How to eliminate mediocrity and offer superior capabilities to your blog

Blogging Tips

Have you ever wondered how the top bloggers are able to earn 6-figure income? What are the strategies they follow a how do they get so many engagements on their post? Well, it is all abut the ethical content strategy make the content shine and increase the traffic. In this blog we will talk about some of the major content techniques to adopt for gaining a distinct position on SERPs while also increasing the traffic and interaction:

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Focus on specific niche and identify relevant trends

 While you should have a passion for writing, it is equally important for any blog to have a specific focus and niche. Your blog should instantly connect with the niche audiences by delivering them focused, well-researched and contemporary information that adds value to their knowledge and work. It will keep them engaged for long and prompt them to subscribe your blog. So, once you have chosen a specific niche, invest your efforts in researching the niche-related topics with high potential.

 Writing on already trending topics allows you to ride on the existing wave of popularity. In other words you can attract a good traffic with fewer efforts.

There are some great tools that help you check the trending topics.

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Use right headlines to captivate people’s attention

Headlines can be compared to the outer packaging of your content. Even a great product fails to attract the attention if the packaging is shabby. So, work seriously while creating headlines for your content. The challenge is to pack super power into a compact format. You might have observed that the headlines of blog posts by top bloggers have a unique appeal that prompts you to click the link and read the post, even if you don’t have plenty of time. Well, that is among a few key factors that help them achieve popularity and stardom! The good thing is that you don’t have to rack your brains to come up with a unique headline. There are some great tools to make your work less difficult.  

 You still have to invest your creative efforts but these tools will give you the suggestions that will make the process more defined and enable you to invest calculated efforts.

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Content can visually be scanned for quick first impact

 After headline, the next thing that really matters is the overall visual structure of your article. Did you now tat before reading the article people generally look at a quick overview of the visual structure? The lengthy, overflowing paragraphs give a scary look and put them off. So, break your content into small digestible paragraphs of not more than 4-5 lines (maximum). Also use bullet points and lists to give your content a neat, organized look. Use bold headlines to properly categorize different sections of your content. Using H2 or H3 tags will make it easier for the search engine bots to navigate meaningfully through your content. It will also help mobile users to quickly scan through main sections of your article.  


·         Use sub headlines to further emphasize your points

·         Use digestible small sentences

·         Break up text with bullet points

·         Tastefully insert images at appropriate places in your content

Your post should also be quickly comprehensible for the readers and provide to-the-point solutions to their queries. Respect your readers’ time and use brevity as a tool to keep them engaged.

 There are many tools in the market that can offer you the complete information about readability of you content. Working on those insights you can optimize your content to make it comprehensible for readers and easier for search engine bots to discover.

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Invite subject experts as contributors

 Having experts on your website can significantly increase its value and builds a distinct brand authority among the audiences. For that you have to research well and build a strong strategy to invite experts in your niche to contribute insightful content on your blog.

 Register on Start by entering your brand name and upon being promoted you may enter other brands that you want to monitor in order to conduct a shoulder on shoulder comparison.

 It will show you the different social platforms where your/your competitors’ brands have been mentioned and the people talking about it. Now sort the list to search for niche influencers. Having niche influencer talking about brand means they are already familiar with it and are more likely to accept your invitation for contributing on your site- provided you approach them in the right way and do your homework well.

 Buzsumo is another important tool that can help you in finding the influencers who engage with or endorse specific brands.

It will offer you the complete overview like the content type, traffic, and use of keywords etc. so that you can identify the right influencers whose content, traffic and engagement style aligns with your specific objectives.

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Create unique featured images for quick impression

 Feature images when used wisely, is a powerful way to offer a distinct appeal to your site.

 In fact the featured image is the first image seen by your audience on your page.

 Featured image also happens to be most shared image on the social media channels. So treat it with utmost respect and ensure that it should have a grand impressive look.

You just don’t need a good featured image but have to use the image that simply claims the limelight among many other images.

 There are many easy graphic designing tools like Canva that allow you to create a unique catchy design with quick tools and automated steps.

Besides there are a number of readymade customized templates that make things even easier for you.

Rectangular featured images look great on thumbnails and Facebook.

Before you start creating, properly researched social media image size


Right, logically defined content strategy can play a vital role in increasing traffic and engagement rate. Along with the quality of your content other features like right headlines, proper content structure and easy readability are also important to engage more people with your content.

5 best technical SEO tips for your site in 2021

Technical SEO Tips

Technical SEO plays a vital role in your overall SEO strategy. It is more precise in nature and there are different solid metrics to measure it. Besides there are many tools that allow you to identify the gaps in your technical SEO while also providing you the deep actionable insights on how to repair it? In fact if you would carefully go through the upcoming Google update in May this year, you would notice that it deal with many aspects of technical SEO

In this blog we will talk about how to optimize the technical SEO of your site to increase engagement, visibility and clicks:

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Core web vitals metrics to enhance user experience

As you are aware that this may Google will bring its page experience algorithm which will involve, among other factors, the core web vitals that include

FID or the time it takes for a visitor to interact with your page. Ideally it should be below 100 ms.

