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Why FeedBurner is no longer a great option (and the best alternatives)

For a long time, there has been an argument over the SEO benefits of FeedBurner for bloggers. Some strongly believe it to be a powerful SEO factor while others dismiss it as an average service that doesn’t play any role in improving the SERP ranking. In this blog we would present an unbiased report on the matter and see if and how does Feedburner help you in your SEO:

FeedBurner: Still Alive And Somewhat Well | Lexnet

What is Feedburner?

 As a free Google service the Feedburner offers hassle-free management of your feeds and provides custom RSS feeds for the blog posts which increase visibility when compared to typical RSS feed generation.

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What is RSS?

RSS Feeds is an abbreviation for Really Simple Syndication that displays the entire set of latest blog updates in an XML format. To facilitate that you must create a permalink structure following the search engine guidelines. The RSS feeds can be viewed by visiting

What made FeedBurner a better option than RSS?

More features of Feedburner made it a preferred choice over the typical RSS feed (and it still is- but has lost much of its charm). For instance, you can conduct a deep feed analysis, optimize them for better visibility, and even conduct effective publicity to gain more popularity among online commonality.

It also allows the users to become your feed subscribers so that they can get the latest updates delivered sent to their mailbox. Eventually it helps you in creating dedicated audiences for your blog. 

Benefits of Feedburner

· With a single account, you can burn multiple blog feeds

· In-depth stats about the subscribers of your feeds

· Extensive feed optimization features

· Your subscribers will get more options like email subscription and reading services like Pageflakes, Bloglines, Netvibes, etc

· Automated ping service for latest blog feeds

· Easy Google AdSense integration?

So, what happened to the feed burner?

Google had brought the Feedburner for a massive amount and after developing it as a reliable source for bloggers, it stopped paying attention to it. Many experts even believe that this service may soon be discontinued. Moreover, as it has not been updated for the last many years, there are many instances/possibilities of bugs or other issues. Moreover, it isn’t wise to use a service that can be discontinued anytime soon. So, what’s the next best thing to do? Look for alternatives. Here is a curated list of some of the best Feedburner alternatives that you can rely on:

Email Marketing to Win the Inbox | FeedBlitz


FeedBlitz helps you in maximizing the reach of your blog by monitoring your blog posts, URLs, and RSS feeds. It brings you the vital stats that can help you a great way of preparing ideal blogging strategies to achieve your short/long term readership goals. The tool comes loaded with sophisticated features as well as the feed to email digest conversion, tracking circulation, and subscription management. The tool seamlessly works on nearly every major platform for bloggers like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Typepad, and Drupal.

Welcome to Feedly


This free service helps you in extensive feed content promotion and offers you a wide array of tools to measure the impact. You will get quick and friendly bookmarking options. The services for sharing and proxying are equally good and user-friendly. By wisely using FeedCat for your blog, you can multiply its reach and enhance its impact.

RSS to Email - Blog Powered Newsletters by Nourish


Nourish automatically changes your RSS feeds into email newsletters and helps you in converting readers into subscribers which eventually helps you in achieving loyal readership. It also helps you in increasing the committed traffic to your blog which can directly impact the reputation and revenue potential of your blog.

RSS Feed works better with IFTTT


The full form of IFTTT is If this then that. The tool allows you to create an optimized custom delivery system that automatically gets working the moment you add any new item to your RSS Feed. IFTTT automatically delivers your freshest RSS feeds to diverse relevant platforms including but not limited to Evernote, Twitter, Facebook, emails…..the list is long. It helps you to get maximum visibility across a wider section of audiences which eventually multiplies the impact of your blog.

Best Feedity Alternatives (2020) - SaaSHub


Feedity helps you to create RSS feeds and offers you sophisticated options for podcast feed generation right from your webpage. Just like IFTTT the process is automated and triggers as soon as fresh content is added to the linked webpage.


At one point in time Feebburner was considered as the best option to popularize your latest blog posts across a wide spectrum of digital citizens. However, of late its parent company stopped paying much attention to Feedburner and it has not been updated for a long time. It is even believed that this service may soon be discontinued. In this blog, we explained the things in detail and also presented multiple Feedburner alternatives that you can rely on for gaining the best popularity for your latest posts.

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