5 Excellent Tips for Marketing Your Blog

Blog Advertising

While blogging is almost similar to writing, there are a few key differences that set a blogger apart from a writer. One such differentiating factor is that blogging is not only about writing great content but also promoting it actively through multiple digital mediums.

That could be a challenging part for many bloggers especially the new ones. It could be difficult to select the most effective channels for marketing your blog. In this post we will present a few tips that will help you design a solid content marketing strategy with clear targets and a well-defined route to achieve each of them.

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Optimize your posts and pages for SERPs

A majority of prospects find your blog through search engines and keywords play a key role there. So, carefully research the most trending keywords in your niche before writing the content it will help you optimize your entire content to contextually add keywords and make the content closer to the intent of your targeted audiences which makes it easy for interested readers to discover your content.

Today several tools will help you automatically search the best keywords through their AI-enabled features and tools which make things easier and take the complexity out of the process.  

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Implement Best On-Page SEO Practices for sustainable results

Web page optimization is a very powerful way to improve the overall ranking of your top pages. Identify the conversion-oriented pages for your site that directly influence your business.

For instance, the product category and promo offer pages of eCommerce sites play a key role in determining their revenue potential. Likewise, a blog’s conversion rate is determined by the pages like subscription, media services, and gated content. Focus on such key pages and optimize them by employing best SEO practices and keyword strategy.

Ideally, it is best to keep your keyword strategy neat and straightforward. Instead of building a crowd of many keywords, try allocating one primary keyword and very few selected secondary keywords to each of your web pages to simplify and streamline the keyword-related tasks.

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Efficient Social Media Promotion strategy for direct connection

If you are looking for an easier, cheaper, and more definite way of building traffic then social media is the best option for you. The audiences of social media explore their preferred topics through advanced search/notification options like hashtags and newsfeeds.

Instead of just following a random post publishing policy on social media, produce a well-defined strategy targeted at achieving particular goals.

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Search Engine marketing for quicker outcome

Organic SEO practices take several months or sometimes a little more to deliver the outcome but the positive thing is that such outcomes are more sustainable and rewarding. However, the challenge is how to utilize this waiting period for getting some quick results.

One way to ensure that is to start PPC campaigns and search engine marketing.

It will help you in getting the preferred topmost positions in the paid section of SERPs and thus draw the attention of the readers which increases visibility and multiplies chances of getting traffic. Additionally, as more visitors will interact with your URL on the SERPs page it may also enhance the SEO health of your website.

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Invest in Social Media Ads for marketing your blog posts

Just like SERPs it is also possible to get quicker and more specific results on social media through paid promotions and ad campaigns.

The best thing about social media is that it offers you extended control over your advertising allowing you to select the audiences, set a comfortable budget, define specific locations and also decide other key elements which directly or indirectly influence the returns. With that capability, you can economize the costs while also increasing the overall RoI of your advertising campaign.


To succeed in the field of professional blogging you need to promote the blog effectively through different advertising mediums. However, it is a demanding job and you need to be very careful while deciding the best mediums, right strategies, and a reasonable budget. In this blog, we presented a few tips that will help you take better control over your blog promotion strategies and gain better returns in a reasonable time.

Feeling Writers Block? Get best alternatives to content writing for your blog

Content Tips

If you think that you are no longer able to create fresh content as a blogger then there is no need to worry. Many bloggers pass through this phase that can be termed as writer’s block. In that case, you don’t need to panic. Just convert the challenge into an opportunity for learning new, more interactive methods of connecting with your audiences. Here are a few different ways and platforms- apart from producing blog posts- for connecting effectively with your audiences:

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Podcast is among the best options for bloggers who don’t have the time to write long form posts. Many people have a misconception that creating Podcasts is a difficult task and needs a professional training. The reality is different though.