Largest contextual paint: It refers to the time it takes for the largest content on your page to be loaded in visitor’s browser. The recommended time is less than 2.3 seconds

CLS or cumulative layout shifts: This metrics applies to the visual steadiness of your element on a device screen and the recommended level is .1 seconds.

While the core web vitals may seem quite technically complex to measure, the Google Search console can provide you the accurate site metrics without any technical complications or manual efforts on your side. Just enter you URL and with just a few clicks you can get the details as well as insights and recommendations.

Here are a few ways to optimize core web vitals:

·         Use Lazy-loading option for general images

·         Optimized image formats to make them browser-friendly

·         Enhance JavaScript performance

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Identify crawl errors on your site

Crawl errors refers to the situation where the search engine couldn’t find a specific page on your website.

Google search console enables you to check the crawl errors but you would probably like to use more advanced tools for the purpose like screaming frog, seoClarity and Deep crawl. These tools take you to the page with the crawl error so that you can do the needful.

Here are a few ways to repair it:

Use 301 redirects for correctly implementing all redirects

Properly go through the specific error pages to determine where you would like to redirect them

 Also search the instance of redirect loops where the same URL redirect to another URL for many times thus creating a kind of back and forth loop.

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Check internal /outbound broken links and repair them

 Link structure works as a navigation guide or both search engines and human visitors. If a user clicks a link which leads to a nonworking URL, it puts off the people and compels them to leave your site.

So, identify some of the issues that disturb the navigation experience of your audiences. A few such issue include

·         301/302 links redirecting to a different page

·         Links leading to 4XX error page

·         Unlinked pages

·         Very deeply interlinking structure

 You can either update the target URL or simply remove the link.

 For that you would need to go for a thorough site audit to repair the broken links issue.

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Delete thin or duplicate content

 At all costs avoid copying the content from other websites as  it not only results in negative SEO marking but also attract the Google penalties. Along with the some other factors that cause thin o duplicate content include multiple live versions of same sites, faceted navigation page replication

 In case of two site versions, immediately do the needful so that Google should index only a single site version. Google doesn’t know that both version belong to the same site and in its perspective each different domain belongs to different website.

In a search engine’s perspective the following URLs represents different websites





A few tips

·          301 redirects set up primary URL version. If is you primary version then URLS like should redirect to that version.

·          no-index/canonical tags Implementation on various duplicate pages

·         preferred domain and parameter handling setting in Google Search Console

·         Deleting duplicate content from different portions, posts and pages


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Make your site HTTPS for fully encrypt communication with buyer

 The sites that lack security, also called HTTP sites is not only counted as a negative SEO metrics but also stop buyers from making purchase form your site as they are concerned about the safety of the data they will best haring like address, PAN card, social security number and credit card number. So you lose SEO points as well as buyers. On the other hand the HTTPS encrypts any data that users share with you like Pan Card and social security number. It helps in preventing data leaks and having.


Technical SEO plays a pivotal role in any SEO strategy. By working on technical SEO you make your site more appealing to the visitors by enhancing their experience. AT eh same time the right technical SEO strategies make it easier for the search engine bots to navigate through your website which helps in easy indexing and inclusion in relevant SERPs.

8 Best Tips to Build a Loyal Reader Community for Your Blog

Blogging Tips

There is a wide range of blogs on diverse topics and everyone is vying for the prime position. While digital marketing and social media traction help you a great way in attracting visitors, it is the overall impression of your blog that allows you to turn them into loyal audiences. We have already written a lot about the quality of content and images for ensuring your blog’s success. So, in this post we will focus on the backend features and foundational aspects of your blog and how can they impact its potential.

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Carefully select the backend resources

Backend resources play the foundational role in your website. So make sure that you get the right resources that offer adequate support to your site and allow it to perform efficiently and smoothly without any hiccups.

For instance, WordPress is the preferred choice for bloggers but if you also wish to have the ability to sell through your blog then you can go for Woocommerce- which is built on top of WordPress. It allows you to sell different digital and physical products through your blog thus allowing you to offer an excellent buying experience to your shoppers too. With a wide range of eCommerce options available the Woocommerce is the best choice for turning any blog into a thriving digital store.

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Buy Domain name that represents your brand

Choose the right domain name that is easily memorable, and perfectly resonates with your niche and brand. It will help a great way in establishing a first-sight bond with your targeted audiences. Use straightforward words that aren’t prone to misspellings. Also, spell the words in a standard way. Keep in mind the core search intent of your targeted audiences and how precisely your domain name connects with that intent.

