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Why do you need a simplified single dashboard for managing many WordPress sites ?

WordPress enjoys the prime position as the best CMS for nontechnical clients to create their appealing website or blog without any hassles, delays or dependence. Today, there are a number of bloggers and websites earning a decent and reliable income through their WordPress site or blog. Many bloggers and site owners even have multiple WordPress sites for different niches and purposes. There are many benefits of having multiple WP sites but you need to be prepared to take additional responsibilities. Knowing beforehand about the various hassles associated with managing multiple WordPress sites will help you to be ready with the solutions and save you from any unexpected complications in the future. We have compiled the list of major issues that you are most likely to come across while managing multiple WP sites:

Irregular plug-in management invites hacker

Plug-ins play the major role in making the things easier but you add one more responsibility each time you install a plug-in on your WordPress site. Managing multiple plug-ins on a single site can be a hectic task in itself and complications are further multiplied if you have to manage them separately for several websites and increase the chances of human error.

Unmanaged plug-ins openly invite the hackers or malicious elements to intrude your site, inject malware and damage your digital business in multiple ways like data theft, posting harmful content and misusing mission-critical information.

Single dashboard for managing multiple WordPress sites offers you a hassle-free and reliable way to manage your plugins on multiple sites.

Backup process is more difficult

Content is the prime asset for any blogger and this valuable asset cannot be left unsecured. While backups help you to safeguard your blog posts, managing it on multiple sites could be a headache. In fact, every year a number of bloggers experience heavy just because their content gets deleted either by a purposeful hacker or unintentional mistake by the hosting company.

Backing up the content of multiple sites could practically be difficult but equally essential. Single management makes things practically easier even for the nontechnical bloggers as they just need a click to start or schedule backups of multiple sites and you can quickly restore the backup when you lose the data.

Security management gets complicated

Security is vitally important for any website, especially for the WordPress sites. Due to the wide popularity of WordPress sites, it is comparatively easier for hackers to intrude into WordPress sites and play havoc. Besides, many WordPress clients use themes and templates to easily create the site. It means that if hackers find a fundamental vulnerability or loophole in a single theme, it becomes possible for them to damage multiple sites using that particular theme.

Managing site security was never an easy thing but as the hackers are getting more advanced the security management has become all the more complicated. You have to secure every aspect of your website against cyber attackers and it becomes extremely complex if you have multiple sites with different themes, plug-ins, and features. Single managed allows you to easily and efficiently secure multiple sites against security issues.

Preparing and sending reports become tedious

As a hosting provider or reseller you would like to send the periodical reports to your managed WP clients regarding the health of their site to gain their trust. However, it could be really difficult for your team to get the report of so many sites. At the same time, it diverts their efforts and you end up getting less role on your manpower. The question is how to keep your customers happy without affecting the productive hours of your staff? It is the key question that disturbs many hosting providers with limited manpower and resources.

With the help of a single platform, you can manage the sites of all your clients in an easy, efficient and quick manner. It streamlines the process, significantly reduces manpower efforts and at the same time keeps your clients happy. Eventually, you acquire a reputed status of the trusted, client-friendly brand.

Hassles increase as the sites grow

Managing multiple WordPress themes is a complicated task and the worst part is that the hassles increase as your websites grow with time. Tasks like fixing the bugs, identifying and patching the loopholes and other technical issues not only consume your time but also disturb the concentration and affect your productivity.

With the help of single platform you can manage the WP sites confidently irrespective of its increasing demands.


WordPress is trusted across the globe as the most reliable CMS for the bloggers and business owners. In fact, there is an increasing number of people who own multiple WordPress sites. While it increases the business potential and opportunities, it also multiplies the management hassles. In this guide, we have presented the key management hassles associated with managing multiple WordPress sites with the objective of helping our readers to start finding best ways to overcome those hassles.

wpCentral (by Softaculous) is a free solution in this direction. You can manage multiple WordPress sites from one single dashboard.

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