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6 Important Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Website

WordPress is the most popular CMS that is used across the globe. Due to its strong features and quick nontechnical processes, it has become the most preferred choice for the bloggers and businesses alike. It does not require the users to go through a learning curve and also offers them lots of tools to efficiently create, manage, and grow their website. In this blog we are going to mention some of the major reasons to use WordPress for building your website:

Free to create and maintain your site

You don’t have to pay a single dollar for installing and using WordPress CMS. It is free. You can create your site and change it the way you want without any dependency. Thus it saves you from the costs and hassle associated with hiring web designers.

Technically, it is possible to build your site on the WordPress and name & host it for free but in that case, you will get the name like that doesn’t sound impressive, does it? For a strong online branding, you would need to buy domain name like For that, you need today a very small, even negligible amount as the domain names start from as low as $2!

Likewise, you would need to have your hosting plan to launch it publicly on the global level so that anyone can access your site across the world. For that, you need to buy a hosting plan that is affordable and reliable.

Open Source Benefits

Along with being free, WordPress is also an open-source CMS. So there are no restrictions on using the WordPress CMS and you don’t need any license for the same.

Also, it is pretty easy to align your site’s functionality or design to match your business needs by modifying its source code. You can continue enjoying the services regardless of the website type and purpose, traffic volume, resource requirements and the overall revenue of your site.

Easy designing without dependency

Designing your website looks like a daunting job especially if you are a nontechnical person without any prior designing experience. However, when you opt for WordPress, things become much easier for you.

WordPress offers you a huge collection of ready made layout called themes. You can choose the one that seems best for your purpose.  All you have to do is to add your content in the appropriate placeholders with the help of an easy graphical pick-drag-drop process that doesn’t require coding at all.

To make things even nicer it also offers you an ability to customize the color and style if you want. It allows you to personalize the theme as you like.

Aligns with search engine guidelines

Google is seldom vocal about any specific product or brand. WordPress holds the distinct reputation of being endorsed by one of the most respected authorities of Google- Matt Cutts who publicly endorsed the WordPress CMS in 2009.

An even more solid factor is that the WordPress structure facilitates the hassle-free crawling of search engine spiders by offering them a streamlined path. Quick and relevant crawling proactively helps the search engines to bring the WordPress sites in the top results during relevant searches. So, other SEO factors being equal, you stand a better chance of ranking higher than your closest competitors using a non WordPress site.

Improved security

As the WordPress is an open-source platform the people may have the security concerns but the good news is that the recent security developments in the underlying architecture have made WordPress much more secure than many of its peers.

Besides, the huge thriving community of advanced developers also results in quick security patches to protect it against the latest threats. Also, there are some good protection guidelines to follow for enhancing the security of your WordPress site.

Trusted by majority

WordPress is the most widely used CMS across the globe that certainly shows the trust the people have in its potential and capacities with a mind-blowing 59.5 percent websites being powered by WordPress; it is officially the topmost CMS in the market.

Even a comparison with other CMS further adds to its distinct reputations. There is a colossal gap of over 50% between WordPress and the second most preferred CMS in the market (Joomla with 5.9%, whole Drupal stands 3rd with 4.9 and Magento acquires the 4th position with 2.8 percent). In short, we can say that WordPress doesn’t have any close competitor until now.

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