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Invest in the right hosting plan

Buying the right hosting is very important and it depends upon several factors. Everyone wants to buy the best hosting packages but the reality is that there’s no one size fits all. You need to ask yourself several questions before purchasing hosting services for your blog, like:

Are you intending to host a simple text-rich blog with just a few images or a heavy media blog with plenty of videos, images, presentations, sliders, etc?

Are you well versed with technicalities or can hire an in-house technical professional or would like to entirely rely on the support provided by your hosting provider?

How much traffic do you estimate for your website in the foreseeable future?

What are your specific requirements regarding backup, security, site building resources, and e-commerce tools?

Answer to all these questions will help you find best hosting providers for your specific needs.

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Impact readers’ minds with strategic use of colors

Colors work at a subconscious level of mind and stimulate specific emotions that can play a major role in how they respond to your content. A deep study of top-performing sites will reveal that they wisely use a color scheme to stimulate positive emotions and making their mind receptive to the content they are about to read.

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Use the professional, appealing and coherent design

Build a neat design with a coherent equation of different elements (menus, buttons, etc.), retina-friendly typography, and easy navigation. Consistency matters a lot and when used wisely it also helps in naturally baking your brand into your entire blog thus making it easier for you to etch your blog into your visitors’ mind.

Avoid distracting them with “indigestible or unorganized elements” like overflowing paragraphs, shoddy formatting, or plenty of images scattered here and there. A simple question to ask yourself for ascertaining your web designing quality is “how does my blog look at a glance?” Until or unless you get a quick positive answer, keep on identifying the issues and working on them.

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Carefully decide the color palette for your blog

A good color scheme is not only pleasing to the eyes but also reaffirms the core voice of your blog. If you are running a blog on corporate matters or professional skills then blue color can be wisely used to connect better with your targeted audiences and for lifestyle or fashion blogs, a palette of bright colors like yellow, red, and bright green can leave a deep positive impression on your targeted audiences.

That said; make sure that your color scheme should not overwhelm the audience. It is also important to avoid a color scheme that strains the eyes, as it will discourage them from spending a long time on your blog.

It is a matter of research and several things go into consideration like branding, core objectives, key message, niche, major audiences, and the type of content you are delivering to them. How effectively you satisfy different factors of this equation plays a vital role in impressing your core audiences at a deeper level.

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Spark a communication with your readers

A good blogging is not only about broadcasting your message but also prompting your readers to take action for increasing the engagement rate. A wise choice of appropriate call-to-action buttons on relevant pages strengthens your chances of attracting positive interaction from the readers.

For instance, for the new visitors, your priority is to help them understand your brand and connect with you. So, you can place a “know more about us” or “contact us” button for such users.

For repeated visitors, you would like to build deeper engagement levels. So, you can use CTAs that takes their loyalty to the next level. Some examples include Loyalty Rewards, Insider Deals, and Exclusive Content. It not only shows that you value their loyalty but also promises that you are willing to take the relationship to the next level.

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Usability matters a lot

 Check how easy it is for the visitors to use your site. Incorporate key usability features to the site in a logical format including product/service information, email subscription option, contact info, social sharing buttons, etc.

Does a visitor need to scroll up and down for locating an opt-in form for an email newsletter or can find it intuitively? Are your social sharing buttons positioned correctly to prompt readers to instantly sharing the posts they like? Does the contact page contain complete contact information in the right format? Can your visitors instantly send you a Skype message by simply clicking on the Skype Button? Have you wisely structured the site to encourage interaction?

All such factors go a long way in determining the long term potential and success of your blog.


Along with the quality of content and marketing techniques, the backend aspects of your blog also play a vital role in determining its success. In this blog, we have mentioned different backend factors that can help you build a committed high quality reader targeted audiences for your blog thus enhancing its reputation and revenue model.

Enhance commercial and creative value of your blog with these plugins

Best WP plugins

WordPress has earned its popularity due to its unique user-friendly ecosystem, intuitive interface, and a wide variety of plugins for nearly every purpose. However, many bloggers, especially the

new ones are often puzzled on the question of the most ideal plugins for their WP blog. The answer to this question isn’t easy as different bloggers have different purposes. However, we would try to present here a list of some ideal plugins to take care of your commercial as well as creative purposes.

WooCommerce – WordPress plugin |


 This free yet powerful eCommerce plug-in empowers you to transform your WordPress site into a professional digital store. Along with extended flexibility, it also ensures seamless integration so that you don’t find any technical challenges or stop points while developing or designing your e-store. Moreover, the additional eCommerce extensions make your digital store future-ready so that you quickly add new features and capabilities as your business grows.

 The Woocommerce comes with a baked-in theme – Storefront. It not only reduces overall designing costs for new stores but also quickens the time to market. However, there are a variety of other premium themes that you can select and use for your online business. The basic theme also comes with a decent appeal and extensive options to personalize your theme as per your creative and branding preferences.

