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Be a pro social media strategist with these 5 tips

Every bloggers wants to popularize his or her blog and reach millions of worldwide readers. One of the best ways to popularize your blog is to publicize it on social media sites. One of the oldest and most prominent sites for promoting your blog is facebook. There are a number of options to reach worldwide audiences by wisely using free and affordable options available at facebook. However, many bloggers complain that they don’t find any significant increase in traffic even after publicising it on Facebook. However, it is not only about distributing your latest blog post on Facebook. You need to follow a targeted posting strategy and optimize it for best outcomes. In this blog we are going to present some best tips to optimize your facebook posts to attract maximum audiences and increase your blog traffic:

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Be specific when targeting your audience

Be specific when targeting the audiences. It dramatically boosts your capability to connect with high-potential targets that are most likely to be influenced by your posts.

 It not only multiplies the engagement probabilities but also allows you to gain high-value traffic that promises sustainable organic benefits. A good volume of relevant traffic also hikes the commercial potential of your blog. 

 Using the personas thus formed, check and pick the audiences that are most likely to engage with your posts. 

 Narrowing down your audiences beyond a certain limit can reduce the visibility potential of your content. So, it is advisable to strategically employ the audience definition tool to make sure that you have not narrowed down your audiences to the extent that it hurts your content visibility. 

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Boosts engagement by running contests

 Facebook contests can go a long way in boosting the impact of your content. Many businesses have benefited from Facebook contests. Did you know that you can also run a Facebook contest to boost your social media popularity? And without spending insane amounts or efforts?

 Just think about the most creative and cost-efficient ways to attract people to engage. Majority of the FB folks love socializing (obviously) and who don't love to dine and socialize with their favourite friends at their favourite foodie joints especially when the bill is paid by someone else. So, offering a free meal (or few) as a to the lucky winners is one of the easiest and cheapest contest options to attract FB audiences. 

 Try making the contests more fun and less complicated as FB users’ average attention span is very less and they would least like to engage with some time consuming, brain straining contest.

 Come up with something quick and hassle-free like asking users to submit their best Selfies with the caption why they love your blog. Maybe you can further simplify this by just asking them to post their selfies with a tag to your blog and hashtag to your niche.

There’s no harm in asking for a little more- sharing it with 1-2 of their best friends, they would like to take along with them if they win your free meal contest.

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Post engaging and crispy videos

Use entertaining content in your video and present it appealingly and impressively. 

 Videos multiply your chances of getting noticed on Facebook and leaving a long-lasting impact on the visitors. However, video is just a tool and you should know how to use it the best way to enjoy the stellar outcome. The lengthy videos bore people- especially Facebook audiences. Even less appealing are the generic videos that lack any distinct personality. 

 Invest sufficient time and efforts to produce highly engaging and entertaining videos. Your content is as important as your presentation.

·         What are you saying and how are you saying it?

·         What is the background of the video?

·         Are the voice and visuals clear enough to convey your message confidently?

·         Is there any noise in sound or image quality?

·         How is the overall look of the video presentation?

·         Does it sound professional, appealing, and entertaining or would it leave the audiences poker-faced?

These are some major questions to concentrate on before making a video.

A short span of just 7 months, Facebook registered a 2X growth in the average daily views of videos (shooting from 4 billion to 8 billion). It indicates the popularity of video content. That was way back in 2015. 

 Value matters over volume. The best recipe to create a great Facebook video is to reasonably minimize the volume (i.e., the length) while multiplying the value of your content. Crispy videos, appealing thumbnails, and power hashtags can do wonders to multiply the impact of your video content on Facebook.

 Contrary to the notion you don’t need any high definition paraphernalia to shoot the videos. It is more about the type of content rather than sophisticated devices. 

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Direct attention with gestures, eyes or direction signs

 We humans have some inherent tendencies. One among them is to look in the same direction in which your neighbor is looking or pointing at. And we do it naturally without even knowing the precise reason. 

 You can employ this tendency as a strong tool to manipulate and direct the attention of your targeted audiences to the actionable elements in your post like CTA buttons, specific URLs, etc. All you have to do is to insert the image that’s either specifically pointing or looking into the direction of that specific action element. You may also use the arrow signs or vector images for the purpose but the real human images leave a better impact.

There are many ways to add another oomph factor to this appeal like an accentuated facial expression (surprise, joy, etc.). If you are creative then you may also consider using animated images to emphasize specific direction. You may also add multiple directional 

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Further refine the reach by using email list

Facebook allows you to import an email list of targeted audiences to whom you wish to show your ad. It offers you an extended power to further narrow down your ad reach. For instance, you can target only those people who are at a specific point of sales funnel- for instance, the captured leads or existing traffic of specific profile to which your ad will appeal the most.

 You may also use this feature to take your existing audience to the next stage of your content series like presenting ads about your guide on Best Social Media Tools to the people who signed up for your earlier guide on Best DIY social media tips.

There are various creative ways you can use this feature to gain tangible benefits, like presenting a free gated basic guide to your audiences and capture their email addresses and then showing them the ads about your next, more specific and actionable paid e-book mentioning more practical aspects of the same topic.


Facebook offers a unique opportunity to the bloggers to publicize their post to the global audience and connect with their targeted groups on a more personalized level. It can help you a great way in strengthening the bonds with your existing readers as well as acquiring new readerbase. By studying and understanding the best facebook strategies you would be able to get optimum benefits out of your efforts.

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