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How to make social media a success magnet for your blog?

One of the best free ways to popularize blogs is to use social media. There is a wide variety of platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. However, not every blogger can gain the best outcome out of their social media strategy. In most cases, they may be using the right platforms but in the wrong way. Many bloggers have the notion that it is all about sharing their posts’ URL and increase the readers. It is not true; you need to follow a targeted, well-designed social media posting strategy if you wish to gain good results. In this blog we are going to mention some of the ideal ways to use social media the right way to get more positive results:

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Share your blog link while sending friends’ requests

 Social media platforms are used for making valuable connections but you can use them strategically to increase your blog audiences as well. For instance, while sending a connection request to a person you can just add a small introduction with a link to your blog. Don’t ask them to click, read, or subscribe though- it doesn’t sound good. Frame it as a general introduction which includes your name location and profession (i.e. a blogger at


Sharing the link prompts people to click and visit your blog. You don’t just receive a click but also capture a long-term opportunity to gain more readers, subscribers, and better CTR for your blog.

Along with increasing traffic on your blog it also allows the other person to know you better by reading your works and detailed author bio on your blog.

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Give popularity to gain popularity

If you have come to read this post then you are looking for publicity and promotion lack the resources to purchase paid promotional packages. That’s a challenge but in challenge lies the opportunities. Let’s see how…

Just like you, there are hundreds of thousands of bloggers looking for promotion and struggling their way out. Why don’t you show them some goodness by promoting them for free? Yeah, it may sound illogical at the surface but eventually, it can play a vital role in your blog promotion. The unselfish goodness is reciprocated by the receivers- many times in a much greater measure.

Look for the emerging bloggers who have nice content on their blogs but lack traffic and engagement.  Read their posts and assess their value. Select the most valuable posts and promote them on various social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, etc. Don’t forget to tag those bloggers, use topic-specific hashtags, and share in the relevant groups to ensure that it reaches the maximum number of targeted readers.


 It is a win-win situation for all. The readers will get the high-value content, good work of other bloggers will gain wider recognition and you would make valuable connections with blogger fraternity. It will also encourage those other bloggers to share your blog posts to return the favor and with the time you can experience gradual but steady growth in your blog traffic and social engagement.

Did you know that social engagement is one of the major parameters that influence your site ranking?

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Add relevant and trending Hashtags to your posts

 One of the major reasons for low social media engagement is that your posts don’t reach the right set of audiences. So it is very important to first target your posts before you publish them. For that social media offer you some powerful options. Using hashtags is the best way to direct your posts to the targeted group that is most likely to take interest in your blog.

 You can use hashtags on almost all the prime social media platforms and the platforms like Twitter even offer you autosuggestions on the trending hashtags in your niche as you start typing after the hashtag sign.


Most of the eager readers just use the hashtag sign to find the content related to their interests and immediate needs. By using hashtags in your post you make it easier to discover your blog which multiplies the opportunities to get more views and clicks that matter. The more your blog is discovered by the right audiences the better opportunities you would have to build regular traffic, not to mention the immediate benefits like social interaction, likes, and retweets.

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Ask your readers about their preferences

 Many bloggers follow a passive sharing strategy where they just share posts about their latest links. But have you ever thought that one reason for not getting enough traffic is serving your readers the content that is not relevant to their specific needs? To overcome this barrier you need to actively interact with them on social media and encourage them to tell what they need. Don’t limit social media to sell your blog but utilize it as a platform to serve your readers in a better way.

On your Facebook page and Twitter handle ask people about their most pressing challenges and the solutions they are looking for. Show some empathy and let them know that you genuinely want to help them overcome the barriers with your expertise but need their active participation in the process. So, instead of confusing the readers with a wide buffet of content, you can serve them only the selected posts that they are eagerly looking for.


It will have a significant impact on the receptivity of your posts. Additionally, it will build your image as a genuine blogger whose prime objective is to help the readers instead of just popularising his blog. Gaining a distinguished position without paying a single dollar can’t get easier than this.

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Don’t shy to ask for likes, and shares

 Many bloggers just post their latest URL’s and assume that the interested users would like and share them with their friends. This strategy misses an important point- the readers just don’t know that you are desperate for likes and shares. So, be frank and don’t shy to ask them for likes and shares if the enjoy your article.

 Tell your readers that how can likes and shares help you to continue serving them the great content briefly and directly.

By actively asking for likes and shares, you will encourage more readers to popularize your blog on the social media and increase its reach. Also, consider publishing a few posts every month that concentrates on telling people about how their likes and shares are helping in growing your blog. Thank them with all your heart. It will not only strengthen the bond with your readers and turn them into your organic brand ambassadors but will also attract more people to like and share your posts.

If you are experiencing a decent increase in your likes and shares don’t forget to mention the growth stats as well. It will even attract the attention of first-time visitors and prompt them to click the link. For better benefits, you can also consider setting a realistic target (for likes and shares) and share it with your readers asking their active assistance for achieving the same.


The success of any blog depends upon the number of regular readers and subscribers along with healthy traffic stats. In this blog post, we mentioned some of the best ways to use social media to maximize your reach to the right target group. Our readers can create a checklist based on these tips and review it regularly to steadily increase the readership of their blogs.

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