Boost your WordPress site speed with these 6 CDN service providers

Content Delivery Network or CDN helps in accelerating the website speed and performance by caching your site content across globally distributed servers and offering the content to your visitors from the server that is nearest to them. It reduces latency and also stabilizes the performance delivery. One of the major concerns of the developers is how to choose the right CDN to meet their specific demands and requirements. In this blog we are going to mention different CDN that can help a long way in optimizing your site speed and performance:


 KeyCDN is a powerful CDN service that comes equipped with purpose-specific features to help your site load at the lightening speed. Its multi-continent network of servers includes as many as 34 strategically located data centers across different geographies. Moreover, the CDN Enabler plug-in uncomplicated the process of integrating your WordPress site with KeyCDN.

You would be able to clean your CDN Zone’s cache right inside your WP admin dashboard. It saves you from separately opening and signing into Key CDN dashboard. If you are looking for a single point of contact for your site protection, performance and speed related issues, then Sucuri could be the best option for you. Although, reputed as a reliable security provider, the Sucuri also provides the best CDN option for optimum speed and site performance. It offers you purpose-specific custom caching options that work equally well with different websites regardless of platform or type.


Earlier called MaxCDN, the Slackpath comes loaded with the feature like instant purge mechanism and smart caching process for quick page loading. Additionally, it also enables you to customize the caching rules for optimized performance. With a globally distributed interconnected server network, the Slack helps you to offer better user experience to your site visitors across different continents.  

It further leverages the site performance with segmented download option and serverless scripting. You would gain better control over your site performance with the help of its real-time analytics that can help to decide the best course of action for further boosting the site speed (if needed).


Sucuri gives you access to multiple speed optimization options and boasts of global server distribution. It is powered by AnyCast Network. If you are extremely particular about the site speed and performance, the Cloudflare is the ultimate solution for you. With as many as 180 globally distributed data centers, the Cloudflare truly holds a commanding position in the market. Besides, it also has the premium capabilities for optimum performance delivery.

Its user-friendly configuration process is quick and intuitive while the additional security services like strong protection against DDOS attacks and other notorious malware further enriches its appeal. Using sophisticated technologies and smart techniques, CloudFlare can add tons of speed to the web pages or mobile apps. It also works effectively to improve the performance of APIs.

You can try with a free account that offers you basic but reasonably decent capabilities. It will offer you a fair idea about its capabilities. Later on, you can upgrade to the paid version if needed/?


AnyCast powered by CacheFly allows you to boost the site performance and speed and is especially designed to maximize the loading speed of websites with heavy content like media files, plugins or complicated functionalities.

It comes with excellent services and employs the fine combination of innovative technologies as time tested procedures for adding significant speed to your website. One thing worth mention here is the excellent after-sales experience offered by CacheFly that makes it a preferred choice for growing businesses a well as global brands. The support team is not only adept at its job but is also equipped with excellent soft skills that enrich the customer experience and offer the quick and quality support to resolve any queries or issues. You can purchase the plan for $245 per month, however, prepaid customers are offered 2 months of free services.

Rack space

Rackspace is another cloud computing brand that also offers unmatched CDN services with 200+ locations across the globe.

While it offers premium rewards in terms of site speed and performance, you would need to gain some technical knowledge before using it. Consider Rackspace as a perfect option if you are running an eCommerce speed with huge site inventory, heavy web applications, heavy mobile apps or other lay resource-hungry websites that need a significant external push for improving performance and speed.

Amazon Cloud Front

AWS is synonymous switch the high-quality cloud services with a proven track record. The brand also offers efficient CDN services with advanced options.  

AWS offers a wide range of customization options to optimize your site loading speed and deliver a user-friendly experience. If you are ready to go through a reasonable learning curve for a better speed/performance optimization capabilities then AWS is the right option for you.

Along with the general users the service is also being used by the high-end professionals like programmers and developers which shows the trust it enjoys in the market. AWS also helps you to keep your budget under control with its friendly pay as you go, model, where you only need to pay for the services you use. However, due to some learning curve involved it would be better to start with its free trial first and decide if it aligns with your technical proficiency or time availability before buying the premium version.


CDN or content delivery network allows you to enjoy a better site loading speed and uninterrupted performance to deliver a better user experience. While there are several CDN service providers across the globe you need to be careful while hosting the most ideal service provider that meet your business needs and fits your budget.