7 result oriented SEO tips, tools & techniques to improve your blog ranking (updated 2019)

As a blogger, you need a good ranking and other SEO benefits if you wish to enjoy good visibility, revenue, and reputation. However, due to the high competition, it is not easy to get the SEO benefits. In this blog, we have discussed some tools, techniques, and tips to improve your SEO without having to appoint an external agency. Without delaying further let us share the expert tips and tactics with you.

Use selected Long Tail keywords

Go for 2-3 Long tail keywords that will help you concentrate fully on optimization and will also help you to create a value-rich blog post touching multiple aspects of the same issue thus offering maximum satisfaction to your users’ queries.

It also keeps the search engines happy that your blog post is reader-friendly and promises a positive user experience. Thus you can also expect an improved ranking on the search engines as well.

Here are some tools that can help you:

·         Google Auto Complete Tool

·         KWFinder

·         SemRush

Use the keywords strategically

Along with the keywords, the position, and sections where you use them in your blog post is also important.

There are some essential places where you should try to include your keywords: title tag, headers & body, URL, and Meta description.

Placing the keywords in the below mentioned 4 strategic places will fetch better results.

·         Title tag: As this is the very first part of your content that is highlighted in the search engine result page and leave the first impression on the client.

·         Header: Insert the keyword in the first half of your title to make a quick connection with the readers and prompting them to click right away

·         Body: The first keyword would ideally be placed appropriately within the first 3 parts of your post. However, make sure that it should not interfere with the natural flow of your post. Avoid forcefully stuffing the keyword as it will harm your SEO. A good way of using the long-tail keywords is to use questions as a headline.

·         URL: Also make sure that your burl should contain a naturally sounding long tail keyword.

·         Meta description: It gives a gist if your post. Including a keyword in your meta tag will help the search engines offer you better visibility during relevant search results while at the same time connecting quickly with users’ intent.

Go for mobile-friendly site

Most of the people use their mobile phones to conduct search and the mobile-friendly sites are rewarded by Google with a better position. So making your site a mobile-friendly can significantly increase your chances of getting more SEO benefits while at the same time allowing you to widen your reader base.

For that you need to go for responsive design. A responsive design offers a uniform friendly experience to all the users irrespective of the device, screen size and the browser they use to browse the internet.

So you will get the double benefits of keeping the major search engines happy and gaining a good position there and also offering a positive user experience to your readers.

Use Keyword research tools

Keyword research holds prime importance when writing a blog post but it could be a daunting and tedious work that requires much attention and lots of hours. Thankfully you can now use a number for keyword research tools that can help make things easier and quicker for you. Based on the available data, content intention targeted audience and other fine details, these tools can suggest you the most rewarding keywords that will help you gain a distinct position in search engine page during the relevant searches.

However, due to the mushrooming of a wide number of keyword research tools, it becomes vitally important to find the ones that are genuine and guarantee the best rewards. Here are some of the best keyword research tools that you should be using for real benefits

·         Ahrefs

·         Google Search Console

·         Moz Keyword Explorer

·         Semrush

Increase stay duration

Stay duration is another major point that the Google or another search engine consider while determining your ranking during a matching search query. To increase the stay period you should write a friendly guest post in a refreshing style without wasting the time of your readers. How quickly and precisely you offer them an answer to their queries/concerns determine their say duration on your blog.

Proper use of power words will not only increase the stay duration of the readers but will also be appreciated by net users who prefer to scan through the content instead of reading it word by word.

Enjoy the brand advantage

Branding is vitally important when it comes to SEO. The more people search for your brand name, the better ranking you can expect on Google. The major concern is how to encourage more and more people to search for your brand or click on your link. There isn’t a clear single word answer for it but here are some tips that can help naturally convince the audience to click on your URL

·         You can use an exit pop up to get the email addresses of the visitors that are visiting your site.

·         Alternatively, you can also use the general forms for the same purpose of collecting the emails of your visitors

·         The email marketing can also be used to spread the awareness of your brand and get more unique clicks on your URL. Other methods include chatbot subscriptions, social media and getting exposure to local newspapers and magazines.

Support your claims

 Another way to enhance the SEO of your blog is to support your statements with solid evidence in the form of stats and facts. It assures the readers about the genuineness and usability of your content while at the same time keeping them engaged throughout. Besides, you can also go for the engaging presentation styles like graphs, charts, and excerpts from the experts. Don’t forget to credit to the related sources when using data or other supporting evidence.

If you wish to create your visual media for presenting the stats, then here are a few free resources that you can employ for the purpose.

·         Visme

·         Online Charts

·         Portly

·         ChartBlocks

·         Tableau

·         Data Wrappers


SEO or Search Engine Optimization plays a key role in improving the ranking and visibility of a website. To facilitate and streamline the SEO tasks, it is important to work wisely and follow an organized strategy. In this blog we have shared 7 best tips, tools and techniques that will help you a great way in improving your blog ranking. The list contains the latest information  and resources for meeting the specific SEO guidelines of 2019.