 Woocommerce can seamlessly integrate with a huge number of region payment gateways (140- to be precise). Along with Paypal and bank transfers, it also supports CoD and top credit cards.


 CustomPress makes it possible to fully customize your WordPress edit screen to meet your formatting and workflow preferences. With its help you can create custom fields and insert them anywhere you wish- media, taxonomy, posts, custom options pages, etc. Moreover, this feature rich plug-in also allows you to extensively personalize your experience with its wide menu of functionalities.

Wordpress, Blogging, Blogger, Editor

CMS Dashboard

 CMS dashboard allows you to turn the frequent tasks into simple buttons to promote easy and quick navigation which boosts your CMS efficiency. Especially if you often find yourself struggling with technical issues while using CMS, then this could be an ideal plug-in for you. With this plug-in, all the major CMS functions would be neatly visible in an arranged manner right into so that you can perform any task without having to fumble through different parts of your CMS dashboard.

CMS Tree Page View

 With this plug-in you can overview your web pages in a format similar to the CMS page. In short, we can call it a content management system for every single page. With the help of this plug-in you can view, edit, search, or add the pages or even reshuffle their order through drag and drop format. Along with hierarchical posts, it also works uniformly well with nonhierarchical posts.


With the help of powerful and competent plugins, WordPress empowers you to constantly scale up your website functionality and provide an improved user experience. In this blog, we presented a short list of a few selected plugins to make your blog even better and enhance its utility value. Just like any other list, this list should be considered as the ultimate or complete list. So, we actively invite our readers to mention their favorite plug-in and provide the details to add further value to this post.

Want to be a rich blogger? These practical tips can help you

Blogging Success

Starting a blog isn’t difficult but turning it into an income opportunity certainly requires serious efforts. Many people start blogging just because they have a passion for writing. However, they overlook other factors like technical aspects, business potential, SEO, etc. and that’s a big reason why most of the people now start their bog enthusiastically have to wrap it up within a year. In this blog, we are going to share some of the best tips to ensure that your blog won’t meet a similar destiny but would join the rank of successful blogs. 

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Put in hard work

There are millions of blogs worldwide and billions of blog posts are being written regularly. So the competition is very high. 

You need to be unique to enjoy distinguished positions. So you need to constantly learn the new things and upgrade the knowledge about your specific niche. Don’t try to dip your fingers into too many thing at the beginning.

Smart Tip: Remember, you don’t have to compete on global or national level if your main audiences are local. Likewise, if you are concentrating on your specific area (say the beauty salons in your block or the department shops in your avenue) the competition will dramatically become smaller and much easier to manage.

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Be ready to invest in the professional platform

While you may be tempted to opt for the free blog building platforms they lack the quality and professional appeal. So avoid them and go for the paid site builders with premium features and a good brand reputation. You may also hire a designer if you need a customized blog design with a specific personality.

Keep in mind that free blog platforms cost you reputation, respect, and revenue opportunities. If you weigh the things like a sharp businessman you would realize that it is much better to invest some amount rather than risking you blogging business by using free resources that, at best, can provide you a substandard blog with a DIY look- something that would neither attract readers nor convince potential advertisers.

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Invest wisely by adopting RoI based approach

You cannot escape the investment part if you are starting a blog as a business. However, you have to be careful while investing to avoid spending a pound to earn a penny. Weigh the things and think in terms of RoI. Most of the top bloggers with lavish websites started with a humble layout sans frill and fancy.

It is only after earning some income these bloggers started upgrading the design. As a beginner, the only major concern is having a professional and reader friendly design.

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Gain some level of relevant technical proficiency

You don’t have to master different technical aspects of web design and development but you need to have an average knowledge of these things to maintain the technical health of your blog. It will not only save you from recurring costs for modifying the design but will also allow you to take better control of the overall visitor experience.

On the web you can find a good amount of learning material on designing and development but you don’t necessarily need expertise. Just go through the basic knowledge and keep on sharpening it through hit and try the practice. A majority of bloggers learned that way and you can too. While ding all these things always maintain in your mind that the content is the hero of your blog while the rest factors like design and functionalities are the side characters. So, while the main objective should be to create a fine synergy among all, the major focus should be on the content and its quality. Serious readers may forgive a generic design if the content is great but they won’t tolerate a fancy, designer blog with low quality, copied, and generic content.

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Publishing consistency matters

Make a regular schedule of publishing. It is highly recommendable to write daily even if you wish to publish 2-3 posts a week. It will help you in sharpening your writing skill and build a signature style of your own that will give a distinct personality to your blog. Consistency plays a vital role in building a regular stream of readers.

If you publish 5 blogs today and then took a break of 15 days, you won’t be able to attract genuine readers. Your main objective is to build a reading habit among your blog visitors so that they can be converted to regular readers. It is also advisable not to dip your fingers into too many things at the same time. Wisely schedule things like content writing, content marketing, contacting advertisers, etc. so that one activity should not interfere with another. 

