How to add awesome Background images with these plugins

Best WordPress plugins to add background images

The background of your website or posts plays a vital role in enhancing its impact. A beautiful background can significantly elevate the visual appeal of your site. Adding an awesome background might seem to be a difficult task but the reality is that it is quick, easy and uncomplicated. Different plugins can be used to add background to your WordPress site without special efforts. These plugins not only make it quick and easy to add your desired background but also allow you to add special effects for a more awesome effect. In this post, we are going to mention some of the friendly plugins that will enable you to add brilliant backgrounds to your pages and posts.

WP Background Lite

If you need outstanding backgrounds that instantly impress the eyes then WP Background Lite is the best option to consider. 

· It is easy to use and offers a wide array of excellent backgrounds with a splendid look and awesome features that would perfectly compliment your post/page

· There are theme-based backgrounds and you can surely get a precise theme for your post or page no matter what the topic or requirement is

· It is compatible with the entire popular browser and also offers you a freedom to use the background only for specific pages

· Your visitors can even click these backgrounds to change them. 

Custom Backgrounds Premium WordPress Plug-in

Custom Background plug-in, as the name suggests, allows you to enjoy an extended designing flexibility without going through any complicated or lengthy process. 

· The carefully curated collection of backgrounds seem awesome. It is worth mentioning that you can use backgrounds not only for the entire page or post but also for different templates, taxonomies, custom content types, etc.

· Just like WP background Lite, it also offers the click and change background capability to your visitors

· To further enrich the experience, it also offers multiple enhancing options like jQuery, timers, parallax effects and more.

Video & Parallax Backgrounds for WPBakery Page Builder

Video & Parallax Backgrounds for WPBakery Page Builder

The spectacular effect of Parallax scrolling instantly leaves a mesmerizing impact on your audience. It offers a different scrolling speed to the background images. When the audience visits and scrolls through your website with 2 different speeds for background and foreground, it creates a spellbinding effect. Video and Parallax Background for WPBakery enables you to create this effect.

· It offers the backgrounds with parallax effects that can uniformly work in different directions (up, down. Left and right). Both full width and normal width backgrounds are supported by this plugin

· You can add the desired image to act as a static background. You also have the option to use colored block background

· You have the option to switch on the smooth scrolling and can also disable the parallax for your mobile audience

· The plugin offers you multiple ways to personalize your background the way you want by reducing or increasing the speed of parallax scrolling and determine the direction

· The best thing is that you get the maximum control without any complication, thanks to its intuitive interface.

· For a more sophisticated effect, it allows you to embed the Vimeo or YouTube videos that can be employed as an awesome video background. 

Ultimate Add-ons for Visual Composer (WordPress)

Ultimate Add-ons for Visual Composer (WordPress)

Ultimate Add-ons for Visual Composer (WordPress) enables you to insert multiple elements to the VC. 

· Along with the static images it also allows you to add parallax scrolling backgrounds to your post

· It also allows you to add the videos for a more engaging background

· You can use either the Youtube video or your customized video to be used as the background

· The interface is easy and intuitive and you will get a wide array of tools/options for the extended flexibility and control. 


The visual appeal plays a key role in determining the impact of your WordPress site or blog. That is why the top bloggers sites are very particular about the theme-based backgrounds that look apt and are also able to attract the eyes. Adding background with the conventional coding or technical process could be lengthy and difficult. So a better approach would be to use the reputed plugins that will allow you to insert the desired background image using drag and drop features and a simple interface.

Look different by creating custom Home Page in WordPress

Create a custom homepage in WordPress

The home page of a website plays a vital role in enhancing its impact and attracting visitors. It offers the quick and brief info of your business or blog like niche, services, blog topics, objectives, mission & vision, brief history, etc. WordPress does not display your home page by default. Instead, it shows the page with your latest posts. Fortunately, there is a way to create a well-formatted home page in WordPress. In this guide, we will take you through step by step tutorial on how to create an awesome, customized home page in WordPress?

Creating pages for Home Page and Blog Posts

By default, there isn’t any separate page for the homepage. You can designate any page as a home page. 

· Visit WP admin and click Pages> Add New Page

· Title it as “Home Page”. Click Publish

· For displaying your blog posts you would need a separate page 

· Create a new page using the steps mentioned above 

· Title it Blog Posts and Publish it

· Now visit WP dashboard and click settings -> reading page 

· In the homepage -> displays tab, select the option : a static page. Then click save changes

The above process will set up your custom homepage but you still need to design it. Thankfully, there are several ways of creating your customized homepage quickly, easily and beautifully.

