6 user-friendly Ajax Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is certainly the friendliest and most powerful option to create your website from scratch. Besides the use of plugins, it also helps you to quickly add other capabilities to your WordPress ecosystem without any intricate technical process or scripting. It also helps you to seamlessly integrate the specific features of third party scripts or programming languages right into your WordPress dashboard with the help of plugins. One such user friendly language sis Ajax. In this blog we are going to present compilation of the best Ajax Plugins for enhancing the impact of your WordPress site by adding purpose specific features with Ajax capabilities:

Light view Plus

 With this plug-in you can enhance the presentation of your media files (like images and videos) by designing attractive overlay effects. It fully supports multiple media formats and you can play blip, TV, YouTube, and Vimeo Videos.

Plug ‘n’ Play Google Map

This plugin play a vital role if your blog is focused on local events or businesses. One of your key responsibilities is to help people with the precise direction. Plug n Play Google Maps is an excellent Ajax WP Plug-in that enables you to insert the posts with longitude/latitude directly in Google Maps that can be opened in a separate tab. Along with helping readers with finding precise locations, it also enables them to quickly navigate through only those posts that are relevant to their desired location.


This plug-in shows archive tree on the specified web page that can boost the page loading speed and offers an enriched reader experience with the help of better filtering capabilities. They can filter the posts by Author name or year of publishing to view a specific entry. It is especially beneficial for the old blogs but is equally good for new blogs with long term goals. Over some time, it also improves your SEO as well.

Ajax Live Search

 Offering searching capabilities to your readers save their time and efforts and allow him to explore more content variety in a less period. With Ajax Live Search plug-in, you can offer your readers an attractive and friendly search ecosystem where they can search different types of posts or categories. You can choose between dark and light Facebook Themes to stay at your needs or blog’s color scheme.

Read More Right There

If you wish your readers to read the entire blog post from the carousel without having to leave the page then you can use this plug-in. As the name suggests, plugin will display the entire blog post without taking the user to the new page or tab. The benefit is that along with the specific blog post content, other content variety would also be visible on the page that can encourage them to explore more content even after completing their desired blog post. It can help in increasing the stay period and better CTR potential.

Image Wall

If you wish to present the content index in a presentable format, then image wall can be the right plug-in for your needs. This aptly named plug-in displays an image wall where you can add your blog posts and pages in the form of relevant images that visually attract the visitors and creates a sense of curiosity. The infinity scrolling further enhances the overall impact. With the help of the images, the visitors would be able to navigate through your pages or picking and reading their favorite blog posts.


One of the major benefits of WordPress is that it not only allows you to enjoy a premium website publishing experience but also helps you to add the key features of other scripts or programming languages with the help of plugins and add-ons. By wisely using this capability users can quickly integrate the third party capabilities like Ajax right into their WordPress ecosystem.