Five fantastic animation themes for your WordPress site

One of the best ways to boost the appeal of your website is to add animation effects to it. It attracts the visitors effortlessly, keeps them engaged for long, encourages them to explore your site and also prompts them to act. While animation effects add a fun element to your website, creating or applying such effects isn’t a child’s play. You need certain expertise to come up with excellent animation effects. Applying them to your site is a different story in itself. Thankfully various WP themes come packed with animation effects or have a friendly architecture that makes it much easier to add and customize the animation. In this blog we are going to discuss some of the best animation WordPress themes for your website:


 The dynamic capabilities and gorgeous presentation make this theme a must asset for any serious WP website owner or a blogger. The theme has a multipurpose appeal which widens its usability across multiple niches and businesses. Taking flexibility to the next level it offers simple drag and drops features to create stunning websites with desired animation effects- something that makes them perfect options even for beginners and nontechnical clients.

 This theme perfectly blends competence and simplicity by empowering you to build the animated sites that are fit to be classified as masterpieces, made with the least amount of effort and nil complexity. Along with the numerous page layouts this high stamina visual composer provides you flexible grids header/footers with drag and drop features and even advanced features to further gear up the luxury quotient of your sites like parallax effects and float animation options. The theme is a perfect panacea to turn any boring site into an eye-magnet.

 The best thing is that unlike other high-end luxurious themes this theme does not lack the SEO compatibility either. The theme is strategically architecture to suit the latest SEO guidelines to help the top search engines discover your site effortlessly.

Ultra theme

Ultra theme is an awesome theme with brilliant animation effects that will leave your audience spellbound. The theme takes animation capabilities to the next level with the awesome repository of features like self-color changing, full section scrolling, and exquisite image filters. The theme assures to turn any passive looking WP site into a fun and engaging platform that will attract the visitors and keep them engaged for long thus increasing their stay duration. 

 The availability of customizable pre-built use layouts with captivating effects offers your blog a premium appeal and earns it a competitive edge. The best thing is that you can further gear up the appeal of this theme with the help of purpose-built tools known as bonus builder add-ons to make your site even more impressive.


 Impreza is built to leave a distinct and long-lasting impression on your visitors offering them a luxurious visual experience without compromising on the comfort levels like eye-friendly resolution and easy navigation. For the site owners, it offers friendly demos that will allow you to create magnificent websites and add unique persona touch to different aspects.

The theme works seamlessly across the top browsers. It is also compatible with the latest WP version


  What offers divi a distinct posting is that it comes packs with a super-efficient visual page builder to create a responsive, website with lightning-fast speed. Its real-time testing options that will save you from unnecessary guesswork and uncomplicated the theme building or editing process.

 The Divi offers you tons of customization options to personalize almost every aspect of your site. If you are feeling a little less creative then its 20 readymade customizable layouts will pump in enough inspiration to help you create stunning pieces of art. If you need something quick and instant then just transfer your content to the relevant placeholders of these layouts and voila you are done. The theme supports diverse types of formats like video slider, videos tables, and others.


Adding animation effects to your WordPress sites enhances its appeal and offers an enriched user experience which encourages them to stay longer on your site and may even increase CTR. However, one major concern is how to create an animated site. In this blog, we have mentioned some of the reliable themes that come preloaded with animation effects or other relevant features. The readers are advised to go through the unbiased reviews of each plugin and check the trial/free version, if available before buying any theme.