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5 best alternative to Google AdSense for earning a good ad revenue

Google Adsense is no doubt the most popular revenue-earning option for bloggers. For a long time, it virtually didn’t have any competitors as there was no other reliable Ad platform providing good income opportunities to the bloggers. However, with time the competition increased and today we have several ad platforms including some of the reliable brands. Whether your Google Adsense application has been rejected or you want to try other ad platforms as well- this post will make it easier for you to determine some of the strongest alternatives to Google AdSense: Ad Network Review 2020 - Froggy Ads

 Run by Bing and Yahoo, is enjoying a respectable ranking in the field of contextual ad agencies which allows access only to the Bing or Yahoo! Searches which offers bloggers a kind of exclusivity on these platforms. The marketplace enables you to connect with the publishers exclusively focusing on the content thus opening you to a massive search market to attract maximum ad revenue.

 Thanks to its innovative, first of its kind platform for server-side header bidding, you can enjoy the best benefits

Propeller Ads Review on Average Pricing and Conversion Rates - Growtraffic  Blog


 Propeller Ads provides you an opportunity to reach as high as 100 million users which significantly increases the opportunities and size of your ad revenue. This ad network provides you a rich variety of ad formats like push notifications, sponsored links, and banners so that you can pick the formats that you prefer.

 The easy interface and straightforward ad creation tool take complexities and guesswork out of the campaign creation exercise. It also offers strong real-time tracking and targeting options to help you optimize the campaign to increase its output capabilities.

 The AI-based ad optimization feature automatically optimizes the settings to increase conversion probabilities without any human intervention.

WPeka - How To Add Amazon Native Ads To WordPress

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

 The Amazon’s native shopping ads is an edge over the popular Amazon’s affiliate program that has already been a hit among the bloggers and publishers.

 Being contextual to the content the Amazon Native Shopping Ads promise to maintain a consistent reading experience. Instead of annoying readers with intrusive, irrelevant ads, it creates an added value for them by showing them the products that they are more likely to be interested in. Moreover, it also increases the sales probabilities which directly affects your ad revenue.

 Being the most popular eCommerce brand in the market with arguably the cheapest options available, it also enjoys a maximum conversion rate. [Official Thread]


 If you are looking for an option where you can enjoy maximum control over the ad ecosystem, then adversal is the right option for you. This platform provides you complete ownership over the ads. You can start or stop the campaigns as per your preferences/ likewise, you can also pause a running campaign for some time and resume it later. It comes with an intuitive interface and easy processes. Just select your preferred setting and it will automatically work accordingly. There is no need for repeated manual intervention.

Sovrn Holdings, Inc., Acquires VigLink to Expand Suite of Products and  Services for Publishers | Business Wire

Sovrn /Commerce (Previous: VigLink)

 This is a high-capability tool that provides you deeper insights to help you know about the advertisers that are likely to help you earn maximum revenue. It frees you from guesswork or math so that you can concentrate on crafting compelling content that converts without worrying about complicated calculations.

 Moreover the platform also has powerful CPM ad networks that will pay you for every impression that assures you a guaranteed income each time the advertisement is served whether it is clicked or not.


For a long time, Google was the only reliable Ad platform to monetize your blog. With time some other reliable brands started their ad platforms which created more diversified opportunities for the bloggers. In this post, we presented a list of some of the trusted ad platforms by leading brands that you can trust.

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