Twitter, Facebook, Together

Social media marketing

One of the easiest ways to promote your blog on your own with zero amounts is to create a good social media reputation. Just creating a Facebook page or twitter handle isn’t enough. You need to ignite the conversation and take it forward. If you would look at the social media handles of top bloggers you would observe that they are constantly engaging with their audiences. Right from creating engaging niche related social media posts to telling passionately about their latest posts and initiating discussions- these bloggers are expert at converting social media into a powerful promotional tool. To get the success you have to take inspiration from what successful people are doing. By and by you can strengthen your social media presence and constantly engage with your audience. 


To earn a decent regular income out of your blog it is very important to create a checklist of the major things to concentrate on. In this blog, we provided a list of the most important things that can determine the destiny of your blog. The readers are advised to carefully note these things down and follow the tips regularly. It will help them in enjoying decent success in their blogging career.

Why FeedBurner is no longer a great option (and the best alternatives)


For a long time, there has been an argument over the SEO benefits of FeedBurner for bloggers. Some strongly believe it to be a powerful SEO factor while others dismiss it as an average service that doesn’t play any role in improving the SERP ranking. In this blog we would present an unbiased report on the matter and see if and how does Feedburner help you in your SEO:

FeedBurner: Still Alive And Somewhat Well | Lexnet

What is Feedburner?

 As a free Google service the Feedburner offers hassle-free management of your feeds and provides custom RSS feeds for the blog posts which increase visibility when compared to typical RSS feed generation.

Rss, News, Feed, Blog, Web, Icon, Symbol

What is RSS?

RSS Feeds is an abbreviation for Really Simple Syndication that displays the entire set of latest blog updates in an XML format. To facilitate that you must create a permalink structure following the search engine guidelines. The RSS feeds can be viewed by visiting

What made FeedBurner a better option than RSS?

More features of Feedburner made it a preferred choice over the typical RSS feed (and it still is- but has lost much of its charm). For instance, you can conduct a deep feed analysis, optimize them for better visibility, and even conduct effective publicity to gain more popularity among online commonality.

It also allows the users to become your feed subscribers so that they can get the latest updates delivered sent to their mailbox. Eventually it helps you in creating dedicated audiences for your blog. 

Benefits of Feedburner

· With a single account, you can burn multiple blog feeds

· In-depth stats about the subscribers of your feeds

· Extensive feed optimization features

· Your subscribers will get more options like email subscription and reading services like Pageflakes, Bloglines, Netvibes, etc

· Automated ping service for latest blog feeds

· Easy Google AdSense integration?

So, what happened to the feed burner?

Google had brought the Feedburner for a massive amount and after developing it as a reliable source for bloggers, it stopped paying attention to it. Many experts even believe that this service may soon be discontinued. Moreover, as it has not been updated for the last many years, there are many instances/possibilities of bugs or other issues. Moreover, it isn’t wise to use a service that can be discontinued anytime soon. So, what’s the next best thing to do? Look for alternatives. Here is a curated list of some of the best Feedburner alternatives that you can rely on:

Email Marketing to Win the Inbox | FeedBlitz


FeedBlitz helps you in maximizing the reach of your blog by monitoring your blog posts, URLs, and RSS feeds. It brings you the vital stats that can help you a great way of preparing ideal blogging strategies to achieve your short/long term readership goals. The tool comes loaded with sophisticated features as well as the feed to email digest conversion, tracking circulation, and subscription management. The tool seamlessly works on nearly every major platform for bloggers like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Typepad, and Drupal.

Welcome to Feedly


This free service helps you in extensive feed content promotion and offers you a wide array of tools to measure the impact. You will get quick and friendly bookmarking options. The services for sharing and proxying are equally good and user-friendly. By wisely using FeedCat for your blog, you can multiply its reach and enhance its impact.

RSS to Email - Blog Powered Newsletters by Nourish


Nourish automatically changes your RSS feeds into email newsletters and helps you in converting readers into subscribers which eventually helps you in achieving loyal readership. It also helps you in increasing the committed traffic to your blog which can directly impact the reputation and revenue potential of your blog.

RSS Feed works better with IFTTT


The full form of IFTTT is If this then that. The tool allows you to create an optimized custom delivery system that automatically gets working the moment you add any new item to your RSS Feed. IFTTT automatically delivers your freshest RSS feeds to diverse relevant platforms including but not limited to Evernote, Twitter, Facebook, emails…..the list is long. It helps you to get maximum visibility across a wider section of audiences which eventually multiplies the impact of your blog.

Best Feedity Alternatives (2020) - SaaSHub


Feedity helps you to create RSS feeds and offers you sophisticated options for podcast feed generation right from your webpage. Just like IFTTT the process is automated and triggers as soon as fresh content is added to the linked webpage.


