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5 reliable tools to automatically repurpose your content

One of the major concerns for most of the bloggers is how to create more content without compromising on the quality. As an individual blogger, it might seem to be a Herculean task for the new bloggers. However, there is a smart solution to overcome this challenge. It is repurposing your content.

Did you know that majority of top bloggers repurpose their old posts and present the same content in different formats? It not only adds variety to their content types but also o allows them to connect with a wider set of audiences and multiply the impact of their content. You can also adopt content repurposing to maximize the outcomes of your content writing efforts. Here are a few reliable tools for repurposing your content:

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Google Tools

With the help of the Google Analytics tool, you can get a comprehensive analytical report about your content on search engines and various social media channels. The comprehensive details about social media traction can be used as solid criteria to shortlist the post that is performing well on SERPs as well as social media platforms.

It also helps you to identify the commercial potential of your content regardless of its traffic by showing you the different URLs that link to your WebPages and posts.


·         Advanced Analytics Intelligence

·         Comprehensive audience Reports

·         Reports on the acquisition, advertising, behavior, and conversion

·         Reporting on user flow

·         Data Analysis

·         Data Visualization

Edgar Ink - MeetEdgar


MeetEdgar provides an edge to your social media strategy by allowing you to build a well-designed repository of various social media posts to store your content and related elements (links, images, videos, etc.). You just need to instruct the tool to automatically publish the specific posts on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms on specific dates.

By automating the social media sharing process you can utilize your time and efforts for other productive tasks. The advanced options also allow you to enjoy an extended control over the creative aspect of your posts to make them more impressive.

Salient Features

·         Provisions to automatically reposting the content when the available content is consumed up.

·         Queue option to check upcoming posts

·         Complete freedom to customize or reschedule your posts

·         Easy ways to edit your posts and fine-tune the content to your needs



Airtable is a sophisticated purpose-built spreadsheet with many relevant options to design a structured database of content. Along with facilitating content research and brainstorming sessions it also makes it easier for you to divide the huge quantity of content raw material into many smaller, digestible pieces of finished content.

Salient features

·         Extended scalability to tackle the entire process of content repurposing

·         Keywords list management for search engine optimization

·         Content calendar for scheduling and tracking assignments

·         Metrics measuring

·         Audience feedback monitoring

How to do Facebook Analysis With BuzzSumo


 Two major concerns for the bloggers is to find the most trending content in their niches and tracking the results of their content strategy. BuzzSumo is a reliable tool that helps you in both the pre-publishing and post-publishing purposes. Here you can easily find the content that is widely shared on social media which gives you a better idea of the type of content and topics you should write about. At the same time, you can also track the success of your old blog posts by checking their present social media traction.

Pick the posts that are performing the best and still getting good attention across social media. By wisely repurposing those posts you can easily recreate the magic with relatively very few efforts.

Salient features

·         Advanced filtering options to view only the preferred content type like infographics, interviews, videos, etc.

·         Sorting options to see the content type in ascending or descending order based on specific criteria

·         Easy provision to search major influencers and experts on a relevant topic

SEO Software for 360° SEO Analysis of your Website

SE Ranking 

SERPs ranking of your existing blog posts plays a very crucial role in your content repurposing strategy. Higher rankings clearly show that people and search engines love your content. SE Ranking tool offers you a wholesome overview of your search ranking along with the key details like specific search terms, ranking performance during a particular period, etc.

You can use it for checking the target completion of your existing posts and picking the most successful posts for repurposing. Once you publish the repurposed content, don’t forget to track its performance as well. It will give you a clear idea about the potential of your repurposed content and if you need to revise it or optimize it for a better outcome.

Salient Features

·         Monitoring Competitors’ posts performance across diverse social media

·         Sophisticated tool for Keyword Suggestion 

·         Provision for keyword Grouping

·         Tracks Keyword Ranking

·         Monitors backlines

·         Keyword Research

·         Social Media Management

·         Monitors change in page ranking


Content repurposing refers to converting your textual l blog posts into different formats. It helps you in automatically multiplying your content writing outcomes with almost zero efforts. Thankfully several tools instantly transform you written content into different desired formats with just a few clicks and simple process. In this blog we presented the review of 5 reliable content repurposing tools. The readers are advised to use their discretion before buying any tool.

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