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5 best Facebook posting tips to enhance your blog traffic

A majority of bloggers rely on Facebook to promote their latest blog posts. So, it could be difficult for you to get your posts noticed by the audiences. One of the surest ways to overcome this challenge is to refine your targeted audiences and use personalized content that leaves a instant and deep impact on those audiences. In this post we are going to mention some of the best ways to create Facebook posts and ad copies that attract and engage the readers:

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Use ideal headlines and meta tags

Facebook automatically displays the key elements like image, headline, and link description from the URL as you post it on Facebook. Using captivating headlines, engaging images and appealing Meta tags can go a long way in establishing a quick bond with the targeted audiences.


·         Headlines with specific numbers and a specific promising message get a better response than generic ones

·         Wise and modest use of exclamation marks, emojis and icons leave emphasizes the main points and offers a solid personality to your headlines.

·         Use of action words or power words at the starting provides an authoritative and confident appeal to your headlines. Avoid, as much as possible, starting with generic or stop words like The, A, One, Some, Every, etc.

·         Adding time-specific words like today, in a week or in 30 days leave a deeper and quicker impression on the visitors

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Visual communication

Visual communication leaves a quicker impression than the words. So, be very careful while picking an image for your social media post. It should be a clear, high-resolution image that is closely relevant to the topic.

Dimensions also matter a lot. The larger images get more digital real estate that enhances their visibility

Use Carousel post for better effect with fewer efforts

Using a carousel post allows you to share multiple bog articles in a single Facebook post that saves you time and efforts and thus maximizes productivity.

How to do it?

All you have to do is to add multiples featured images as a carousel and hover over each of them to see the link icon. Click on it and add the desired URL. That’s all.

Other tips related to facebook images

Try limiting the in-image text as too much text disturbs the visual appeal of the image.

Text overlay tool makes things easier for you. This tool identifies the images that contain too much text which possibly affects its overall impact and reach. At times the facebook also refuses to accept the ads that contain too much in-image text.

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Hike organic reach potential with right optimization

Sharing your post at the time when your targeted audiences and readers are online promises better visibility and higher impact.

How to do it?

·         Before you press the post button, go to Page Insights and click posts

·         It will display the specific hours and days that promise maximum reach to the targeted audiences.

·         Scrolling down will show you specific posts and the corresponding publishing times.

·         Study it carefully to determine the best time to publish your next post.

Claim your space in fans’ news feeds

When your posts are displayed in the news feeds of your fans, it automatically multiplies the chances of visibility. So encourage your audiences and visitors to like and share your post.

Confidently increase your reach with post boosting

Boosting your posts on Facebook is quite affordable even for the beginners, and its RoI is generally so high that it makes it a worthy investment. It allows you to effectively reach your targeted audiences.

By selecting the people who had earlier engaged with your FB posts, you can get an advantage of renewing their interest which promises a better positive outcome.

Basic steps for boosting your facebook post (for beginners)

·         Open Facebook Ad Manager and head to the /audiences page

·         Now click the option Create Audience

·         It will open a drop-down menu

·         Select the option Custom Audience forms this list

·         Now click Engagement setup the ad audience

·         Here you can target those who earlier engaged with your post

·         While setting up the targeting in your boosted post select the custom engagement audience that you built up in the earlier step


In order to enjoy optimum benefits out of your Facebook strategy you need to follow smart Facebook posting strategies. While it does not guarantee overnight success, you can certainly expect a steady improvement in your blog metrics like traffic, engagement rate, etc. when you patiently follow these strategies for some time.

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