At one point in time Feebburner was considered as the best option to popularize your latest blog posts across a wide spectrum of digital citizens. However, of late its parent company stopped paying much attention to Feedburner and it has not been updated for a long time. It is even believed that this service may soon be discontinued. In this blog, we explained the things in detail and also presented multiple Feedburner alternatives that you can rely on for gaining the best popularity for your latest posts.

5 best caching plugins for your WordPress site

Best Cache Plugins

The user experience plays a vital role in determining the popularity of your blog. The main factor is speed. People are attracted to the websites that load fast and don’t test their patience. Caching can help you a great way in the same. In this blog we are going to mention some of the best caching plugins that you can use to boost your page loading speed.

What is caching?

In technical terms the term caching refers to storing file copies in a temporary location with an objective to access them quickly whenever needed. So, during the subsequent visits to your website the visitor can quickly access your site due to faster page loading speed. In short it reduces the time needed for fetching HTML, JavaScript, CSS and image resources which in turn slashes the latency and boosts your webpage loading speed.

Some of the ideal caching plugins

Now let us see this curated list of some of the ideal caching plugins that can help in increasing your site loading speed to attract more visitors:

Features of the Cache Plugin WP Rocket.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is robust caching plug-in with instant setup and easy configuration along with highly optimized caching environment. The plug-in uses multiple sophisticated technologies like JavaScript, CSS minifying and HTML. Moreover the Lazy loading further speeds up your site by scheduling the image loading only when it is visible on visitor’s browser.>

WP Optimizer

WP optimize comes with strong database cleaning capabilities and image compressing features along with other higher end caching capabilities. It offers multiple options to add speed to your site:

·         Clean the database:  The clan the database plug-in deletes the unnecessary data in the database and tidies up your tables that can accelerate the website loading speed. Moreover the image compression tool converts huge images into compressed fields that further boost page loading speed.

·         Caching: The Caching is another essential aspect that is equipped with most powerful caching features.

SG Optimizer

 Developed by SItegruond the SG Optimizer is a plug-in specifically for site ground hosting services. It allows you to accelerate your website performance with the help of different features like:

Salient features

·         Dynamic cache and Memcahche configuration

·         Automated cache purging that can be enabled or disabled as per requirements

·         An easy provision to confirm if cache is working fine on your pages.>

·         An extensive control over enabling or disabling minification of different files/scripts like HTML, CSS and JS resources

·         You can also remove the support for query strings/Emojis from the static resources.>

·          Individual or bulk image optimization option.>

Got WordPress? You'll want WP Super Cache, too. ⋆ Chris Mospaw

WP Super Cache

 The best thing about WP supercahce is that it is developed by the Automattic the company behind the WordPress and so it is specifically designed to meet the caching requirements for WordPress sites.

 With this plug-in you can easily generate the static html files from the WordPress blog. The plug-in automatically processes the bulky WordPress PHP scripts on your site and then fetches static HTML files to the site visitors which helps in accelerating the page loading speed.

It offers you three options:

·          Simple: Best caching method which doesn’t require the PHP file editing or .htaccess file configuration. >

·          Expert: By modifying the ,htaccess files you can offer extensively cached HTML files for a superfast speed. As the name suggest it requires you to have certain expertise and involves some manual efforts.>

·          WP Super caching: It offers personalized caching experience for your known audiences like the ones having account on your site or those who have commented on your posts in eh past. It offers more flexible caching method.

W3 Total Cache – WordPress plugin |

W3 Total Cache

 Along with caching various aspects of the site the W3 total cache provides seamless CDN integrations (content delivery network) as well.

 The high-end capabilities and super easy user interface makes it one of the most reliable plugins in the market. High authority digital brands like, AT&T and recommend this plug-in. It works wonders on your web server performance and considerably slashes the latency.

 It also works well with SSL and Google AMP and supports almost all the hosting environments.>

 The plug-in, when used ideally can cut down the bandwidth consumption by up to 80%. It does so with its strong mnification features to finely compress your CSS, HTML, feeds and JavaScript.


In order to enjoy better loading speed you need to minify the files and work on various other aspects of your website. For that you may need to rely on different plugins for the purpose. In this blog we presented a list of various such plugins tat can help you to cut down the latency and enjoy excellent loading speed. The readers are advised to carefully compare the product features, prices and reviews before taking any decision.

A detailed guide on adding links to WordPress website- 2

Creating Hyperlinks


In our last tutorial on creating links in WordPress, we mentioned some of the easy and practical ways of creating desired links at different location. In this concluding part, we will mention how to add links to some other key locations of your WordPress site:


Inserting Title/Nofollow in WordPress Links

 You may also wish to give a title which automatically appears when the cursor runs over the linked text> 

Title tells your readers about the specific webpage to which they will be redirected. It is technically possible to add a title to your URL but the default editor doesn’t offer this option.

When redirecting the readers to the third party website it doesn’t make sense to pass the SEO score of your site to that link. For that you can add nofollow to such external URL links.


