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5 actionable tips to write irresistible blog posts

Would you like to increase the readership of your blog? Do you know how to gain it? Of course, every blogger knows the answer: “writing good content and promoting it”. However, it poses another tricky question: How to write content that impresses the readers? This is the place where your will possibly find the answer to  this question.

In this article, we have curated a list of actionable tips that will help you create the simply irresistible content. You are about to read the proven fundamental techniques of converting your content (including B2B content) into an enjoyable reading journey for your targeted readers.

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Write for individual readers (not for the “mass of readers”)

Using impersonal words automatically creates The Great Wall of Communication between you and your readers. If it is not clear yet then considers these two examples:

Impersonal: “The readers who wish to learn the art of writing may benefit by reading this post.”

Personal: “So, you want to master the art of writing? Let me share some secret awesome tips with you that I have carefully picked for you. But promise me that you won’t just read and forget but try them as well.”

Most of the time the impersonal tone is caused unintentionally when you think of your readers as a mass, a faceless community. Instead, try writing for an individual reader and imagine him/her as a committed fan of your blog who is impressed by your writing skills and values your posts. Think as if you are writing for that individual reader.

It will automatically make your blog post sound like a relaxed and enjoyable conversation. You are no longer burdened with the responsibility of making all your readers happy. There is no need to play grammar police. You are the least worried about inserting the prosaic words and phrases to sound scholarly. 

In short, you can fully concentrate on exploring and expressing your thoughts most naturally. It will allow you to write a conversational style blog post that can easily be understood and digested by your readers and make them happy.

Light, Bulb, Simple

Uncomplicate your ideas and writing

Jargons and heavy words are something that should be avoided at all costs until or unless you are writing Shakespearean literature. As a blogger your primary objective is to widen your reach and how can you expect it if the readers need to consult their dictionary or re-read the convoluted sentence to understand the meaning? Also, avoid presenting a very broad spectrum of a topic. Be as specific as possible.

For that be careful before even starting your article. Ask yourself a few questions like:

·         Who is my targeted audience?

·         What are their problems that I can address?

·         What are the best and most practical solutions to their problems?

·         How to present those solutions in the simplest everyday language that they can understand?

An ideal blog post should be informative and engaging at the same time. It should be written in the style that the reader can easily understand, recall, and act upon the gist of your article.

Road, Away, Dirt Track, Lane, Alpine Way

One-way traffic rule doesn’t work here

Generally we frame our sentences as a one-way conversation which seems perfect to us but it doesn’t work best for the readers. It is because while writing, many writers use their blog posts as a means to express their thoughts.

The ideal way is to turn your blog post into a 2-way conversational platform where you not only allow but encourage your readers to take a pause, think, and even disagree with you if they like.

These factors enable your readers for some entertaining mental gymnastics while reading your post which prevents them from mental fatigue.

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Showcase the author’s (that’s YOU) personality

While sharing knowledge and expertise are two major objectives of writing content, be careful not to turn your content into a boring lengthy piece that keeps drilling the single subject. Instead, convert your content into something that has a charming, likable personality.

The easiest way to do it is to think about how naturally you can discuss some personal incidents or a quick story related to your content. Right from telling them about how did you turned a boring Sunday grocery shopping into a fun family outing to witty storytelling about how did you adjusted your expenses to become an individual entrepreneur- there are lots of personal stories that tell the readers about your personality while also providing more clarity to your content.

Incorporating these stories will turn your content into an eclectic piece of engaging content blocks.

Some actionable tips

·         Sharing your mistakes and what readers can learn to form them

·         Mention a personal story to clarify your point

·         Take a character out of your real-life and give him/her any suitable adjective with some funny twist (like “The grumpy guy with loudspeaker voice”)

·         Inform your readers about the reason for writing the post

·         Tell your readers about the surrounding or activity while writing the post (preferably something relevant to your content- like mentioning your still unpacked handbag that is still lying on your computer desk while writing a travel story)

Adding such little engaging details creates an affinity between you and your reader. The loyalty and commitment of such readers don’t end with the last word of your present blog post but extend beyond to form a long-lasting relationship. By baking your personality into your blog post you make your readers know you as a person. This personal familiarity act as a powerful adhesive to bond you with your readers and eventually increases the repeated visits and number of subscribers.

Question Mark, Question, Mark, Symbol

Q for Curious

You write the blog posts to answer the queries of your readers. That’s; fine but it doesn’t mean that all your sentences should stop with a full stop. Be interrogative and use a good amount of question marks too in your blog post and remember you don’t have to provide an answer to all of them but leave some questions unanswered.

Creating curiosity inside your readers is one of the best ways to increase the impact of your post.

 The unanswered questions encourage your readers to think more deeply about your content and process it to conclude an answer. In the procedure, they intensely dive into your content which helps them to properly digest its import thus giving them a wholesome reading experience- something they would love. It can help you build a steady base of repeated visitors.


Creating awesome blog posts can be a tough thing but you can eventually learn this art. In this blog, we mentioned various actionable tips to attract and engage your readers. By creating a checklist based on the same, and following it regularly you can increase the readership of your blog and also build a steady stream of regular subscribers. The readers are advised to promote their blogs using the best content marketing strategies to make sure that their awesome content gets the popularity it deserves.

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