While it is true that you need to have good presentation skills, there isn’t any long, complicated learning curve involved. Just act smartly and identify the key factors to learn. The first thing is to pick the right format. If you are great at interacting with people then go for interviews with the achievers in your niches. The travel bloggers can interview celebrated travel experts, bloggers and enthusiasts. Likewise, if you write on education then consider interviewing the academicians, professors and distinguished teachers.

Make sure that your interview should be packed with different interesting questions but not too overwhelming for audiences to decide a takeaway. Think about the value of the interview and frame each question accordingly.

The objective is to help the interview reveal the relevant stories and key incidents of the interviewee while enabling audiences to pick some tips and strategies to replicate the similar outcomes. Talk with interviewees about how did they start, challenges they faced, tricks to overcome them and how did they reach to the today’s level. The trick is to maintain a fine balance between interesting anecdotes and practical, actionable takeaways for audiences. 

 An easy way to find the right people to be interviewed is to search for the ones who have already appeared in the podcasts or publish\c speaking. Also utilize the opportunity to note down the questions and flow of the interview and how the interviewee did reacted to different questions. It will save you from repeating the same questions and asking the matters that interviewees love talking about. It goes a long way in adding a rich value to the interview and makes it more engaging.

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YouTube Videos

YouTube Videos opens doors to a wider set of presentation formats like interviews, tutorials, or highlighting just any specific aspect of your niche in an interesting way that attracts the audiences. It allows you to use your creativity the way you like without restricting it into a specific format.

 The travel bloggers can simply create videos of the most recent places they visit. They can make it more interesting by highlighting interesting aspects that define a travel experience like local foods, natives, hotel experience and travel. To make it more valuable you can mention the overall expenses with a detailed breakdown like average cost of food, hotel tariffs, and entry tickets to different tourist places.

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Webinars provide the information in a digestible format and closely mimic the live presentations which make it quite popular among the digital audiences.

Let’s be honest- hosting a live webinar isn’t everyone’s cup of tea especially for beginners. Such reluctant people can opt for recorded seminars. What matters most is the content and how is it presented.

 The objective is to help your audiences attain a well defined goal following a specific strategy.  Be very specific to make things straightforward and keep everything on track. Narrow down the topic and pick the key aspects that you want to emphasize on. It will help you channelize your content in the right direction and create a cogent workflow. It will also allow audiences to know the specific takeaways of the webinar that helps in building the right mindset.

 A popular and rewarding strategy to enhance the overall impression of your webinar is to support your content with examples and anecdotes. Try building a specific flow into your topic which will encourage the audiences to watch your webinar till the end.

 While creating the webinar content and flow, it isn’t uncommon to wander off the course or procreate the topics. So, consider reviewing and revising the content to keep it to the point and maintain an interesting flow. Identify and pick out the unnecessary portions as no one likes fluffy, zero-value content. Keep only those portions that deliver value and create interest.

 Also consider storifying the mundane topics to make sure that the audiences aren’t put off before reaching even middle of the webinar.

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Producing an eBook is another great way to market your content. It is also a great option for repurposing the content by grouping different posts on a single topic and presenting them in a logically connected manner.

 While creating an eBook keep in mind that it should work like an usher to bring the audience to your blog. Start with the introduction and then talk about your expertise. If possible add contextual links to your blog so that as the readers are in the right frame of mind to click or open the links.

 Start by understanding the demographics of your preferred audiences and the key factors like their challenges, aspirations, income, education and other social factors. It will allow you to use the content that delivers relevant value and is presented in the language that is preferred by the audiences. As a result such content delivers personalized experience and bring readers nearer to you. This familiarity goes a long way in building trust and getting new visitors/readers to your blog.


One of the major challenges faced by bloggers is Writers’ Block. They feel short of ideas and aren’t able to formulate their thoughts in a cogent, meaningful written format. They can utilize this time for exploring different mediums and platforms to market their content to a different set of audiences. Along with a fresh respite from regular writing job it will also help bloggers to diversify their portfolio. In this post we mentioned some of the best ways and platforms for bloggers to share their knowledge in different ways.

