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Healthy Facebook posting strategy for bloggers to enjoy best outcome-2

In our last blog about using Facebook to increase blog traffic, we discussed some key points to keep in mind while using Facebook to boost your blog traffic and impact. In this blog, i.e., part 2 we are going to present some more tips that will make it easier for you to gain sustainable traffic for your blog by smartly using Facebook:

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Use comments to chisel your content

While getting more comments on Facebook is certainly good but its value reaches far beyond the stats. You can use these comments to evaluate the value of your posts and understand the precise needs of your blog audiences. A keen study of the FB comments during a specific period will help you understand how people have been engaging with your content. 

Negative feedbacks tell you about your weak points while positive ones apprise you of your strengths. Work on your weak points and utilize your strengths to the fullest to offer your readers the stellar content. 

Pay keen attention to the comments requesting more info on specific aspects or suggesting new topics. Create an entire content strategy around the same to serve your audiences what they like the most It goes a long way in cementing the bond with your readers. 

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Study audiences’ reaction to serve them better

You can even multiply the impact by identifying the different questions asked by different readers that can be put into the same category. It will enable you to write the post that satisfies multiple queries and thus appeal to multiple audiences at the same time. 

When sharing those posts on FB don’t forget to tag the related audiences, acknowledging and appreciating their queries as it enhances the opportunities to start a social conversation. It helps you in getting a better response.

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Strategic use of Pages insights and Audience Insights

Facebook Pages insights and audience insights fetch you the details of your FB audiences as well as the current status of your posts’ performance. It thus enables you to review your Facebook strategy and adopt the healthy practices to increase its RoI.

 With the help of detailed audience insights you can review the detailed profile of your audience like gender, age, location interests, etc. Use this information to identify the demographic distribution of your Facebook audience. It will help you in creating more audience-targeted content. 

There are multiple ways to use this information. For instance, you can use it to understand the recent shift in demographics, possible causes behind the same, and their positive/negative impact. Demographic stats also tell you if the profiles of your present FB audiences align with your preferences or expectations. 

You might have acquired new demographics on Facebook. You risk losing them if you don’t cover topics related to their precise needs. Also, if your blog has limited commercial purposes that rely on specific demographics then it makes no sense to build a community of irrelevant demographics. Facebook audience insights offer you the detailed data on which you can base such major decisions- all you need is to understand how best you can use this information in diverse ways.

Likewise the Page’s insights also offer you detailed data about the performance of your posts. It allows you to understand the best performing contents and the ones that aren’t getting a great response. 

Check the high performing blog posts and try to recognize the gaps that you can still fill up or other ways you can add more value to them, maybe by including experts’ insights or interviews with related personalities. It will not only help you form the new valuable relation but will also boost the brand of your blog. Moreover, it offers you a decent opportunity to add reputed audiences to your blog which eventually increases its potential.

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Sharing top-performing posts build your brand

It is always easier to sell the saleable and the same holds for your Facebook strategy as well. A regular review of your blog posts will help you to identify the ones that are getting more clicks and visibility. 

Most probably they have a higher value to offer or it may be because of the time factor as the older posts enjoy a wider period to attract more readers and strengthen their SERPs ranking. Using those posts to attract new visitors will multiply the engagement probabilities and also helps in turning the first time visitors into subscribers or regular audiences. 

Share such high performing content on the facebook highlighting the major stats like the number of clicks, comments, views, etc. Such strong stats prompt the visitors to instantly visit your blog and also helps in turning your blog into a reliable brand

That's not all...

Other major Facebook posting strategies for bloggers

·         Boost the Facebook post with the help of affordable facebook ads

·         Use right, relevant and high quality images

·         Use A/B tests to check potential of different strategies

·         Create highly compelling headlines

·         Use icons and emojis to make your FB posts more attractive

·         Use hashtags to help people discover your posts easily

·         Create the persona of your targeted audience


While facebook is a great tool to build a solid traffic for your blog, you need to utilize it wisely. Instead of just using it to increase the stats of your blog, you need to wisely employ Facebook as a strong platform to build long lasting and genuine relations with your readers. Your main objective is to earn quality traffic and impact the targeted audiences. You can achieve that objective by wisely using facebook posting strategies.

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