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Monitor your competitor WP sites 24X7 with these powerful tracking tools

The constantly increasing number of new players in the digital world has resulted in very tough competitions across different niches and it has become all the more difficult to survive in this difficult market. Right from the start-ups to established players and new bloggers to millionaire blogging entrepreneurs, everyone is struggling to cut through this competition. While there is no sure shot way to succeed in the digital world, there are some tools that can help you gain a competitive edge and enhance the business potential of your website. In this blog we are going to mention some such easy to use and effective tools to track your competitors and also monitor your site performance so that you can focus better on specific aspects to improve your ranking and conversion probabilities:

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Google Alerts

Google Alerts is an effective tool to track all the mentions of the desired keyword across multiple digital platforms of your choice. Google Alerts notifies you about the mentions of your specific keywords that you wish to remain updated about. Once you have entered your desired keyword, which could be as specific or as detailed as you wish the Google alerts will start tracking and searching that keyword and instantly furnish you the key information whenever that keyword is quoted. Whether the keywords are mentioned as a plain text or a link the tool instantly informs you about the same via email.

 All you have to do is to specify the keyword and sauces where it is mentioned like web, books, discussions, news, and even videos. You also have the option to select a specific location or opt for global tracking. You can either select a specific period to receive emails or opt for a single digest set through email message.

 By wisely using this tool and acting on its information you can not only get the updated information about your and competitor’s brand mentions on different digital channels but can also fine-tune your digital strategy to gain a competitive edge.

BuiltWith Technology Lookup


Builtwith fetches you the details about the diverse technologies that are employed to create a specific webpage. This powerful tool assures accurate results and can detect 25000+ internet technologies. This wide and varied list includes advertising, analytics, CMS, hosting, and the name of other technologies.

By checking the technologies used your competitors and other top brands of the industry to can also use these technologies to great up the personality and UI/UX of your website.

 Bys wisely working on the collected information you can work on your site to enhance its conversion potential, add innovative digital capabilities and leverage the overall consumer experience which will help you to accelerate your sales. - Competitive Intelligence Tool


If you wish to get a complete overview with comprehensive stats in a visually friendly manner and key insights, the SimilarWeb is the best option for you. Along with the plethora of information the tool also allows you t conduct a shoulder to shoulder comparison between two sites like your site and your competitor’s site. You may opt for a complete site comparison or compare the stats of specific web pages. This easy and logical comparison format will allow you to pinpoint the gaps and identify your strengths vis-à-vis your competitors’ website. Moreover SimilarWeb also gives relevant traffic-based ranking to your site based on different criteria like global traffic, or traffic from a specific location or category.

The tool allows you to conduct a 360-degree analysis of website traffic by breaking down the information into many sub-sections like device-based traffic, stay duration. Bounce rate, pages browsed during each visit, etc. The tool offers you a comprehensive list of competitors and similar websites. It also fetches the key stats on the traffic generated through specific social media channels and the other sites visited by the same users.

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A brand of Amazon, the Alexa is a high stamina competition tracing tool used by the entrepreneurs, chordates brands and SOE agencies across the globe.

The tool offers you details about the keywords and links on which your competitors are working on. It has a selected array of strong tools to analyze your competition like fining similar sites, backlink tracking, top sites, common audiences, and unique visitors among others. By comparing the essential traffic metrics of various sites, you would be able to devise a more robust and purpose rented digital strategy for optimum results.

 You may also add Alex as a browser extension to use it quickly and more easily.


To enjoy a competitive edge in the digital world it is very important to follow a well-defined strategy. By logically tracking your competitors you can easily identify the gaps and strength of your website and channel your efforts in the right direction for better results. In this blog we presented a list of such high-stamina tools that can help you to track the performance elf your site and compare it with your closest competitors and other top players in the industry. The readers are advised to read the reviews and compare features/prices of different tools before using any of them.

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