Create robust sales funnel with these awesome tools

Sales Funnel Plugins

If you have created a blog for your business enterprise then one of your main concerns possibly is how to increase your sales through the content. One way to do that is to build sales funnels that encourage and enable visitors to directly make an online purchase.

A simple definition of sales funnel is that it is a series of different marketing-focused actions to sell your products and services. A sales funnel contains a range of actions like videos, automated mails, articles, landing pages, etc. Collectively these actions create a step by step process for bringing targeted audiences nearer to the purchasing decision.

In this blog we are going to present some of the highly competent plugins that will help you create a result-oriented sales funnel with minimum efforts and zero technical complexities. There is no coding required and you can use them in diverse ways to optimize your sales funnel for better results:

Organize Your Marketing In 1 Place - CoSchedule Marketing Suite


Publishing and promotion of your posts can be a complex task especially for the individual bloggers with limited time. If you are also struggling between creating regular content and publishing/promotional tasks then Co-Schedule is the right tool for you. It is equipped with the strong features and tools to schedule publishing as well as sharing the posts across multiple social media platforms. You can even set the preferred time of post sharing when your targeted audiences are most likely to be present online.

Salient Features:

 Seamless content importing from Google Docs

Multiple rescheduling options available for publishing and social sharing (day, week, or even an entire month)

Robust yet intuitive features to build editorial calendar and strategies

Reliable features to facilitate seamless team collaboration on different content projects in the real time

Automated scheduling features for social media sharing/posting

Inbuilt analytical capabilities and tools for monitoring the present status of content strategy

Easy syncing provisions to integrate different social media platforms to co schedule dashboard to streamline the processes

Why Thrive Leads?

Thrive Leads

 Thrive Leads is a highly competent tool for self-hosted blogs that empowers you to create a high-potential email list using its powerful widgets. Also, there is a provision for adding 2-step options for lead magnets as well as content upgrading.

Salient Features:

Trigger opt-in forms based on a user’s site behaviour or how long they’ve used the site.

·          Behaviour and time-based opt-in forms to maintain relevancy

·         Condition-based SmartExit+ that only act when prospects is about to exit your site. You can set the trigger conditions

·         2-steo opt in process increases conversion probabilities

·         Different ways to capture contact inform of a prospects like pop-ups/exit pop-ups, landing pages, etc.

Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin – Easy Pricing Tables – WordPress plugin |  WordPress.org

Easy Pricing Tables

 One of the lesser known fact about sales flow is that digital presentation of pricing also plays a significant role in influencing the sales opportunities. A clutter-free and straightforward pricing table with mobile responsive design allows prospects to check prices of different products at a glance and take an informed decision. Easy pricing tables offers you a code-free way of building such neatly presented pricing tables quickly and easily.

Salient Features:

·          10 pre-built templates of pricing tables with powerful customization features

·         Easy way to insert tool tips and icons on the table by just hover over it

·         Mobile responsive design to deliver best visual experience to the mobile users

·         Provision to use Google Analytics Add-On for success measuring of every pricing table

·         Pricing is the most important part of your selling strategy. With neatly arranged, cogent pricing table you can help customers know the rates quickly-regardless of the device

Wufoo (@Wufoo) | Twitter


 Wufoo is a reliable tool for building dynamic forms and allows for seamless integration with different blog posts and WebPages.

 Wufoo allows you to efficiently survey the site visitors and learn about their content preferences. Accordingly you can optimize your content strategy to deliver best value to the frequent visitors by publishing the posts that perfectly align with their interests. It also allows you to optimize other key aspects of your business like product pricing by collecting the related details and acting on them.

Salient Features:

Collection of email addresses for lead generation.

Integrates with ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, and other email marketing tools.

Can be used as a checkout form and to collect payment information.

 Email address collection to generate leads

Seamless integration with different email marketing tools like Mailchim, ActiveCampaign etc.

You can collect payment information by using it as a checkout form??