After you have added the link into your paragraph, open the additional dropdown options by clicking three vertical dots. Choose Edit as HTML option which will display the HTML code

Just modify the link as below to add the nofollow attribute and a title

<p>you can find out more about our company on our <a href=”” title=”The desired title” rel=”nofollow”>About Us</a> page. </p>

How to add nofollow/title in Classic Editor

·          In the Classic Editor you would need to install the plug-in named Title, and nofollow plug-in for links. After installation, activate it.


·         Now select the anchor text and it will activate the link button

·         View different options by clicking the settings (cog icon)

·          Here you will see the checkboxes to add nofollow, or sponsored attributes to your rel link

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-24.png

·         You can check/uncheck these options to add or remove the nofollow/sponsored attributes to your link.

·         It also provides you a title text field where you can type the desired title that should appear when the mouse runs over the anchor text.

How to Add Link Buttons in WordPress

·         Adding button to your WordPress posts or pages can be done by using the button block

·         While creating/editing a new post or page you can see a (+) button. Click it and you will see a list of different blocks

·         In the layout elements option select “button”. Alternatively you can just type button in the search box.

·          Just click on the button to enter the button name. Here you can also specify the URL address of the webpage that should open when the button is clicked.>

·         At the top you will see different options to format and position the button like changing text, alignment, etc.

Note: For more advanced controls like changing colours or order you can use the block options that open in the right pane of the screen. Here you will also find different options related to your link like adding nofollow attributes or opening the URL in a new/same tab etc.

Plug-in for classic editor

The people using old classic WordPress editor can employ the Forget about Shortcode Buttons plugins which will add insert button functionality to their toolbar.

One installed and activated just head to the post editor and create/ edit a new post/ 

·         In the toolbar you would see insert button icon

·         Clicking it will open a popup that allows you to personalize the button and change its formatting like border, colors. Icons, text, etc.>

How to Embed Linked Content in WordPress

 It is also possible to embed the specific content types of WordPress by adding their URL to the post. All you have to do is to enter or copy-paste the entire URL address to the dedicated block and the original content type will be added to your post just as it appears in the front-end format. 

Along with Youtube videos and Twitter posts this method also works with other specific content types.

How to outperform your competitors on Google SERPs?

Google SERP Performance

Every blogger wants to reach the top page of Google and outperform their competitors but it isn’t an easy task as there are thousands of high-quality blog vying for those top 10 results shown on Google’s first page. However, you can still follow a well-crafted strategy patiently and reasonably improve your ranking eventually making your way to the first page of Google, at least on a few major keywords. in this blog, we are going to mention some of the practical and time tested methodologies that can help you in improving your site ranking and increase visibility. 

You might have a popular blog post that gets lots of traffic, but if those visitors don’t sign up for your email list then they may not be interested in everything you have to offer.

How to Develop Traffic Sources for Your Site | Article: How … | Flickr

Build the traffic that really matters

Getting traffic is a vital part of your marketing target but it is even more important to assess the quality of traffic. Make sure that your efforts attract the right traffic and not just “any traffic” to your platform. >>

<< Many businesses and bloggers concentrate on the volume of traffic, quality of content, and content marketing strategies. But all these activities ail to accomplish the goals if you are not clear about the demographics of the targeted traffic. SO before starting any marketing strategy or creating content identifies the traffic you wish to attract and note down their demographics. It will help you create well-researched content with the right keywords that directly appeal to the audiences with specific demographics. It helps you to get the right traffic that can offer you tangible business benefits. >>

Giveaways 1080P, 2K, 4K, 5K HD wallpapers free download ...

Wise Giveaways to get the visitors contact info

<< Giveaways are great sources to build the valuable lists and with the wise strategies you an also use them t boost your site traffic.> The giveaway contests are not only rewarding but also create interest and induce a feeling of competition thus attracting many visitors. You can also offer easy social sharing provisions for your Giveaway contests to encourage people to share the giveaways with their friends as well.

Gift | Hands holding a gift box isolated on black background… | Flickr

Give something valuable to yoru readers

<< One of the major challenges of the website s is how to convince the visitors to give you their email addresses. One of the best solutions is to offer them something in return. For instance, if you are offering your visitors a free eBook on how to 3X their digitals sales then many of them won’t think twice before sharing the mail addresses with you. The trick is to offer them something really valuable and present it naturally instead of making it look like a “bribe”. For instance, instead of just asking your readers to give you email addresses to get the eBook, you can tell them to get a secured downloadable link to their email address. This way you will still get their email addresses but without explicitly “asking for it. >> 

File:Navigation popups icon.svg - Wikipedia

Popups can do magic

<<Popup can easily boost the email signup with the third interactive appeal but you would need to use them wisely. Make sure than they shouldn’t interfere with the user’s experience or disturb their attention. Instead of surprising them by loudly jutting out form a corner, you can make your popup gracefully step in. Also, you need to time them well to ensure that the popup should only be displayed when there are decent probabilities of visitors subscribing to your email list. >>

<< For that you need opt for a dynamic popup tool like optin monster that packs loads of features to build, customize, modify and personalize different aspects and elements of your popup like page-level targeting, detection of the referrer, etc. All these advanced functionality sallow you to create a sophisticated popup that appeals to your visitors and seamlessly attract their attention. >>

Customer magnet,magnet,customers,successful,solution - free image ...

