How to decide if you want to change the hosting for your WordPress site?

The quality of web hosting plays a key role in determining your site performance and speed which eventually shapes the user experience. That is why the top bloggers and websites pay a premium price to buy powerful hosting plans from most sophisticated companies. A poor hosting provider negatively affects the performance of your site, causes slowdown and even result in downtimes that can directly damage your business and reputation. In such a scenario, the best solution is to simply switch to another hosting provider. In this blog we are going to mention different signs that strongly suggest you to start looking for another, better web hosting provider. 

Frequent Downtimes

Experiencing a few downtimes once in a while isn’t a source of worry. However, if your website experiences several downtimes every month, then you should be alerted. In most cases, it has something to do with your web hosting provider or at least they can help you figure out the reason. If your hosting provider is not able to assist then you might need to start looking for another hosting provider with better services.

Before deciding to move, you can first contact the support team regarding the issue. If that helps that’s fine but in case if the problem persists then it’s the right time to move. 

Database connection errors

Repeated instances of the error message- Error Establishing Database Connection is another indication that either you need to upgrade your plan or change the hosting provider. The reputed brand-conscious hosting providers offer you comprehensive support through a dedicated account manager to find out the precise issue and quickly resolve the same. On the other hand, the substandard hosting providers fail to resolve the issue or even offer convincing support. To the best, they can keep on elongating the query on some of the other pretexts. Needless to say, in that case, you should not think twice before changing your hosting provider.  

Internal Server Errors

Encountering a few instances of occasional internal server errors is something that can be attributed to the unpredictable temperament of technology- something we can’t help but cope with it. However, if such an internal message becomes too frequent, it clearly shows that the servers used by your hosting provider are simply not optimized to support a WP site. They may either lack the capacity or the staff is not competent enough to fine-tune the settings. In either case, our site’s reputation is at a risk and you would certainly not like to lose many opportunities because of the same. If the support team can resolve the issue then it is fine- forget and proceed ahead. But what if they are unable to help or you keep facing this issue again and again? So yes, this is the instance where the only solution is to change your hosting provider. 


Poor Customer Support Service

Every hosting provider offers customer support services. However, what matters the most is the quality of support it offers. The customer support services lose its meaning if the support team does not respond in time, are not able to resolve your issues or worse still aren’t genuinely interested in helping you out of a situation. Just think of a scenario where your website is down, say during seasonal sales and the customer service don’t pick up your call or are not qualified to resolve the issue. You may end up making significant losses both in terms of business and reputation. It is not wise to wait for that extreme damage. If you need multiple attempts to contact the support team or if they are not able to assist you in repairing the issues then it is the high time you should start looking for a reliable hosting provider with a good level of support.


While the occasional price increase under reasonable limits shouldn’t trigger serious concerns, you should be alerted if your hosting provider frequently hikes the prices or needs you to pay the additional cost for every basic service that other hosting providers are offering on a complimentary basis. It significantly increases your cost and thus reduces your net profit. However, in such a scenario it is advisable to first talk to your hosting provider and ask for a discount. In most cases, the providers are willing to slash the prices for their old clients instead of losing them to their competitors. If it refuses to offer any discount and you feel that the increased prices are eating up your net profits then it is the high time you should move to another web hosting provider. 

Pro Tip: In case if you are getting exception hosting service quality and stellar support then it wouldn’t be advisable to take any hasty decision. Think seriously and carefully weigh the pros and cons before making any final decision. It isn’t advisable to switch to a substandard hosting service for saving a few dollars.


A poor web hosting company can not only affect the performance of your WordPress website but can also harm your business and spoil the reputation. So, it is advisable to keep on thoroughly assessing your web hosting provider and if you find their services unsatisfactory, expensive or of substandard quality then you should act fast and switch to another hosting provider that can offer you better services.

If your hosting provider doesn’t agree for that but you are happy with the hosting quality then you can also consider buying a higher subscription package say 2-year or more. It will not only save you from the future price hikes but will also help you to enjoy additional discounts even on the existing price tag.

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