Take your Gutenberg experience to next level with Atomic Block Plugin

Gutenberg is a highly effective new age default for the WordPress that takes content creation to the next level with the help of easy to use content blocks with more customization options for adding and editing various elements lie columns, heading, videos, buttons heading, etc. Moreover, the Gutenberg collecting plug-in allows you to further add extra content blocks with better options to create sophisticated and business-friendly website experience. One such plug-in is Atomic Block. In this blog we are going to read about t various features of Atomic Block Plain and how can it help you in creating awesome WP pages/posts 

What is Atomic Block plugin?

Atomic Block refers to the prebuilt blocks that are purpose-designed to speed up the post or page creation process and make it easier. Some of the pre-built Atomic Blocks include blocks for

·          Post Grid that provides full-width section containing title, paragraph text and a button which could be customized as per your requirements.

·         Container block that group multiple blocks into a single section

·         Testimonials Blocks to create well-presented testimonials by adding/modifying the citation, text, and avatar

·         Inline Notice Block: To create visually striking notices/messages with text, title, and icons

·         Sharing Icons Block: To enable users for social sharing the specific sections/posts/products

·         Author Profile Block: To create impressive user profile

·         Accordion Block: To create compelling Accordion text toggle with the title and text

·         Customizable Button: To create beautiful buttons and add to the desired page with various formatting/functional options like shape, size, target, and color

·         Spacer and Divider: To create a spacer between the blocks as well as a divider (optional)

How to install Atomic Blocks Plugin?

Atomic Blocks Installation process is easy and quite intuitive 

·         Sign in to the WP admin dashboard 

·         Click Plugins

·         Select Add New at the top

·          Search for atomic blocks and hit enter

·          Just near the Atomic Blocks click Install now

·         After installation click Activate

·         Using it is equally easy. 

·         After adding the title click + button just under it

·          Keep on scrolling down and click Atomic Blocks Entry

·         Expanding the entry will display the entire list of available Atomic Blocks

·          Select the desired blocks to insert into the post. As mentioned these blocks are customized and you can personalize it as per your specific needs. You can add multiple blocks in your page according to your preference.

·         Once added you can easily customize them and use them an active creative feature to create the engaging visual presentation for your pages and blocks.


In this blog, we have mentioned the features, details, and scope of one of the most popular Gutenberg plugin by the name of Atomic. It allows you to add a precise personal signature t yr website by creating the pages and posts that perfectly cater to your creative needs and business objectives. By wisely utilizing these features the readers can enjoy better flexibility and extended control over different sections and elements of their website. 

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