Page Builders

For creating an attractive homepage you need extended flexibility. So it is advisable to use page builders for designing a custom homepage

All you need is to install a WordPress page builder plug-in and then activate and use it wisely. The page builder plugins offer you better flexibility and extended capabilities to design personalized homepages to precisely meet your requirements. There are many page builders available but you need the one that offers you a straightforward method and comes with an intuitive interface. 

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder offers you that and more. More importantly, it offers a wide collection of predesigned homepage templates to choose from. The best part is that you just need a single click to install them

· You don’t have to limit your creative capabilities as all these templates are extensively editable. Apart from changing the default images and content, you can even insert section, modules, and widgets to exercise the best of your creativity

· If you need even more capabilities then you can use the Beaver Themer that allows you to fully customize the WP template using graphical interface and drag and drop tools


· Using Gutenberg is another preferable way to create an awesome home page. Once you install and activate it, you would be able to create great-looking designs with extended customization options.

· There are designated block for different content elements that streamlines the designing process and offers you extra flexibility to structure the page using the best of your imagination and capabilities

· You can use Gutenberg block editor for various designing/layout purposes for your home pages like columns, tables, cover images, galleries, albums, media and more

· For various elements include services, sliders or testimonials you can use Gutenberg block plugins


Astra is easy to use a beautiful theme. It offers you an awesome collection of Gutenberg website templates.

· With the help of Astra Starter Sites plugin, you can easily install the Gutenberg website templates

· After importing a template, you can use the WP editor to modify it as per your wish. Get inspiration from some good websites of the same niche and use your creative skills to create and design an excellent homepage for your site

Here are a few things that your Homepage should ideally have:

·         Menu

·         Key Products/Services

·         Key Message

·         Option for Subscription

·         Call To Action

·         Page Title Tag (SEO friendly)

·         Key FAQ with straight and short answers

·         Provisions for live, real-time assistance  (like chatting with a live person)

·         Search box

·         Latest offers and promos


The home page offers a distinct look and a professional appeal to your website. Whether you run a blog or a business, you need a well-designed homepage that can quickly communicate with the visitors and tell them about your niche, services, products, objectives, etc. briefly and compactly. WordPress does not offer you a default homepage but there are easy and quick ways to create your homepage with a professional look using the page building plugins. The readers are advised to stick with only the most user-friendly plugin that is quick and simple to work with and does not involve a complicated technical process.

50,000+ Active WordPress Users for wpCentral

We take great pride in announcing that wpCentral has reached 50,000+ Active WordPress installs on 14th November, 2019. This is the first step towards making wpCentral the best WordPress Website Management tool.

It is a great achievement which we would like to share with our users. We would like to thank our users for all their help and support.

We have recently launched a new feature Post Management and we are working on Comments Management next. You can find our entire documentation here.

About wpCentral

wpCentral is a single-dashboard panel where users can manage all their WordPress Websites. By managing we mean:

  • Users can login to their website’s admin dashboard on just one click without the need to remember the admin credentials of each website.
  • Users can manage the plugins and themes (activate, deactivate, delete, install, update, etc) on just single click.
  • Users can manage their posts easily. Users can even Publish a post present on one website to another website on just single click.
  • Users can secure their websites by creating Backups.
  • Users can create remote backups on servers using FTP/FTPS, SFTP, on dropbox, google drive, etc
  • Users can also automate their backups by setting a particular schedule.
  • Users can also make a new WordPress install on their existing/new website using wpCentral on a single click.
  • Users can also create sets of their favourite plugins and themes which they can install on any website on just one click.

We are working hard in making wpCentral a single stop solution to all the management issues faced by users while managing their WordPress websites.

We welcome our user’s suggestions at Also, our support team is highly active in resolving any issues faced, again at

99 Robots Header Footer Code Manager

Every site will eventually need to add snippets to the header or footer, or above or below the content of posts or pages. Most site owners are afraid they may inadvertently break their site by adding code or placing snippets in the wrong place. No need to stress over this. 99 Robots have the perfect solution for you! Using their FREE Header Footer Code Manager (HFCM), you can easily add code snippets exactly where you want and eliminate the need for a dozen or more plugins just to perform such actions.

What’s even great about this plugin is that you never lose your code snippets when switching or changing themes. You’ll also know exactly which snippets are loading on your site, where they display, and who added them. This free plugin is loaded with the following features:

  • Add an unlimited number of scripts and styles anywhere and on any post/page.
  • Manage which posts or pages the script loads.
  • Supports custom post types.
  • Supports the ability to load only on a specific post or page or latest posts.
  • Control where exactly on the page the script is loaded – header, footer, before content, or after content.
  • Scripts can load only on desktops or mobile. Enable or disable one or the other.
  • Use shortcodes to manually place the code anywhere & track it in one place with the rest of your snippets.
  • Label every snippet for easy reference.
  • Plugin logs which user added and last edited the snippet, and when.

