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5 best Movie Database plugins to boost the appeal of your entertainment blog

If you are running an entertainment blog related to celebrities, fashion or cinema then you can add a distinct appeal to its look with the help of Movie Database plugins. These plugins can help you show the latest movie information in an appealing format on your site by using their API, creating shortcodes, and determining the visual layout of the information. It also allows you to easily import key stats and elements like posters, graphics, mobile trailers, etc. By showing all these interesting details you can instantly attract the people’s attention and instantly engage your visitors by showing them key details of the latest movies in an eye-friendly format:

CodeCanyon - WP Watch Movies & TV Shows Online v1.0 » GFxtra

WP Watch Movies & TV Shows Online

This plug-in help you create well-formatted Movie posts by automatically pulling out all the vital details such as cast, genre, director, actor, trailers and in an appropriate format.

Salient Features

·         AJAX and jQuery integrated

·         Nice homepage tabs

·         Multiple tab creation for TV shows or latets movie releases

·         Widget to display all the genres in site’s sidebar

5 WordPress Plugins Movie Database (Free & Paid) | FormGet

The Movie Database

 This premium quality tools can be deployed sans hassles and offers you extended control over the formatting/visibility of titles, reviews, image, sound quality, and other details.

Salient fetaures

·         Easy to crete movie gallery website with appealing design

·         Easy to search desired movies by entering movie name or related keywords

·         Automatic data importing for your blog post

Movieomatic Automatic Post Generator Plugin for WordPress ...

Movieomatic Automatic Post Generator

 To ensure authenticity the plug-in fetches the details only form the most reliable sources and high authority sites. Though automated the posts don’t lack the appeal and offer well-formatted details of movies including trailers, cast and crew, and even posters.

This is an advanced post generator that automates the process of adding movie updates on your website. In our words, you can showcase the latest movie updates without incurring any manual efforts. Isn’t it great?


·          Auto post creation to display key stats like screenshots, railers, posters, etc.

·         Built in translator to efficiently pull out conen in diverse languages

·         Unique content creation with random sentence generator tool

·         Extedned control optons

·         Auto generation of featured image

My Movie Database – WordPress plugin |

With this plug-in you can gear up the appeal of your website easily by adding the interesting and latest information about showbiz industry on your website Easy interface, intuitive processes and quick steps make this tool equally useful for beginners as well as seasoned bloggers.

 You also have the option to use shortcodes for deploying this plug-in on your website. The plug-in collects information from the genuine and authentic sources to ensure that only the real, verifiable information is available on your bogs.

Salient Features

·         Eas provisions to produce separate posts for celebrities, movies and TV shows

·         Vital information about movies can be added with least efforts

·         Can be inseted through shortcodes or directy into posts

·         Easy to add or modify the movie posts

·         Mulitpel shortodes to make yoru work easier

The Final Countdown - wpMovieLibrary Blog


This plug-in offers you a wide array of options to build a huge movie collection and manage it without hassles. For reducing manual efforts and streamlining the workflow the tool also provides you several control options like metadata importing, move sorting, importing images ad other elements, etc.

Salient Features

·         It allows bulk import of hundreds of movies with just a few clicks.

·         Create a custom dashboard for your website's effective usage of the plug-in.

·         Easily extract movie details like release date, writer, cast, title, and more.

·         Download movie posters and images with a single click.

·         Auto fills details that are not present in the movie.

·         Click Here For WordPress Plugin Movie Database

·         Provision for bul movie import with a few clicks


One of the best ways to enhance the impact of your entertainment niche blog is to display key information about the latest movies. It not only helps in attracting more visitors to your entertainment blog but also keeps them engaged. In this blog, we mentioned 5 ideal plugins to display the info about the latest movie releases. To make a wise decision, you need to assess each plugin based on the price, user reviews, size, and specific technical requirements, if any. 

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