Hacked WordPress Site: 7 best services for quick first-aid help

The hackers become smarter day by day and many of them are actively using next age technologies like AI and MI to enhance the frequency and impact of the attacks. One of the major concerns of the WordPress websites is what to do when their website is being hacked? In this blog, we are presenting the seven best options that can help you repair your compromised WP site quickly and confidently. 


Sucuri provides rapid and reliable repairing assistance for fixing your hacked site using their professional expertise.

Sucuri provides quick and reliable repairing assistance to recover your hacked website.

If you are wary that the hackers might hack your site again then you can opt for continuous security services of Sucuri that will prevent future attacks by constant monitoring and proactive actions. Expert staff, agile actions, and brilliant support team makes it the preferred service for repairing your hacked site.


·         Identifying and removing suspicious elements and malware

·         Trusted DDoS protection (Layer 3, 4 & 7)

·         1-month money-back guarantee

·         Agile team with sharp and updated skills

·         Along with WordPress, Sucuri also offers support for other platforms like Magento, Drupal, and Joomla among others.


If your hacked site contains a large number of web pages (like an aged blogging site or eCommerce site with thousands of products) then Wordfence is the best and economical option for you as it charges a fixed fee for detoxifying unlimited pages of a single website. It also offers you comprehensive report of the attacks including the modus operand detailed investigation and preventive measures to save your site from being hacked again.

By hiring their repairing service, you would also get a complimentary annual package for monitoring and safeguarding your site at absolutely no extra cost.

One Hour Hour Site Fix

If you are looking for the express service delivery then 1-hour site fix is the best solution for you. The USP of the service is its extremely fast service that take just 1 hour to fully clean the affected sites.

Their charges might seem a bit high but the lightning-fast action and incisive expertise to identify and remove even the smartly hidden malware fully justify the cost. For $250 the company will repair the infected site and if you need regular protection, then you can buy their monthly security protection ($24, 99 m).

Hack Repair

The businesses looking for the dedicated personal assistance from a specific security professional can hire Hack Repair run by Jim Walker. One of its distinct feature is that instead of opening tickets, contacting via mail or sending a chat message, you can personally speak over the telephone with the single dedicated security expert. Jim Walker packs deep and diverse expertise in the industry.

Another service offered by Jim is professional SSL certificate implementation to protect your site and clients immune to data in transit attacks. It also helps you achieve HTTPS status that can encourage more shoppers to pay you online or share their crucial information (payment cards and social security details) on your site without safety concerns as the entire data is encrypted.


If you are interested in a DIY action plan the Malcare is the right option for you. It is a dynamic security plug-in with multiple security enforcement features like monitoring, scanning and protection.

It enables you to detoxify your website right form your WP dashboard with some quick steps with an option for urgent service with its emergency cleanup service that is built for faster action with an intuitive approach.


SiteGuarding is another security service provider that offers both regular as well as urgent services depending upon the requirements of the clients. Keep in mind that its regular services generally take an entire day. Along with WordPress it also helps in repairing Joomla CMS.

It offers comprehensive site security and backup suite at the fair price tag.

Fix My Site

Fix my site is the suitable option for budget-conscious clients and its service start from as low a $99 (though higher packages are also available) 

After a thorough scanning and deep cleaning, the service also updates your site with hardened security to make it immune to the potential attacks. Along with the hacked files, it also clears backdoors as well as database entries.


When your WP site is hacked, you risk losing a reliable source of income. It is highly advisable to eat wisely and quickly get your hacked site repaired. Here are several reliable and reputed services that can be hardwired for purposes. By choosing the right and reputed service provider/option you can get the issues fixed without much delay and expect a bounce back to the business.