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5 Excellent Tips for Marketing Your Blog

While blogging is almost similar to writing, there are a few key differences that set a blogger apart from a writer. One such differentiating factor is that blogging is not only about writing great content but also promoting it actively through multiple digital mediums.

That could be a challenging part for many bloggers especially the new ones. It could be difficult to select the most effective channels for marketing your blog. In this post we will present a few tips that will help you design a solid content marketing strategy with clear targets and a well-defined route to achieve each of them.

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Optimize your posts and pages for SERPs

A majority of prospects find your blog through search engines and keywords play a key role there. So, carefully research the most trending keywords in your niche before writing the content it will help you optimize your entire content to contextually add keywords and make the content closer to the intent of your targeted audiences which makes it easy for interested readers to discover your content.

Today several tools will help you automatically search the best keywords through their AI-enabled features and tools which make things easier and take the complexity out of the process.  

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Implement Best On-Page SEO Practices for sustainable results

Web page optimization is a very powerful way to improve the overall ranking of your top pages. Identify the conversion-oriented pages for your site that directly influence your business.

For instance, the product category and promo offer pages of eCommerce sites play a key role in determining their revenue potential. Likewise, a blog’s conversion rate is determined by the pages like subscription, media services, and gated content. Focus on such key pages and optimize them by employing best SEO practices and keyword strategy.

Ideally, it is best to keep your keyword strategy neat and straightforward. Instead of building a crowd of many keywords, try allocating one primary keyword and very few selected secondary keywords to each of your web pages to simplify and streamline the keyword-related tasks.

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Efficient Social Media Promotion strategy for direct connection

If you are looking for an easier, cheaper, and more definite way of building traffic then social media is the best option for you. The audiences of social media explore their preferred topics through advanced search/notification options like hashtags and newsfeeds.

Instead of just following a random post publishing policy on social media, produce a well-defined strategy targeted at achieving particular goals.

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Search Engine marketing for quicker outcome

Organic SEO practices take several months or sometimes a little more to deliver the outcome but the positive thing is that such outcomes are more sustainable and rewarding. However, the challenge is how to utilize this waiting period for getting some quick results.

One way to ensure that is to start PPC campaigns and search engine marketing.

It will help you in getting the preferred topmost positions in the paid section of SERPs and thus draw the attention of the readers which increases visibility and multiplies chances of getting traffic. Additionally, as more visitors will interact with your URL on the SERPs page it may also enhance the SEO health of your website.

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Invest in Social Media Ads for marketing your blog posts

Just like SERPs it is also possible to get quicker and more specific results on social media through paid promotions and ad campaigns.

The best thing about social media is that it offers you extended control over your advertising allowing you to select the audiences, set a comfortable budget, define specific locations and also decide other key elements which directly or indirectly influence the returns. With that capability, you can economize the costs while also increasing the overall RoI of your advertising campaign.


To succeed in the field of professional blogging you need to promote the blog effectively through different advertising mediums. However, it is a demanding job and you need to be very careful while deciding the best mediums, right strategies, and a reasonable budget. In this blog, we presented a few tips that will help you take better control over your blog promotion strategies and gain better returns in a reasonable time.

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