5 best security solutions that every WordPress blog should have

As an open-source CMS, WordPress has special security requirements. One of the best ways to secure your WordPress site or blog is to use the security plugins that make it easier to protect your WordPress from various types of threats without requiring you to go through any complicated technical process or intricate coding. In this post we will mention the best security plugins to safeguard your WordPress site/blog against various attacks:


Sucuri needs no introduction when it comes to security. Respected as one of the most reputed IT security providers, the Sucuri allows you to choose from a free or paid version. For sure the paid version is more powerful but the free version isn’t less impressive either- especially if you are just a beginner.

This plug-in offers you an extensive array of options to meet with your diverse security needs, for instance, you can enjoy a real-time 24X7 WP health monitoring then you can integrate your site with Sucuri web application firewall. After installation you will be provided the settings option where you can set your desired configuration for optimal benefits..

Salient features

·  Auditing (Security Activity)

· Monitoring Integrity of files 

· Remote Malware Scanning

· Monitoring Blacklist

· Hardens security for better safety

· Efficient actions to help the site recover quickly post hacking

· Security alerts and Notifications

· Website Firewall for the premium clients

· Enables you to switch off access to the WordPress Dashboard when you are on a break

Tip: Using the security check feature will automatically activate all the essential features


SecuPress enables you to have an overview of your latest security stats by running the security scanner. The security report generated by this plug-in is comprehensive yet comprehensible- thanks to the eye-friendly format.

To make things easier it also displays the grading system that tells you whether your site is at risk or is safe.

Salient Features

· Plugins update alerts

· Reminding services for deactivated plugins deletion 

· wp-config.php security suggestions

· Settings for security key 

· wp-admin/install.php status

· Status of Users/login 

· Optimizing WordPress core 

· Scanning Malware and Firewall

There are neatly organized separate modules for showing different things. If you need to make any changes just click the module settings and proceed ahead.


 iThemes offers a comprehensive yet user-friendly dashboard that is equipped with multiple friendly features and tools. It allows you to monitor the status of your WordPress security and optimize the same for best protection. It also offers you a security grading format that apprises you of your WP security status at a glance. The extensive and, uncomplicated interface and user-friendly options make iThemes a great option to monitor the security of your site

Salient Features

· 1-click instant security check

· Option to prohibit bad users/IPs

· Login and Admin URL hiding

· Customizing admin account name

· Enables you to change the wp-content path

· Security logs

· Protection against brute force File permissions and integrity checks

· Notifications of new file prating

· 2-F authentication for an extra layer of security

Except firewall, it offers the entire set of security settings 

All In One WP Security and Firewall

It is a powerful plug-in that allows you to enjoy the maximum security with minimum hassles. The plug-in comprises a strong portfolio of monitoring, prevention, and diagnosis solutions. It can capably prevent your site from the existing as well as potential security threats

Salient Features

· Automated login lockdown

· Metered display for security strengths

· Detailed system info

· Firewall

· Provisions to back up config file

· Force user logout

· Log reports for account activity

· Applies manual approval for the new users

· check file system permission and improves if necessary

· viewing last file change


Jetpack is a power-packed security plug-in that has been developed by the WP’s parent company Automatic. With the free version you can get a decent array of options. For more demanding clients it offers a paid version that comes with:

Salient Features

· Protection from Brute force attack

· Downtime monitoring

· Jetpack Backups

· Security scanning


WordPress is an open-source CMS and that is why it is always on the radar of smart hackers. Besides, every website has the gateways that can be exploited by hackers if they are left unguarded. So, it becomes highly essential to secure your WordPress site. The easiest and best way to protect your WP site is to use the security plugins as they offer reliable security against multiple threats.

Image Credits

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