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How to outperform your competitors on Google SERPs?

Every blogger wants to reach the top page of Google and outperform their competitors but it isn’t an easy task as there are thousands of high-quality blog vying for those top 10 results shown on Google’s first page. However, you can still follow a well-crafted strategy patiently and reasonably improve your ranking eventually making your way to the first page of Google, at least on a few major keywords. in this blog, we are going to mention some of the practical and time tested methodologies that can help you in improving your site ranking and increase visibility. 

You might have a popular blog post that gets lots of traffic, but if those visitors don’t sign up for your email list then they may not be interested in everything you have to offer.

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Build the traffic that really matters

Getting traffic is a vital part of your marketing target but it is even more important to assess the quality of traffic. Make sure that your efforts attract the right traffic and not just “any traffic” to your platform. >>

<< Many businesses and bloggers concentrate on the volume of traffic, quality of content, and content marketing strategies. But all these activities ail to accomplish the goals if you are not clear about the demographics of the targeted traffic. SO before starting any marketing strategy or creating content identifies the traffic you wish to attract and note down their demographics. It will help you create well-researched content with the right keywords that directly appeal to the audiences with specific demographics. It helps you to get the right traffic that can offer you tangible business benefits. >>

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Wise Giveaways to get the visitors contact info

<< Giveaways are great sources to build the valuable lists and with the wise strategies you an also use them t boost your site traffic.> The giveaway contests are not only rewarding but also create interest and induce a feeling of competition thus attracting many visitors. You can also offer easy social sharing provisions for your Giveaway contests to encourage people to share the giveaways with their friends as well.

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Give something valuable to yoru readers

<< One of the major challenges of the website s is how to convince the visitors to give you their email addresses. One of the best solutions is to offer them something in return. For instance, if you are offering your visitors a free eBook on how to 3X their digitals sales then many of them won’t think twice before sharing the mail addresses with you. The trick is to offer them something really valuable and present it naturally instead of making it look like a “bribe”. For instance, instead of just asking your readers to give you email addresses to get the eBook, you can tell them to get a secured downloadable link to their email address. This way you will still get their email addresses but without explicitly “asking for it. >> 

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Popups can do magic

<<Popup can easily boost the email signup with the third interactive appeal but you would need to use them wisely. Make sure than they shouldn’t interfere with the user’s experience or disturb their attention. Instead of surprising them by loudly jutting out form a corner, you can make your popup gracefully step in. Also, you need to time them well to ensure that the popup should only be displayed when there are decent probabilities of visitors subscribing to your email list. >>

<< For that you need opt for a dynamic popup tool like optin monster that packs loads of features to build, customize, modify and personalize different aspects and elements of your popup like page-level targeting, detection of the referrer, etc. All these advanced functionality sallow you to create a sophisticated popup that appeals to your visitors and seamlessly attract their attention. >>

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Try the last weapon on exiting visitors

<< The conventional pop-ups may seem a nuisance to many serious visitors and it may drive them away thus defeating very purpose. Overcome this challenge you and use the exit intent pinups. As the name suggested the exit popup comes into action only when the visitors are about to exit your site. >>

<<These tools come with smart theology to detect visitor s behavior and trigger the popup when visitors are about to close your site or switch on to another tab. It thus allows you to build relations with those visitors and attract them to visit your site with the help of strategic communications highlight how can your site offer them benefits, or mailing them regarding the latest giveaway, contests, etc.>>


If you wish to turn your blog into a full-time profession or business then gaining a respectable position on Google should be the chief aim of your digital strategies. For that, you need to invest your efforts in the right direction and focus on tangible benefits rather than cosmetic or quick, short-lived achievements that don’t offer you any sustainable business advantages. In this blog, we talked about some of the ideal tips to improve your site ranking on Google. By wisely using these tips you can steadily make your way to the respectable SERP position, increase valuable traffic, and turn your blog into a successful venture.

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