You also have page display options such as:

  • Sitewide on every post/page with the ability to exclude certain posts/pages
  • Specific post
  • Specific page
  • Specific category
  • Specific tag
  • Specific post type (posts, pages, custom post types)
  • Latest posts only (you choose how many)
  • Manually place using shortcodes

You can load snippets in the following locations:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Top of content*
  • Bottom of content*

*(For pages & posts created using WordPress coding standards i.e. using the the_content() hook)

Of course, you have device options such as:

  • Show on All Devices
  • Only Desktop
  • Only Mobile Devices

There is a huge list of supported services:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adsense
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Clicky Web Analytics or other analytics tracking scripts
  • Chat modules such as Olark, Drip, etc
  • Pinterest site verification
  • Facebook Pixels, Facebook Scripts, Facebook image tag
  • Google Conversion Pixels
  • Twitter
  • Heatmaps from Crazy Egg, notification bars Hello Bar, etc.
  • It can accept ANY code snippet (HTML / Javascript / CSS) from any service
  • and the list goes on and on…

Installation is super easy. Just upload the 99robots-header-footer-code-manager to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


Navigate to the WordPress Plugins page > Add New > Search for Header Footer Code Manager > Click on Install > Click on Activate. It’s that simple!

Finally, go to the plugins page to see instructions for shortcode and PHP template tags.

Plugin WordPress URL:

Plugin Documentation:

After activating the plugin, you can click on settings link under the plugin name OR you can click the HFCM tab on the left side navigation. 

From there, you can add, edit, remove and review code snippets.

In order to add snippets to your posts/pages, with version 1.1.4 of the HFCM plugin, 99 Robots have replaced the Specific Custom Post Types with the ability to add code to All Post Types which include posts, pages, attachments, and custom post types.

Adding snippets to your header or footer has never been easier. With 99 RobotsFREE Header Footer Code Manager, this has now become easy. Trusted by many, the HFCM has over 80,000+ active installs! No longer a need for dozens of plugins and it takes the guesswork out of adding snippets in the correct place.

wpCentral 1.4.7 Launched

wpCentral Team has launched a new version 1.4.7

Following is the list of changes:

1) [Bug Fix] : Featured Image was not published while publishing the post using wpCentral. This is fixed now.

2) [Bug Fix] : When a draft post was published using wpCentral, it created a new post instead of publishing the existing one. This is also fixed.

Many features are yet to come.

The wpCentral Team

wpCentral 1.4.6 Launched

wpCentral Team has launched a new version 1.4.6

Following is the list of changes:

1) [Feature] : Users can now manage their WordPress website’s Posts from wpCentral Panel. You can follow the guide for the same here.

2)[Bug Fix] : WordPress websites failed to add in wpCentral as we were posting data along with establishing the connection. This was blocked by some websites causing the issue. This is fixed now.

The wpCentral Team

WordPress 5.3 to be released this month: Here’s what to expect from it

Constant evolution is at the core of WordPress and it is the main reason behind its success. It keeps on introducing new versions with better performance, UI, and security. This year the company is all set to introduce their latest version WordPress 5.3 which is scheduled this month. Let us see what is in there for you in WordPress 5.3: 

Better admin area

WordPress 5.3 will introduce a few minor yet useful changes to the user interface that may skip the attention at first but it will enable the users to quickly locate the required fields, buttons, etc. that enhance the accessibility and makes it easier to work.

Notable Changes

·         Better color contrast between the form fields and buttons

·         Visual parity between the editor and the WordPress admin area.

New Theme

WordPress 5.3 will also add a new member to the WP theme family, the theme named Twenty-Twenty is based on the theme Chaplin. Anders Noren is the designer of Twenty-Twenty Theme.

Notable Changes

·         Graceful typography using Inter font with a better height which makes it easier to read on small mobile devices

·         A confident extra bold look to the headlines quickly attracts the eye and facilitates skim reading for site visitors on the go

·         Improved content layout schemes for better flexibility and extended control

·         Wise use of Bold, Italics, etc. for different sections offer a cogent and retina-friendly appeal

PHP 5.6 Spread Operator

WordPress 5.3 will use PHP 5.6 Spread Operator at several key sections/places that will help in decluttering the code and boosting the site loading speed. 

Notable Points

·         Your WP site will now load more quickly and enjoy a better performance

·         It would be a great asset for the heavy websites

Gutenberg Block Editor

The theme empowers the users to explore the maximum potential of the Gutenberg Block editor and is compatible with the top page builders. It will also allow the users to design an exotic and unique layout to exhibit their content more impressively with improved visual appearance.

