

 One of the easiest and most practical approaches is to track the backlink profile of your competitor using Moz tools and then try getting backlinks from those sites. Writing for influential blogs is also a ret way to increase your back ink value. Start by signing specific companies and invite guests to your blog. In return, you might ask them to link back t your side on their homepage or blog post??

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Study the keywords that your competitor is focusing

 Keyword Analysis is extremely important when we talk about enjoying compete for advantage. With the right keywords strategy, you can significantly increase the chances of your pages ranking high during the relevant searches. One of the major factors that help competitors secured a better position than your site is the right choice and use of keywords.

 Many tools can help you do a deep analysis of keywords and make it easier for you to steadily build your distinct position.

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Deeply study the content on your competitor’s website

Powerful content is at the core of any SEO strategy. That’s the reason why it becomes important to regularly conduct detailed content auditing so that you can further improve its quality and update it to the latest information/developments to keep it relevant for your present audiences. Moreover, it is equally important to adapt your content to strike a chord with your targeted audiences.

·         Carefully read the content on your competitors’ website

·         Take inspiration from unique features of their site like website design, audio/visual content, and site navigation structure

·         Brainstorming with your content team to create a content strategy that is way better than your competitor

·         Research most potential keywords and incorporate them naturally in your content, the title, Meta description, etc.. Volume, length, and other attributes matter a lot when talking about keyword strategy.

·         Regularly study what’s happening on the social media pages of your competitor and accordingly create your own social media strategy to outdo the competitor

·         Especially read the customers’ feedback on you competitors’ site to understand their strengths and weakness. The objective is to optimize your features and content accordingly to present yourself as a better alternative


As the competition is growing rapidly in the digital sphere it becomes challenging to secure or retain a good rank on search engines/ one of the most specific issues with the new age marketers and brands is how to outpace your competitor. It needs a complete strategy and powerful tracking. In this post, we shared some of the best and relatively practical ways to perform competitor tracking and work on your SEO strategy to get better visibility and ranking than your competitors.

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