Try the last weapon on exiting visitors

<< The conventional pop-ups may seem a nuisance to many serious visitors and it may drive them away thus defeating very purpose. Overcome this challenge you and use the exit intent pinups. As the name suggested the exit popup comes into action only when the visitors are about to exit your site. >>

<<These tools come with smart theology to detect visitor s behavior and trigger the popup when visitors are about to close your site or switch on to another tab. It thus allows you to build relations with those visitors and attract them to visit your site with the help of strategic communications highlight how can your site offer them benefits, or mailing them regarding the latest giveaway, contests, etc.>>


If you wish to turn your blog into a full-time profession or business then gaining a respectable position on Google should be the chief aim of your digital strategies. For that, you need to invest your efforts in the right direction and focus on tangible benefits rather than cosmetic or quick, short-lived achievements that don’t offer you any sustainable business advantages. In this blog, we talked about some of the ideal tips to improve your site ranking on Google. By wisely using these tips you can steadily make your way to the respectable SERP position, increase valuable traffic, and turn your blog into a successful venture.

4 Best WordPress tools to improve your blog ranking

Improve your ranking

As a blogger, you need to manage different aspects of your blogging website to ensure that it looks professional and appealing to the readers. It is also important to make your blog SEO-friendly. The task can be pretty complicated but there are some purpose-built tools available in the market that simplifies the things for you by automating complex and time-consuming processes. In this blog we are going to mention 5 best tools that allow you t manage your blog more efficiently with least efforts:

Bloom Email Optin Plugin For WordPress - YouTube

Bloom Email Optin

Email Optins play a vital role in earning you a constant stream of targeted traffic by allowing you to update the potential audiences about most current news, trends, and events in your industry or enterprise. The interested audiences would become subscribers and would most possibly visit your site each time you email them the latest industry/enterprise news. However, the efficiency of these options depends upon a perfect combo of visual looks, appeal, and interaction.

Bloom Email Optin helps you create awesome email opt-ins that not only look great but also offer high-end functionality and sophisticated interactive features that attract the readers and prompt them to visit your site.  

It can help you earn a constant traffic stream by reaching out to the potential customers and targeted audiences in a more effective manner. These forms help you to notify targeted audiences about the latest updates on your site.

OptinMonster Pricing - Lead Generation & Conversion Optimization ...


Many visitors visit your site for once but don’t return. Optin Monster plug-in is a sophisticated tool that can help you prevent this traffic erosion by enabling you to collect their mail to facilitate future communication for bringing those one time visitors back to your site. 

After efficiently tracking the visitor’s behavior this smart tool can automatically release the relevant message for tapping their attention just before the visitors are exiting from your site. The message encourages them to leave their email addresses before they exit your site. It helps you in building an email list. When used strategically this tool can also help you get more insights on the single-time visitors like why wouldn’t they return or what was it that they needed but couldn’t find on your site. By working on such factors that trigger exit, you can also improve your site significantly.

Monarch Social Sharing Plugin For WordPress - YouTube

Monarch Social Sharing

 Sharing valuable content on popular social media sites can help in increasing your website traffic. For the maximum benefits, you need to share the right content at the right time and on the right medium. Monarch Social Sharing is a reliable tool that can help you a great way by smartly automating the social sharing of your content across diverse social media networks and with awesome features to attract visitor’s attention. The simple interface, attractive fly-in and pop-up triggers and many other user-friendly features Monarch certainly secure a distinct position When guessed wisely it can help you boost your traffic with minimal efforts.

Thrive Leads Review: Is It Actually The Ultimate List Building Plugin?

Thrive Leads

Thrive leads is a robust email list building plug-in that comes with several sophisticated features and advanced options to help you customize your email subscription strategy without any hassles..

The tool is specially designed to increase the conversion probabilities. Its entire architecture is designed keeping in mind that the new users with limited technical knowledge. SO you would get a simple interface, quick and easy steps and automated processes that help you create awesome and well-focused email subscription strategy with zero hassles.


Robust blog management is very important if you wish to excel as a professional blogger and turn it into your main income source. WordPress plugins can make things easier for you by smartly and automatically managing different aspects o your blog. In this post, we mentioned some of the best plugins that can help you take care of SEO, email communication, marketing and other aspects of your blog, You can pick your favorite tool depending upon your business requirements and after reading their reviews on unbiased review sites.