Grouping Blocks

It offers an easy and quick way to group your blogs with an intuitive drag and drop process. All you have to do is to type /group, drag your desired Group block and insert it in the group block. 

·         Repeating/copying the same style for multiple blocks

·         More efficient working with several blocks

·         Drag the existing blocks into a group or create entirely new groups and add blocks inside the same. You can also ungroup them if need be.

Block appended

The block appended will now be presented in a dedicated empty area making it easier, quite intuitive to locate it.

·         You just need to select the desired block and click the group from the ellipses menu.

New Image Style

The new image block helps you to offer a better appeal to your images.

·         With the new image block, you can select from the two styles- Circle and Default- to enhance the look of your image with a masked background. 

Column Block

The new column block enables you to select the desired column layout or customize the column width by using the column setting menu. Creating multi-column layouts has now become less difficult thanks to the cleaner look of the add new block inside the columns. 

·         The single-column layout comes without any sidebar and offers a prime look to the main content. At the bottom, there are two areas where you can add the desired widget to customize the appeal.

·         The theme works well with the top WP page builders like

Improved Table Block

This version also enables the users to give a better, visual look to their tables with the help of a wide style menu to choose your desired style. Furthermore the ability to add table row stripes will allow you to accentuate the look of your table rows.

·         You can offer a more enhanced look to your table by applying different styles.

·         You can also enhance the appeal of table rows by adding stripes.

·         You can add header/footer rows to your table.

Give distinct appeal to Latest Posts Block

The users can now offer a distinct look to their latest posts to make them stand out

·         The new version enables them to adjust the length of their latest posts and also add excerpts with them.

New Button Block

The button block improvements empower you to set the desired border-radius and target. Now you also can add the real attribute to the link which allows you to load link in a new tab and use a no-follow option.

·         With the improved button block, you can now customize the border-radius

·         The new version will allow you to make the button links to follow or open them in a separate window as you can now set the target and even add real attribute.

Social Links Block

The new version offers you the social links block that will allow you to add social media icons to the blog or page content,

·         While it contains the icons of the top social media websites, you also have the option to insert the other social media icons.

·         The improved social links block will make it easier for the users to add or remove the social media icons at your desired location in the post/page.

·         The improved social links block will make it easier for the users to quickly add the social media icons. You can link the icons to the relevant social media platforms and can also add your desired social media website.

Admin Email Verification

Missing important messages could be costly and to eliminate this possibility, the WordPress will now make it mandatory to verify your Admin Email so that all the latest notifications and WP communications can be sent to your registered admin email address.

·         It will now be mandatory for the users to verify their new email addresses that make sure that they should not miss any important WordPress communication

Admin Login Page changes

Both desktop and mobile users will be able to see or hide their password with the help of an easy password show/hide toggle feature

How will the new version help you in day to day management?

You must be eager to know the major ways in which the new version will help you in your daily WP management. The above paragraphs must already have given you a better idea of the key usability features. Here are a few more ways in which it will enrich your user experience:

Saving uploading progress

Uploading large images and heavy resources can take time and it seems annoying if the uploading fails in the middle. The new WordPress now supports resuming the upload from the previous progress instead of starting it all over again. For instance, if a large-sized image caused the uploading to fail just after 35% of completion then the WordPress will save 35% progress. So, when you again resume the uploading, it will proceed from 35% instead of restarting from zero.

Image Rotation

Automatic Image rotation help your images rotate accurately during uploading (as per its EXIF rotations)

Default Site Health Checks with leaner interface

The default Site Health Checker with a lean interface would now tell you whether the site is Okay or Needs Improvement. However, it will not display the scores in percentage depending upon the improvements made.

On the status tab you would see the improvements needed for getting cent percent score.

Date and Time Component

The new version will also allow the users to better manage their data and time components.

SEO Benefits

The new version has made some key improvements in HTML that gives it a more valid approach and helps your website to communicate with search engine bots more efficiently. It is a significant improvement as the invalid code triggers multiple errors and makes it harder for the bots to index your site. Additionally, it can also reduce the speed and increase bounce rates. All these factors can hurt your site- both in the short term (less conversion rate) and long term (lower ranking or reduced visibility). 

The new improvements in codes allows the sites to enjoy better code validity that can significantly reduce the number of warnings that your site has to face while going through the validation routes. 


WordPress 5.3 is stated to release this month and the new version will bring some small yet positive changes. It will not only offer a more friendly interface but also enrich the visual appeal of web pages and blog posts.