In order to increase your online sales, you need to seriously concentrate on building a connected series of action prompting sequences to attract people, educate them about product and finally enable them to purchase directly online. In digital world it is called creating a sales funnel. In this blog we mentioned some of the best tools and plugins that will help you create a robust sales funnel.

Best tips to market your content wisely for optimum benefits

Content Marketing

Producing high-quality posts packed with rich value is the first step to make your blog appealing. However, to make it more popular among the clients and enjoy better rankings, you also need to enhance the appeal of your blog and increase its visibility. There are different ways to achieve this objective and often you need to blend multiple options to get the desired results. In this blog we will mention some of the best ways to market your content, gain more views and transform your blog into a reliable source for making revenue and building reputation:

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Strategic Keyword Positioning

Along with keyword research, it is equally important to position them strategically across your articles and blogs. It is not news anymore that keyword stuffing is rightly considered as a black hat SEO and can severely hurt your website. So, you have limited instances of using keywords, and one way to ensure their impact is to use keywords just at the right places to gain maximum SEO benefits.

Divide your article carefully in a specific structure and then select powerful parts to insert the keywords like initial paragraphs, headings, bullet points, conclusion, etc. The search engine bots have a special focus on such important parts of the content structure. Thus using keywords in these parts extensively help search engine bots to discover your site quickly and easily. In that capacity keyword, positioning is among the important SEO factors to be considered.

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Strategic content calendar designing

Carefully design your content calendar in advance to streamline the post publishing and save yourself from Nth hour hassles/bottlenecks. It will also allow you a sufficient margin to research and write the relevant content while contextually adding the keywords.

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Effective content format with attractive headlines

Make sure that the readers don’t struggle with your content but enjoy it. Make your content comprehensible and add clear takeaways. Neatly format your content and structure it well-using headers, subheaders, bulleted/numbered lists, and other formatting features.

Create attractive titles that compel the audiences to read the entire post. Use powerful and descriptive words. An ideal title packs the entire idea into a short but powerful punchline.

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Natural sounding content

Many people have the misconception that stuffing a variety of keywords into posts can increase visibility and ranking. That’s not true. What matters is to carefully research a few high-potential keywords and produce high-value content related to them. Carefully use those keywords at key places like headings, bullet points, and lists. After completing the post, proofread it to ensure that keywords should sound natural and relevant, instead of being unnaturally forced without any context.

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Social Media calendar

Carefully create a social media calendar for popularizing your posts over different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Just a single post at the time of publishing isn’t enough. The top bloggers share each of their posts repeatedly over several months which is why their posts get so many views. But just random sharing won’t work. Plan a solid strategy for sharing the post on the right channels on the right days with the right group of audiences. Thankfully there are many advanced and AI-enabled tools to get such details more accurately.

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Refreshing past content

One of the easiest and quickest SEO content strategies is to refresh the old content by adding more valuable and updated information. It will also help in replacing outdated information and data with the current one. Utilize this opportunity to further enrich your content by adding new aspects of the original topic. Don’t forget to do quick keyword research and include the latest keywords.

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Infographics have gained huge popularity during the span of the past half a decade. It has created an additional opportunity for content marketers but has also resulted in competition as many players are vying to get the biggest portion of the pie. So, make sure that both the graphics and content should have a rich value.

Make the infographics visually attractive, add data and quick facts, and use the right dimensions to make the visuals clear. The image quality matters a lot. So, invest proper time and attention in creating/inserting graphics. Don’t forget to give credit to the sources from where you got the information, facts, and statistics.

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SlideShare is another fast-growing platform where you can upload your presentations. Alternatively, you can also use it to upload documents or infographics. Make sure to use attractive graphics and animation effects without overdoing them. Keep a fine balance between simplicity and charisma.  


To make your blog achieve a distinct place among the audiences you need to invest your efforts in content marketing and SEO. Contrary to the common notion, content marketing/SEO isn’t a complicated task that needs professional experts. With the right knowledge, you can also do it on your own. In this blog, we mentioned some of the popular as well as new ways to market your blog/posts through different ways and platforms.